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Tamara Cincik, photo supplied

UK: Feminist gets attacked by migrant, blames white men

A loud British feminist and open-border activist Tamara Cincik was attacked by a large "Asian" man on a train in London. She blames white males for not helping her.

Published: June 8, 2018, 11:10 am


    Cincik told The Daily Mail she her attacker was not to blame, but two “white middle class” men instead who allegedly failed to help her during the assault.

    The fashion chief executive was attacked by a tall Muslim on a busy Underground train, but blamed two British men who moved to other seats and left her alone to defend herself.

    The feminist was kicked and threatened in central London. She told MailOnline, that “children were crying” as the man violently attacked her.

    “He was about six foot [2 metres] and around 30 to 35-years-old and he started just screaming. He was screaming and shouting at me and saying things like ‘I am going to fucking kick you’ then he did actually kick me.”

    She said she did not blame the migrant but “remained more angry with those white middle class men who left me to it. As fathers, husbands and sons they should be ashamed of themselves”.

    She accused them of being “cowards”. But on social media, ironically she portrays herself as an empowered feminist who do not need men, constantly attacking the opposite sex.

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    • Brooklyn Dave

      Unfortunately if the two white guys did come to her aid, she’d probably be an ungrateful b*tch and had something nasty to say regardless.

      • J. S. Bridges

        If they’d actually made any sort of attempt to come to her aid, she’d have undoubtedly berated them unmercifully for their “overwhelming male chauvinism”, their “utterly-toxic masculinity”, their “White-privilege exertion”, and their “utterly-atrocious lack of compassionate understanding and/or acceptance of that poor, downtrodden Muslim’s essential-victimhood”….

        Screw ‘er – she materially-aided in creating the “atmosphere” in which she was attacked; let her shut the Hell up, and quietly submit to be raped and beaten within it…

    • sdsf

      “Raped by muslim, blames white men”
      Bitch deserved it.

      • Tadeu De Barcelos Ferreira

        I would watch her get screwed and even won’t call the cops, as you said it, she deserved this!

    • Chad Steen

      Dumb cunt kill yourself

    • Gary Best

      Maybe this feminist who has spent her life belittling the white male, creating fashion to feminise men has reaped what she sort. Or possible she just misidentified the “white males” gender and race because she is a bigot. Either way, welcome to world of equality.

    • Hon Key

      she wants mozzies here, gets abused by one then turns all girly and wants MEN to save her. she is a coward and total fraud. you reap what you sow, sweetheart. stfu and get back to your pro imigrant crap and pretend femenist lie.

    • Gus Armstrong

      That equality thing is a bitch, no?

    • quest2quest

      Have you met a Brit lately? They have become Beta Males. Can’t even keep their kids from getting rapped.

      • Tadeu De Barcelos Ferreira

        No, the problem is not that they becme ”cowards”, ”betas”, and any of that bullshit; as from what I’ve been seeing, the real problem is that they get constantly attacked on their masculinity, and even has to help thos ungratefull bitchies that talks every second how bad they arre, wether they help them or not; and they got tired of it, saying fuck all of it! That’s what’s happening… I’m tired of these nosese thing that ”hur dur, men are not helpfull/alpha/real men anymore”…

    • The_Infidel_01

      if they did help her, she would have reported them for islamaphobia and attacking a poor muslim.

    • J. S. Bridges

      Actual, real-World “Equality For Feminism” is a real b*tch- kitty, ain’t it, Tammy, you ugly, nasty, stoopid bint?…

      You’ve been bitterly struggling to prevent ordinary, law-abiding white males from offering or lending a hand to women at any juncture – how do you like the results you’re now getting, ay?…

    • Scotty

      Wants equality, and special treatment from men…. The modern hypocrite feminist..!

    • Oeyvind Toft

      Why would anyone in their right mind help any feminist in any situation??

    • Jari

      Imagine that…

    • Chris Sky

      If somebody who is anti white male, and pro muslim migration gets attacked by a muslim migrant in front of me… I wouldn’t help her, either! I’d ask her how much she welcomes migration now.

    • Yaman

      All those leftist getting harassed raped murdered by the people they willingly let in, I don’t feel sorry for them it’s your political correctness which caused it.

    • Tadeu De Barcelos Ferreira

      if she keep blaming white man for all of the problems in the world and even say constantly that she doesn’t need a man,
      then FUCK you, miss! Help yourself and your feminists and mainly OPEN FUCKING
      BORDERS friends alone, simple as that! And shove this guilty on your
      danm ass!


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