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UN, Rep. Mike Rogers

Republicans propose bill to end UN membership

A Republican-proposed House Resolution has quietly slipped under the radar – proposing that the United States withdraw its membership from the United Nations.

Published: January 25, 2017, 10:05 am

    The bill, proposed by Rep. Mike Rogers, a Republican from Alabama, entitled the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017, seeks a complete US withdrawal from the UN, that the international body remove its headquarters from New York and that all participation be ceased with the World Health Organization as well.

    Rogers and other prominent Republicans have repeatedly voiced the idea that US taxpayer money should not fund anti-US interests.

    The bill, quietly introduced on January 3 and passed on to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, would repeal the United Nations Participation Act of 1945, signed in the aftermath of WWII.

    “The President shall terminate all membership by the United States in the United Nations in any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations…The United States Mission to the United Nations is closed. Any remaining functions of such office shall not be carried out,” according to the text of HR 193.

    The bill would block the deployment of US military by the UN, and bring about the loss of “diplomatic immunity for UN officers or employees” on US soil.

    Rogers had tried to pass the same bill in 2015, albeit unsuccessfully.

    “Why should the American taxpayer bankroll an international organization that works against America’s interests around the world?” Rogers asked at the time.

    As another Republican supporter of the bill remarked in January 2015: “I dislike paying for something that two-bit Third World countries with no freedom attack us and complain about the United States… There’s a lot of reasons why I don’t like the UN, and I think I’d be happy to dissolve it,” added a Kentucky senator.

    “The UN continues to prove it’s an inefficient bureaucracy and a complete waste of American tax dollars.” Rogers went on to name treaties and actions he believes “attack our rights as US citizens.” These included gun provisions, the imposition of international regulations on American fossil fuels – but more importantly, the UN attack on Israel, by voting to grant Palestine the non-member state ‘permanent observer’ status. “Anyone who is not a friend to our ally Israel is not a friend to the United States,” Rogers said in June last year.

    According to calculations by the conservative Heritage Foundation, the US provides over 22 percent of all UN funding.

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    • Liekiller

      About time.

    • erik

      Great it’s a useless body of cronies.

    • beabet

      Someone forgot Obama sold our Internet to the un

      • k.b . mcdan

        Obama is expecting to get a high position with the UN. Won’t that be dandy? We know he would sell us out in a skinny.
        Keep in mind he was been taking note for 8 years.

        • Leslie Benjamini

          He is the LAST person I would want to see in any position in there.

    • Johnny Bear

      This bill is still in committee and has less than a 2% chance of making it out of committee.
      Bad enough the lefts CNN publishes fake shit, we don’t need to do it on our side to get the job done!

      • Linda JJ
      • Katalin Hosseinian

        I hope will pass!!! Fake news is attacking every America First idea! Damned far left liars! WE do not need the UN! Move them from USA Soil! It is an EVIL organization, does not serve its original purpose. Insted making peace, cause fight and disagreements. We American refuse theirs deceision, which are mostly against us! Get them out of our land! We must withdraw! Let see how they survive. And I`m sure many nations will follow us as an example.

    • Patricia

      I hope this bill does pass out of committee and pass the full congress. The UN serves no longer serves the purpose it was intended to serve. It was never meant to be a world GOVERNING organization. It was meant to be an organization for world peace. A place where all nations could come together to discuss their differences and promote understand between nations. That no longer happens as they have taken sides in issues of national sovereignty that are NONE of their business. I would like nothing better than to see us out of the UN and the UN out of the US.

      • k.b . mcdan

        I agree

      • Damon


        • Katherine McChesney

          Seriously regret that you use that rapist Bill Cosbys favorite response. It says a lot about YOU.

          • Jeff Klein

            Seriously? Your objection is insane. Tens of thousands of USAF pilots use that word in reference to their fuel status.

          • Diana Drum

            Kathryn—lighten up! That word has been used millions of times before Cosby ever used it…(it’s actually the nickname for my former hometown of Binghamton, NY.)

            • Katherine McChesney

              It just seems amazing to me that since Bill Cosby used that word that so many commenters are following suit by using it as well.

            • Anthony N Di Wood

              It seems to me your view of the word “Bingo” is very narrow indeed, Bill Cosby’s use of it is not as well known as you would wish….Must be a libtard…

            • Katherine McChesney

              No, you moron. I am a dedicated adorable deplorable.

            • me too

            • Katherine McChesney

              Nice to meet you, Julie.

            • Martha

              You sound like a crazy “feminist” liberal. Bingo is a common phrase used by millions of people. Bill Cosby has no place in this convo or thread.

            • Katherine McChesney

              Oh, cut it out. You are far more liberal than I could ever be. You’re butthurt just like a feminist would be. Furthermore, my comment is far more relevant than any bullcrap you could post.

            • Steve Balayewich

              So Bill Cosby used a word…. We should now eliminate it from the language? Pretty sure he used am, I, it, and thousands of other words over his career. Time to purge them all from the language. Don’t want anyone offended by using any word once used by Bill Cosby.

            • moron

            • Steve Balayewich

              Well thought out response. Obviously you are a genius. Bring nothing to the conversation but insults

            • Martha

              You’re delusional.

            • Katherine McChesney

              And you’re a moron.

          • heraldmage

            Last time I knew Bill Crosby hasn’t been convicted of any crime especially rape. Just because you believe a statement without proof doesn’t mean the accused is guilty. In this nation the accused is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury of their peers.
            The 6th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

            • Katherine McChesney

              Believe me, Cosby is a rapist. I know because I had a friend in Los Angeles who had an encounter with him and he tried to sexually assault her. He was a very controlling man with her. She was fortunate to get away from him before he could do anything to hurt her.

            • heraldmage

              You know he is guilty based on hearsay of a person who wasn’t assaulted, said no and left.
              It’s a good thing that the US justice and civil court systems require more than a friend saying she knew someone without collaboration & he tried to assault me but I got away. The problem is she didn’t bother to go to a rape crisis center, ER or police station to report the incident so DNA evidence could be collected.
              Once again innocent until proven guilty means the accuser has to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt the accused however does not have to prove innocents

      • SuperBean


      • plasterangel

        Well, actually it WAS intended to be a world governing organization.

      • Kristi Samuelson

        Our government no longer serves the purpose it was intended to serve either! There has NEVER been a more corrupt administration in the U.S. This country is going straight downhill and people are too ignorant to see what is happening. Trump and his corrupt GOP are destroying this country. #Trumpsucks

        • Huaimek

          You are absolutely right!!! Irrespective of Trump or any other president, it is the deep state established government that is rotten to the core.

        • Jeff Klein

          Prove corruption. Your assertion is utter trash.

        • whut

          MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from a deplorable who lives on crumbs!!!

        • jc911

          Surely you speak of the Obama mafia.

      • Huaimek

        Quite right, the US only promotes war rather than peace. The US needs to learn that to have friends you have to be a friend. When the US abuses the rights of other countries around the world to serve only US interests you cannot expect even supposed allies to support you.

        • Diana Drum

          Sir—the Us is the ONLY country that responds to natural disasters, plagues, ravages of war in other countries by their request for assistance…and generally practices medical, monetary and human assistance whenever and wherever it is needed without repayment of any kind….so don’t insult our country with your ridiculous, ignorant assertions . When was the last time you saw any other countries rushing money , material and personnel over here to help with our floods, hurricanes and wildfires???

          • Michael

            And where is Medecins Sans Frontiers based? If you think America is the only charitable nation then you are an idiot. Do you want to fight with the entire world or do you think maybe a few allies might be a good idea.

          • Huaimek

            America is not the only country that responds to world disasters . The crisis in North Korea stems back to the US never accepting that it failed to win the Korean war and has been progressively sanctioning and threatening NK ever since . The US war in Vietnam created a disaster and a war lost . The War in Iraq based on a lie that has destroyed that country . The destruction of Libya . In filtration of CIA into Syria to create an opposition , not for humanitarian reasons or chemical weapons , that the US also has ; but to overthrow Assad for refusing passage of a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe that the US , Israel , Britain , France and other countries wanted to invest in . Syria has been destroyed , 100s of 1000s of people have lost their lives , others have fled , creating a tidal wave of unwelcome migrants in Europe . Infiltrating CIA into Ukraine to create a regime change , that resulted in civil war and destruction of the country . As with the Christian religion , over time more evil had been committed in the name of God , than good .

          • Clare Elliott

            every day…they are just not covered by the press

          • WytRaven

            Madam…every year Australia supplies firefighters and those big water bombing choppers to help with your wildfires…Venezuela supplies oil to your underprivileged first nations so they can have heating during winter months because your government is too stingy to help its own…meanwhile America holds the record for invading other nations who have done NOTHING to harm America. America never helps unless America can make a buck. Its individual citizens are generous, theres no argument there…but the rest of your assertions are pure ignorant poppycock.

      • whut

        This bill is from Jan 2017, any updates!

      • heraldmage

        I’m guessing you have never read the UN Charter coauthored by the USA, the legal rulings & history of UN General Assembly & Security Counsel Resolutions. or learned that the US insisted on pay the highest per cent of the UN operating expense & dues because it wanted to influence UN actions. Which worked until we entered the digital era where truth is easily found, unfortunately most Americans are either to lazy or to brainwashed look for it.
        It seems that Rep Rogers & those supporting this Bill also missed the economic benefit of the UN to both the USA & NYC : 1000’s of Americans employed by UN in administration, maintenance, food service, technology, security….., who pay US taxes, housing for permanent delegation and staff who also pay US income tax on a percent of their income & special services & hotels for the annual pilgrimage of world leaders.
        All this for Israel who doesn’t care one iota about the American people, it only wants our money , backing for its wars and Security Counsel veto’s that prevent ICC investigations & trials for crimes against humanity & violations of the 4th Geneva Convention.
        What exactly has Israel done for the US, aside from impose its will on our freedom of speech, meddle in our elections and domestic policy, & require politicians, who accept campaign donations, to pledge unconditional support for Israel? Did it participate in Vietnam, join the coalition forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya ?
        Why exactly should we take the chance of losing our place at the negotiating table & international alliances to stand a few against the majority of the other 192 sovereign nation on the planet? Do you honestly think that the USA can survive alone, without trade? A withdrawal from the UN won’t destroy the UN or planetary commerce, however it would be the final nail in the coffin of US trust & integrity. The word of the USA wouldn’t be worth the paper its written on.
        When we don’t get our way we act like spoiled children stomp our feet and leave the game taking our ball. We have been brainwashed to believe that the planet needs us, it simply isn’t true. There are plenty of nations ready willing and able just waiting to take up the mantle of leadership and recent UNGA & SC voting showed they are ready.
        There are a lot of issues between the Palestinians and Israelis that the American people don’t know or understand because they have only heard one side of a carefully orchestrated story. To find the whole story you have to go outside the approved US & Israelis news services.
        The US is better in then out of the UN. The economic benefit alone, more then pay our membership dues & promised program support. In a nation that is supposed to be a democracy we certainly don’t respect the view others or a democratic vote that goes against our perceived will.

    • Jack Fecalman

      Let’s hope this bill gets passed this time. The US pumps 8 billion a year into the UN and for what? We need to take care of ourselves and Keep US strong and able to be of help to those countries who have proven to be our friends.

      • hermione

        You could also fuck off from the rest of the world then. Why do we have to have your military bases everywhere? Go back home and stay there, you horrible people.

        • Jack Fecalman

          Hermione, does this mean you don’t agree with me?

        • arcing

          Your English is obviously a second language, we don’t care what you think. keep your bombs and your suicide bombers to yourself raggie.

          • Larry Faehling

            People who subscribe to that sort of thing, are enemies of the American people, anyway. Their opinions don’t count with the patriots among us, and they don’t deserve to be in the US, either.

        • Barbara Welch

          we sure wish we could do that but when you start squabbling and then start wars eventually you stick up with saving your worthless butts like WWI and WWII

          • k.b . mcdan

            Our worthless butts. Go away!

          • Katalin Hosseinian

            For sure you are not an American. You have worthless butt!

          • Michael

            And when your isolationist ideas divorce you from the rest of the world? America is becoming less and less relevant, China has just spent a tiny fraction of the American military budget winning hearts and minds by paying for infrastructure in Africa and Asia.

            • lesley

              Good let them move in and take all the refugees from Africa and Asia also, save Europe and the rest of the western world a lot of future grief.

            • Michael

              Have you read much history? Do you realise that less than a 100 years ago England and London were the financial centre of the world. How long do you think America can claim that title as an isolationist? Then how will you afford your lifestyle, your military.

            • Nilsey105

              The vast majority of Europeans hold the view that we are better off without the Imperialist,war mongering American State machine .

      • Jason Speedy Grizzle

        8 billion is nothing compared to the worthless jet we spent over one trillion dollars trying to develop. I think we can afford to throw a bit of money at an organization that seeks to help countries out, which we ALSO do already, to the tune of 30-40 billion for both economics and military aid. Oh, and that 30-40 billion is less than 1% of the total US budget, so really, 8 billion is a pretty small sum.

        • Linda Prince Johnson

          We need to stop all of that aid too….especially to countries that hate us.

        • Jack Fecalman

          I’d prefer to save whatever, and wherever, we can. The needs of American citizens should always come first.

          • Nilsey105

            Did the ordinary citizens of the USA NEED the Vietnam War ?

        • Judy

          Except they don’t actually help countries.

          • Lora Maria

            UN is evil.

      • Huaimek

        Has the US any proven friends beyond Israel ? War is all the US is good for today, at the expense of presumed allies. Gone are the days when the US had proven friends to help.

        • Like it is

          utter rubbish. The US has plenty of friends. More so than any sh|thole backwards country, who, I bet, is ALSO taking US dollars all the time.

      • And the US pumps 80 billion to Israel. Trump and Bibi have their head up each others ass. Bibi threw a fit when he asked for more money and President Obama told him no. But Trump would have fallen on his knees to give Bibi what he wanted.

        • Martha

          Your facts and figures are not correct. Good try.

        • Terry Burns

          I guess you forgot that Obama gave 400 billion to Iran a known supporter of terrorism or that Hillary brokered the uranium deal with Russia or that Obama sold guns to the Mexican drug cartels

    • Jenny

      ““Anyone who is not a friend to our ally Israel is not a friend to the United States,” Rogers said in June last year.”

      This is where I disagree with Rogers. Israel is not a friend of the United States, case in point; the USS Liberty among other things. But, I suppose they have to agree with the president if they have any hopes of getting this bill signed into law.

    • Walter Hewitt
      • Kristi Samuelson

        Trump needs to GET OUT of the U.S.!

        • Jeff Klein

          No. You hard-left morons need to self abort.

        • jc911

          Were you born stupid or just work really hard at it?

    • Dennis Glendenning

      Want to know why the country is confused by the conflict between the way that information does not match reality in the world or social media? ……………………………..This is why…………………………………………………. ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.
      CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.
      ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney
      ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary
      ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood
      CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
      NBC News Anchor, Andrea Mitchell is married to Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006.
      CNN’s (formerly of NBC) David Gregory is married to Beth Wilkinson, the attorney who represented several of Hillary Clinton’s staff members during the email investigation
      Associated but not related:
      ABC News Anchor George Stephanopoulos, Clinton’s White House Communications Director and press secretary
      PBS Chief of Staff Julie Anbender, Clinton’s Deputy Director of OPA and DOJ
      Comcast-ABC Senior VP, Government Affairs Meredith Baker, Bush’s and Obama’s Commissioner, FCC
      CNN News correspondent, PBS Host Yul Kwon, Obama’s Deputy Chief CGAB, FCC
      CNN Department Assignment Manager, Joe Lockhart, Clinton’s Press Secretary
      CBS VP, Corporate Communications, Lisa Caputo, Clinton’s Press Secretary, First Lady’s Office
      NBC Political Director, Chuck Todd worked on Senator Tom Harkin’s (D) campaign
      FOX News Contributor, Marie Harf, senior adviser for strategic communications to Secretary of State John Kerry
      Feel free to copy and paste

      • Leslie Benjamini

        Talk about incest or nepotism or if you could come up better word to describe this nest of infestation of an echo chamber.

      • Holly mackerel !

      • heraldmage

        It is the GOP wealthy media owners & corporate advertisers who make policy on for profit corporate media not the news celebrities who resent the stories and other employees.

    • WALK

      good thing to get rid of the United NATIVES . You guys should had done long time ago. May your country go from strenght to strenght. Welldone Sen Rogers.

    • chrismoyler

      LOVE THIS !!

    • Will Andrew

      I live in the U.S. of America and I am under no obligation to observe ANY laws, rules and regulations of any foreign nation. I have a right under the constitution of this country to free speech and you and your page can kiss my ass if you don’t like it. Take me off your bull**** page immediately !!

    • Will Andrew

      Concerning you stupid little yellow box

    • Daniel Christen

      This is a fantastic proposal. America will be great again!

    • Close the UN’s New York headquarters, too.

    • Leslie Benjamini

      There goes Nikki Haley’s job!

    • Max de Mestre-Allen

      There is a growing swell in Australia to dump the UN. For myself, I can see no use for it whatsoever. We are a sovereign country and wish to remain that way.
      In its initial years the UN was needed to sort out the mess after WWII and help get the world on an even keel. Recently it has been taken over for the personal aggrandisement of various would be dictators and their ilk.

    • Børge Albertsen

      about time

    • Stacy Krumaker

      Now the US needs to tell the UN to stop spraying us like we’re bugs.

    • Thøgersen M Liz

      yess thats the right thing to do.

    • Kiera

      Considering the US has a good 30+% of the UN’s power, we SHOULD provide 22% of the funding. Sure, go ahead, pull out. You are all just begging for WW3…the war that no one will survive. So many of you here are chicken-hawks. You talk big, but it’s all in your heads. Try taking classes on international relations. Try taking some cultural appreciation classes. Learn something other than self-interest and greed for once in your miserable lives. People will die for this…Americans included. All because too many people are fearful and selfish. It’s disgusting.

    • TotallyFedUp14

      About time. If every one votes along party lines it will pass the senate as there only needs to be a majority vote. By exiting the UN several key features will be apparent – Each year the United States gives approximately $8 billion in mandatory payments and voluntary contributions to the United Nations and its affiliated organizations so we would gain that. Another key feature would be the UN would have no say on what we do or how we do it. The UN has become a Hostile entity to the sovereignty of the US and that needs to stop. I say let them keep the UN Building – leased and paid for each year or the landlord – US throws them out on their ear, We provide almost a quarter ( 24% ) of Monies, Goods and Equipment for the UN yet they are hostile to us. Ok we take our ball and go home. The UN has stopped being the unifying force that it was up until the late 1970’s and early 1980’s now it is ineffectual as the Progressives/Liberals have gained control. This bill should pass rather quickly.

    • guber

      Misleading title. The bill was not passed but sent to committee. A bill that is sent to committee is far from passing. There is such a thing as “death by committee” for a bill.

    • MOS19D20

      This bill needs to become law now

    • Terry Murphy

      This is a false headline. Rep Rogers DID introduce a duplicate of his last bill (H.R.1205 – last Congress), on Jan 3 this year to this Congress. It was NOT passed, but was summarily sent to committee (House Foreign Relations) just like the last one. Speaker Ryan, a devout globalist, would have to bring it out of committee hell, to the House floor for debate and vote. It only has 7 sponsors at this point. It would take a major grassroots effort to get enough Reps to force Ryan to bring it out of committee. Trump would probably pass this bill, as he has no love for the UN. The Dems & globalist RINOs would fight this all the way. The Senate senior RINOs (McCain & Graham) pre-empted this House bill by introducing a “De-Fund” bill in the Senate, attempting to make a show of doing something about the disgraceful UN behavior towards Israel. It’s all a show…all bark, no bite…temporary measure at best. If there is ever going to be a time to get this done, this administration is it.

    • Niels Larsen

      Let the bill pass. The UN is purely anti-Western World interests.

    • Linda JJ

      The New American magazine has the best articles on the UN and the effort to Get the US OUT!

    • P. Long

      Best news since Trump’s win and his stance on the wall!

    • Steve Golf

      Whoever is killing all the Russian ambassadors would probably like to remove the UN forum for Russian opinion.

    • Saundra Buchanan

      Now this makes me happy! I could be “happier” if we kick them out of the United States.

    • Virginia Dare

      what a beautiful idea

    • Angela Lucarelli

      I agree 100%. We shouldn’t be giving our tax dollars to the UN and I’m tired of them thinking they can dictate how we run our country. They are nobody.

    • Katalin Hosseinian

      The News Hit me like voice from Heaven. Finally we kick them out! Yes they totally detoured from the original purpose. Become a ONE WORLD CONTROL. Yes, it should never take sides! And WOW! We pay most of the bill, and vote against us. NO! We do not need World organization, World control. We are a sovereign nation, a powerful nation, and we have the right to decide! No WTO, Ho WHO! The control the standards of everything! Not for the USA. Yes it is time to get out exile the organization, and make a beautiful apartment house or hotel out of the building. Our President is professional in that decision:)
      I loved the added comment: Member state representatives does not enjoy diplomatic immunity! WOW! I salute The brain, who proposed this freedom act!!!! Rep. Mike Rogers! My admiration is yours, and those who passed it at first run. Now I hoe the WHOLE SENATE will agree on this patriotic proposal.

    • Valerie Rolfe Goldstein

      Been waiting a long time for this to happen. I hope it passes. We do not need enemies like the UN.

    • Sam Morris

      Praise God, Hallelujah! This is a critical step in restoring world peace and protecting the United States against further invasion aided by the 57% Muslim majority at the United Nations.

    • GlenBradley

      “Added a Kentucky Senator” You afraid to say the name “Rand Paul?” And it hasn’t passed yet. Wish to God it would. Stop click baiting please.

    • George Kerr


    • Christian Christian

      They did not “pass” the bill. It was reintroduced as it has been every January for the last 20 years.

    • jqanderson1

      Fuck Israel. Nothing but a Nazi nation now.

    • Andrew Cohen

      HEY DIPWADS…..THIS is why we hate fake news!
      NOTHING has happened since 1/3/17 ! NOTHING has been passed according to the congressional record!

    • Rahel F Adye

      Let the UN move to Rome where they belong until the day when Esav is judged on his mountain.

    • ENTroPic

      I do not believe the interests of the people would be served by withdrawing from the UN. I do not agree with this and will work against these actions.

    • 4AllDogz

      The UN has been a failure since the get go. The only good they did was aid in the completion of biblical prophecy with the restoration of Israel. Since then they’ve done little good.

      The US should have 5o votes sincw we have 50 sovereign states. The EEC has votes based on each country and not one as a solid block.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Is this fake news.

    • truthseeker53


    • Be fair

      I agree and Australia should do the same

    • y. Iamu

      NO people of any country should endure people that live in other countries making laws for their country to follow. If they do they are not free.

    • Withdraw of the UN is not the right decision. We invested a lot to quit of it.
      Reorganize properly the UN in order to achieve the right potential.

    • Katherine McChesney

      This looks like fake news to me.

    • Clive

      Rep Mike Rogers should have mentioned the UN Agenda 21 on that list.

    • Joey Melander

      Great job, Kentucky… you have elected another backwoods dipshit with no understanding of the fragile relationships in foreign policy and how the UN both keeps peace and advocates for FAIRNESS and HUMANITY. Sure you aren’t a Libertarian?

    • Aer O’Head

      Well yes, of course. Because what good can the U.N. possibly be but to be an “American institution” to serve only U.S. purposes? Oh yes. Please DO leave and don’t let the door spank you on the way out. The world will thank you. For once.

    • lesley

      I sincerely wish all sensible Western Govts would follow suit and withdraw from this hypocritical, useless power grabbing organisation.
      It is impossible to see any benefits, only Islamic bias, global power agendas and a bunch of misfits who in an unelected capacity are trying to control the world. Unfortunately our useless politicians from Labour, Greens and more particularly Liberal parties under the useless Turnbull and ambitious UN job seeking Julie Bishop are highly unlikely to make this courageous, sensible move. There needs to be a whole new organisation formed – by invitation only!

    • jc911

      Long overdue.

    • Phil Williams

      They need to not only to pass this bill but then they need to wage a financial war to bring it(UN) to total ruin.Then attack the democrats with facts…that kills them.And imprison every single registered democrat in the US…they are the enemy

    • Nan Perkins

      We need to get out. We’ve always sent huge sums and most goes to Muslim countries who vote against us on everything and we’re probably just making rulers themselves wealthy. They’re carrying out the 100 YEAR PLAN TO COMPLETE HIJRAH -ISLAMIZATION BY MASS IMMIGRATION. They’ve ruined many European countries now and the citizens are suffering. Obama was a big part of setting up the United States and now we have the underground government to contend with. We must take care of Americans first.

    • Cecelia Henderson

      If the members of the UN want to fight and reject America and it’s freedoms, we have no reason to continue pouring billions into a corrupt organization that has shown very little progress in 50 years. The Organization had a “peace keeping” goal, but has morphed into a political gang of One World Order nuts that seem to think that they can tell an American President how to lead his country and control his people. It’s a same, but the UN just never lived up to the hype, but sucked down the billions every year with little to show for the effort. We can continue to fund our Allies and the good works of the UN without being a member.

