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Rebecca Sommer was welcoming Muslim migrants to Germany. Today she says she is still a refugee acitivst, but now makes an exception for Muslims. Photo: Own work

Praised asylum activist came face to face with Muslim behavior – wants to stop Islam

After witnessing a female aid worker being dragged by her hair to a toilet by so-called refugees, and herself being attacked five times by Arab men, the celebrated asylum activist gave up. Her turning point was the mass-rape on New Year’s Eve 2015/2016 in Cologne, Germany, when up to two thousand Muslim asylum seekers sexually assaulted hundreds of German women. Filled with regret, she is now fighting for a Europe free from Islam. “I have been forced to realize that the Muslims despise us, and that is something that won’t change. The hatred is too strong”, she says.

Published: March 5, 2018, 9:24 pm

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    It’s not one isolated incident. It’s not one rotten egg. It’s time and again facing the same kind of contempt from Muslim asylum seekers, that made well-known asylum activist Rebecca Sommer understand that Islam is a political ideology for ruling nations.

    In an exclusive interview with the Swedish newspaper Nya Tider, she speaks of her experiences and also wants to send a message to other asylum activists. Free West Media has been granted exclusive rights to publish the interview in English.
    – I have been forced to realize that the Muslims despise us, and it is impossible to change that, the hatred is too deeply rooted, she says.

    Rebecca Sommer is a well-known German asylum activist, and a familiar face in German media. Among other actions, she created an organization with 300 members which welcomed asylum seekers during the migrant crisis in 2015-2016. She is also an artist and film-maker whose works were repeatedly praised in leftist media all over the world – until she recently shocked mainstream journalists across the globe.

    Sommer, who has spent her entire adult life working for the rights of minorities and as an asylum activism, has come to realize she has been terribly wrong – but she is man enough to admit it. Instead of “cultural enrichment” the migration from predominantly Muslim countries threatens to become the downfall of Europe.

    It is her personal experience that has led to her political U-turn. After years of working with Muslim asylum seekers she has realized that their attitude is completely different from what she first thought.
    – They despise us.

    Rebecca Sommer. Photo: Own work

    Rebecca Sommer. Photo: Own work

    After she was attacked by Arab men on five separate occasions, and witnessed a female help-worker being dragged by her hair to a toilet, Sommer has reassessed her view on the Muslims:
    – They view themselves as superior, they laugh at European men and think western women are whores. And the more we adapt to them, the more convinced they become that they are right.

    However, she has not changed her opinions on human rights. She is still a deeply engaged activist, and considers herself a “world citizen”. She has helped people in Central America and Asia, as well as tribes in Africa. But after meeting the Arab men, who during the migrant storm flooded Europe, claiming to be refugees fleeing for their lives, she has had to ”make an exception in her humanism”. She emphasizes that that she doesn’t think that all Muslims are bad, only ”most of them”.

    In this interview she tells about the painful awakening, the incidents that changed her mind, and her fight to warn Europe about islamization and mass-immigration – things she used to welcome. “We wanted to get to know them – and we did”.

    When you were an asylum activist, didn’t you react to the fact that there were only men arriving in Europe?

    – Refugees are people who need protection. People who are in danger don’t have anywhere to go, and need a safe haven before they can return home. Many of the Syrian asylum seekers in the first migrant-wave, who arrived before 2015, didn’t come directly from Syria. They were already residing in neighboring countries, where they’d traveled after finishing their educations, to make money and avoid military service. At least the ones I’ve met. When the war in Syria started the neighboring countries quickly filled up with real refugees and competition on the labor market got tougher. I can understand that they chose to go to Europe rather than returning to Syria. What I don’t like is that the German people were told they were all refugees, people who needed temporary asylum, while they were actually settlers. Neither the migrants nor our governments had any plans that they’d ever return home.

    In what way is that a problem?

    – I am a human rights activist and I still want to help refugees. My problem is Islam, and people who are brainwashed by this ideology. It is called a religion, but it is really a political ideology to rule over nations, in which they [Muslims] are seen as higher beings, and we as lower. I have always known that it’s a different culture, but I thought that they, just like the rest of us, can change their values and ideas when met with hospitality. But through the years I’ve learned that apart from very few individuals, they’re impossible to change. In most of them “the hijab in the head” is impossible to remove.
    Integration is doing the exact opposite to what people imagine – Muslims are often open and humble in the beginning, but later turn dominant and arrogant when they start feeling safe and at home.

