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South Africa to emulate Zimbabwe with racial land expropriation

The new South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa, has pledged to 'expropriate white-owned land without compensation', causing panic among the country's farmers. Will it plunge the country into Zimbwean-style chaos?

Published: March 14, 2018, 9:00 pm

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    Julius Malema, the leader of South Africa’s radical Afro-Marxist party, the EFF, crowed with delight on 27 February when parliament adopted his motion for the “expropriation of land without compensation” from all people of European descent. The issue has now been referred to a parliamentary committee which will propose an amendment to the country’s constitution, in order to remove all legal obstacles that might impede such a step.

    The combined majority of the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) and the ANC (African National Congress) exceeds two thirds of the South African parliament, which will enable them to change the constitution which still nominally protects property rights in Section 25. Once the constitution has been adapted to make land grab legal, the process of “expropriaton without compensation” will start.

    Not satisfied with the clichés spread by the mainstream media, I recently started brushing up on my knowledge of South African land ownership. After all, as celebrity YouTuber Lauren Southern confided to me during our conversation in Johannesburg in January, “the complexity of your history is overwhelming”.

    During the writing of this article, I tried to find out from the Swedish ambassador to South Africa, Cecilia Julin, how she felt about people being deprived of their property simply because they happen to be… white or of European descent. Julin had previously tweeted that Sweden was proud of its role in bringing the violent, terrorist ANC regime to power through its financial and other contributions. “Certainly no shame or regret in Sweden having supported the arrival of democracy and end of apartheid in South Africa,” she said in her tweet.

    As I dug deeper and deeper into our history, a chill ran through my spine because I realised to what extent our tragic subjugation in South Africa is being replicated in Europe, including Sweden, today. There can be no doubt that South Africa is our country as it was virtually empty when we settled it in the first two centuries after 1652. In 1936 there were only 5,6 million black people who were largely confined to remote tribal areas. In only eighty years, that population has multiplied by eight, to more than 40 million. Scared of having its votes taken from the extreme left by the EFF, the ANC has now simply adopted its rival’s radical policies.

    A week ago I visited a farm next to the Vaal River where the same family has lived for generations since 1838. How can the ANC regime simply expropriate that family’s property and hand it over to migrants? Because, essentially, that is what most black people in South Africa are: migrants. They crossed our borders illegally or they moved from a few distinct tribal areas where their own primitive methods of agriculture could not sustain their rapidly growing population.

    Multi-ethnic states are prone to conflict, as we know. During the mudslinging over land ownership, which included thinly veiled threats of war from Julius Malema, the official lie was repeated over and over that “blacks only own 4% of agricultural land”. A more realistic survey done by economist Johann Bornman and published in October last year, found that “in three of the most fertile provinces – Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo – more than 50% of agricultural potential is in black hands”.

    A large portion of South Africa (70%) consists of the Karoo desert which is entirely unsuited to agriculture, except for a hardy breed of sheep that may be kept in small numbers on extremely large tracts of land. In the racial statistics game played in this country, the barren desert area is usually included as “land under white ownership”. However, it has long been known that blacks own the best parts of South Africa, with the highest rainfall and most fertile land. Yet the production from those areas is negligible and mostly limited to the subsistence level while the white farmers have had to make the most of semi-arid areas with inconsistent and low rainfall. It took white families decades, even centuries, to painstakingly build up productive, commercial farms.

    According to a government report released on 5 February this year, blacks “own only 4% of agricultural land”. This figure was meant to justify the new radicalism around land ownership adopted by the ANC’s executive in December 2017, and was inaccurate. It also excluded tribal land that has never fallen under the Western system of title deeds; these tribal areas constitute about 8 percent of the country’s surface area.

    If the agricultural potential of land is taken into account, blacks already own more than 50% of the best land in the country. Despite receiving aid money from the government and from the EU, production on this land is actually declining.

    From the 1990s onwards, South Africa’s ANC regime has thrown huge amounts of money at trying to dislodge white, middle-class families from their land. The Financial and Fiscal Commission published a report in 2016 in which it was found that government had already spent R60 billion (about 4 billion euros)  since 1994 on so-called “land reform”, with very little to show for it. The report stated that “most land reform farms show little or no agricultural activity”. In the three rural provinces of Limpopo, Kwazulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape, “land reform farms” showed a 79% decline in production. What the South African government is doing, is essentially using taxpayer money, as well as aid from the EU and even the Nordic countries, to destroy its own agriculture through racial targets for land ownership.

