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Bradford unrest (photos supplied)

Bradford councillors warn of ‘Asian’ attacks on whites

Areas of Bradford, England, are no-go zones for "certain ethnic groups" and the city is "heading toward disaster", councillors have warned, citing attacks on whites in "Asian" areas.

Published: January 3, 2018, 6:23 am

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    Bradford is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the UK, according to a YouGov poll.

    Councillor, Vanda Greenwood, said that young women did not feel safe in parts of the town because of gangs of young “Asian” men.

    “There is a real problem of people’s perception of Bradford. My daughter is 23 and she and her friends say they will not come into Bradford for a drink or night out because they say there are gangs of Asian males hanging around,” Greenwood said.

    Bradford Council’s Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee chairman Arshad Hussain slammed ethnic segregation and failed integration, and he blamed political correctness for the deterioration, Breitbart reported.

    Hussain described the situation a “horrible state of affairs” in response to the Government’s Casey Review, which highlighted growing ethnic divisions, published a year ago.

    The Casey Review noted the “regressive religious and cultural ideologies” and self-censorship being applied out of fear of being “labelled racist”.

    Last month, Dame Louise Casey, the author, said integration had failed and that political correctness has aided Muslim extremism.

    Councilor Hussain outlined attacks on white-owned businesses. “Community relations in this city were a lot better 25 years ago. Are we really achieving what we are supposed to be achieving? I don’t think so. Last month on Bonfire Night in my ward, three pubs were stoned by Asian youths,” he said.

    The Telegraph and Argus reported that the Red Lion and Round Thorn pubs, in the West of the city, were among those targeted. “These were the only white businesses in the area. No Asian businesses were attacked. They were targeted because they were white,” he added.

    “I am really cheesed off with things like this. There are so many areas in this city where white people are scared to go into. Likewise, there are other areas where Asian people are scared to go into.” But Hussain could not name such white areas

    Conservative councillor Simon Cooke agreed. “I represent thousands of people who never come into Bradford and I am only five miles up the road. They say they don’t feel safe. That’s the reality. And I am sure there are people who live in Girlington who would prefer not to come to Cullingworth and I don’t like that.

    “The perception of what Bradford is like is the problem. Mention danger drivers and who comes to mind? And integration. Both sides don’t want to integrate.”

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    • Neither side wants to integrate. Don’t cede any more territory! Deport the invaders, and crush our traitors. Before PC is the death of Whites everywhere, and with us, Western civilization.

      • Colin Ponchard

        Yes – it is a problem – in a 1,000 yrs. whites will not be here on the planet –

        • Bob

          And the planet won’t be here because them are backwards

    • wilypagan

      That’s what you get for standing silent while your government jailed Paul Golding, Jayda Fransen, and Tommy Robinson who tried to warn you. It will take a civil war to cleanse Britain.

      • Susan Francis

        You are right there wilypagan

      • Cattypuss

        Britain was warned long before the people you just listed. Enoch Powell’s warning went unheeded, and for his efforts was called a racist. His chilling words are about to come to pass.

        • BrianJonesG8ASO

          Even before that, Winston Churchill warned us “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.”

        • Colin Ponchard

          Yes –

        • stormywindmill .

          Exactly,The British people have ignored warnings for fifty years. Now mass immigration has come to bite them in their rear end .Oh well let em get on with it.

      • Colin Ponchard

        Civil war is inevitable –

        • Paul Bastier

          The politicians who have brought us and our country to this sorry state that will only get worse, are counting on being either dead of retired somewhere safe abroad before civil war is on our streets.

          • Bob

            But this will be worldwide no place to hide

      • Paul Bastier

        We have let our governments of all parties lead us like animals with a ring through the nose down the road to the abattoir. They know where they are taking us and our country and they know what the end game will be. They are selling us and our country for Arab money. The Saudis are doing the buying and the UK politicians are doing the selling because of their very lucrative business dealings with them that brings billions of pounds into their coffers and the economy. ‘Remember the 65 billion pounds pledged to Theresa May in March 2018 by the Saudi Crown Prince for an economic and investment partnership?

