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Fake Facebook page; Tal Silberstein; Georg Niedermühlbichler

Dirty campaign bombshell rocks Austria ahead of elections

Austria's election campaign has been rocked by a massive scandal when it was disovered that the ruling party of Chancellor Christian Kern had attacked its biggest challenger on Facebook using xenophobic memes and conspiracy theories.

Published: October 4, 2017, 7:53 am

    News reports in recent days have forced the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) to admit that one of its paid staffers was involved in covertly setting up Facebook pages that sought to discredit conservative front-runner Sebastian Kurz.

    On Saturday, Austrian magazine Profil revealed that two Facebook pages used to attack and discredit Sebastian Kurz were linked to a former SPÖ election advisor named Tal Silberstein.

    Silberstein is one of Israel’s most prominent political consultants, advising leaders across the political spectrum from Ehud Barak to Ariel Sharon and, more recently, prime minister Binyamin Netanjahu and Ukraine’s Yulia Tymoshenko, the Irish Times noted.

    Silberstein has business interests in property and mining across Guinea, Angola and Sierra Leone and one of his firms appeared in the Panama Papers scandal, involving property deals that cost the Bucharest government more than $160 million. In March an international arrest warrant was issued in his name.

    The SPÖ has been trying to diminish Silberstein’s role in the election campaign since his arrest, but documents show that he had set up an office in Vienna that had planned and carried out dirty campaigns for the party. The employees were still active and ran the Facebook pages until very recently.

    The media reports about the Facebook ruse from its Israeli campaign advisor, Silberstein, has not been disputed by the ruling party, suggesting that they have hard substance. The Social Democrats (SPÖ) have promised an investigation into social media posts attacking rival Sebastian Kurz, but have denied knowing that they had been put online.

    The pages called “We for Sebastian Kurz” and “The Truth About Sebastian Kurz” claimed that the US investor George Soros was behind Kurz in attempt to link Kurz to the globalist elite. The SPÖ cut ties with Silberstein in August after he was caught up in the international money laundering probe in Israel. He had conducted polling and public policy research for the ruling party.

    The revelations about fake Facebook accounts that smeared candidates in Austria’s election race have dealt a severe blow to social democratic Chancellor Kern’s efforts to prevent a shift to the right in the coming parliamentary vote on 15 October.

    On Sunday evening, five of the leading candidates in the election took part in a live TV debate. The Facebook scandal cast a huge shadow over the debate with the FPÖ’s Heinz-Christian Strache saying: “This is no longer a Silberstein issue. This is a Kern issue.”

    The party’s new campaign manager, Christoph Matznetter, admitted on Monday, two days after his predecessor resigned due to the scandal, that “with 14 days to go to the election, the SPÖ is faced with more than a depressing situation”. The Kronen Zeitung, Austria’s biggest tabloid, similarly declared: “The SPÖ is going down in total chaos.”

    Christoph Matznetter, whom Kern had put in charge of investigating the affair, told Austrian radio show Ö1 Morgenjournal on Monday: “We woke up in the middle of a tsunami.”

    “This is not our style, we don’t want this type of politics,” Matznetter said, claiming that he and other senior party members were not aware of the Facebook pages. He promised that the results of his investigation would be published before the election on October 15, Kleine Zeitung reported.

    Kern is lagging behind Foreign Minister Kurz in polls, as the conservative People’s Party leader dominated the race with his tough policy proposals on immigration and asylum seekers.

    One of the fake Facebook accounts contained overtly racist and anti-semitic content, apparently designed to look as if they were posted by “far-right” or “extremist” Freedom Party (FPÖ) sympathisers.

    On Saturday, Georg Niedermühlbichler, who had been on the SPÖ’s executive board, resigned. The Freedom Party described Niedermühlbichler as a “sacrificial lamb” and urged Kern to step down, according to a report in the German daily, Süddeutsche Zeitung.

    Kern’s party has been in third place in recent polls, at 24 percent, with Kurz’s ÖVP on 33 percent and the FPÖ on 26 percent.

    Kurz noted on Facebook: “We don’t want to cast aspersions on others but . . . I warned many times about Silberstein’s problematic past and dirty campaigning methods.”

