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In Short

Dutch farmers resume protests against UN agenda

The HagueHundreds of protesting farmers spent the night on Thursday camped at the Malieveld close to the parliamentary complex in The Hague.

The Frankfurt Book Fair has become a one-sided affair

FrankfurtThe management of the Frankfurt Book Fair, with its 7 000 exhibitors, is currently focusing its energy on fighting dissident voices - those voices they happen to disagree with politically.

Denmark one of the most ‘Muslim-friendly’ countries

CopenhagenIn Western Europe, Denmark is one of the most "Muslim-friendly" countries, a US report found.

Trump calls out ABC fake news on Syria

American television network ABC News aired fake footage showing "a recent Turkish attack on Kurdish civilians in Syria" which was actually taken at a Kentucky gun range in 2017.

Paris helpless in the face of rising crime

ParisThe Police Prefecture of Paris has revealed alarming crime statistics in the city. The number of crimes have risen significantly in one year. The situation is a concern for the municipality.

Anti-immigration party wins seat in leftist Portuguese parliament

LisbonFor 45 years, since the 1974 coup which brought down the single-party, conservative regime led by Oliveira Salazar, exclusively left-oriented parties have dominated in Portugal.

ZDF turns Green politician into anti-AfD ‘customer’

BerlinThe Saxon parliamentarian Monika Lazar is the spokeswoman for the parliamentary group Alliance 90/Greens in the Bundestag, but the German public broadcaster ZDF pretended not to know this salient fact.

Geopolitics meet sport: France-Turkey match becomes high security risk

ParisThe French football team faces Turkey on Monday night but French authorities fear heightened tensions since Ankara has launched an offensive against the Kurds in Syria.

Absolute victory for Polish PiS predicted

WarsawJaroslaw Kaczynski, leading the conservative Polish ruling party PiS, clearly won the parliamentary elections in Poland.

Dijon: Socialist mayor calls for help to fight rising crime

DijonThe town's Socialist mayor has denounced the return of "unbearable criminal acts" in the city. He believes that the police force has been outnumbered by criminals.