        Another quid pro quo deal if ever there was one.

    • Dino Ransome

      The Asylum is run by the lunatics, when you eventually wake up it will be too late, the indigenous people have been permanemtly bashed about racial acceptamce and integration, they have become cuck, and now are literally being f#$@%d over.

    • Steve Partridge

      I grow up with black lads and Asian lads sek Muslim etc ,and in general all had mates of different colours back ground ,but labour and the soft idiots started the bad feeling between every body and the good Muslims who used to mix,have been targeted by there own community for having white or west Indian friends. Now I don’t trust any Islamic people , How can I when they bomb us kill us ,and dictate there terms on us .I’m all for sending them all back to Islamic country’s ,born here or not .Now how much have my views changed sorry to any Muslims reading this ,but the good Muslims dare not speak out against the evil men that now dominate there community.

      • Cattypuss

        Muslim communities have turned a convenient blind eye for decades. Now that their fanatics/zealots have become powerful, and have the upper hand, they find themselves in the same boat.

        • Colin Ponchard

          Yes – true –

        • Paul Bastier

          Blair let the Saudis import their intolerant sect of Islam into the UK after he got the contract to sell them 72 Eurofighter Typhoon Jets worth billions of pounds. One of Blair’s own Ministers at the Foreign Office said that it was “folly of the first degree of magnitude for which we would pay a vast amount for a long time. He warned that “The ideology of what wahhabism promotes is deeply inimical and dangerous to British values” Now they have over 100 mosques and madrasas that are preaching and teaching the Wahhabi ideology.

      • Richard Haven

        we use4d to stick their heads down the bog

      • Kim Kong

        theres no good muslims. Keep one pure race. One culture …
        If you try go multicultural you got Now…
        WERE NOT SAME…

      • Mary Hughes

        Merkel inviting the worlds dregs and forcing us to take these cultists has dragged our country down in every way. Cultists have brought their rape, guns, knife ,acid throwing culture with them . Mass deportation is in order, back to their ancestral countries. We do NOT want this scum, in OUR country.

      • BrianJonesG8ASO

        There are no “Good” Muslims, they all have to follow the Koran or their own people are after them, as Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, prime minister of Turkey said “Moderate Islam is offensive, Islam is Islam”

      • Colin Ponchard

        Yes – it is hierarchically determined –

      • Paul Bastier

        Google “The Hijacking of British Islam” and you will read who turned the Islam up to the 1970’s that we could live with into the brand of Islam that is hostile to British values, democracy, human rights and rule of law. It was a mistake to allow Muslim sects like the Saudi Wahhabi and the Pakistani Deobandi, two reformist sects, into the UK.

    • ryan

      Round all the disgusting creatures up and deport them asap

      • Mary Hughes

        By plane and airdrop in the middle of the ocean.

    • Tor Anders Engen

      The left call it cultural enrichment.

      • Bob

        Left are brain dead

    • Aaron Kitchell

      Save a life, surrender you rights

    • Native jo

      Is this what your ancestors fought and bleed for? To see foreigners take it over and destroy it?

    • ryan

      Time for mass deportations of all these savages

    • Native jo

      They make everywhere they go gross and nasty. They need to go back to their motherlands

    • Pete Ingham

      the way things are going this country will end up like yugoslavia with a civil war between muslims and other religions and it will be a bloodbath , the worst thing about it will be that those in government will not care as long as the people vote for them

    • Roger M

      The city is riddled with drug dealing and car theft related crimes. Lamborghinis and other super expensive cars are often seen cruising around town driven by Shuzzy and Mazif, both of which are part time delivery drivers.
      The mosque is an eye sore too, littered with dumped old matresses.