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    • Wow. So many Jewish names here. Austrian politicians Kern v. Kurz, both Jews. Social Democrats Matznetter and Niedermühlbichler. The scandalous Israeli international criminal Silberstein, working for SPÖ, smears Jewish opposition (Kurz) with a Jew (Soros)

      There’s an irony in there somewhere, using a Jew to smear a Jew. I guess they should know.

      But who is looking out for the Austrian people?

      • Silberstein and Soros are, as far as I know, the only certified jews of these you have mentioned. Christian Kern, though, he does seem to have a stronger loyalty to Israel than any of the others. So no coincidence there that Silberstein probably have been acting not just on behalf of him, but even more so on behalf of Israel. A bit strange, though, with a jew called Christian. But he could have jewish ancestry, of course. Matznetter is said to have had two “very catholic” parents, but formally left the church when he was quite young. Sebastian Kurz is catholic, even says he has a cross hanging on some wall in his home. Niedermühlbichler is the kind of name hardly any jew would choose when, in their usual fashion, changing it to sound more like the ones of the host society. That name means something like “the one from the little hill down by the lower mill”. It’s difficult to say in Austria, though, as a lot of jews have been living in that area, or been passing through, for a very long time. Some people even claim that Adolf Hitler had jewish ancestry.

        • Christian as a name is not unheard of for Jews. Check out William Christian Bullitt Jr. He played a multinational role in starting World War II.

          “Some people even claim that Adolf Hitler had jewish ancestry.”

          I’m reluctant to even dignify that with a response because the only thing that springs to mind is more anti-N.S. propaganda, like that he was a meth-addled homosexual who threw degenerate satanic parties and gassed six million Jews.

          Dammit, now you made me have to google translate each of your comments in future before seeing if I can thumb them up or not.

          • I don’t mind. After all, I would never be thumbing up any comment without being sure that I understand it. I did consider adding something about that claim originating in attempts at undermining Hitler’s credibility. But I’m not that particular. And the important thing for me here was that the above commenter should not get away with saying that Austrian politicians such as Sebastian Kurz is jewish. Mentioning the claim about Hitler was kind of a retort. Claiming that Kurz is jewish is, after all, not that much different from saying the same thing about Hitler. So, why are you and some others upvoting a comment more or less claiming that just about any Austrian politician is jewish ? Succeeding as a politician in Austria without signaling some form of allegiance to Israel and deference to the jews is almost impossible. That much is true. But why actively work to break down the difference that does, after all, exist between rightwingers such as Kurz and socialdemocrat politicians such as Kern with his obvious socialist agenda, loyalty to Israel and responsibility for Silberstein’s underhanded tactics ?

            • “So, why are you and some others upvoting a comment more or less claiming that just about any Austrian politician is jewish ? ”

              I am supporting someone I view as a pro-White Jew-Namer, the same support I lend to you and others. I was trusting in the accuracy of the research of the poster. Regrettably I am not omniscient and cannot fact-check every post I thumb up. The support alone has a sort of worth. Hopefully the comments I thumb up have independent value and are accurate.

              “Mentioning the claim about Hitler was kind of a retort. ”

              Yes, I saw that after a few rereads. Initially I was quite triggered as you can tell. I was in the middle of softening my response, deleting a couple sentences, but you were already replying at that time and I felt further edits inappropriate for me to do.

              “But why actively work to break down the difference that does, after all, exist between socialdemocrat politicians such as Kern with his obvious socialist agenda, loyalty to Israel and responsibility for Silberstein’s underhanded tactics ?”

              I don’t understand this. I lack familiarity, local familiarity with these parties, their platforms, and these particular politicians. I feel it necessary and community-fostering to reach out to other White nationalists in other countries because we face the same problems from the same foe, yet it is difficult sometimes to relate on certain local issues or views of particular parties or people because we just don’t have the same local expertise.

            • With the last sentence you’re quoting I was thinking of “PacificaRose”, not you. I see now that this all boils down to some misunderstandings. I would’t say I’m anywhere near being an expert when it comes to Austrian politics. But I have been picking up some bits and pieces over the years. Enough to make a reasonably clear picture for myself, I think. When I wrote, for example, that it’s “almost impossible to succeed” in Austrian politics etc, Im still thinking of Jörg Haider.

