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Why conservatives ignore white-hating politics

In "It's Not 'Identity Politics,' It's Anti-White Politics," I questioned whether the term "identity politics" vaguely comports with our racial politics on terra firma. The answer was a resounding "no".

Published: September 23, 2019, 1:24 pm

    For, “Whatever is convulsing the country, it’s not identity politics. Blacks are not being pitted against Hispanics. Hispanics are not being sicced on Asians, and Ameri-Indians aren’t being urged to attack the groups just mentioned. Rather, they’re all piling on honky.”

    Since the ire of America’s multicultural multitudes is directed exclusively at whites and their putative privilege, not at each other, anti-white animus is the more appropriate term.

    The “identity politics” term is an elaborate construct hot-housed in the postmodernist university. Yet, commentators, conservatives too, cleave to abstracted definitions developed in citadels far removed from reality. Duly, the author of “Why Identity Politics Kills Democracy” harps on the “political selfishness” that comes with a “fanatical fetishization” of “group identity.”

    “A politics of whiteness is a scourge. A Hispanic politics is a scourge. An LGBT politics is a scourge. A plutocratic politics is a scourge. A feminist politics is a scourge.” The only “true politics,” bewails our author, is one that “unites individuals under a single identity: citizen.”

    Group hug.

    In relation to reality, this kind of conservative political preening is a bit of a farce. Why so? Because undergirding the factional identity politics so roundly condemned is a practiced anti-whiteness. Hispanic, LGBT, plutocrat and feminist: All would concur. The road to their political salvation is in collaborating to extinguish “white dominant culture.”

    Used in the main by media conservatives, “identity politics” is invoked, consciously or unconsciously, it would seem, because conservatives want to be nice. To be nice, one must remain in denial of things not nice. Conservatives refuse to come to terms with the fact that our politics are almost exclusively anti-white, and not anti-Other, more exotic identities.

    It’s also considered politically incorrect or “racist” to advocate on behalf of whites – even if whites qua whites are being dangerously maligned and marginalized; even if there is an anti-white sentiment that runs through our institutions, both public and private.

    And woe betide those who perpetuates the idea of white ethnocide, say in South Africa. She herself is, then, libeled as a racist.

    The logical paradox is that to warn of systemic hatred against browns and blacks is considered racially virtuous; to fear the same for whites is deemed incorrigibly racist.

    For fear of being dubbed racists, media conservatives simply look the other way, refusing to acknowledge our anti-white politics.

    Here’s how conservatives hide from the bruising realities of anti-white politics:

    They pretend that “identity politics,” being an excrescence of Democratic politics, aims to divide one and all. To that end, conservatives routinely resort to the “Dems are dividing us” routine. By so doing, conservatives, ever eager to get along, also virtue-signal their position as seekers of national unity. “We’re in this together; Democrats aren’t.”

    That’s a whole other level of denial, given that, it’s not exclusively identity politics Democrats are presiding over, but politics dangerously anti-white. Blacks are not berating Hispanics for dominating industries they previously dominated; Asians aren’t complaining about Ameri-Indians being given university slots they’ve earned. Rather, blacks, Hispanics and the rest are all piling on whites.

    Denial in action was radio talker Tammy Bruce. When quizzed about Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s apology over his “whiteness,” on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Bruce reflexively pivoted away from the reality of racist, endemic, anti-white hatred.

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    • Christine Cameron-Dow

      We’re certainly plumbing the depths of idiocy when we actually APOLOGIZE for the skin we’re in. Who would have ever guessed it, in the days of Free Love and Music, that Graham Nash’s words would be so twisted and turned on one race. “When we all begin to see the skin we’re in”. Why should any of us be ashamed of that skin colour?

      The article mentions the white “ethnocide” in South Africa. Taken in its correct context, one needs to look at the overall crime stats in South Africa. More than 20 thousand people are murdered per year in SA, six times the rate in America. Most of those are black people, so in terms of numbers, the killing of white people does not amount to ethnocide. There ARE hate crimes directed against white people.There ARE politically-motivated farm attacks in South Africa, but they are scare tactics, aimed at “encouraging” white people to get out. The ANC has too frequently used race as a means of diverting attention from its failures, and way too many times actually blamed some or other malignant white force for holding it back from achieving all its pre-election promises. For those who know the (alleged) story behind the murder of Thomas Becket, ANC leaders are like the king who said, in the hearing of his loyal knights, “who will rid me of (these) troublesome priest(s)?” They don’t want to be seen or heard to be encouraging or backing the murder of white people, but they’d be quite happy if white people just got out, and therefore ceased to be the vocal thorns in their flesh.

      It’s a matter of extreme irritation to the ANC that there is a group of people informed enough and critical enough to point fingers at their lamebrained concepts and their total inability to manage the country efficiently. Under the kleptocracy of Jacob Zuma it got worse, because the educated people of all races could see what the ANC was up to. Zuma hates educated people, and while he directed most of his hateful barbs at whites, he also reserved quite a bit of contempt for “clever blacks”. In South Africa, anti-white racial hatred has been carefully nurtured and used as a means to attain and retain absolute power. After all, the nats did it, didn’t they? Unfortunately, the fact that they’re doing, albeit unofficially, exactly what their predecessors did, makes utter nonsense of their hypocritical “Ubuntu” and “Rainbow Nation” claims. Even the hyper-racist, left wing fascist party of Julius Malema originated in the ANC. Many of the shocking, violent statements that he makes today were said by him before, while he was still leader of the ANCYL. Back then, he watered them down a bit, but the president at the time, namely Zuma, tacitly approved his antics. The racist EFF is just Zuma’s ANC on steroids.

      I hope that clarifies the “ethnocide” referred to in the article. Returning to the subject at hand, which is white guilt, I can draw a comparison in nature. There can be no doubt that there were atrocities committed by white races going back millennia, and many of the worst occurred in the last five hundred or so. Going back to the ancient civilizations, many of them black, there were also many atrocities committed by black races. We tend to forget that. It should be borne in mind that the slave trade itself originated in the first civilizations, which, considering the white races were still running around in woad at the time, means that people of other races, yellow, brown and black, as being the first nations to initiate bartering, also started this cruel dealing in human beings. Where there’s a demand, there will inevitably be a supply. So, why are white people so guilty? Because we FEEL guilty. It’s WOUNDED us. It has WEAKENED us. Like the weaklings in the pack, the other members turn on us, smelling an easy conquest.

      White people need to come to terms with the failings of their ancestors, but at the same time, they need to stop taking the blame for them. People of other races also deserve to have their noses rubbed in what THEIR ancestors did. In the making of this planet’s history, none of us are descended from innocents. The mirror that both accusers and accused hold up to white people is double-sided. World history should teach us that. The only shame is that we fail to learn from it.


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