    Where the EU is not involved in direct interventions to undermine South African agriculture performed by whites, it gives financial support to radical left-wing NGOs that spread ethnic propaganda against landowners and falsify South African history. One such NGO is PLAAS (Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies) that has a British Marxist, Ruth Hall, as one of its prominent employees.

    Job losses on “land reform farms” in the three rural provinces amounted to 84%, with Kwazulu-Natal recording a high of 94%, according to The Financial and Fiscal Commission report of 2016.. Instead of these failures giving the government pause for thought, it wants to emulate Zimbabwe’s catastrophic policies in entering into large-scale, communist-style land confiscation from middle-class owners.

    The bizarre thought process underlying South Africa’s land reform can only be understood by stepping outside Western logic. Only last week, the country’s new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, solemnly assured the ratings agency Moody’s that “accelerated land reform would unfold within a clear legal framework and without negatively affecting economic growth‚ agricultural production and food security”. Given South Africa’s experience so far with “land reform”, this is clearly impossible.

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    • If blacks want to take their nations back, I don’t have a problem. Yes, it’s true that white farmers do a much better job, but blacks want to control their own lands. Holland should be forced to take back the Boers… just like the French took back their colonialists in Vietnam and Algeria.

      Suppose there’s a poor white nation where Chinese have so much land. Suppose Chinese do a better job in growing food. So, should whites let Chinese have all that land? No, they are going to want it back.

      So, I don’t begrudge blacks for wanting their land back.

      What is REALLY horrible is that Africans are making a land-grab and womb-grab for the West as well. In years to come, 100s of millions of black Africans will invade EU. But the EU has Diversity as its official religion, and therefore, it cannot say NO to these black invaders. So, blacks will take over white lands and grab white wealth. Also, because blacks are tougher and more aggressive, they will dominate sports and music. So, white people will worship blacks as the superior race. White boys will cuck out to blacks, and white girls with jungle fever will welcome ACOWW or Afro-colonization of White Wombs.

      So, never mind losing land in South Africa. Think about defending land in Europe and the West.

      • rodney7

        It’s not the black’s land, the white’s were here first.

        • Sub-Saharan Africa belongs to blacks. Yes, some parts were settled by whites first, but the whole region is Africa. Some parts of Russia are not settled but that doesn’t mean Chinese can come and settle and claim it because they built stuff.

          At any rate, whites could have kept South Africa if they’d done what Jews did in Palestine-Israel. Jews did all the work and created a Jewish-majority nation.

          In contrasts, white in SA got addicted to cheap black labor and let blacks migrate and have lots of kids. Whites acted really dumb and are now paying the price.

          So, in the end, it doesn’t matter who was there first. What matters is who is there last, and there are far more blacks than whites in SA because whites didn’t guard their demographic integrity.

          Stupidity is lethal.

          • Stupidity is lethal – remember that when you spread falsehoods about a country you know NOTHING more about than hasty ratings seeking media reports.

            The indigenous people of South Africa are the San and the Hottentots and I don’t see ANYONE advocating all the land should be returned to them!

            And if we are going to punish South Africa’s whites for the sins of their fathers and grandfathers then what punishment would be appropriate for the peoples of the US, UK, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Portugal?

            • blambazaar

              Shahna’s made the only point worth making. The Khoi and the San have the only legitimate claim…and NO ONE, like NO ONE wants to talk about that.

      • “Holland should be forced to take back the Boers… “
        Only about half of our whites originated out of Holland – and what gives you the idea that even just those would want to leave THEIR COUNTRY TOO for that overcrowded horrid little pos? And what about those whites of British extraction, or French, or German, or Polish, or Greek? You want to just …. toss them all at The Netherlands too?

        We were born here. Our parents were born here. Our grandparents were born here – so you know exactly what you can do with that high horse you rode in on!

        As for “defending land in Europe and the West” ….. from whom did Your Ancestors steal that land?
        Perhaps you should give it back to the descendants of your victims …. BEFORE you tell South Africans to leave their own country.

        • HudsonLink

          Europe was mostly covered with ice before the ancestors of modern Europeans moved in. There were some Neanderthals, but it is not clear what happened to them, other than minor intermarriage (Europeans have varying traces of Neanderthal genes – hmm, maybe that explains things.)

          So Europeans didn’t take their land from anyone.

          • How do you suppose Russia got its name?

            • HudsonLink

              Russia is named for the Rus, who were white Scandinavians, who conquered and moved into equally white Russia, but did not displace the original occupants. Europeans frequently conquered each other, but displacement was rare. The original Russians were not wiped out. Even the Mongolian invaders did not wipe them out.