    , 6 July 2009. Investigative reporter offers murder theory over the death of Jörg Haider.

            • Here’s one that won’t make it past mods at The Document:
              Are there any euphemisms for Jew or Jewish that would get that message across in Norwegian, while allowing the comment to make it past moderation? Does ‘rootless cosmopolitans’ translate well in Norwegian?

            • The Document website is explicitly pro-jewish. If any comment about jewish strategies, criticism of jews etc are to get through moderation there, it will at least have to be carefully crafted. Still, I’m not so sure that pointing out this strategy as typically jewish would be the first, or major, reason why that comment did not get past moderation. The word ‘sykdommen’/’the disease’ would be a definite “red flag” in itself, I think. Even comments describing muslims that way could be stopped, though it is kind of a “counter-jihad” website. Would probably also have to argue, with examples etc., that is in fact a jewish strategy. And it might still not get through.

            • The Document is a terrible site. You can talk about whatever you want as long as you never say anything bad about Jews, about Muslims, and never define Norway as intrinsically and inextricably ethnically Norwegian.


              I would like to focus on shutting them down. They make AmRen seem permissive. My comments had a better chance of staying up at The Jerusalem Post (for about a year until I was banned) than they did at The Document. They banned me so hard that even the Likes I give comments there no longer stick.

            • When compared to the US, or Israel for that matter, the limits of expression in Norway are narrow. Still, until the summer of 2011 there wasn’t much moderation at all at that website. No comments were kept pending. In the aftermath of the Breivik bombing of the central government building and the Utøya massacre, main stream media, completely dominated here by leftists, immigration activists, “antiracists” etc, were scapegoating that website. The fact that Breivik did post some comments there, though rather moderate ones, served as a pretext for the MSM attacking it. And one effect of that was the present moderation regime. There was a backlash, with the “overton window” of the whole immigration debate being pushed in the wrong direction because of what Breivik did. I started posting there specifically to argue that Breivik was psychotic at the time of his rampage, more generally to keep that window as wide as possible as that site was, and still is, among the few “cracks in the wall” here. So, the terrible thing here is first of all the general political conditions and the narrow corridor of more or less accepted opinions in Norway.

            • Daisy

              It is of course interesting how events such as Breivik or Jo Cox in UK seem to come along just when needed and slot in nicely to suit the Establishment’s purposes.

            • Smash Islamophobia

              My experience has been that at least some Jewish websites are significantly laxer on moderation than more mainstream, (ostensibly) non-Jewish ones (The Forward vs. pre-Faceberg NRO, for example). I suspect that there are 2 reasons for this: 1. The few goyim there are mostly woke anyway, and 2. They actually want some degree of countersemitic opinion, because it gives them that persecuted victim feel, thus enhances the cohesiveness of the Tribe.

            • Daisy

              Hey Smash,

              On a random note, I was wondering if you’d have any advice on how best to counter hasbara “trivia” such as this. As the facts are against them, they seem to rely on anecdotal trivia such as my grandfather was gassed in Auschwitz/all the Jews I know hate mass immigration and diversity/love America/are the biggest victims of diversity etc.



            • Smash Islamophobia

              Got carried away with the analysis on this one. It’s kinda long. Want me to post it here, or email it to you, or what? This meme is a pretty good rebuttal to vague NAJALT-style assertions/ anecdotes about jews in the military, anyway.


            • Daisy

              Sure – please feel free to email.

            • Smash Islamophobia

              But if he were to use the same metaphor to describe the imaginary problems of “racism,” or “White supremacism,” or “anti-semitism?”

            • Well, I would guess the further away from describing any specific group as (carriers of) a disease, the more likely that such a comment could be approved. Within a wider framework all of these phenomena could perhaps be described as symptoms of a more general “disease”. I did in fact, about a year ago post a comment there about the invasion of islam into Europe as a symptom of a more general “disease”. The last half of it was a quote from an article in English about global overpopulation. I’ll post all of it below with a translation of my comment. The original posted here.

