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In Short

Violence spreads to French capital

ParisRiots spread into the French capital on Wednesday night where hundreds of protesters clashed with police in the Barbes Rochechouart district in Paris.

Soros pouring money into Google, Macron to stop Le Pen

George Soros is pouring money into Google to stop Marine Le Pen, leading contender in the French presidential election scheduled for April 23.

Chelsea who?

New YorkIt seems having famous parents is not enough to guarantee a best-seller.

Has a magical silence spell been cast on Harry Potter’s author?

JK Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter, is a very wealthy citizen. According to Business Insider, she has a net worth of around one-billion dollars. But apart form being extremely rich, she is also fond of open borders and welcoming "refugees".

Amnesty’s fake news report on Syria

Amnesty International's latest report on mass extrajudicial killings in Syria is fake news.

WSJ tells anti-Trump reporters to find other employment

New YorkWall Street Journal editor in chief Gerard Baker told his reporters on Monday to quit the newspaper if they don't agree with his coverage of President Donald Trump.

Italian mayor blocks off streets in protest against new migrant arrivals

Vitulano A Italian mayor blocked the streets around a refugee centre in protest about the number of migrants arriving in his town, prompting the anti-immigrant Lega Nord party leader, Matteo Salvini, to congratulate him.

Thirty terror suspects stopped at Brussels airport in one month

BrusselsPolice officers at Brussels International Airport, Zaventem detained 30 terror suspects in one month after security was ramped up in the wake of the terror attack last March, but Brussels’ Interior Minister Jan Jambon said it was too early to comment on how effective the measures have been.

Internal fights within German Eurosceptics

GERMANYThe federal board of the AfD party decided to throw the Thuringia fraction leader Björn Höcke out.

Le Pen to ban duel-Israeli citizenship, kippas

ParisIf Marine Le Pen becomes president of France, Jewish citizens will be forced to give up their Israeli citizenship, the Front National party leader said on Thursday.