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President Rivlin, Marine Le Pen

Israeli president lashes out at Marine for denying collective French guilt

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said on Holocaust Remembrance Day that the trend across Europe to minimize crimes against Jews during the holocaust was dangerous, signalling that the French bear a collective and unending responsibility that ought to continue for generations to come.

Published: April 26, 2017, 6:35 am

    Rivlin lashed out at Marine Le Pen, the nationalist French leader who came in second in the first round of voting in the French presidential election and on Monday called for a “war” against a new kind of “holocaust denial”.

    “As a sovereign state that has gained national independence, we have a duty to demand from other nations and states not to evade responsibility,” Rivlin said. “We must wage a war against the current and dangerous wave of holocaust denial. We must resist the renunciation of national responsibility in the name of alleged victimhood.”

    Denying collective collaboration with the Nazis attempts to turn all of Europe into victims, the president argued. “This is a denial that seeks to annul the political and moral responsibility that must stand at the heart of memory of the holocaust for generations to come. Victimization is the most comprehensive and effective note of exemption from responsibility,” he said.

    As victims, Europeans will be unwilling to assume responsibility to fight modern-day anti-Semitism, xenophobia and increasing nationalist violence, Rivlin said. “This is not a denial of the very existence of the holocaust, but a denial of the distinction between a victim and a criminal.”

    Without naming Le Pen, Rivlin referred to a “French presidential candidate” who “denied France’s responsibility for the deportation of its Jewish during the Second World War,” said Rivlin in his speech at Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot in Galilee on Monday.

    Rivlin was referring to an interview Le Pen gave on RTL radio earlier this month saying that France could not bear collective responsibility for the round up of 13 000 Jews in 1942 at the Vel d’Hiv cycling stadium before they were transported to German concentration camps.

    Le Pen drew condemnation from other presidential candidates as well as Israel’s Foreign Ministry when she suggested earlier this month that guilt should be ascribed only to guilty parties and not indiscriminately.

    Responsibility lied, she said, with the people who committed the the atrocity at the time, not with the nation of France collectively. Many French people who were born after the war for example, could not be judged in this manner.

    Le Pen said that “if there are people responsible” for the deportation of French Jews, “it’s those who were in power at the time. It’s not France”.

    The Israel Foreign Ministry called her remarks “contrary to historical truth” and warned that generations of French people should be held responsible for holocaust crimes. “The denial of responsibility of the crimes committed in the days of the Second World War is Holocaust denial of a new, more destructive and dangerous kind from that we have known until now,” Rivlin said.

    Israel’s president described Le Pen’s remarks as “uniquely disturbing” and urged his country not to make “unholy alliances” with rising nationalist parties in Europe.

    Jewish scholars and others have pointed with increasing alarm to attempts by some in Europe to place the holocaust in the context of Soviet atrocities, with nationalists in some countries viewing themselves as victims of Communism, Rivlin remarked.

    “And in every place that message is the same: we are not responsible for the holocaust. We are not responsible for the extermination of the Jewish people which occurred within our borders,” he said.

    Some may believe that nationalist parties such as Le Pen’s National Front, Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party and other groups called “xenophobic” and “Islamophobic” by the establishment, are natural allies with Israel, but “we must recall that there was and will be nothing in common with anti-Semites in any shape or form,” the president declared.

    Although Wilders has repeatedly said that he stands with Israel, the umbrella group of Dutch Jewish communities condemned Wilders for asking supporters whether they wanted to see fewer Dutch Moroccans.

    “As representatives of the Jewish community of the Netherlands, we forcefully distance ourselves from his statements,” Jaap Fransman, the chairman of the Centraal Joods Overleg umbrella group said in a statement at the time. Wilders was found guilty of hate speech last year over his remarks about Moroccan immigrants.

    Wilders lived in Israel for two years during his youth and is said to have visited 40 times in the last 25 years. In 2010, after elections in which his party came third, he declared that “Jordan is Palestine” and that “changing its name to Palestine will end the conflict in the Middle East and provide the Palestinians with an alternate homeland.”

    He also warned that “If Jerusalem falls into the hands of the Muslims, Athens and Rome will be next. Thus, Jerusalem is the main front protecting the West. It is not a conflict over territory but rather an ideological battle, between the mentality of the liberated West and the ideology of Islamic barbarism.”

    The ceremony marking Israel’s Holocaust memorial day was attended by former German President Joachim Gauck. Gauck, taking the podium after Rivlin, said he was moved to spend Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel and vowed to continue fighting holocaust denial.

    Future generations of Germans will “not have an identity unblemished by Auschwitz,” Gauck added. “The special and lasting connection between our peoples and Germany’s particular solidarity with the democratic State of Israel will remain part of their identity.”

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    • tyke87

      Will generations of Israelis be held responsible for “the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”? See book bearing that title by Israeli author Ilan Pappe.

      • Australian White Goy

        Will generations of Israelis be held responsible for “the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”? See book bearing that title by Israeli author Ilan Pappe.

        My lived experience here in Australia is the vast majority of Jews deny even the existence of Palestinians as a people. It is the height of arrogance and supremacy. There’s a small section of Jewry (Torah Jews) who march in pro-Palestine marches and against Zio-Jew and Israeli-state brutality, but they are a small minority who are resented by the large majority of Zio-Jews who uphold the apartheid Israeli Zionist entity.

