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Limburg: Migrant chops up his wife after running her over

A 34-year-old migrant in Limburg, Germany is accused of running his 31-year-old wife over with his car and then hacking her to pieces with an ax and a butcher's knife.

Published: October 28, 2019, 7:05 am

    The police reported that they were investigating this as a “relationship crime”. The 34-year-old suspect was arrested at the crime scene without resistance by Limburg police. But police officers and firemen were wrestling with their composure in the face of this incredible atrocity.

    Witnesses gave accounts shortly after the crime that the suspect first drove over the victim with his Audi about 8:25am. The 31-year-old woman was walking alongside the road on the sidewalk.

    Thereafter the 34-year-old suspect got out of his car and proceeded to beat the woman where she was lying on the ground with an object in his hands. The woman was so severely injured in the attack that she died at the scene.

    After witnesses called the police, they immediately arrived and promptly arrested the 34-year-old without any resistance. Specialists for the criminal police secured the crime scene and investigated it for forensic evidence.

    Gruesome images taken by a local resident show a dark-haired perpetrator in a black track suit striking an injured, defenseless person with an ax while she is lying on the ground. The 25-second clip is filmed from a neighbouring house. The black Audi can be seen, the tailgate of which is open, and smoke clouds resulting from the impact.

    In a second video, two members of the forensic team are working next to the body. On the ground next to the woman lie the murder weapons, a short-handled hatchet and a butcher’s knife.

    The police have been told that there may possibly be more videos and photos of the crime. They demanded that persons who have such videos or photos not publish them on the Internet but instead hand them over to the police for evidence. But the West Hessen police seems to be working not for the population but for certain politicians.

    “We have reports that there are videos of the crime floating around on the internet. Refrain from sharing — we will consequently pursue criminal procedures against EVERYBODY who posts and shares video of this, due to depiction of violence (article 131 StGB)!”

    Apparently the West Hessen police do not know their own laws, because §131 StGB does not apply “if the action serves to report on events of the time or in history” as noted in paragraph 2.

    Peter Bystron, AfD representative in the Bundestag, reacted with dismay to their demands. “Please stop scaring the citizens of this country by threatening them with criminal prosecution, and just concern yourself with the real criminals in this country. This is simply not bearable anymore!” Bystron tweeted.

    The police of West Hessen initially did not want to reveal the background of the perpetrator. “Since it is of such burning interest, the 34-year-old suspect is a German citizen. He was born and raised in Germany, but doesn’t have a German name. Just how important this is for the investigation is not clear as of today,” the police eventually tweeted when questioned about the nationality of the suspect.

    The last police chief from West Hesse, Robert Schäfer, has meanwhile been appointed the new head of the Hessian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the domestic intelligence branch, while the current head, Stefan Müller, is an obsequious follower of Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU).

    German tabloid Bild changed its report to hide the migration-background of the suspect, a Tunisian.

    Oliver Flesch noted in 1984 Magazin on Friday after the vehicle-and-hatchet murder in Limburg, that “leaving a Muslim man is a bit like playing Russian roulette. Except that in Russian roulette the chances are higher that it will turn out well”.

    The victim’s husband had almost cut her head from her torso with an ax and a butcher’s knife, as Bild learned from investigators. But Flesch also pointed out that Bild had changed their report not once but five times.

    Here is the chronology of the description in Bild of the suspect that Flesch noted:

    A German
    A German with a migration background
    A German
    A man
    A suspect born in Germany as the son of Tunisian immigrants

    “Foreigners are suspects in 42 percent of violent crimes. In Hamburg prisons the proportion of foreigners is 61 percent. Some 42 percent and 61 percent who have no German citizenship; Germans with a migration background are to be added on top of that. Violence committed by asylum seekers who have gone underground (around 500 000) is not included, so we have to add it to these [numbers],” Flesch said.

    “We cannot make any progress with brochures that say that women are equal in Germany. It is a struggle that we cannot win. We could keep it in check a little by consistent deportation, but deportations are simply not in fashion at the moment.

    “That is why we will soon meet again in this theatre. Same genre, only the protagonists will have different names,” Flesch concluded.

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    • TheRightToArmBears

      Islam is right about women.
      There, that’s something for feminists to chew on while they fight for more muslim immigration.

      • Ricky Lee

        So someone who happens to be a muslim, and you blame on all muslim immigration?
        Are you that bigoted and ignorant!


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