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In Short

Czech parliamentarian calls group to look into Crimea’s water shortage

PragueAn international group of scientists has come together in the Czech Republic to look into Crimea's continuing lack of fresh water, and to prevent the Crimean Peninsula from "turning into a desert".

Terror attack foiled at Brussels Central Station

BrusselsBelgian law enforcement shot dead a suicide bomber in Brussels on Tuesday after a small explosion at Central Station.

Moscow ends air safety cooperation after US shoots down Syrian plane

MoscowThe Russian Ministry of Defence posted on Facebook that it would be halting air safety cooperation with the US in Syria following the downing of a Syrian warplane.

More journalists turn up for Muslim peace march than Muslims

CologneA Muslim peace rally against Islamist extremism and terrorism in the German city of Cologne attracted more journalists than actual Muslim marchers.

Breaking: Paris kamikaze terror attack foiled

A car deliberately drove into a police van on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in central Paris, police officials say. It burst into flames after hitting the police vehicle.

Macron wins with an historically low abstention rate

ParisPresident Emmanuel Macron's alliance won a large majority in the French legislature this weekend, but there was little cause for celebration, because Sunday’s turnout of 42.6 percent was the lowest ever for a French legislative election.

Marine to face Macron in parliament after she wins seat

ParisFrench anti-immigration politician Marine Le Pen (48) on Sunday won a seat in France's parliament, Reuters reported.

France: Macron set for landslide majority amid very low turnout

A low turnout in the second round of France's legislative election is favouring Emmanuel Macron's En Marche! party.

Italian migration reception cracking up under pressure

Italy’s migration reception system is cracking up under intense pressure after the country saw a record 19 percent increase in the numbers which arrived in the same period last year. Authorities said they would build 16 new deportation centres in order to help ease the pressure.

Denver decriminalizes public defecation

DenverMaking Denver Great Again? Not so much. The city has allowed public defecation to show how "progressive" it has become in its policies towards immigrants.