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Ksenia Medvedeva

Articles by Ksenia Medvedeva

Zelensky’s day

KievVladimir Zelensky is the new Ukrainian president. But who is the TV comedian who will run the scandal-prone country really?

Serious fun – Russian pranksters shed light on events in Venezuela

MoscowTwo Russian pranksters have exposed the greed driving the regime change project against Venezuela by the US State Department in daring phone conversations.

No Ukrainian song for Tel Aviv

KievUkraine failed to find a representativee for this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Israel.

Ukraine vs Ukraine

KievThe Ukrainian parliament has approved the state's aim of joining EU and NATO. But neither seem very interested in welcoming Ukraine as a new member.

Ukraine’s elections: Aspirant overkill

KievAlmost 90 candidates want to register for the coming elections in Ukraine, and 28 aspirants have already been approved.

Ukraine’s elections: House of Clowns

KievUkraine will hold presidential elections in March: The West seriously thinks it is a “democracy” – ignoring the daring propaganda war fraught with dirty methods, fraud and black PR.

Aid to Ukraine: Barrel without a bottom

The failed state of Kiev: How corruption makes Ukraine a dysfunctional entity

Will the frozen conflict in Ukraine thaw into a hot war?

New Ukrainian-Russian tensions have ignited after the Ukraine, seemingly out of nowhere, set off a diplomatic crisis by sending Ukrainian ships “maneuvering dangerously” into the Kerch Strait – a crucial strategic point controlled by Russia between the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. FWM spoke to an insider about the events unfolding.