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Articles by fwmstaff

Trump at historically low approval rating after 100 days

WashingtonPresident Donald Trump has hit an historically low public approval rating after his first 100 days in office, the lowest of any US president since World War II, according to survey.

Muslim professor caught faking anti-Muslim threats

Terre HauteA Muslim professor at Indiana State University, in Terre Haute, Indiana, faked receiving threatening emails and being attacked on campus, according to police.

Marine and Macron go through to the second round

ParisMarine Le Pen, leader of the Front National and Emmanuel Macron, the former banker candidate with no party, emerged as the winners of a heavily contested first round presidential vote in France.

French Socialist mayor blames Putin for latest terror attack

ParisFrench Socialist politician and mayor of the 4th District of Paris, Christophe Girard published and quickly deleted a tweet, in which he hinted that Russian President Vladimir Putin should be blamed for the recent terror attack on the Champs Elysees in Paris.

AfD elects pro-NATO candidate to lead

CologneGermany's Eurosceptic party Alternative for Germany has elected two new top candidates for the September general election.

Turkey-EU migrant deal could collapse if EU denies Turks visa-free entry

BrusselsThe migrant deal between Turkey and the EU to limit the flow of migrants into Europe will be off the table if Brussels fails to agree on Ankara's new visa liberalisation scheme, the Turkish Minister for EU Affairs has warned.

Wilders: ‘We are being colonized’

The HagueGeert Wilders, Dutch anti-immigration politician, issued a warning to Europeans after the latest terrorist attack in Paris, and as the French head to the polls to vote.

Le Pen calls for closing of all Islamist mosques

ParisFrench presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has called for immediate action to bolster French national security to end Islamic terrorism to Europe.

Pentagon chief ‘no longer doubts’ Syrian chemical weapons

Pentagon chief, general James Mattis says there is "no doubt" that Syrian government has chemical weapons.

Low labour productivity, a South African headache

PretoriaLabour productivity remains a thorn in Africa's side. Africa has registered only slow growth in labour productivity since 2000, according to a study undertaken by Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa.