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Black power fist on M4BL's website. Photo: screenshot M4BL

What does BLM really want?

Black Lives Matter often makes claims that seem obvious: "Stop killing blacks because of their skin colour". In fact, the movement has a wide range of requirements, including that our entire society be adapted to what people consider to be the needs of black people - at both national and global levels.

Published: June 25, 2020, 9:02 am

    Not only do they want the redistribution of even more tax money to blacks, but legalizing drug trafficking and prostitution are also part of their demands. No journalists in the system media seem interested in the real issues.

    The strategy is common in radical leftist movements: in the outward propaganda, one reduces his demands to sound so obvious and humble that only an evil racist could oppose them. “Colored people all over the nation are crying to be heard. Stop killing our sons and daughters. Stop terrorizing our communities. Give us justice,” Larry Fitzgerald, a renowned American football player, opined in the New York Times.

    How Fitzgerald is included in Black Lives Matter’s real agenda is unclear – it is rarely discussed in the mainstream media even though the real agenda is available on the internet. In August 2016, some fifty BLM organizations under the collective name Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) published the movement’s platform for social change – and it is extremely far-reaching.

    Despite the popularity that BLM enjoys with mainstream media, in Sweden only the conservative weekly Nya Tider has gone to the trouble of unearthing what the movement actually wants to achieve. One can only speculate as to why other newspapers have chosen not to address the specific demands of the movement.

    In a lengthy tribute to BLM by journalist Shoran Esmailian, the requirements were listed as follows: “It contains six horizontal requirements, with more than forty concrete proposals for legislative changes, such as demilitarization of the police and decriminalization of certain drugs.” She further praised BLM for now having a concrete platform to work for.

    The requirements list is divided into six sections. Some of the requirements are obvious, such as the abolition of the death penalty and that prisons should not be run for profit. But many of the requirements also entail a very far-reaching adaptation of the entire society to the black minority in rich Western countries. The sections briefly contain the following:

    1) “End the war against blacks.”

    Here, the justice system needs to be adapted to what people consider to be the needs of black people. For example, schools should not be allowed to turn away criminal students, landlords should not deny contracts to criminals, criminal acts should not be able to result in revoked voting rights, police should not be allowed to use high-tech surveillance in black areas, and illegal and/or criminal immigrants should not be able to deported. On the website, suggestions that police and prisons be completely abolished, are also proposed.

    The logic behind these demands is that blacks, who make up less than 13 percent of the US population, account for nearly 30 percent of those arrested by police and up to 50 percent of serious violent offenders. Measures against criminals therefore affect blacks more than others, BLM believes.

    2) “Compensation.”

    Tax money should be distributed to blacks as compensation for all perceived injustices, from colonialism and slavery that affected their ancestors hundreds of years ago because blacks today face “mass imprisonment” (blacks are imprisoned when they commit crimes ) and “food apartheid” (fast food chains serve unhealthy food in black areas). Blacks should have lifetime access to free, high-quality education (“including for illegals, prisoners and former prisoners”), retroactive student loan write-off, guaranteed minimum income, and reparations for slavery and discrimination paid in cash.

    None of these privileges should be for white people, except perhaps free education.

    3) “Invest/divest.”

    Money must be taken from the police and judiciary to be given to blacks in the form of various social programs. Drug trafficking and prostitution should be made legal (“all drug related offenses and prostitution” – not just “certain drugs” as Shoran Esmailian falsely claims) and compensation should be paid to anyone convicted of such crimes in the form of various social programs.

    Requirements for green energy and reduced military spending are included in this section.

    4) “Economic justice.”

    Further demands for “a radical and sustainable redistribution of wealth” from whites to blacks are made – not only within the United States but throughout the world: across and within black communities globally. All this financial support should go through organizations led by, or approved by, blacks.
    No demands for self-determination for whites are proposed however.

    5) “Local control.”

    Local communities should gain self-determination over the local police and school authorities – be able to hire or dismiss staff, decide on disciplinary sanctions, and control over budget and policy issues.

    6) “Political power.”

    In the US, the right to vote is suspended when one commits serious crimes, and in order to vote one must register as a voter well in advance of the election. This is something that Movement for Black Lives wants to change through a wide range of measures that will simplify the vote of those who are too lazy or politically uninterested in registering, and by allowing illegal immigrants to vote in local and state elections.

    They also demand “the release of all political prisoners”. Although no names are given, the faces of police killers Mumia Abu-Jamal and Assata Shakur are often seen on sweaters or placards during BLM demonstrations.

    Rumours are rife in South Africa that Assata Shakur is hiding in Johannesburg suggesting that she is being protected by the ruling ANC. An inside source told FWM that there has been a $2 million reward for her capture and arrest since 2013 and that she is not in Cuba as is being alleged. She is on the FBI Most Wanted Terrorists list, as Joanne Deborah Chesimard.

    White race separatists have expressed support for BLM’s demand for self-determination for blacks if they were reciprocal, but stated that they were not. “They want us to stop interfering in their business but at the same time retain the right to intervene in ours,” Lawrence Murray wrote on Counter-Currents Publishing when the requirements list was launched.

    The list of requirements can be found on the movement’s website:

    Meanwhile, Swedish Democrat MP Björn Söder has in a written question to the Interior Minister asked whether the Swedish government intends to list the radical far-left organisation Antifa (AFA) as terrorists. Antifa, closely linked to BLM, has a long history of threats, assassinations, and violence against its opponents.

    “AFA’s actions have in many cases been violent, and the organisation has taken on the blame for, among other things, assassinations, mistreatment, and threats against actors who are seen as opponents. They believe that violence is a legitimate method to use to achieve their goals”, Söder wrote in his inquiry.

    SÄPO, the Swedish Security Police, believe the extremists pose a threat to the basic functions of democracy, as well as individual freedoms and rights.

    “In the wake of George Floyd’s death, AFA, along with the racist network Black Lives Matter, orchestrated violent demonstrations and riots both in the US and elsewhere in the world (including Sweden), where damage to businesses and buildings has been enormous and people have been abused and killed,” Söder soberly pointed out.

    The SD politician alluded to US President Donald Trump who previously announced that Antifa would be listed as a terrorist group in the US.

    “Sweden has previously referred to the EU and UN terror classification. However, it is obvious that these ratings are not always sufficient. In order to maintain democracy and freedom, it is important that activities that are violent and paramilitary can be classified as terrorism and thus meet the resistance of society at completely different levels”, Söder added.

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    • Rentia Diedericks

      Nothing new in these BLM demands. They’ve simply copied South Africa’s ANC programme of 1980. Even the colours are the same: yellow/black


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