              The expansion of an increasingly aggressive islam may primarily be a symptom of a more fundamental “disease”; what we are experiencing, unfortunately, a late stage – specifically the “metastasis” occurring in a system characterized by uncontrolled growth after first having colonized the periphery. The material resources at the center of the organism at that time well exhausted; Europe’s natural resources relative to population size in many ways already were at the beginning of the colonial era. It is, after all, as a result of the expansion of the Euro-American, cancerous exponential growth system, and with it the spread of European technology, both in the form of the “green revolution” of the 50’s and 60’s in agriculture, and above all the developments within bioscience/medicine, that the population in both Africa and the Middle East has exploded over the years that have followed. In the struggle for resources, especially during the Cold War, one had to act, at least apparently, more “humanely” in order to gain a foothold and/or maintain access within these countries. From the 70’s, because of the “oil crisis”, also quite openly vis-à-vis the arab countries in order to gain access to oil. But the same has also largely been the case for the African states. That is also why the EU leadership are planning to let millions of Africans into Europe in the coming years: it is about a conscious leveling of the entire social system down to a “competitive” global level and about “cooperation” – in fact, a form of submission vis-à-vis Africa, in order to gain access to resources for a Europe which, due to an economic system based on boundless growth, has gone a long way towards resembling a cancerous end-stage cadaver.

              All contemporary landscapes on the planet feature the aggressive growth of cities and other urbanizations. In 1990, we suggested that the similarity between urban forms and malignant lesions could be studied with the use of fractal geometry. Two separate disciplines have emerged since then: the study of urban morphology using various fractal analyses, and “oncological mathematics,” the study of malignant lesions using fractal analysis. Several mathematical techniques are used in both fields to conduct these studies. From the point of view of a physician, the expanding, invasive, colonizing urban form with highly irregular borders resembles a malignant lesion. Malignant neoplasms have at least four major characteristics: rapid, uncontrolled growth; invasion and destruction of adjacent normal tissues (ecosystems); metastasis (distant colonization); and de-differentiation. Many urban forms are almost identical in general appearance, a characteristic that would qualify as “de-differentiation.” Large urban settlements display “rapid, uncontrolled growth” expanding in population and area occupied at rates of from 5 to 13% per year. Urban Malignancy: Similarity in the Fractal Dimensions of Urban Morphology and Malignant Neoplasms Article (PDF Available) in International Journal of Anthropology 23(1-2) · January 2008

              Has The Human Species Become A Cancer On The Planet?: A Theoretical View Of Population Growth As A Sign of Pathology. Dr. Warren M. Hern, Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado, Boulder. Current World Leaders, Volume 36, No. 6, pp 1089-1124. December 1993.

            • It’s a medical analogy: symptoms versus the disease. In fact it’s a problem-solving analogy more than that, just expressed in medical diagnostic terms.

              I could have also said effects versus the cause. Yes, in this analogy Jews were the disease not the symptoms most see when they go on and on about Islamicization never realizing they’re already ruled by Jews. The point wasn’t that Jews are a pox on our house, though they are, it was that they are the primary mover, the source of us being flooded with Muslims/non-Whites.

              If you have a water leak, and you focus on mopping up the water on the floor instead of stopping the source of the leak, you’re doing it wrong.

              Basically any comments that mention Jews rule us clandestinely or are in charge of our immigration policies will be deleted at The Document.

            • Goblin

              this may sound stupid, but I’ll risk it ‘cos I need your opinion.

              Granted, the web is filled with personalities that are deceptive and prone to insinuating their way into groups they are oppose to in order to cause confusion.

              That being said,
              is it possible that Meena is a sock of Bond ?

              I just had a remarkable exchange with Bond, in which he defended her [a person he generally behaves in an adversarial and hostile way towards] as if she were his daughter.
              Confusing to say the least.

            • Gee, lemme just whip out my crystal ball…

            • Goblin

              Yeah, I know; dumb question.

              Sorry to bother you.

              The net is a freaking hall of mirrors………………….

            • Goblin

              When I google ‘Stacey Kumari’,

              all I get is really rancid and low class porn…………………..

