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In Short

Turkey set to open schools in Germany

BerlinThe Vice-Chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, Thorsten Frei (CDU), says there should be conditions in place for the Turkish government's plan to open schools abroad in Germany.

British police classify Extinction Rebellion as terror organisation

LondonBut due to pressure from the small group, the authorities finally pleaded an “error in judgment”.

Marseille: police officer in coma after stabbing

MarseilleThe police officer, who was not on duty, was injured in the abdomen while trying to stop a fight between youths. He is the second peacekeeper attacked this weekend. 

In Italy migrants use repatriations to go on holiday

LivornoIt is a surreal situation in Italy, in the Italian port city Livorno on the west coast of Tuscany. The police are forced to spend the money they need to cover mission expenses to repatriate irregular immigrants.

Surrealist defense of French minister who signed pro-pedophile petition

ParisIn 1977, French author and suspected pedophile Gabriel Matzneff published a text in defense of adults accused of having had sexual relations with children. It was signed by some big names...

Villejuif: companion of killed terrorist threatens attack on police station

VillejuifIn a call to a friend, the partner of Nathan C., the Villejuif terrorist, had threatened to break into a police station with a knife in her hand in order to be killed. Briefly arrested on Tuesday, she was released. The threat still stands.

French police officers worry about use of flashball

ParisMany police officers have criticized the use of this weapon, which they consider too imprecise and too controversial.

Hague police pelted with stones after Eritrean party shut down

The HagueSeveral police officers were pelted with stones on Saturday evening after a disturbance broke out at an Eritrean party in a meeting hall on the Wegestraat in the Hague. Four officers were injured. During the disturbance, four persons were arrested.

Night of violence in Metz after S-file suspect is shot

MetzMolotov cocktails and burnt cars - a night of violence followed in the French city of Metz after police neutralized an S-file suspect.

Three foreigners arrested for rape of three Americans in Spain

MurciaThree young foreigners were arrested for the rape of three American sisters in Murcia, Spain. The arrested men of Afghan nationality are between 20 and 25 years of age and spent the night at the lockup of the police station.