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Karin Bredenkamp

Articles by Karin Bredenkamp

Antonia Tajani elected as new president of EP

StrasbourgItalian politician Antonio Tajani has been elected as the new president of the European Parliament

Is a Clexit coming?

CLIMATEA new group called “Clexit” (Climate Exit) has formed in an effort to similarly withdraw countries from the international climate treaty forged last year in Paris.

German author who exposed media bias dies unexpectedly

Rumours of an historic summit between Trump and Putin

President Trump's first foreign trip will possibly be a meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in the capital of Iceland.

Will eating worms end ‘food racism’?

Australian Aboriginal foods are still a rarity on dinner plates in the country but author John Newton wants to end this "food racism".

Party calls on SA’s National Gallery to remove ‘Fuck White People’ exhibition

Cape TownA small Afrikaner opposition party in the South African parliament, has issued a statement critical of an exhibition in the National Art Gallery which consists of only the offensive words “Fuck White People”.

Trump hints at lifting anti-Russian sanctions

The newly-elected US president Donald Trump hinted that the sanctions against Russia could be lifted in the future.

White House floats drug testing for press corps

One proposal that would send the media into certain meltdown, is a proposal by President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team for drug testing the White House press corps.

Marine Le Pen dines at Trump Tower

France’s most popular nationalist leader was photographed on Thursday entering Trump Tower.

Betting against Trump cost Soros a cool billion

Betting against Donald Trump has cost billionaire hedge-fund manager George Soros almost $1 billion.