            • Gillian

              “My head is a complicated………….”
              That sounds pretty normal to me. The point I really want to make is that the brain is capable of so much more than we realize.

              When I was working there were some times of extreme pressure and I noticed that my brain was able involuntarily to switch to auto-pilot. Whilst in that mode, I made no mistakes and my work out-put was far in excess of normal or average. I loved it. I’m never able to think quite that clearly and quickly when things are ticking over normally. I guess the brain reserves itself a bit for such times when the need is greater.

              Only other times I’ve felt that clarity of thought it has been due to a sudden shock, such as an unexpected bereavement. Even when it is half-expected, it’s still a shock.

              It’s nothing short of amazing what the brain is capable of. I do tend to compartmentalize too.
              They say that’s a man thing, but I think it seems a sensible thing to do.

            • Gillian

              I strongly agree with your 2nd and 3rd paragraphs.
              Too many people seem content with addressing the effects rather than the cause. I suppose that’s because they think it’s safe to do that and many of them have never looked or inquired beyond that which is right in front of them.
              But, as you point out in that spot-on analogy in your 3rd paragraph, that does nothing towards high-lighting or exposing the real cause and big problem.
              Many of them are ignorant of the main problem and most likely will remain in that state all the while so many sites seem to encourage the wittering “on and on” ad nauseam criticism of exclusively just the symptoms.

            • And… it’s
              gone… zapped in the wee hours of the night leaving your reply somewhat without context thanks to a mod here making confetti with the delete button according to political correctness.

            • Gillian

              I don’t recall anything in that post of yours that would justify in any way its removal. How weird and annoying.

            • I deleted one of my own comments in same thread yesterday.. twice, mods resurrected it apparently. It was the naming of Meena’s earlier alts, but redundant since I’d already given same information two days prior. Maybe mods wanted to just remind me whose job it is to do the deleting around here. Heh.

            • Gillian

              I didn’t know that was even possible for a mod to resurrect a post that had been deleted by the poster themselves. I thought we had control of our own Disqus accounts.
              Maybe a return to the old fashioned way of deleting a post would still work. i.e. delete all the words and just leave 3 or 4 dots.

            • It happens to me all the time. Couple days ago, I posted 3x, lost one. Anything touching on the JQ or racism is subject. Read the “about” page. I think they’re worried about European censorship issues. 🙁

            • oh, yeah, this is the site that says “we’re read in Germany too, so keep that in mind as you…”
              Ah, thank you, PacificaRose. I will tread more carefully here in future. I’m not trying to shut down their circulation or reach. My bad.

            • Thanks for the reminder, I should be more careful too. I really like their articles, just the facts, without noticeable bias or slant. It’s a shame they don’t have more readership.

            • All we have to do is favorite some of their articles and post some comments of worth (that are inline with what they’ll allow) and their readership will grow.

            • Smash Islamophobia

              OK, that’s pretty slick. You probably got away with it because: 1. Your citation clearly uses the disease metaphor for a phenomenon (urbanization) that many view as neutral (or even positive), and 2. A very calm, purely dialectical construction. I assume if you had used a similar metaphor in a more rhetorical form; something like “Islam is the cancer! White Power is the answer!” they might have had a problem with it…

              Though when it comes to the particular issue of Third World immigration (Islam is really only a symptom of that problem), perhaps a more precise metaphor would be that the non-White invasion is just an opportunistic infection. The real problem is the poz– AIDS.

        • There’s a method to my madness. My source:

          In the left-hand column, under “Names by nationality” I selected “Others”
          from whence I selected the “Austrian” page
          Using letters at top of page (under Austrian last names…)
          and then clicking individual names:

          Kern and Kurz both show Jewish first
          Matznetter doesn’t show, but Matz shows Jewish first

          Niedermühlbichler doesn’t show,
          So I used the “N” from letters in the left-hand column
          from there, selected the NID-NIE page
          Again, the full name doesn’t show, but Nieder shows Jewish first

          Still, I’m willing to be wrong, especially with foreign names, and thank you for calling it to my attention, not to be so hasty, next time.


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