              Black Africans frequently conquered each other too, sometimes with displacement, which is why there were only ruined villages and bones in South Africa when the Europeans arrived.

              Native Americans also conquered each other, sometimes with displacement. The territory of the Cheyenne and Apache was relatively recent.

              And by the latest genetic research, America was empty when the first settlers arrived from Europe, over 20,000 years ago. They were black Europeans. About 10,000 years later, the current Native Americans arrived, and almost completely wiped them out. There are a few small areas where descendants remain. About 10,000 years later, a fresh batch of Europeans, now white, arrived, and displaced the Native Americans.

              And round and round we go. Is it all right? By what standards? The standards of Nature? Sure, find. The standards of Christianity? Not at all.

            • You yourself said the original occupants were Neanderthals.

              I really don’t care if Europes occupy and war in Europe and Americans war and occupy. Just want them OUT of …. Africa and Aisia.

            • HudsonLink

              I don’t think you really read my post, or if you did, that you thought about it.

              The Neanderthals lived in Europe during the Ice Age. There is no evidence for what happened to them. Climate change during that period was hellish, if hell is cold. The original Siberian Asian people who crossed the Bering Strait and settled America left no surviving ancestors in Asia either. We do not know if the reason they and the Neanderthals disappeared was war, or climate change.

              However, your point is mainly racism and hate. Round and round we go.

              If you want all Europeans and their descendants out of Asia and Africa, do you also want all descendants of African and Asian ancestors out of Europe and the Americas?

              Hatred only leads to more dead bodies.

            • I don’t care what your excuses are!
              With the possible exception of places like Vanuatu and Tuvalu, all land owned today was owned by “somebody else” yesterday.

              I personally don’t think anyone born anywhere should be forced to get out of THEIR land by somebody else. And I don’t care either way WHAT Europe does with their migrants and refugees – THEIR problem.

              They broke it – they fix it.
              That’s what they get for phücking around in Other People’s Countries like its their backyard to weed.

            • HudsonLink

              So you are saying that whites born in Africa and Asia should not be forced to get out of their land that they were born in, since you siad “I personally don’t think anyone born anywhere should be forced to gt out of THEIR land by somebody else.”

              But I don’t think you will agree to accepting your own logic.

            • HudsonLink

              The Neanderthals were red haired whites. Scandinavians have the highest amount of Neanderthal ancestry.

              Without love, and the love of truth, there is only hatred and violence.

              And if Africa is happy that the whites mostly went home, just wait until the Chinese show up. Which they already are. Ask Kenya.

              Or ask Tibet. If you can find any pure Tibetans, that is. Not many left after the Chinese got done with them.

              Chinese culture has no place for love, or for the love of truth.

            • Without love, and the love of truth, there is only hatred and violence. … Chinese culture has no place for love, or for the love of truth.

              How much love or love of truth has the US brought to the nations it has destroyed and the nations it currently drone bombs – an average of 121 drone bombs daily?

              Say what you will but at the very least China does not come with bombs.

            • HudsonLink

              Ask the people of Tibet about that. Or the Vietnamese, who beat China’s tail when China invaded after the Americans left. Or soon enough, the people of Taiwan. Or the people of the Philippines, who have to keep silent while the Chinese invade their waters and take their islands, which they have just done. Or the Muslims of their western province who are being imprisoned by the hundreds of thousands.

      • Sallie Ann

        Your sick, twisted look at mankind is enough to make me puke….

    • Perhaps Mr Roodt should take a moment to wonder why it is that The West is suddenly acquiring such an ardent interest in the plight of the South African white farmer? …. Like I wonder exactly who gave Jules Malema the money to owe our receiver of revenue R16 million ‘cos it sure as nuts on squirrels didn’t come from his ANC Youth Leader govt salary ….. and what that money was for.

      …. It was the time of rather nasty “students riots” demanding something that even whites under the Apartheid govt never had – free tertiary level education. Seems Mr Malema is now actively instigating more civil chaos – – – on the orders of his paymasters?

    • Strelnikov

      Lank leef die Afrikaners.

      Kom na Amerika.

      • Johann Schutte

        Almost impossible to do it legally. And trading South Africa for the USA might not be such a good deal anyway. We’re talking about moving to the country that gave the world nuclear holocaust, RAP, recreational shopping, fastfood, the ‘sport’ of cheerleading, Televangelism, and Bill Clinton.

    • Sallie Ann

      If they continue to kill and steal the white farmer’s land in SA….then I hope they have natives who know how to farm OR that country will fall into a HUGE famine situation where they will be forced to eat each other to survive…..but what do I know other than Communism NEVER WORKS..!!


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