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In Short

Italian mayor signs away record amount for migrant reception

VicenzaWelcoming migrants in Vicenza, Italy,  is going to cost 74 million euros, a record amount of money, the migrant reception management has revealed.

Reporter attacked by migrant while filming pro-immigration report

ParisPio D'Emilia was interviewing a migrant from the French capital, as part of his report called "Migrants in Paris, in the center of La Chapelle" for an Italian news outlet, but it did not end well.

British voters back a hard Brexit

LondonThe British public overwhelmingly backs a hard exit from the EU. A major new study from the LSE and Oxford University shows even Remain voters now generally reject the soft Brexit policies advocated by the anti-Brexit lobby.

Shocked Spanish beachgoers watch as African migrants arrive and disappear

A boat filled with African migrants, all men, landed on a beach in Spain and quickly disappeared mingling with the holiday makers. 

Cologne civic centre gets ‘culture-sensitive’ toilets

CologneSoon to be built in the Alte Feuerwache civic center in Cologne, is a "culture-sensitive" toilet for Muslims, ordered by the state authorities.

After the G20 Hamburg no longer likes Antifa, but are they scared to say so?

Hamburg no longer likes its Antifa, but are the inhabitants scared of them? The affected middle class is backtracking after proposals to close down the Antifa HQ in an alternative neighbourhood with not too expensive restaurants, and scene of the violent riots during the G20.

Oregon University offers another ‘fat studies’ course

Campus Reform reported that Oregon State University, a self-described "liberal arts college" will offer a spring course on “fat studies” because it is a “social justice issue”.

Syrian Army pounding terrorist-held pockets in Damascus

The Syrian Army has been pounding the last terrorist-held district of Damascus,  Alarabiya TV reported. Jobar lies within the Syrian capital on the eastern side and extends close to the center of the city.

Border guard injured as Africans rush Ceuta once again

CeutaA Spanish border guard suffered a serious injury while attempting to stop African migrants from entering the EU at Ceuta. The migrant rush took place on Sunday night at the El Tarajal border crossing. 

Students at Georgia University may now choose their own grades

Students may now choose their own grades for an online study course because “emotional reactions to stressful situations can have profound consequences for all involved”. Syllabi for two of Dr. Richard Watson’s business courses, will thus not require an examination at the University of Georgia.