    • Kevin Elks

      This is really annoying to say the least. If you need to say ‘Asian’ then qualify exactly what type of Asian you are talking about. The vast majority of Asians are peaceful and LOVE this country and us, I should know, I live with one and most of my friends are Asian. If you must use the ‘race’ then tell it as it is *Asian Muslim*, do not tar millions with the same brush. Let us not lose sight of the facts, until the hoards of Muslims invaded Asia there was no one single asian Muslim, not one. Millions of Asians were slaughtered, tortured and sold into slavery, some were allowed to convert to islam, those of no use to the invaders were simply slaughtered, THAT IS THE HISTORY. Even to this day the Sheik and Hindu etc., suffer at the hands of Islam and in Pakistan Christians are regularly attacked and even killed, millions were slaughtered when the British reluctantly agreed to the formation of Pakistan, those wanting to leave the area were murdered rather than let them leave for India, millions of them. Thailand suffers repeated attacks as does the Philippines of which half of the Philippines is now under its 3rd term of martial law because of the minority waging armed war on the Christian majority. THE PROBLEM IS ISLAM.

      • Savitri Satya


      • Steven Boocock

        Even the so called “Asian Muslim ” is now a misnomer. The numbers of immigrants from all over europe and the middles east have clouded the waters even more. Many Muslims I know are very peaceful and genuine people and have a strong dislike which can and does border on hate towards their own. The problem is the bullies are winning and the soft snowflake left are promoting and letting them do it. The only way to deal with a bully is to give it a strong smack in the mouth and knock it down on its backside.

        Being a member of Europe has been a great contributor to this disgraceful situation we find ourselves in.
        I find the biggest problem is in the way people are politically labelled. If you are born and bred on these Isles then you are British. Nothing else, British and should be held accountable to British law. and there should be no exception.

        All Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Irish, Pol, Eastern European born in this country should be held accountable to this country as they are British. Nothing else but British. They are like myself only Irish, Pol Pakistani etc by decent. They should get no special dispensation, no favouritism or deferred treatment. which is blatantly happening now. Especially in the case of non-whites. We have always been a very Cosmopolitan set of Isles and this is one of the things that made the UK so great and free.

        It is unbelievable how a minority of approximately 2-3 % Radical Muslims have gained the upper hand. How did that happen?? People who want these barbaric thugs and miscreants curbing and bringing back into line are NOT racists, they are your common or garden ordinary folk, irrelevant of skin colour who wish to walk the streets of their home towns and areas in peace quite and safety.

        This country, through it’s political ineptitude and servitude to Europe has become a weak kneed soft headed place to live.( and these radical miscreants have taken advantage of this) The politicians and local councillors have lost sight and direction. There Is no rule and should be no rule for one and another for another. There is no room for that. In reality, these thugs would have no chance of surviving if the numbers are to be believed. I would not be so cock sure of myself pretending to be some clever arse bully who thinks they are strong enough to get away with they do and hide behind this travesty of political correctness, Remember the numbers, for every three of you there are ninety seven others who, when the doo da hits the fan will be chasing your sorry tails back into mommy’s arms crying.

        It isn’t something most want to see but all bullies get their comeuppance in the end. and for all asking for repatriation there is nowhere they can go because the majority come from here. We just seem to have gone down a very slippery slope of favouritism for the spoilt brats in the country and it needs to stop. In my mind this is why we now should be out of Europe so the puppets in power here are ousted and we can have the security of having sensible even minded leaders back in place.

        • Tony Madden-Ukip

          Totally agree with you Steven. This must be sorted, as if it goes much further it will have gone too far.

          • Colin Ponchard

            Sort it now –

        • Kim Kong



          • Raymond of Canada

            You are not Brit until you or family sacrifice blood to protect British values!

            • Kim Kong

              mean black african comes to UK fight and die hes Brits ? Bring all black Africa…and arabs..

        • Colin Ponchard

          These ‘peace lovong’ islamists will side with the extremist islamists if civil war breaks out –

          • Paul Bastier

            From my experience of living and working with Muslims in Muslim countries since the 1970’s I am convinced the peer pressure is greatest in Islam than any other religion.

            I would also say that Islam has greater control of it followers through fear. From its birth Islam has always insisted that they have the right to publicly and severely punish those of their followers who err, and kill those who cease to be Muslims.

