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In Short

Merkel’s own party members calling for her to resign

German chancellor Angela Merkel, is facing conservatives from within her own party openly calling for her to resign.

Alleged serial rapist Weinstein supported Syrian ‘rebels’

When disgraced Hollywood sexual predator Harvey Weinstein visited Zaatari, a refugee camp home to more than 120 000 Syrians in Jordan, he sided with president Assad's enemies.

Vegas massacre: ‘White privilege’ does not explain mass shooting

While some blamed the mass shooting in Las Vegas on “white privilege,” new FBI crime statistics suggest that white people may not be the real problem when it comes to violent crime in America.

‘Non-Western’ migrants are massively overrepresented in Denmark’s benefits system

According to new figures from the Danish Ministry of Employment, some 84 percent of people who receive state benefits are “non-Western origin” migrants.

Austrians set to elect Kurz in stunning defeat for the establishment

In yet another stunning defeat for Europe's establishment, Austria's 31-year-old Sebastian Kurz is assured victory in the Austrian National Council elections,.

Two US math organisations complain about ‘racist math’

It's finally happened. Not only in South Africa is math deemed racist, but also in the United States.

German supermarket chain removes crosses from iconic Italian church

The supermarket chain Lidl has been accused of deleting crosses from visuals of an historic church in Italy for the sake of their Muslim customers.

Robots could join the Ukrainian conflict

Ukrainian military leaders and defense industry officials revealed their experimental Phantom robot this week at the Association of the US Army show in Washington, DC.

US obesity crisis unstoppable, researchers say

A frightening new report released on Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that almost 40 percent of American adults and nearly 20 percent of adolescents are obese. That is the highest rates ever recorded for the United States.

Merkel’s minister proposes Islamic public holidays for Germany

Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas De Maizière has proposed the introduction of Muslim public holidays in the country. “I am ready to discuss whether we can introduce a Muslim holiday.”