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Mugabe steps down from leading a country to complete ruin

Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has stepped down. The African liberation "hero" and one of the world's most notorious dictators, resigned as president on Tuesday, a week after the army and his former political allies moved against him.

Published: November 22, 2017, 7:05 am

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    The speaker of the Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, read out a letter in Mugabe’s absence in which he stated that he would be stepping down “with immediate effect”.

    On Sunday, Mugabe was still clinging to power after a bloodless coup by the army. He had initially refused to step down even after being expelled from ZANU-PF, the political party he had led for four decades.

    While Zimbabweans noisily celebrated late into the night, little is expected to change in the country. “Bob” as he is known in South Africa, held onto power for 37 years and once boasted that “only God” could remove him.

    Prominent white Zimbabwean opposition politician David Coltart tweeted after Mugabe’s resignation: “We have removed a tyrant but not yet a tyranny.”

    The African despot ruled his country by fear and brought a once-promising economy, called the “Breadbasket of Africa” to ruin.

    Mugabe leaves behind an economy, once  the biggest corn exporter in southern Africa, in tatters. An estimated 95 percent of the workforce is unemployed, public infrastructure is crumbling and widespread shortages of cash and food are regularly reported.

    Almost a quarter of Zimbabweans are currently in need of food assistance and 72 percent live in poverty, The Economist reported.

    The country’s woes are rooted in Mugabe’s support for the seizure of white-owned farms, which slashed agricultural production, export earnings and tax revenue. But it is a policy that the ANC in South Africa hopes to imitate.

    From January 1983, a campaign of terror was waged against the Ndebele ethnic group in Matabeleland, in the west of Zimbabwe. The Gukurahundi genocide saw more than 20 000 civilians being massacred by Robert Mugabe’s feared North Korean trained Fifth Brigade.

    Mugabe’s rival Joshua Nkomo, leader of Zapu had enjoyed overwhelming support among the Ndebele and in the words of “Bob”, the people of Matabeleland needed to be “re-educated”.

    Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi, reportedly said that “not only was Mugabe fully aware of what was going on” but the Fifth Brigade acted “under Mugabe’s explicit orders”.

    As with the attacks against white farmers in Zimbabwe, Western governments did nothing once the scale of massacres became known, and Mugabe continued his campaign of ethnic cleansing.

    Leftists in the West eagerly repeated Mugabe’s charge of “neo-colonialism” to cover for his misdemeanours in the hope of garnering support from African leaders.

    In fact, Mugabe’s sustained and strategic effort to remove all political opposition within five years of independence, earned him a British knighthood bestowed on him by Queen Elizabeth II herself.

    To launch his guerilla war “for freedom”, Mugabe’s ZIPRA fighters had gunned down Air Rhodesia Viscount Flight RH827 in 1979 with a Strela 2 surface-to-air infrared homing missile, killing all the white passengers and crew on board. It remains the deadliest aviation incident in Rhodesia to date.

    On 25 February 1979, the Rhodesian Air Force, with covert assistance from South Africa, launched a Operation Vanity, a retaliatory bombing raid against a ZIPRA camp in Angola.

    The once highly successful British colony, Southern Rhodesia, was sacrificed for political expendiency to become a one-party Marxist dictatorship.

    As recently as July this year, Mugabe’s call to “kick out” all remaining white commercial farmers from their properties has triggered a fresh wave of land invasions in the southern African country.

    During a rally in Marondera, Mugabe said his party’s young supporters should confiscate the remaining land, News24 reported.

    Ndebele workers at the farm accused Mugabe’s henchmen of buying off Rusape police officers to terrorise a white farmer, resulting in the police firing gunshots to disperse angry villagers who had gathered at the property in support of the white commercial farmer, Robert Smart of Lesbury Farm.

    “The police forced open a safe that contained Smart’s money and went away with $75 000 meant for the payment of workers’ salaries,” claimed a source at the farm.

    Reports revealed that Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party heavyweights and the military had “invaded” parts of a farm where one of the leading agricultural training institutes in southern Africa, Blackfordby College of Agriculture, was situated.

    The African “war heroes” are more interested in enriching themselves than in uplifting the poverty-stricken millions. The wholesale corruption and greed, nepotism and fraud perpetrated by the Mugabe government, has been mimicked by the ANC in South Africa.

    Already in 2008 inflation hit a rate of 231,000,000 percent. The currency had to be denominated in notes as large as the $100trn Zimbabwe-dollar bill. Hyperinflation concluded only when the Zimbabwe dollar was scrapped for the American dollar and South African Rand.

    The South African ruling party, a staunch supporter of the Mugabe regime, has not yet released a statement about his resignation.




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    • Tim Singiswa

      supremacists never got the chance to fulfill their dreams to turn zimbabwe into a white enclave and powerhouse as mugabe tackled them head-on! he dribbled them and they tried to intimidate him by taking the awards and prizes they awarded him it did not work!they found-out the hard-way that mugabe was not these south african blinkered,obtuse and criminal rulers who have sold the country to them for bee monies!he put his foot-down and said no to homosexuality!he tightened-up economic laws and took their farms so they don`t transact ad move money among themselves but bu produce for their dairies and meat wholesalers from the black farmers he gave their farms!he made it difficult for them to plunder wildlife!

      • Tom Tom

        you have no intention of living with whites so clearly you’re the supremacist now. After so much time as a person who destroyed his country, turning the bread basket of Zimbabwe into a basket case, you have no defense of Mugabe.

        • They want Mugabe out because he dared disobeyed them the little gods and goddesses of this world because they want black rulers who will pander to their whims.the black ruler who will give them the country on a silver-platter to enjoy at the expense of blacks.I mean,to hear Britons calling him despot when blacks in Britain are persecuted brutally by the Freemasons and Halloweens sounds was the outlawing of homosexuality that catapulted them into action not human rights of blacks.they want nature reserves,economic institutions,minerals,agriculture and the industry and favourable economic policies so they can move monies and gemseasily out of the country.

          • Tom Tom

            it is possible for two things to be true at the same time. Mugabe was a hero but then later he became a despot who caused more harm to blacks than any whites. Its sad you can’t face yourself. I agree on freemasons, by the way.

            • what is supposed to be meant b that…mugabe was a hero!you are on about history when i`m here and now!mugabe was not a despot because he was an elected leader of zanu-pf and the country in elections that were free and fair!a despot is somene who after losing in elections will use the army to reinstate himself and impose curfews and state of emergences and military justice and suspend civil law, civil rights, and habeas corpus.elections are the only avenue to remove corrupt politicians and if there is crime involved in their corrupt practise then its law enforcement duties to bring them to justice.

        • Tim Singiswa

          we have forgiven afrikaners so what are you talking about!this is not an afrikaner thing but a small cell as the small number of attendees show!you represaent the illuminati or lucifer!

        • Tim Singiswa

          This is not a racial issue but a criminal issue!to be in south Africa and have a job,business or residence you must be the enemy of blacks!if you are found to be a friend of blacks you die brutally!this applies to blacks as well!,

        • Tim Singiswa

          If we can have martial law by an independent army then your lies will be exposed as you will be lined-up against the walls and shot at the back of the head like in Rwanda!Apartheid is now perfected in South Africa!Blacks are a third-class nation while Afrikaners are superhumans!They are never subjected to raids in their homes and businesses despite the fact that they are stockpiling weapons to kill blacks.The ANC government met with them twenty years ago to workout a strategy to keep them out of jail hence our jails are populated by innocent blacks who are framed by them these Afrikaners.TheANC gave them carteblanche licence to massacre blacks and they formed security guard companies to do it under their cover.Tracker South Africa is leading the way in killing blacks in the rich suburbs right in front of cops because they cannot arrest them as they sponsor deceased cops children.Do you feel me!

    • Tom Tom

      Emmerson Mnangagwa is a converted Christian. You’re better off in Zimbabwe than in S.A. Let the blacks destroy themselves, like you know they will, and then come back in a decade or two.


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