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Articles by fwmstaff

Senate votes for Salvini to stand trial in Gregoretti case

RomeAn Italian Senate panel on Monday voted to lift former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini's parliamentary immunity. He will be facing trial in the alleged "kidnapping" of some 100 migrants aboard a coast guard ship last July.

Renaud Camus given a two-month suspended sentence

AuchFrench author Renaud Camus was convicted of criticizing immigration and was given a two month suspended sentence. Camus was also ordered to "compensate" two anti-racist associations by paying them €1 800.

Gregoretti trial: Salvini says he is ‘ready for prison’

Rome"In order to remain free, one must, at a good moment, take the way to prison without hesitation". Before today's vote on the case of the Gregoretti ship, League party leader Matteo Salvini quoted Italian humorist Giovannino Guareschi.

Some 150 neighbourhoods ‘held’ by Islamists says French classified report

ParisAccording to a document classified as a defense secret, some 150 neighbourhoods in France have fallen into the hands of Islamists.

Belgium: Former ISIS recruiter attending school with youngsters

GrimbergenThe jihadist was released after five years in prison for having radicalized and pushed several young people to join the Islamic State in Syria. Jean-Louis Denis has begun his training in Dutch at a school in Belgium. Parents of the children there have expressed their shock.

New grooming gang abuse scandal hits UK

ManchesterAnother child abuse scandal has shaken Britain in the wake of Rotherham, Rochdale and Telford.

‘Feminized’ signs installed at Geneva’s pedestrian crossings

GenevaOn the 500 panels announcing the pedestrian crossings, all represented by a male silhouette, half will give way to panels representing women and lesbian couples.

Spain’s minister pleads for ‘millions and millions’ of immigrants

MadridThe country estimates that it will need several million migrants in the coming years.

Nigerians terrorize Italian city

PaduaThe Nigerian mafia has been busy in the Italian city of Padua. In less than 24 hours there were two violent episodes in the city center, and as always on via Diego Valeri.

German expert report: No evidence of Russian troops in Donbass

BerlinAccording to a report by a research unit of the German Bundestag, the contention of the European Union, NATO and the US, that since the Ukraine civil war began in early 2014, Russia has been involved, is highly questionable.