      • Bobby Skelton

        well said it is not asian it is islam i had many asian friends when i lived in london

      • Colin Ponchard

        Yes – do not say ‘Asian’ – say ‘islamist’ –

      • Michael Rouse

        Well said mate

      • Paul Bastier

        Correct Kevin. But do you think you will ever here the coming from the lips of our UK politicians? I have lived and worked with Muslims in the UK, Gulf States and Malaysia. I have had them as neighbours when I lived in North London with Turkish Sunni Muslims on one side and Pakistan Deobandi on the other, Malay across the street. I am convinced that if the majority of the Muslims in the UK were Turkish and Malay we would not be facing the problems that we are now. Our government should never have allowed the Saudi Wahhabi or the Pakistani Deobandi into the UK. These are two reformist sects of Islam (not conservatives as they like call themselves) who are hostile to democracy, human rights,women’s rights, rule of law, British values, and other religions. They are require to keet themselves separate from infidels and not make friends with them. How on earth are people like this going to live in lasting peace and friendship with us?

    • Chris SNUGGS

      We told you. History told you. But the people most guilty (Blair, Brown et al) will never be punished for the coming civil war.

    • The solution is to drive Islam into the sea. Patrick of Atlantis

    • There are two malign ideologies that plague humanity: 1, Leftism, which hates God, man, truth, and rationality. and 2. Islam.
      Most adherents to those malign ideologies are hive-minded herd-thinking Thralls. The Thralls are led by Thought Leaders. The Thought Leaders are diabolical. They control the Thralls through lies, deceptions, corruption of language, mass media, fear, intimidation, and violence.

      Patrick of Atlantis

      • John Hylton

        Politics and religion are 2 different issues. To be left or right has nothing to do with any religion…And you cannot hate any imaginary gods.

        • Politics and religion are not separate issues. Remember Prop 8 in California and the Christians voted down same-sex marriage and fat clown actor Jack Black dressed up as Jesus to do an ad for same-sex marriage. Religion and politics are often mixed, and the Left is always against God, man, truth, and rationality. The Left hates Western Civilization, Christianity, white people, and the Left loves abortion, sexual deviancy, and Islam. All Leftist narratives are false. Leftism ruins everything it touches.

    • peter hessels

      Religion of peace😆

    • Paul Mitchell

      This article keeps being taken down by Facebook…..They are obviously worried about it getting out….SO SPREAD IT FAR AND WIDE!!

    • Paul Mitchell

      I no longer believe in the “myth” of the “moderate muslim”….If “moderate” means keeping quiet while radical people of your religion murder and bomb everyone else, then your no better than the radicals!!

    • Enoch

      The problem is non-white people with a superiority complex are not of this island or our culture and as such HAVE to separate themselves. Blame this on ALL cowardly politicians who allowed mass immigration of unassimilable people.

    • Mike Urban

      for one the people of Great Britain should not have to assimilate the immigrants should or go back to where they came from! I say if they keep attacking brits then DEPORT them or exterminate them! they are nothing more then Animals!

    • Terence Oakes

      Sorry but the British people had to live with what was forced on them by gov and council,they made the best of it ,the Moslems will.mot mix . Never have anywhere . They want an Islamic calaphate ,they will tell you this . No other people allowed. No.jews no Buddhist,no Christian,no Communist
      No one can utter a word as they will be branded far right racist,Nazi etc

    • Terence Oakes

      All Germans were not Nazis . Buy they all took part . All Russia is not guilty of the genoside in the Ukrainian ,but no one stopped it,etc

    • Insidernews

      they don’t need to do anything except procreate .. simple mathematics will dictate they will be the population majority by their own culture of large families.
      the UK is already finished .. welcome to a Mosque near you

