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Dutch athlete Jorien Ter Mors (Wikipedia)

Wilders: ‘Thank God for the Olymics!’

The Netherlands, a small country, has been doing very well in the 2018 Winter Olympics, and Dutch successes have reinforced national pride and patriotism, Dutch anti-immigration leader Geert Wilders asserted.

Published: February 20, 2018, 6:42 am

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    “Thank God for the Olympics!” Wilders exclaimed this week. “Sporting events are one of the few occasions where people can still unabashedly display feelings of national pride without being judged for it by the leftist cosmopolitan elites.”

    Dutch athlete Jorien Ter Mors celebrated winning the gold medal during the Ladies’ 1000m Speed Skating at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics, and her victory has led to an outpouring of Dutch national pride.

    Wilders noted that national pride was a nation’s ultimate strength. “Patriotism is one of the biggest strengths of a nation. Waving the national flag is so much more than bringing a tribute to successful athletes. It also links us to a heritage and a tradition. Our national flag symbolizes ancient loyalties embodying the legacy of our fathers, which we want to bestow on our children,” he said.

    “The nation-state is one the greatest contributions of Western civilization to the world. It is the home of our democracy as well as the guarantor of our freedom.”

    He added that adherence to the nation-state was also a moral duty based on the values of Jerusalem, Athens and Rome. “Jerusalem, where the love for the state of Israel was taught. Athens, where service to the democratic state was the highest good. And Rome, where honor depended on duty to the Republic.”

    Wilders explained that this notion was totally alien to Islam as it wants to eradicate nations and replace them by the Ummah, the worldwide Islamic community.

    It is not a nation-centered but globalist religious project, he said. “That is why our cosmopolitan elites with their globalist dreams of supranational institutions like it so much.”

    He said that the Olympics reflected our Western ideals.

    Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is actively discriminating against his own people in favor of foreigners when it comes to politics, while in sports, Rutte is cheering the Dutch, doing exactly the opposite, Wilders noted.

    “Asylum seekers in the Netherlands get health care entirely free, while the Dutch have to pay a huge deductible out-of-pocket and have to insure themselves for extras, such as hearing aids, glasses, physiotherapy, dental care, postnatal care, etc, which asylum seekers get for free. The asylum seekers also get free housing and are allowed to jump the queue, while Dutch citizens on average have to wait eight years for social housing.

    “Two thirds of all welfare expenditure is spent on non-Western immigrants, while Dutch citizens have to foot the bill. Non-Westerners often also get preferential treatment when applying for jobs in the civil service, because the authorities want to encourage ‘diversity’,” he said.

    Wilders has meanwhile lodged an official complaint against the Prime Minister for discrimination on behalf of Dutch citizens, but this week, the Public Prosecutor dismissed Wilders’ complaint alleging that the government policy is one of “positive discrimination”.

    Wilders, unfased, will now take the case directly to court. “A government that is positively discriminating in favor of foreigners is negatively discriminating against its own people,” he said.

    “Governments should be the cheerleaders of their own people. We need to bring the spirit of the Olympics to politics, the spirit of patriotism. The nation-state has the duty to positively discriminate in favor of its own people. It has to cheer them on, encourage them, be proud of them, as we now are of our athletes.”

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    • It would be easier to cheer our nation-states, and our athletes, if they looked like ourselves.

      • George Clark

        How can the same issues with immigration only exist in white countries? This is a one sided affair indeed. Bond gone?

        • Yep, Bond deleted his account, only Engelman and Mike left, to mod BRI. They banned Goblin, threaten others. Should be funny, when it’s just Jews and Engelman left, haha. At which point, it’ll probably die from lack of interest. Bond lurks, emails Engelman, he just can’t let it go. There’s something wrong with that man.

          • George Clark

            We knew that awhile ago. I did a post on his channel about a year ago. I called it the Jew baiter channel. I went in like a drunken sailor calling myself a jew and inviting attacks. A few more followed me in. By the time it was over that place was turned upside down. Some were attacking each other. Some were not even Jews. they were posing as such. There is a lady Bride of Yeshua, this woman is about seventy and has a good heart. She is not a jew but is studying the bible or Torah and finding the truth about these religious groups and what is wrong with their doctrine. She thought I had become mentally unstable. I was playing the part well. Her associate Charles, later revealed himself as her enemy. Bond looked like an idiot when it was over. I apologized to Bride. I think I scared her a bit. She is a good person just trying to get by in her retirement. Engleman and Mike are lost and have brainwashed themselves into a Communist mindset. I knew they would fail. I didn’t see too many real Jews joining in. They I am sure see how idiotic these fools are. I stayed away after that. I think they were the ones that got the channels shut down. Live by the sword die by the sword. Unless it is a sword of righteousness. Engelman’s surname is Ashkanazi.

          • George Clark

            You were the only one smart enough to see it.

      • 😈 Firebred ✓Vindicated

        Excellent point, fully agree, PacificaRose!


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