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Dan Roodt

Articles by Dan Roodt

Zuma repeats pattern of white dispossession in Africa

There is a pattern to the dispossession of Europeans in Africa, which may eventually even reach Europe itself.

A crime-filled South African summer holiday

As South Africans enjoy their December-January summer holiday, criminals also cash in, robbing and killing while the ineffectual and sometimes corrupt police force look on.

Diversity kills: Chicago’s 750 murders per year

An interview with Chicago's former police chief, Garry McCarthy, will be broadcast tonight on the US network NBC, in which he talks about the murder crisis in the city.

2016: Start of a Conservative Revolution?

Dan Roodt reviews the major events of 2016, and predicts that the inchoate Conservative Revolution will carry over into 2017.

South Africa’s copper thieves putting lives at risk

Under South Africa's ANC government with its lax law enforcement, copper theft has skyrocketed, taking place even at hospitals while patients are being operated upon.

How Europe’s demographic winter can be reversed

Dan Roodt discusses the vexed issue of low European birth rates, and how it could be overcome.

Pro-black white journalist stabbed to death by… black robbers

A spokesman for the municipality of Cape Town, Steven Otter, became the latest high-profile casualty of South African crime. Free West columnist Dan Roodt offers the facts and some of his thoughts.

Trump has thwarted Soros and other globalists

Free West columnist Dan Roodt considers the failure of Soros and other globalists to stop Trump during the electoral-college vote and how his policies diverge from theirs.

‘White trash’ and left-wing snobbery

Left-wing parties and politicians are no longer interested in the working class, preferring immigrants and special-interest groups. That is why they now label their former support base as 'white trash'.

Poisoning animals for magic: Africa’s ‘vulture investors’

Elsewhere in southern and eastern Africa, one of the main reasons for the declines in vulture populations is poaching. In many parts of Africa these endangered birds have also been poisoned in large numbers in association with elephant poaching.