    Rebecca Sommer used to welcome asylum seekers and was a big fan of German Chancelor Angela Merkel, who invited Muslims to Europe. Photo: Supplied

    Rebecca Sommer used to welcome asylum seekers and was a big fan of German Chancelor Angela Merkel, who invited Muslims to Europe. Photo: Supplied

    Why do you think Muslims are difficult to change?

    – They lack motivation. Why give up your role as the ruling class? From the day they’re born, [Muslim] boys are taught that they’re the highest in rank. An eight-year-old boy can tell his 22-year-old sister to take care of the dishes. A woman’s only chance to get to paradise is by pleasing her man. They learn that they’re superior. Why would anyone want to give up that role?

    How do you think western feminists have dealt with Europe being flooded by men with those values?

    – Badly! I don’t call myself a feminist. I am pro-women’s rights in the sense of equal rights. And now we’re moving towards a more fundamentalist Muslim society, heavily funded by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran. The first victims are women, yet there are feminists cheering this on. I see women, who have fought for equality all their lives, now being constantly harassed by men speaking foreign languages. Some women surrender and start wearing veils. Just as women in the Arab world, European women now do the same.

    What do you think needs to be done to stop Islamization?

    – I run an organization called “Free space instead of haram”. The organization already has several well-known opinion makers as members, some former Muslims, and also a small number of refugee women. But the media is completely uninterested. The organization is neither right nor left. It’s about facts, not politics. I also think I can fill a function, and that new groups will listen to us. I have many years of experience and am still an active asylum activist. I can affect people who are as naïve as I once was.
    I don’t think it’s possible to reform Islam, although there are now a number of moderate Muslims, living under police protection. But I appreciate them trying.

    New Year’s Eve 2015/2016 in Cologne, where up to two thousand Muslim asylum seekers sexually assaulted hundreds of German women. Photo: RT

    New Year’s Eve 2015/2016 in Cologne, where up to two thousand Muslim asylum seekers sexually assaulted hundreds of German women. Photo: RT

    What part of your previous involvement do you regret the most?

    – From a strictly personal perspective I regret returning to Europe. I’ve lived as a world citizen almost all my life and returned to Germany just when the migrant wave started. I arrived just on time to see Germany transform before my eyes. Now I get harassed by Arab men wherever I go.

    Can you see anything positive that you, with your background, got this wakeup call?

    – I understand what you’re after, and I am giving this interview for that reason. I don’t believe in coincidence. But it’s not like I’m happy about it. I watched the Arab spring on television and was happy about it, without understanding at that time how it would change my country and my life.

    Why do you think Islam is so dangerous?

    – Political Islam has already become so powerful in our structures. In schools, in the police force, in all political parties… There are high-ranking politicians who have reached their positions by representing the Muslim society. When you go to court… the secretary, the chancellor, the judge… They’re everywhere. Islam has nestled in everywhere. Courts become politically correct and the Muslims give their own all sorts of advantages. It’s a dominant ideology, and well financed. And then there is taqqiyya…

    What is taqqiyya?

    – Islam gives a Muslim the right to lie to infidel kuffars (to us), to benefit Islam, or to gain personal benefits at our expense. We have Muslim associations that cooperate with the state and claim that they’re pro-equality, pro-democracy and so on, but are revealed to promote Sharia. A Muslim has a carte blanche to lie to kuffars. They will for example happily eat my food and the next second, behind my back, call me a German whore.

    You say you’re still engaged in asylum seekers, but how have your opinions changed?

    – I am and have always been a human rights activist. I don’t fight for immigration or multiculturalism but for refugees to have a temporary haven, not settle down permanently. The biggest and most difficult insight for me is that there is a group for which I have to make an exception in my humanism.
    I have helped people from South and North America’s primitive tribes, as well as people from Asia and Africa. We’re different, but still share the same humanity. People who have been brainwashed by Islam; I’ve been forced to realize that I have to exclude them from my humanism. People can’t help the way they were raised, but I demand that people can feel and think for themselves. A majority of Muslims don’t do that, the headscarf inside their head is wrapped too tight. They have no urge whatsoever to adopt our values. But if you’re going to quote me on this, I want to add that there are exceptions. They’re rare, but they do exist.

