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Lebanese-French lawyer, Dr Elie Hatem

Washington’s mission: Creating chaos in the Middle East

Dr. Elie Hatem is a Lebanese-French lawyer, political advisor and one of the most respected experts in France regarding the Middle East. In an exclusive talk to Free West Media, Dr. Hatem explains the links between the different battle fields of the Middle East region and the suicidal politics of the European Union.

Published: May 15, 2017, 11:43 am

    Dr. Hatem, for six years in Syria there has been a war scenario. The latest chemical attack and the US reaction seemed like a “game changer” on the battle field. What do we have to expect next?

    Syria is a victim of destabilization provoked by those who want chaos in the Middle East and also in Europe. Indeed, we have to take into consideration the fact that this situation has disastrous consequences for the European continent whose borders are close to the Middle East. The European continent saw the flood of a huge number of refugees, harming their internal stability. It is obvious that there is a political project behind this disaster, involving several intelligence services. The latest chemical attack is an obvious fact. It has been taken seriously into consideration by the Syrian authorities, including the Syrian judicial body. Serious investigations are carried out to check who ordered and who perpetrated this attack. Politically speaking, I don’t think that President Al Assad or the Syrian government are such masochists as to attract strong criticism against them from the international community and to allow an eventual military operation: they already had this experience which was conducted by French President François Hollande, to force a military reaction. I think that there is an intelligence services operation behind this chemical attack, preparing a sort of casus belli, causing an American reaction.

    We should also know the circumstances of how President Trump was led by his advisors to undertake this military reaction, while hosting the Chinese President in Florida… I wonder if he really measured his decision while, according to him, he was eating “the most beautiful chocolate cake”, confusing Iraq with Syria.
    Anyway, President Trump who wished to deal with Russia as a partner, did not seem to respect his will. I hope that he recognizes his mistake. If not, he will be continuing the policy of the previous Administration.

    US president Donald Trump was expected to conduct a non-intervention policy towards Syria. Right after his inauguration he spoke about “safe zones” in Syria, just some weeks after he bombed a Syrian airport. What happens in Washington?

    It is very difficult to avoid the establishment in the United States of America. Despite his promises and engagements during the campaign, the American President had to face the reality of the system.

    Military operations in urban terrain in Syria by the Syrian Arab Army: Despite of sanctions and embargoes the Syrian troops didn’t collapse until today. Photo: FWM


    In fact, the US foreign policy has always been under the influence of the AIPAC (the Zionist lobby or what the American call “the Jewish lobby”). During his campaign, Donald Trump was obliged to apology when he pronounced in one of his speeches two sentences harming the mentioned lobby. He also took some engagements in favour of Israel and its interests in the Middle East (the continuation of the chaos, the divisions and the weakness of all the actors plagued by internal conflicts). He had to fulfill his engagements : that is why he included Iran on the blackllist of states, while this country is seriously fighting ISIS and terrorism. This decision was indeed very much criticised in the US and abroad. He is also obeying the Israeli directives, in order to weaken the Syrian state once again after the latter recovered its strengh due to the Russian interference, at the request of the Syrian government.

    If we want to compare Russian to American interference in Syria, the latter is totally unlawful and illegal as far as it has not been conducted upon the request of the sole recognized government of Syria, and it has not been authorized by the Security Council of the United Nations.

    We regret that the US foreign policy is still conducted by the same lobbies. Indeed, President Trump appointed his son-in-law, Mr Kushner, as advisor for the Middle East. The latter is very closed to Mr Netanyahu.

    Is Syria really caught up in a “civil war”?

    Syria is the victim of a political project prepared years ago by political analysts, by think-tankers and political experts. This project has been long experienced in the Middle East and in other areas: Palestine, Cyprus, Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan, Serbia/Croatia, Serbia/Bosnia and Kosovo, Chechnya, Dagestan, Armenia/Azerbaidjan/Georgia, etc.. After some failures, this political project led to the so-called «Arab Spring» whose goal is to provoke chaos in the Middle East, in the Arab countries and in Europe whose borders are close to this area of the world. Thus, in the countries where many religious communities co-exist, tension emerged in order to create civil religious war. In the other countries where there are not different communities, tribe against tribe were induced to fight… The image given to Western public opinion was as if those groups were fighting for their freedom and to defend human rights. But, in fact, the population suffered much more from those groups… It has been stressed that rebels are willing to change the regimes in their country (as in Syria), in order to defeat the central government. Foreign mercenaries were used to light the wick and let uncontrolled groups enlist the populations in militias. This is what really happened in Syria.