    • Cynthia Fink

      I’ve been wanting us out of UN.

    • AEllen

      Ignorant FOOLS!

    • Shayne Stephens

      According to The Congress’ official web site. This bill has been introduced but NOT voted upon.

    • Shayne Stephens
    • Curtis Anthony Morrison

      This happens to be very interesting to me personally as I have been studying my Moorish American Aboriginal Indigenous to the Americas (Al Morocco) ancestry. It must be clearly understood that the United States is an entirely different entity from the united States of America. The former is an entirely fictitious corporate construct and the later has to do with the American Republic i.e. the land, the Moorish American Nationals and those citizens of the American Republic (Societas Republican Ea Al Maurikanos).

      • HannaH43

        our victim hod and smoking pot is not good for you

    • Curtis Anthony Morrison

      The United Nations happens to be an entirely inorganic corporate conglomeration of corporate nations states in existence for the sole purpose of striping the peoples of their sovereignty thus turning them into persons and citizens i.e. corporate entities to impose upon said peoples corporate statutes and codes that divest the them of their inherent allodial status.

    • Like it is

      Withdraw from the UN, but then form a NEW, better, organization that won’t fill the ranks with despot dictators pointing fingers all the time. Call it the UAN, the United Allied Nations.


    Florida Covid cases explode despite high vaccination rate

    Vaccination has not helped the US state of Florida in the least. It is now one of four states that accounts for 40 percent of America's total infections, according to White House Covid-19 coordinator Jeff Zients. In July, the Sunshine State recorded one out of every five new cases.

    Majority of Americans believe Biden is just a frontman

    WashingtonWho is really in charge of the United States? Most believe the geriatric leader President Joe Biden is not really the Commander in Chief of his country.

    G7 summit: Doddering Biden confuses Syria and Libya three times

    NewquayJoe Biden's latest painful slip of the tongue is again eliciting much speculation about his mental health. In a speech at the G7 summit, he confused the countries Syria and Libya. Before that he aimlessly wandered into a café appearing disorientated before his wife arrived and dragged him off.

    Third night of unrest in Minneapolis after black fugitive’s death

    Minneapolis A young black man named Winston “Boogie” Smith was shot and killed during an attempt by US Marshals to arrest him on a felony firearms warrant in a parking garage in the Uptown district of Minneapolis. No Minneapolis police were involved in the incident, yet rioters took to the streets, looting and demanding "justice" and attacking whites. Slogans to kill the police were spotted on the streets.

    Pfizer/BioNTech animal trials show dangerous concentrations of nano-particles in organs

    BerlinIn Japan, upon request under the Freedom of Information Act, the licensing authority published previously inaccessible animal test data on the mRNA vaccine from Pfizer/BioNTech. The data show that the mRNA nanoparticles do not remain at the point of injection in the muscle tissue, as claimed by the manufacturers, but in many cases reach the organs in high concentrations. RT DE asked the German Ministry of Health about its assessment at the federal press conference.

    Covid ‘vaccine’ exposed as huge risk at major health conference in US

    CaliforniaDoctor Christiane Northrup is adamant: The so-called anti-Covid injections are not vaccines. On April 16-17, a very well-attended two-day conference was held in the USA called the Health & Freedom Conference 2021, in which several well-known people participated. The mainstream media has not reproduced a single word that was said.

    US employers may be held liable for vaccine damage if they mandate Covid jabs

    The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has warned American employers that they may be held liable for "any adverse reactions" if they force employees to take Covid-19 vaccines "as a condition of their employment".

    Biden Executive Order strips Americans of all rights if they ‘get involved’ with Russia

    WashingtonPresident Biden signed an executive order in April to allow his administration to "deprive American citizens and organizations of their rights and property by arbitrarily linking those persons to real, imagined, or vaguely defined activities of the Russian government," according to a report in a conservative American publication.

    Majority of US voters believe the 2020 presidential election was rigged

    President Joe Biden cheated to get elected to the White House: a Rassmussen poll revealed that 51 percent of American voters share the belief that the election was rigged.

    Swiss epidemiologist warns against US Covid vaccination strategy as only option

    GenevaSwiss epidemiologist Antoine Flahault warned of the risks of the strategy focused on vaccination with current vaccines alone as a solution. He cited the example of the United States.

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