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Car rams into cyclists in UK terror attack

A Sudanese immigrant is said to have been behind another terror attack on Westminster after smashing his car into 15 cyclists outside Parliament. He is known to police.

Afghan randomly stabs passersby in Perigueux

PerigueuxAn Afghan asylum-seeker was arrested in the southwestern French town of Perigueux, injuring four people including one seriously in a knife attack, police said Tuesday. French authorities said the attack was not terror related, because the attacker was "mentally unstable".

Africans not welcome in one of China’s biggest cities

GuangzhouLast month, several hotels in China's Guangzhou, the capital and most populous city of the province of Guangdong, posted notices refusing African guests, saying they were no longer welcome. Among those turned away at the door was a Ugandan magistrate.

‘White farmers will not allow their farms to be stolen’

White farmers in the Eastern Cape of South Africa are unanimous in their rejection of the legalised theft of their farms and are preparing themselves to protect their legal property with everything at their disposal.

Aquarius heading for EU again with 140 Africans on board

A notorious migrant ship - suspected of aiding human traffickers - with more than 140 Africans on board is once more in search of a European port.

Poll: Majority of Germans see themselves as leftists

The majority of Germans classify themselves politically as leftist. This was the result of a survey conducted by the polling institute Kantar Emnid on behalf of the news magazine Focus.

New spate of horrific farm attacks in South Africa

At least one farm attack takes place every day in South Africa, with at least one murder every sixth day.

Matteo Salvini. Photo:

Salvini changes Italian e-ID’s to ‘father-mother’ from ‘parent 1 – 2’

RomeInterior Minister Matteo Salvini on Friday said he has ordered to change "parent 1" and "parent 2" into "mother" and "father" on official ID forms.

Hungary scraps gender studies, citing a lack of demand

BudapestHungarian universities may soon stop offering degrees in gender studies, Hungarian media reported. There seems to be very little demand for the degree in the job market.

Price of the war on Syria: $400 billion wasted

United Nations experts have calculated that seven years of war in Syria resulting in destruction of the country, carries a price tag of at least $400 billion.