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In Short

Hungary’s real wages projected to grow more than anywhere else in EU

BudapestThe economic policy objectives of the Hungarian government remain unchanged: robust and sustainable economic growth, financial stability, full employment, a reduction of government debt, tax cuts and higher wages.

German report: military strike against Syria contrary to international law

BerlinThe research service of the German Bundestag published a report condemning the US-led attack on Syria as a violation of international law.

Russian ‘military cargo’ reaches Syrian port of Tartous

Russia has delivered "military cargo" to its naval base in Syrian Tartous, reports the Bosphorus Observer.

President Assad returns ‘slave’ country’s prestigious award

Before France could announce its revocation of Syrian president Assad's Legion of Honor award, given to him by former French president Jacques Chirac in 2001, the Syrian leader returned his award himself.

London, Paris make nasty discoveries about ‘Black Holes’, systems

Western military analysts often call Russia’s stealth Kilo-class attack submarines "Black Holes" because they move around extremely quietly. A pair of “Black Holes” reportedly followed a British Astute-class submarine off the Syrian coast this week ahead of Saturday’s airstrikes against Syria, Vesti News reported, with some interesting results.

The OPCW mission to Douma is stalling

DoumaThe fact finding mission of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has not yet visited Douma and the delay is being questioned.

German Intergration Council rejects ‘Southern’ as racist terminology

The Integration Council of the German city of Bielefeld has accused the Bielefeld police of stirring up hostility against foreigners in their search requests and reports, because the officials often describe them as "southern-looking" perpetrators.

Russia’s largest cargo airline ends contract with NATO

MoscowThe Russian cargo airline Volga-Dnepr will no longer provide NATO with AN-124 cargo planes, bringing an end to the near-decade-long Ruslan collaboration.

Car plunges into motorcyclists… gets a beating

Aix-en-ProvenceA car driven by a Muslim in a French town tried to plunge into a group of motorcyclists over the weekend. This time it ended badly not for his intended victims, but for the driver himself.

Austrian Identitarian arrested again in UK

LondonThe Austrian Identitarian leader, Martin Sellner, was denied entry into the UK once again.