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Kevork Almassian is an expert in International Relations at the German Center for Eurasian Studies. He has a BS in International Relations and Diplomacy, and a MA candidate in Middle Eastern Politics.

Kevork Almassian: Western Mainstream Media gone hysterical over Aleppo!

No word can describe the collective attitude of the Western Mainstream Media (MSM) towards the ongoing war between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the radical Islamist groups in Aleppo. Perhaps one needs a lexicon to understand the nature of the desperate attitude that hysterically accuses the SAA and its allies of committing atrocities such as a “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing”, without any credible evidence.

Published: December 15, 2016, 2:19 pm

    Since the beginning of the war on Syria, the MSM highly relied on second-hand sources, unnamed activists and highly-compromised organizations whose goal is a regime change in Syria.

    But what happened in Aleppo in the last couple of days was unprecedented: major corporate media outlets particularly CNN, BBC and Channel 4, in addition to their sister outlets in the Arabian Gulf such as Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya launched a propaganda campaign to exert maximum pressure on the Syrian and Russian governments, in order to foil the liberation of the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo from the Western-backed Islamist militants.



    The desperation of the MSM has reached a critically embarrassing stage when CNN went public with its relations to Al-Qaeda. CNN’s Hala Gorani interviewed Al-Qaeda-affiliated Bilal Abdul Karim as an “independent journalist”. Bilal Abdul Karim is an American and an al-Qaeda operative, and not a journalist. He’s been hanging around the most notorious foreign jihadists operating in Syria, including Abou Firas al-Souri (killed by U.S. drone strike) and Saudi jihadi cleric Abdullah al-Muhaisani. He has survived an alleged U.S. drone strike targeting him. In the summer, he snuck into Aleppo with the jihadi forces that tried to invade the city, but Bilal got trapped in East Aleppo.

    Independent observer Fadi Abdullah with work experience in Western media noted that even the UN contributed to this mass hysteria by spreading news about summary executions based on the testimonies of the French Foreign Office-backed Jihadi outlet called “Aleppo Media Center” and UK-U.S.-supported Al-Qaeda group, the “White Helmets”.

    However Abdullah says: “We saw in videos how Syrian soldiers were helping to evacuate civilians; and those activists who are still able to shoot videos and use Skype have not provided any photo evidence of these so-called executions.”

    Abdullah added that even anti-Kremlin British investigative journalist, Eliot Higgins said that there was no evidence of such executions, and asked the so-called activists to stop spreading Fake News.

    The hysteria did not stop here. The MSM shamelessly quoted radical Imams who want to fly planes into their buildings in Washington, Berlin and Paris such as Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi and the Saudi Sheikh Muhammad Al-Arifi, who claimed that “Families in Aleppo are asking religious scholars if it’s permissible to kill their daughters before they are captured and raped by Assad, Hezbollah, and Iranian militias!”


    Fake news. Lebanene journalist @DimaSadek uses picture from #pakistan and market it as East #Aleppo.

    The MSM did not make the slightest effort to verify these dangerous accusations which didn’t occur at all.

    Above all, the so-called liberal and leftist “researchers” and “activists” dedicated all their efforts in spreading pictures of atrocities, with some of them taken from movies and even video clips; others were not even taken from Syria.

    So the MSM has gone insane over Aleppo, employing its best abilities to attack Russian and Syrian governments. The Lebanese political researcher Hosam Mater believes this hysteria caused by the so-called liberals is a defense mechanism to justify their alignment with the terrorist leaders of the Western-backed “revolution”, such as the Saudi radical cleric Abdallah al-Mohaysni and the leader of Al-Qaeda in Syria, Abu Mohammad al-Julani.

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