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Articles by fwmstaff

Russian air defence just got better

MoscowEarlier this month Moscow supplied S-300 air defense systems to Syria after the downing of a Russian Il-20 surveillance aircraft. But the feared S-300 is not the only weapon in the country's arsenal that worries its enemies.

Macron says Congo – not France – now ‘epicentre’ of French

YerevanFrench President Emmanuel Macron believes Africa - not France - is now the “epicentre” of French, as the language "has been emancipated from its link with the French nation".

Merkel’s latest scheme blurs legal distinction between asylum and labour

BerlinChancellor Merkel's grand coalition has announced an "agreement" or a compromise on "skilled labor immigration" which is essentially a new immigration scheme and various other backdoors for the obtainment under false pretenses of permanent residence in Germany and access to its social systems, without abolishing the old abuse.

Tommy Robinson forces authorities to admit ethnicity of grooming gangs

BradfordTommy Robinson has forced the local authorities in Bradford, in the UK, to explicitly and publicly acknowledge a massively disproportionate share of the suspects in organised sexual enslavement of underage white girls by non-white Muslim gangs called "grooming".

Taking money from murderers

WashingtonSaudi Arabia employs - through consultants - a host of retired American generals, diplomats, intelligence experts that get paid exorbitant amounts of money.

UK announces formal sanctions regime aimed at Russia

LondonThe EU leaders will formally adopt a sanctions regime on chemical weapons at the Foreign Affairs Council in Luxembourg next week aimed at Russia. But based on what hard evidence?

Spanish authorities dismantle ISIS network in prison system

MadridAn ISIS network operating inside more than half of the 30 Spanish prisons holding jihadist convicts, has been dismantled by counter-terrorism authorities. 

Orban: ‘Brussels going full steam ahead with migration schemes’

BudapestHungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned in his regular Friday interview to public radio that Brussels was “going full steam ahead” with its open-border migration schemes.

Austria, Poland and Denmark may soon withdraw from UN Global Compact

ViennaAustria, Poland and Denmark may soon join Hungary and the United States in withdrawing from a pivotal UN agreement on open borders.

Scientists warn that genetically modified insect virus could be bioweapon

In a new Science Policy Forum report, scientists have sounded the alarm on genetically modified viruses that would be dispersed into the environment using insects.