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Prepping in the US; Angela Merkel

German Interior Ministers gather in Leipzig ‘for nothing’

Last Thursday, traffic chaos prevailed throughout the German city of Leipzig. Many major roads were closed, some without notice. The chaos during the rush hour was a result of Interior Ministers meeting.

Published: December 10, 2017, 9:58 am

    Many people thought Trump or Putin were visiting the city, but it was only a meeting of the Interior Ministers of the German states with the Federal Minister of the Interior for their annual conference.

    In earlier years, the effort was hardly worth mentioning, but last week a major city was plunged into complete chaos because of security concerns, PI-News reported.

    It is interesting to understand who these individuals need to protect themselves from: it is from self-inflicted left-wing chaos, those groups which had been courted, petted and cajoled in recent years. It was mainly from those groups thought to be spearheading the “fight against the law”.

    “In their narrow-mindedness, the well-worn establishment strategists have overlooked an important and logical aspect: freedom, laxness, no prosecution, financial support, and praise for their actions, of course, will all have boosted Antifa.

    “Well, the learning curve of the interior minister is rather flat, as the following decisions show,” according to PI-News.

    The first to note is that there will be no deportations to Syria until the end of 2018. This decision also applies to recognized terrorists and so-called perpetrators!

    “After all, these treasured individuals could be subject to reprisals in their homeland and threaten them with inconvenience. For example in the form of legal proceedings for crimes committed in Syria. And Syria does not have German-democratic justice standards.”

    All those pretending to be Syrians will continue to be carefree and protected, the report noted. “From the unspeakable mishaps and the complete failure of the authorities, the ministers have learned exactly nothing. Should it soon come to another Islamic attack, critics will be lambasted with artificial indignation and stony face acting in front of the cameras – and then they will continue with the agenda of victim protection.”

    The conference of German Interior Ministers seemed so unconcerned about their homeland security faced with various “Syrians”, that they had identified a so-called “prepper scene” as a new enemy. It was the topic on the agenda at the Conference of Interior Ministers (IMK) in Saxony, according to a report by the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND).

    Prepper is derived from the English word “to be prepared”. This applies to Germans who are preparing for power outages, natural disasters, civil wars and, yes, perhaps even the end of the world.

    These citizens store food supplies for a long period of time, and some also erect shelters in the form of bunkers on their properties. The interior ministers now assume a proximity to “far-right extremists” as well as all preppers belonging to an imaginary network.

    RND reported that the Christian Democrats (CDU), Christian Social Union (CSU) and Social Democrats (SPD) support the proposal to observe the “prepper scene”.

    Concerned citizens, who think ahead and are therefore in possession of a legal firearms license, actually only follow the recommendations of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance. The Federal Office advises the population to stock up on food for several weeks and to buy camping cookers.

    PI-News dryly warned its readers: “Be careful when planning a camping holiday, for example in expensive Norway. The purchase of several cans, culminating in the purchase of a new propane gas cooker, could put you in the crosshairs of the constitutional protection. Ridiculous but unfortunately a sad reality in Merkel’s Germany.”

    PI-News suggested that the German government was tracking citizens via card payment. “Viewed in this light, the creeping abolition of cash naturally makes sense. Anyone who has to pay for everything with a card is completely transparent to the cartel. Movement profiles, buying habits, contributions to clubs and parties – everything is revealed.”

    In conclusion, the internet outlet pointed out that Leipzig was subjected to two days of chaos for nothing.

    “There’s nothing more to say about the meeting. Except that those who are responsible for the internal security of society have completely failed at their job.”

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