    Syria became a hotspot for criminal gangs and terrorist fighters from all over the world – also from Europe. What would happen in your opinion the moment the Syrian government would be defeated by the international terrorist forces?

    Everyone knows this fact: the chaos in Syria (as well as in Iraq, victim of a similar destabilization plan) facilitated the creation of criminal gang organizations (manipulated by outsiders) by militias and uncontrolled armed forces, in order to create terror and chaos in the Middle East and in Europe. Most of them are mercenaries.

    If it happened that the Syrian Government were defeated, this chaos which has been in a way stopped, due to the Russian help, would come back and again threaten world security. It will be like a jungle, allowing all those groups to be expand without any control.

    Is there a difference between “moderate” and “extremist” fighters within the so-called “armed opposition”?

    In fact, the propaganda in favor of the destabilization of the states and structures in the Arab world used all the ways to legitimate the action of the rebels, paid from abroad.

    Thus, it has been stressed that, in Syria, there are two kinds of fighters, as you mentioned: the moderate and the extremists. All those fighters are uncontrolled fighters, most of them are mercenaries. They switch from one group to another. Some of them were fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army, before joining the Al Nosra group then ISIS…

    What would be the consequences for Europe in case of a total collapse of the Syrian army (migration, security aspects)?

    It is obvious that many refugees come from Syria to Europe. As I mentioned to you, the borders of Europe are closed to the Middle East. This population is depressed and fed up with the situation. They are escaping from the war and persecutions, especially those of ISIS. The only way for them to survive is to venture into the void: to choose the path of exile. This is a painful path, but they cannot stand danger. In other words, we are witnessing a deportation of population, like the one of the Armenians at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Those imigrants have lost all their goods and money. They are very poor and depressed. They can be easily manipulated by anyone who offers them money (intelligence services can use them in order to commit terrorist acts in order to destabilize European countries). I will give you a simple example: if you watch your children go hungry, crying and suffering, you will be able to sacrify your life for a couple of euros or dollars, and commit suicidal terrorist acts.

    The total defeat of the Syrian government will drive this country into chaos and will allow the expansion of this phenomenon.

    Why in your opinion are the European leaders supporting such a policy?

    European leaders are under the influence of NATO whose policy is conducted by the establishment in the USA: lobbies, intelligence services… The interest of the USA is to weaken the European countries and populations. They exercise propaganda on the European leaders in order to take this position which is masochistic and a real suicide. The same strategy was adopted among Arabs countries: their leaders adopted suicidal positions, leading them to this chaos.

    Dr. Elie Hatem

    What role do the sanctions against Syria play when it comes to illegal mass migration to Europe? How do the sanctions harm the war against terrorism of the Syrian army?

    Those sanctions harm, in reality, the civilians and not the armed forces. It is the population that suffers from those sanctions which lead to more poverty, which will open doors to a part of the population to join terrorist groups who offer them food and survival services. In fact, there are thousands of ways for military organizations and armed groups to get around sanctions, in order to obtain weapons. In fact, those sanctions are adopted for a political goal to weaken the Syrian government more and more, making it unpopular, and leading the state to bankruptcy.

    Why can European NGOs support and finance terrorism in Syria? Can you estimate the volume of the support?

    Some NGOs are in fact a weapon for soft power manipulation. They use human rights formally, as a showcase. In fact, they disguise the reality to the public which allows them to better manipulate the situation. Take for example Soros’s foundations, very much known to public opinion. In fact, there are several intelligence service groups behind those foundations, effecting the destabilization of states (in Syria, as well as in other coutries). They use their «reputation» as NGO in order to provide support to rebel groups, to destroy states. This happens also in Syria!

    How are the wars in Syria and Yemen connected?

    There is not a direct connection between the war in Syria and the one in Yemen. The latter, like the other Arab states, suffered from the destabilization plan during the so-called «Arab Spring». President Ali Abdallah Saleh was obliged to quit. Then, the Government collapsed. A propaganda campaign was carried out against the Saudis, alerting them to a danger coming from Yemen, especially from the Houthis. In fact, since the Quincy Agreements, Saudi Arabia has been under American influence. Washington enacts the Saudi politics. It is the case, especially under King Salman’s government, taking into consideration the inexperience of his son, prince Mohamad. The US intelligence services are convincing Saudis that Iran is helping and arming the Huthis, in order to push Saudi Arabia into this dramatic war. Indeed, both Yemenis and Saudis are victims of this situation. The existence and survival of the Saudi kingdom are threatened, as far as this war is costing a billion dollars. Also, the Saudi government became unpopular which will harm the stability of the regime. In other words, we might witness a new wave of destabilization of the Arab Gulf countries.

