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Vávra Suk

Articles by Vávra Suk

IT-scandal forces Swedish ministers to step down

SWEDEN IT-SCANDALThe scandal surrounding the leak from the Transport authority in Sweden resulted in the opposition threatening a vote of censure against the government. Today PM Stefan Löfven from the Social Democrat party announced reshuffling of his government.

Sweden outsourced vehicle database, leaked huge amount of sensitive data

The Swedish vehicle database, containing all photos and addresses of car owners in the country, including persons with secret identities as well as military vehicles, has possibly been leaked.

US selling hundreds of fighters to Middle East

MIDDLE EASTOutgoing President Barack Obama has decided to supply Saudi Arabia with a modernized version of the F-15 fighter plane, which has long been the backbone of US attack capability. At the same time, Israel will receive the super-modern F-35, and unlike the Saudi Arabia deal, this delivery is free of charge. Israel will receive 50 aircraft, while Saudi Arabia ordered no less than 152 new and modernized planes.

Gang rape of boy in Sweden ‘part of Afghan culture’

CRIMEFive teenagers from Afghanistan have been sentenced by a Swedish court to juvenile prison for raping an Afghan boy, beating him and filming the incident. Raping young boys is a common practise in Afghanistan and many police stations have their own boy slaves. Now the cultural phenomenon has come to Europe.

FPÖ’s Hofer ahead in presidential election


Turkey ”fights” Islamic state – without a shot fired