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Articles by fwmstaff

Knife attacks, gang rapes on the rise in Germany

Recently, after several attacks with knives, it was discussed whether the number of knife attacks in Germany had increased. There was no evidence for that, because the category Tatmittel Messer has not been recorded separately.

Mainstream strategy against AfD: Ignore and defame

BerlinIgnore and defame, has been the two-step treatment for new parties that threaten the established order in the Bundestag.

Thousands of Yellow Vests take to the streets again

ParisThousands of people demonstrated again on Saturday against President Emmanuel Macron. In Paris, according to the Interior Ministry, Yellow Vests filled the streets.

Marine Le Pen is reconciled with Marion Maréchal’s friends

ParisMarine Le Pen refused any interview to this monthly created by relatives of Marion Maréchal because she did not like one of the co-founders ... who is none other than the former parliamentary colleague of her niece. His departure made Marine change her mind.

Germany approves third gender called ‘Diverse’

BerlinGermany’s parliament has officially recognised a third gender for government documents. Germans are no longer only male, female, but also "diverse".

French president was ready to flee from Yellow Vests in helicopter

ParisFrench President Emmanuel Macron, who was hiding in the Élysée Palace during “Act IV” of the Yellow Vest protests in Paris, had a helicopter on standby to escape in case protesters broke through the barriers.

After millions spent on laptops, Baltimore test scores are still very low

BaltimoreFour years ago Baltimore County began a $147 million program to give all "disadvantaged" students laptops. Given the access to technology, the County had hoped it would boost the lowest standardised test scores in the state.

The UK used tax money for EU disinformation campaigns

LondonThe cyber outfit Anonymous first leaked documents of the shady UK organisation called the Integrity Initiative. New leaks show UK meddling in Germany, Spain and Greece.

Swedish mother sexually assaulted outside asylum centre – media censored her description of the attacker

DOCUMENTARYBoth media and the police refused to publish her description of an Afghani perpetrator after Mikaela, 40, was subjected to a rape attempt outside the asylum centre in a small village called Deje. Watch the Swedish documentary about the case with English subtitles.

French generals accuse Macron of treason over UN Migration Compact

ParisA group of French military generals have addressed an open letter to President Emmanuel Macron accusing the him of “treason” over the adopted UN Global Migration Compact in Marrakesh, Morocco.