    What role is Iran playing in Syria?

    President Bashar Al-Assad was pushed aside by all Arab leaders when the war started in Syria. Some of them were busy with their internal affairs, during the so-called «Arab Spring». Other leaders were under the influence of a propaganda campaign operated by an intelligence services machine (the same one used against European leaders in the EU). He was looking for support in order to control the situation and avoid the collapse of his state. Iran offered him this support, for many reasons: in order to avoid a destabilization movement in the area, to keep a road in order to support the Shiites in Lebanon, to keep political influence in the region. This is how Iran interfered in Syria and was fighting terrorists and ISIS, before the Russian help provided to the Syrian government upon the request of the latter.

    Is there the danger of a direct military confrontation between Russia and Iran on the one side and the US army on the other side?

    I hope not… I think that the new American administration will avoid any confrontation with Russia. President Donald Trump was calling, during his campaign, for considering Russia as a partner and not an opponent. Besides the influence of some lobbies, especially AIPAC, there are still some people around President Trump trying to reason with him, especially among the generals of the army who have an influence on him, such as General Paul Vallelly who has very good connections in Moscow, especially among the team of the Russian minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Lavrov.

    After Trump’s election many people of the European Euroskeptic camp had hopes that the new Washington government would stop the meddling in the Middle East. Was that naïve to believe?

    Indeed, during his campaign, Donald Trump used the slogans of the Monroe Doctrine. He realized that his country is totally unpopular in the world, especially in the Middle East. He revealed the role played by President Obama in the creation of ISIS. This revelation was also done by Mrs Hillary Clinton in her book. Before him, President Obama already announced that the USA will focus more on Asia and will stop meddling in the Middle East. This is pure propaganda. Until today, the American intelligence services and the Israeli ones are manipulating Saudi Arabia, pushing this country to pursue the war in Yemen, in order to maintain the tension in the region. Recently, the US army bombed Syria and the USA are still exercising pressure on Russia. President Putin discussed recently with President Trump the setting up of safe zones in Syria. Washington is always trying to keep Turkey under its influence: a few hours after the masquerade of a referendum in Turkey, President Trump phoned President Erdogan to congratulate him… How can we believe the promises of America?

    Even Marine Le Pen and other Eurskeptic politicians such as AfD youth leader Markus Frohnmaier condemned Trump’s attack on the Syrian military airport. Is there now a split between Trump and the Euroskeptics?

    I can say yes. It is not formal or official but many Europeans (even Americans who were seeking for changes in the US administration) are disappointed. There is a big contradiction between the speeches of Donald Trump the candidate and the President. I think that Mr Trump is realizing that it is not easy to side-step the establishment and the lobbies who are exercising real pressure on his administration. But, hopefully, there are still people around Donald Trump struggling for a clear and logical international policy by the USA.

    Is there the chance of a repatriation of the Syrian refugees to Syria in case of a Syrian collapse?

    I don’t think that the Syrian government will collapse. If it does, it will be a catastrophe with more divisions and chaos, with more and more refugees. The situation will explode in the whole area, including Turkey. So, we will witness more and more refugees that we can never control. This eventual situation will harm the stability in Europe and will certainly create tensions inside the European continent. I hope that the political leaders will take this reality into consideration.

    Is there a chance in case of a victory of the Syrian Army?

    It all depends on the support of Russia. In fact, the Syrian Army is worn out after 6 years of war. Thankfully, we did not witness desertion among the soldiers who have not been paid for months… This also proves that the war in Syria is not an internal problem between communities or between the Government and the population. It is a manipulation of mercenary groups (outsiders), joined afterwards by local people seeking their survival after the chaos had been installed in the country.

    What in your opinion would be smart European politics when it comes to the Middle East and especially Syria?

    It is to stop the propaganda against this country, to respect international law, particulary the principle of self-determination and non-interference in the internal affairs of other recognized states. Unfortunately, some European leaders have been campaigning againt Syria, the same way they did against Irak in 2002 and 2003, which led to the explosion of that country. They also did the same in Tunisia and in Libya… What is the result of such a policy? The destruction of the structures, the institutions of all those countries, the emergence of poverty and hundred of thousands of immigrants and refugees harming the security and the stability of their own states. This is a criminal position. Those politicians should be traced and must be held accountable before the courts!

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