    • Mustafa Mahmood

      Most of my closest friends are Irish, English and Welch to be honest I’ve never really had any Pakistani guys I could call a friend, some can be very stereotypical, and all them Muslims talking about enforcing Sharia Law in Britain, Islamicly it says ‘Follow the Law of the land’ meaning whatever country you live in you have to follow their laws. I feel Bradford is seriously misunderstood and seriously tainted by the Riots in 2001… everywhere there are drugs in Bradford, and thoses dealing are of all backgrounds, but majority Pakistani, turf wars going on. And those trying tackle these problems don’t get effort credit. I’m not surprised at the depression rate being so high with the way things are going. It True Britain called Pakistani over to ‘WORK’ not DRUG DEAL ‘WORK’

    • Larrie Cole


    • Adam McClements

      race war? LETS GO MUZZIES spuds

    • EamonnDublin

      Political Correctness = SUICIDE.

    • Rollo10

      “Both sides don’t want to integrate”
      Can someone tell me why the indigenous population should integrate with immigrants? These people should accept the laws of the land, not try and enforce their Religious laws onto the indigenous population!
      We have to overthrow PC and all who use it!
      Don’t be afraid to speak your mind!

    • Jim Kelm

      Muslims of any race are pure filth.

    • John Kennedy

      I was a State Trooper for 21 years and have lived in Japan, Korea and Thailand most of my life and I’ve never been attacked by an Asian. muslims yes, africans yes. But never an Asian

    • Enoch

      Blame the politicians, mainly Labour, who allowed even encouraged mass immigration of unassimilable people. Do millions of Asians belong in England? Just look at this article for the answer. Society is demographics.

    • L. I. R.

      Perhaps Muslims should go back to the countries where Islam, the “religion of peace”, is practiced. They fit in much better there. They obviously have neither liking nor respect for Europe and its values. But, of course, they enjoy all the social benefits provided by generous welfare states.

    • Full-Metal

      This is racist

    • BrianJonesG8ASO

      Here we go again, casting a slur on a whole area containing some of the nicest and friendliest people you could ever meet. Frightened to use the word MUSLIM, they try and degrade a whole region and its people!

    • Allan Armistead

      Look up the Barcelona declaration of 1995
      Our politicians invited them here in their millions giving them special status across Europe.
      Setting up their own is lamic States within each country living under Sharia law.
      They also don’t have to integrate into the European country they arrive in.
      They also are taking over council positions and political ones.
      8 Mus lim mayor’s so far and growing in Britain because their Mosques are political as well as religious
      Britain has over 130 government sanctioned Sharia courts operating today
      All the above sanctioned by our politicians and PMs with Saudi Arabi and many other countries that Islam as its religion.
      The idea the white British political class were scared to be called racist is why they do nothing is laughable if it wasn’t so serious.
      The simple truth is they are following the Barcelona declaration to a T

    • bigal4u

      NOT Asian!!, MOZZRATS.

    • Richard Lethbridge

      I love black white whatever !! I don’t care about your skin colour or your background if your right with me I’m right with you I love my different ethnic communities.. we are all human beings and have a right to be here and to feel safe and secure… peace to every nation in one city..

      • stormywindmill .

        Ok go spread that around Bradford then.

        • Richard Lethbridge

          I do pal ok

    • Paul Mitchell

      Not sure how much more “cultural enrichment” this country can take…

    • Guest101

      I like how it’s Muslim or Asian Media is the biggest problem then people. I don’t see any reports about the white or Christian/Catholic Churches being nonces covering abuse and rape. There is good and bad in every religion so I don’t know why people have to attack a specific group. If people where that bothered by what’s going on in their community, they would be out trying to fix the problem and not adding fuel to the fire.

      • pcl

        Christianity is based on the teachings of a guy who, though not a pacifist, used non-violent civil disobedience as his main tactic and said “Let he who is without sin throw the first stone.” Islam is based on the teachings of a mass-rapist (Quran 33:50) who told his followers “k1ll them where you find them” and “smite their necks”. In Quran 38:44 and 4:34, Mohamed tells his followers to beat their wives with sticks. It’s no wonder that followers of Mohamed are more violent and less tolerant than followers of Christ.


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