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Articles by fwmstaff

Professor proposes Marxist math for social justice

Not everyone is good at mathematics, but now a professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago has a plan to change that: Enter "critical mathematics" as in Marxist "critical theory".

Venice Commission guns for Orban’s new law to ‘Stop Soros’

The Venice Commission, the Council of Europe’s advisory body on constitutional law, called for the repeal of Hungary's "Stop Soros" legislation, as its provisions "unfairly" criminalising freedom of organisation and association.

Another gruesome murder shocks Germany

A German woman, Sophia Lösche went missing on the 14th of June after she got in a truck while attempting to hitchhike from Leipzig to Amberg in Bavaria, according to investigators. Her body was found on Thursday evening near a petrol station just outside the Spanish city of Bilbao.

Office building in Amsterdam shot with rocket launcher

AmsterdamAn office building in Amsterdam was shot late last night with an anti-tank weapon. A suspect has been arrested.

Army of Spanish volunteers to welcome migrants

MadridA Spanish daily newspaper has reported on the huge effort to welcome African migrants to the country.

German spy boss fingers ‘Russian hackers’ and leftwing extremists

BerlinGermany's security services have warned against an increasing danger from left-wing extremists and... Russia.

WHO says transgender is no longer mental illness

The World Health Organization (WHO) no longer considers transgenderism to be a mental illness. The move will complicate the Trump administration’s rationale for banning transgenders from military service.

US quits UN Human Rights Council

WashingtonThe Trump administration has withdrawn from the United Nations Human Rights Council on Tuesday, because of its bias against Israel, Bloomberg reported.

Italians massively support Salvini’s blocking of migrant vessel

RomeThe Italian public overwhelmingly supports Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s decision to block a ship carrying African migrants from Italian ports, despite an intensive negative international media campaign against Salvini.

World Cup is destroying UK’s anti-Russian propaganda

The World Cup in Russia is turning out to be a stunning success and a PR disaster for Britain's anti-Russian cohorts. Even BBC sports journalists and pundits are ignoring propaganda narratives and going off-message to enthuse about everything Russian, especially the welcome they are receiving.