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In Short

Almost 2000 Yellow Vests have been convicted already, says French PM

According to French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, some 1 800 activists who have taken part in the weekly Yellow Vest protests have already faced court convictions. The protests will be heading into its 14th week this Saturday.

New book says Vatican houses world’s largest gay community

ParisA new bombshell book on homosexuality in the Catholic Church claims that the Vatican houses one of the world's largest gay communities.

Ukraine’s elections: Aspirant overkill

KievAlmost 90 candidates want to register for the coming elections in Ukraine, and 28 aspirants have already been approved.

Dutch government launches investigation into Islamic funding

The HagueThe Dutch cabinet will launch an investigation into informal weekend schools in the Netherlands following the news that Turkey is to fund 12 Saturday and Sunday schools for children aged six to 17.

Salvini: ‘Return control of gold reserves to Italian people’

RomeItalian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has unleashed a torrent of indignation after he called for Italy's gold reserves to be taken away from the country's central bank.

First female F-16 Viper team leader relieved of her command after 2 weeks

The first female pilot to head the American F-16 Viper demonstration team, was relieved of her command on Monday, only two weeks after she was appointed.

‘Unaccompanied foreign minor’ accused of of six rapes in Barcelona

BarcelonaLast October, civil society organisations of the Poble Sec neighborhood of Barcelona gathered to publicly condemn two sexual attacks suffered by two female residents of the area.

Marine Le Pen files complaint after death threats

In the context of violence, the President of the National Rally has not been spared: Marine Le Pen has been targeted by the fiercest opponents of parliamentarism.

French police tracking Yellow Vests’ phones

ParisA new report from a French magazine claimed that at least 150 Yellow Vests activists have their phones tapped by the French government and are being tracked online.

Eight in 10 Swiss prisoners are foreigners

BernPrisoners with a foreign background in prisons in Switzerland have increased dramatically with new figures showing that some 80 percent are foreigners.