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Karin Bredenkamp

Articles by Karin Bredenkamp

Italian migration reception cracking up under pressure

Italy’s migration reception system is cracking up under intense pressure after the country saw a record 19 percent increase in the numbers which arrived in the same period last year. Authorities said they would build 16 new deportation centres in order to help ease the pressure.

Swedish economist defects from pro-EU camp

BrusselsA renowned Swedish economist Fredrik Erixon, has warned German chancellor Angela Merkel that the end of the European project was unstoppable.

Sudden resignation of Austrian vice-chancellor could open door for anti-immigration party

ViennaAustrian establishment figures fear the resignation of Vice-Chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner, could provide a huge opening for the nationalist Freedom Party, critical of immigration and the European Union.

Missing ballot papers for Marine discovered at polling station

Ruffey-lès-EchireyFrench officils discovered missing ballot papers at the polling station of the commune of Ruffey-lès-Echirey.

Will Russian naval base in Yemen end Syrian conflict?

What would prevent a Russian fleet in Yemen? If Russia succeeds with its negotiations in Yemen, the US might want to reconsider its involvement in Syria, blogger Moon of Alabama argues.

Terror suspect on French island of Reunion in custody after shoot-out

Saint-BenoîtTwo police officers were shot in the French overseas region of Réunion by a suspected jihadist.

Migrant crime exploded in Germany federal report shows

BerlinMigrant crime has “increased disproportionately” in Germany in 2016, according to a report the Interior Ministry released last week.

Austrian official suspected of selling residence permits to migrants

TraiskirchenA corrupt Austrian official, working for the Lower Austrian Foreign Office of the Federal Office for Foreign Affairs and Asylum (BFA), is suspected of having sold residence permits to migrants and refugees.

Le Pen wins more departments than Macron

ParisFrench patriotic presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen won in 47 French departments in the first round of election, while her rival independent candidate Emmanuel Macron could only secure victory in 42, David Rachline, campaign manager for Le Pen, said on Monday.

Austria to probe Islamic pre-schools

ViennaIn Austria a debate has errupted after a study suggested that undocumented Islamic kindergartens in Vienna were helping not only to create “parallel societies” but also dangerous homegrown future jihadists.