        • Smash Islamophobia

          “My lived experience here in Australia is the vast majority of Jews deny even the existence of Palestinians as a people.”

          Any resemblance between this and the (((Noel Ignatiev)))/ (((Tim Wise)))-style “‘Whiteness’ is a social construct! We must abolish ‘White privilege,’ and the White race, too!” rhetoric is pure cohencidence, of course.

          • Australian White Goy

            The Chosen ones seek to destroy the cultures of all persons, in particular those of European/White ancestry since we represent the greatest danger to their anti-White/European plans to replace us with non-Whites.

            Barbara Lerner Spectre pretty much let the cat out of the bag on this one. Noel Ignatiev and Tim Wise, to my knowledge, have not been as publicized or as infamous as Barbara Spectre.

            Here in Australia, we have kosher nationalist Pauline Hanson in bed with the Zionists :

            Pauline Hanson and the Zionist agenda (Activist-News)

            (((They))) are also working on turning the Muslim world into a
            pro-Zionist collective, just as they are doing – or have done – with all
            those ‘populist’ European/White ‘nationalists’ who are ‘Israel-first’
            (like Trump, Wilders, Le Pen, etc; all labelled ‘far right’ – fake of

            • Australian White Goy

              Of course, all this is to further the Oded Yinon plan, ie, Greater Israel, which Trump is in total agreement with – and which is why we must continue opposing Trump and his war-mongering, neo-con plans for the Middle East (no different to the other admins before him).

              The last thing Europe and the West needs is more Zio-wars which leads to refugees that then come to our nations; or as I’ve heard many times; we need to speak out against Trump’s (and those neo-cons like him) “bombing the (Third/Muslim/non-White world” and then “inviting the world (into our White/European nations)”.

      • Smash Islamophobia

    • Jewish disdain for Gentiles is also something the Jews must address as well.

      • You’re right. It has to work both way. Jews cannot keep on acting as racial supremacists, as “God’s chosen” ABOVE ALL the nations. It is only fair for them to acknowledge that we’re ALL EQUAL.

        That we’re all God’s children. They keep on telling everybody how special and “Chosen” they are, and this is plainly wrong.

        Some humility is in order to further mutual dialogue between the Jews and the Gentiles whom they continue to be suspicious of – despite much reaching out to the Jews from us Gentiles, particularly those of us who are White/Europeans.

      • There are some honest Jews who aim to do away with the unjust collective guilt of Europeans/Whites and others and attempt to move on. I am thinking of those such as Gilad Atzmon.

        He’s a deep thinker and this is well worth watching, as he explains the complex situation of Jews and Zio-Jews being divided among themselves on all the pertinent issues of the day, including, but not limited to, historical events such as what has come to be known as the holocaust.

    • Orthodoxy_or_Death

      I agree with what the Zionist Report recently opined in its commentary :

      The Grand Rabbi of France Says “Non” To Le Pen Zionist Report 25 April 2017

      “What we have here is the president of Israel flagrantly interfering in the elections of France — a sovereign nation. Yet, mainstream media is silent on this matter. And, his words really matter. There are millions of French/Israeli dual-nationals that, in reality, really consider Israel their home over France. This is likely one reason why Le Pen wants to ban dual nationality for French citizens.

      The President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, has called for a “war” against a new kind of Holocaust denial taking root across Europe today and bitterly criticized far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. Speaking at a ceremony marking the end of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Rivlin said “an attempt by some in Europe to universalize the Shoah is more dangerous than the mere refusal to acknowledge that the mass murder of Jews had taken place.”

      There appears to be a double standard. The media allows Jews to interfere with French politics. But could you imagine the uproar if, say, the Catholic Church in militantly secular France attempted to influence French politics? Double standards much? Do we have a special exemption for Jews to interfere in French politics when compared to the native French?

      • tyke87

        The Israeli strategy is to have control of all political parties which might form a government, which is why Jeremy Corbyn has been smeared by the total UK media as he believes in justice for Palestinians. In the past week the UK so-called Liberal Democrat party have banned a former MP David Ward from standing at the forthcoming election because of his criticism of Israel.

      • Smash Islamophobia

        A good point, but a flawed analogy. Catholicism is a religion; the Jews are a tribe.

    • Smash Islamophobia

      Clearly, all of the Gentiles are collectively guilty of endless crimes that can never be expiated, no matter how much they grovel, or how many shekels they send to Palestine. Meanwhile, Rivlin’s people are blameless; innocent and clean as the driven snow. A moral example for us all. It’s very simple, really. The only possible explanation for this failure to understand such a simple concept is goyishe kop.

      • adcore adore

        google…jewish crime..jewish slavery trade…stalins/hitler jewish soldier..jewish mafia..etc
        they are not so clean..

    • Green Libertarian

      “Collective guilt,” the application of Judaistic psychology to non-Judaistic people. How about just telling the truth about WWII? War is terrible but National Socialist and French policies were boy scoutish compared to Lenin and Stalin’s Bolshevik revolution, spear-headed by none other than Judaists.

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