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Ilana Mercer

Articles by Ilana Mercer

Making America’s kids great again

Part of the Western crisis is the unnatural role given to our kids. Let children be children again, without an iPad addiction, pleads Ilana Mercer.

Bye-bye Barack: loser lashes out over legacy

Ilana Mercer thinks that 'metrosexual' Obama's entire anti-Western legacy is slipping away, and that two Alpha Males, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, will create something new.

The curious case of America’s waning whites

Declining birthrates among European-Americans do not justify mass immigration, argues Ilana Mercer. Rather, create conditions for native Americans to flourish.

A Christmas Snuff Story

Ilana Mercer looks at the way political correctness has destroyed the traditional American family, as once depicted in the delightful movie 'A Christmas Story'.

The proof is not in the Putin

Paleolibertarian columnist Ilana Mercer lays into the notion that Vladimir Putin "had elected Trump". The Left’s delayed Russophobia is about a century too late, she says.