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Half of white American youths believe diversity would harm them

Almost half of young white males in Generation Z believe efforts to increase diversity would harm white people, according to a new wide ranging survey from the Public Religion Research Institute.

Published: January 12, 2018, 9:12 am

    PRRI conducted the survey with a random sample of 2 023 young people aged between 15-24 who were part of market research company GfK’s YouthPulse panel. The survey was conducted online between July 19 and August 3, 2017 in both English and Spanish.

    Almost one-third of Post-Millennials, and nearly half of white young men surveyed, said efforts to increase diversity would harm whites.

    They say efforts to increase diversity almost always come at the expense of whites.

    Some 48 percent of young white males believe diversity efforts will harm white people, while more 52 percent disagree. Only 28 percent of young white women believe such efforts harm white people.

    Forty-three percent of young white males say discrimination against whites “is as serious a problem as discrimination against other groups” and more than 1 in 3 white young people believe “reverse” discrimination is a serious problem.

    More than one-third, some 36 percent, of white young people say discrimination against white people is as serious as that experienced by minority groups, while only 16 percent of black, and 28 percent of Hispanic youths agree.

    A majority of white Americans, some 55 percent – with roughly equal numbers of white men and white women – agree that discrimination against white people has become as big a problem as discrimination against black people and other minority groups.

    Most young white males said they did not believe that women faced very much discrimination. Two-thirds, or 65 percent of white young men, say that women do not confront a substantial amount of discrimination in the US today.

    Six in ten females say they do not identify as feminists. Willingness to adopt this label varies significantly among young people, by race, ethnicity, gender, education, and region.

    Young women are about twice as likely as young men to identify as feminist, but almost three-quarters (73 percent) of young men say they do not describe themselves as feminist.

    There is a considerable divergence of opinion in the views of white young men and women on some racial issues. While fewer than four in ten (38 percent) white young men agree that black people have gotten less than they deserve in recent years, a majority (54 percent) of white young women expressed this view.

    More than six in ten (62 percent) white young men do not believe black people have gotten less than they deserve over the past few years.

    A majority of all racial and ethnic groups opposed the construction of a border wall between Mexico and the US. Close to 64 percent of white young people and overwhelming majorities of Hispanic (80 percent), black (87 percent), oppose the construction of a wall along the border.

    The issue of Muslim immigration revealed the starkest racial and ethnic divisions among young people. White young people are more than twice as likely as their black counterparts to support temporarily banning people from some majority Muslim countries from entering the US.

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    • spirild2

      Good thinking!

    • terence sommer


    • Hard Little Machine

      And yet all of it is driven by middle class 20 something white people. The looks on their faces will be priceless

    • Michael Stewart

      Lots of PC robots.

    • John Locke

      These results are encouraging in light of the fact that the vast majority of messaging aimed at the white you is negative. It was evident that there was a problem 40 years ago and it has become systemic since then.

    • Ernest

      Considering the brainwashing these kids have received from not only schools but the MSM, Hollywood, 5th Ave and even the government this is good news.

      • Thea

        The brainwashing fails when these kids are living a different reality. They’re surrounded by “Diversity”, familiarity breeds contempt.

    • Frank frivilous

      Excellent article. Both genders of young whites are in for a very rude awakening when they become a minority. I’ve worked with refugees from all over the world in the undercurrents of American society and these people have no conception of ethics, fair play or mercy. Neither do they have any respect for law and order and white society in particular. They are here to take, take, take and will join together into mobs to achieve their objectives while Americans cling to valiantly to our conception of independence and self determination. Better to get informed about this issue and who is pushing this open borders policy, and for what purpose before anarchy prevails and we start to resemble a “shithole” country. I don’t worry as much about white folks ability to organize and defend themselves but the carnage could be avoided if we had actual, uncompromised leaders.

    • janderson2000

      The awakening is starting…


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