    How do you see Sweden?

    #Don't touch! Swedish police distributed bracelets to women on festivals after reports of extensive sexual harassement by asylum seekers. Photo: Swedish Police

    #Don’t touch! Swedish police distributed bracelets to women on festivals after reports of extensive sexual harassement by asylum seekers. Photo: Swedish Police

    – When I think about Europe, it’s Sweden and Germany I feel the most sorry for. That’s why I want to reach the Swedes, and especially refugee activists like myself. Germans and Swedes are very much alike. We have this urge to be the most open and tolerant, but that’s also what makes us the most vulnerable.
    Above all, I’d like to send a message to Swedish women: a majority of the people you welcome don’t respect you – they despise you. When hearing about the bracelets handed out by your police force to stop the Muslim assailants… you know, they laugh at you.

    Many Swedish men are feminized. Do you have a message to them?

    – I know, it’s the women who rule in Sweden, and the Muslim men laugh because European men don’t defend their countries. I’ve been attacked by Arab men five times. Most witnesses have done nothing to help me, and those who have intervened have merely disrupted the attack. They haven’t held the attacker [until police came]. Now when you mention it, I realize that this is a very important thing, that European men just stand there.
    I love equality and that men stay at home with their newborns, but now when faced with this culture, men need to stand strong. There has to be masculinity.

    Has this equality had disadvantages, have men lost their instinct to defend?

    – I think both men and women should stand up together and defend Europe. I don’t think women are helpless creatures who need to be defended, but men have a different physical strength. I also notice how men can see through other men. Female asylum activists often excuse the asylum seekers’ bad behavior, saying they’re traumatized by the escape… while men get angry. If someone behaves badly, men can ask why he’s here in the first place.
    Women are driven by maternity feelings. Men are better at reading other men but still almost exclusively women work with asylum seekers. It’s necessary that men step up and say enough.

    Manifestation for Afghan asylum seekers at Sergels Square in Stockholm, February 18th, 2018. Rebecca Sommer sees similarities between Swedish and German refugee activists. Photo: Nya Tider

    Manifestation for Afghan asylum seekers at Sergels Square in Stockholm, February 18th, 2018. Rebecca Sommer sees similarities between Swedish and German refugee activists. Photo: Nya Tider

    Are there any special events that made you change your opinion?

    – It’s not like I haven’t known about their values, It’s more that after many years I have understood that they can’t be changed. There are constantly new situations where men have shown what they think of us. I know these men, and I’ve always warned female aid workers not to be alone with them because they think that we’re whores. But it’s inevitable. After a few months some asylum seeker wants to offer you a meal from his home country, and it’s hard to say no because we think they want to show gratitude. I’ve seen it so many times, that Muslim men get aggressive and sexually assault women who want to leave. Once I saw a man grabbing a woman by her hair and dragging her into a restroom. We had many such situations, because in their eyes western women are simply whores.

    How can anyone want to help some one who they know see you as a whore?

    – Although someone tells it to your face and you understand it intellectually, many women still find it hard to understand how the people you help can at the same time despise you. I understand them, it’s a difficult insight to absorb. Then there is also a female trait to think that anyone can change with kindness. It’s a trait that moves mankind forward and keeps the community together.  But it requires a society in which we have a mutual background and respect one another. In the encounter with the Muslim culture, it’s only harmful to us.
    We women must wake up. Stop making excuses. The migrant clan thinking is not just religious but also ethnic and cultural. But nobody has prepared us for this culture. We seem unable to understand how they think.

    Has been met by hate – from the right

    Rebecca Sommer is displeased by how her actions have been perceived by, among others, right-wing people. She says they should benefit everyone who sees the threat from the invading Muslims, but instead she’s been met by mockery and mean comments. She says a lot of it is due to how her first interview was perceived. In the interview, she said that many Germans consider leaving their country because of all the Muslims. She added that Poland and Hungary might become oases for many Europeans who wish to escape the Muslims, but she denies wishing to do that herself.

    – I will stay and fight, not run like a rat.

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