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In Short

Embattled Libyan PM warns of new migrant wave

Libyan prime minister Fajes al-Sarradsch has warned against a new wave of asylum seekers heading in the direction of Europe.

Riots break out in Copenhagen after campaigner tosses Quran

CopenhagenCivil unrest and riots broke out in a migrant-populated suburb of the Danish capital city on Sunday night, because an anti-Islamisation campaigner tossed a copy of the Quran into the air.

Study: Czechs see a record in wealth increase

PragueAlmost a third of Czech households saw their financial wealth increase last year, a study revealed. This is the largest wealth increase since the study began to be conducted more than twenty years ago.

Identity Movement rallies in Vienna against smear campaign

ViennaSupporters of the Identity Movement Austria (IBÖ) held a rally on Saturday afternoon under a massive police presence in front of the Ministry of Justice in Vienna.

Endocrinologist warns against gender experiments

Puberty-blocking drugs, invasive surgery and fake penises – with no chance of reversal – have been noted in the radical gender experimentation being used on children.

American professor complains that time is ‘racist’

An American associate professor of women’s, gender and Africana studies at Rutgers University, says that time is racist.

English dictionary adds ‘white fragility’

The term "white fragility" has been added to an English dictionary as a result of racial discussions on social media.

Denmark extends border checks

CopenhagenDenmark has extended its six-year checks that has existed since 2016 on the border with Germany by half a year despite low immigration numbers.

Poland will not introduce euro leading party promises

LublinAt a regional convention of the ruling party Law and Justice in Lublin, Poland, party leader Jarosław Kaczyński clearly rejected the swift adoption of the euro. Poland will only adopt the European single currency if it is economically almost as strong as Germany.

Salvini: ‘Get these delinquents out of Italy!’

Italian police arrested a Pakistani migrant on charges of drug dealing. The migrant was caught red-handed in possession of 180 doses of heroin.