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Janusz Korwin-Mikke; Polish flag. Photo supplied

Polish presidential elections: ‘We don’t like either…’

Janusz Korwin-Mikke is one of the most controversial elder statesman, former member of the European Parliament and a politician in Poland. FWM spoke with him exclusively about the presidential elections being held in his country.

Published: July 2, 2020, 9:53 am

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    Mr. Korwin-Mikke, the acting Polish president Andrzej Duda is the winner of the first round of the presidential elections in Poland – but he didn’t get enough votes to avoid a second round. What do you expect to happen?

    Korwin-Mikke: Both competing camps have now almost 50:50 each, so it is hard to predict who will win the race in the end. Both are mobilizing. I don’t like either candidates.

    Your party Coalition for the Renewal of the Republic – Liberty and Hope (KORWiN) supported Krzysztof Bosak in the elections…

    Korwin-Mikke: He gained almost 7 percent of the vote. We hoped for more of course. He will not give any recommendation [about who to vote] for in the second round of the elections.

    What is the main difference between the two main candidates in the second round, president Andrzej Duda and his competitor Rafal Trzaskowski from the Civic Platform?

    Korwin-Mikke: Trzaskowski is a social democratic pro-Brussels liberal – but “liberal” not in the good conservative sense but in progressive sense. Mr. Duda conducts a backward-oriented policy similar to the pre-WW2-era of Poland. This policy ended for us Poles in the catastrophe of 1939, and Duda and the ruling PiS party are repeating this policy step by step. They make all the same mistakes. So we don’t like either, neither Duda nor Trzaskowski.

    What are these mistakes Duda and PiS are repeating in your opinion?

    Korwin-Mikke: They are trying to garner the support of the Americans. But America is a country which is far away. And if you get into a conflict with your close neighbors such as the Germans, Russians, the Ukrainians or the Lithuanians, the Americans are far away and won’t be of any help. We had the same situation in 1939 when Poland trusted the promises from London – and nothing happened. Poland was occupied by Germany and the Soviets.

    So, the Polish people now have the choice between a pro-Washington president and a pro-Brussels president?

    Korwin-Mikke: Exactly. And things are by far not very clear for the future. Donald Trump could go to Moscow next week and hold good talks. Or the European Union could once again move closer to Russia. Anything is possible.

    Is that a problem?

    Korwin-Mikke [laughing] A German should be asking that! That is the big difference between the Polish and the German people. In Poland the people love the Americans, especially for historical reasons. They were our allies in two big wars, there are a lot of Polish immigrants living in USA. Russia is not very beloved in Poland on the other hand – they occupied Poland too often for that. In Germany things are different, the Germans are generally more anti-American for the “Dolchstoss” [backstabbing] they received in two World Wars and more friendly towards Russia. And I perfectly understand that!

    There is the following possible scenario: Duda gets reelected as Polish president, but Donald Trump doesn’t get reelected in November this year – then Poland has a problem, right? A US-president Joe Biden wouldn’t be Duda’s close friend anymore…

    Korwin-Mikke: He would be certainly feel very alone, since Biden would certainly prefer the progressive forces in Poland. I hope Donald Trump won’t leave the White House after the US elections. But it is possible.

    You are pro-Trump?

    Korwin-Mikke: I have been saying this for 15 years: For any country, it is always much better to be ruled by a monkey than by a socialist.


    Korwin-Mikke: Because the monkey is just a stupid animal. He sometimes chooses a right turn, sometimes left – without any reflection and sense. But the socialist always turns left – which means he is always wrong. The monkey is at least sometimes right. Donald Trump is a good example of that!

    Mr. Korwin-Mikke thanks a lot for the interview.

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    • Stev60

      Hmmm, some serious misunderstandings of history and its relevance to today need clearing up.

      Poland’s position in 1939 and today are not comparable – at least in terms of security prospects. In 1939 Poland faced relative military colossi of aggressive totalitarian nature on both sides, and relied on a hasty paper guarantee without real backing or conviction from Britain and France, which incidentally acted as an incentive for those hostile colossi to make a deal at Poland’s expense. Poland was also itself relatively backward militarily, despite certain notable achievements such as the early breaking of the Enigma codes. And, it had stood by while a potential key ally against Hitler’s Germany especially was dismantled, namely Czechoslovakia, and even played a small role in dividing the spoils. In short, the Polish leadership and position of that time was truly woeful – with the known results.

      Today however, Poland’s NATO membership, and relative prosperity and unity, backed by actual US and other troop deployments, real forces with real capabilities and long tails, coupled with Germany being a military (and moral) midget, with no prospect of any serious military-imperial revival, mean that there is no chance at all of a repeat of 1939, whether Poland is in the EU or not. And in fact, EU membership is a likely liability to Poland, as it will provide the necessary and sufficient condition for Poland to end up like Germany as to military-moral weakness, but without even Germany’s remaining bureaucratic-economic power, and it also has the potential to weaken NATO and the US commitment to maintain its associated obligations, especially via the ‘EU Army’ project. It also prevents Poland from forming really close and effective local alliances with neighbors such as the V4, as such attempts are subsumed under and overridden by EU-Brussels-Berlin priorities instead, which do NOT include a strong independent Poland or V4. Poland’s best bet by far is to aim for maximum self- and local-reliance under NATO, and to exit the enervating EU as soon as possible, which NATO membership along with adequate self-reliance is quite sufficient security cover for, and to then also form close arrangements with such neighbors as are willing, some of whom will indeed then be obliged to bid higher for Polish cooperation than otherwise, and even consider following the same route in order to avoid being absorbed into the EU-Reich-Bureaucratic-Superstate project. Modern Poland in NATO is quite capable of acting as an independent ‘Pole’ so to speak of Central-East European organization, free from imperial domination by either the Brussels-Berlin Axis, or Moscow, and guaranteeing for the ‘in-between’ states the sort of liberty and culture they prefer and are more suited to, than being mere serfs and lackeys of domineering neighbors. The US is an excellent ‘global’ guarantor of Polish security as it has no aggressive aims of its own on Poland, yet has a tremendous military power with worldwide projection capabilities – and the NATO alliance to back it up. NATO is what should be preserved and strengthened, it was undoubtedly the guarantor of peace in postwar Europe, not the EU or EC which tries to claim credit for what it played no significant role in.

      Also, it would make sense for Poland to acquire/host some sort of nuclear capacity, at least comparable to Germany (ie under NATO), without going overboard. And to always maintain strong and capable conventional armed forces, across all services and domains, within the financial possibilties. The 2010 Smolensk-Katyn ‘incident’ shows what can happen when Poland is weak and divided, and reliant on the wrong partners and technology, and procedures. The suspicious wiping out of the large part of the national leadership in one blow, to the benefit of the pro-EU opposition, and its Russian ‘partner’, is not something that would be possible in a strong yet smart Poland overreliant on either the EU or Russia, a Poland living up to its best historical traditions as an independent power of vital import to the security of Central Europe, a Poland that any European patriot could be proud to respect and regard in positive terms, a Poland that is nobody’s serf or lackey, let alone a traitor to its own and its region’s history and culture, liberty and security.

      • Stev60

        Biden would certainly prefer the progressive forces in Poland.

        Whilst Trump is no paragon or serious genius, Biden and his sidekick Harris are spiritual, scientific, moral, historical, geopolitical, ethnic, and cultural imbeciles, for whom Poland is merely another client-state amongst so many, to be hammered like a square peg into a round hole regardless of particular identity, history, tradition, culture, and needs (or costs), in service of truly bizarre Globalist-LGBTQwertyuiop-Feminazi-Multiculti-Islam-spreading agendas of anti-white-West-Christian ethno-cultural liquidation. Nevertheless, they would be obliged to maintain the NATO obligations, and that is enough. Otherwise their VS-BS can (indeed must be) be safely and soundly ignored for the true crap it is.


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