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The ghost ride to a country without civil liberties and basic rights

At the initiative of French President Macron, a mini-summit via video conference was held recently on the occasion of the latest Islamic terrorist incidents in France and Austria.

Published: November 19, 2020, 7:57 am

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    In addition to Macron, Austria’s Chancellor Kurz, the German Chancellor, the Dutch Prime Minister Rutte, EU Commission President von der Leyen, and the President of the European Council Michel took part.

    The subsequent press video conference was very informative. Sebastian Kurz, who was practically the last victim still under the impression of the Islamic attack in Vienna, spoke of “ticking time bombs” in European prisons with regard to Islamic threats that would be released at some point. In essence, he said: “If you want to protect yourself, you have to be ready to restrict the freedom of this clientele.” Above all, he categorically warned that the open internal borders were a danger as long as it was not possible to effectively protect Europe’s external borders.

    Merkel does not want to end her ghost ride in and with Europe

    If one did not know better, one could, in view of this clear gesture from Mr. Kurz, listen carefully and see a ray of light on the political horizon. But Merkel immediately made it clear in her speech that she was still not ready to end her course – although others see it as more of a ghost ride – in Europe.

    Merkel emphasized that the purely religiously motivated attacks by Islamic terrorists were not about a conflict between Islam and Christianity. You grasp your aching head: Yes, Ms. Merkel – these assassins are about exactly that! And nothing else! And we urgently and sorely need to grapple with this fact.

    It is obvious that Merkel will never recognize her fatal and historical mistake of opening borders unconditionally and will never ever admit to it. Or perhaps that had not been a mistake at the time, but a particularly perfidious element of a political strategy that the citizen has not been aware of? She will also continue to take no measures to limit or even stop the mass immigration that has since been largely unchecked, uncoordinated and, above all, uncontrolled.

    Is it democracy when a “court” provides all “worlds of thought”?

    Merkel behaves like a child who is stacking building blocks on top of each other and does not understand that the emerging tower will inevitably collapse sooner or later because of its increasing instability – actually, it must. And after this mishap – the expected “fallen tower in the nursery” – then starts the same game from the beginning in a bad mood but this time sure of success.

    Sadly, Merkel is at the head of the country. In their ideological realm of misconceptions, they are mentally encircled, bunkered down and surrounded by sycophantic courtiers, stupid claqueurs and patronized yes-men. Those who dare to criticize, are disciplined by the mutual admiration society which is equipped with ritualized forms of rule, and banished from the inner circle of power. Those who have been excluded, is soon given the stigma of the untouchable pariah by the compliant, power-driven and so-called fourth estate and persecuted: A cycle of perdition.

    Hamed Abdel-Samad also wrote recently, giving a reason for his final exit from the Islam conference: “I found that among the state representatives […] there are none who want to hear critical voices  […] The reality is: The state is in favor of the representatives of political Islam in this conference and ignores all warnings and suggestions from the critical voices.”

    Merkel’s thoughts: The citizen must be forced to be happy

    The fundamental constant in Merkel’s political work is obviously the assumption that one has to force the citizen to be happy, or rather, just to use the right vocabulary. Just educate them properly, and best of all, start at a very young age. If it works for one’s own citizens, then it works for the Islamic imam too.

    You just have to keep stacking those blocks on top of each other. And the realization that the blocks used also form the foundation stones for the encroaching state of opinion, education and governance, obviously prevents anyone from taking the ideological beam from their eyes. Not to mention the constantly recited mantra of morally manipulated self-aggrandisement.

    The “we” are not “you and me”, but we, the “prepotents”

    Under Merkel it has become normal for the value-creating German citizen to come up with a strange, absurd, spiritually unhealthy view of the world for people and the nation – which the Chancellor is pushing forward with all her vigor. If something does not fit, it is made to fit: The cost of crazily squaring the circle is borne by the righteous and battling taxpayer. But he was never asked about it and often does so without even realizing it. Supranationality, multilateralism, global climate, energy transition, gender insanity – the list is getting longer and longer.

    In addition, there is another aspect that is becoming increasingly obvious in Merkel’s ideology-poisoned actions on the international stage.

    One would think that the representative and the democratically elected head of a government of a nation on the international stage always speaks for the represented, i.e. for her own citizens. Merkel is completely different. When Merkel speaks of “we”, you don’t know who exactly she means by that. Only one thing is certain: it does not mean the German citizen, usually not even the German nation. In addition, it has become a notable part of Merkel’s speeches: “… we will work towards this both in our own countries and in Europe.”

    Who is this elitist ruling guild committed to do something in “their” countries? And isn’t it precisely the other way around, that Merkel’s mandate is to stand up for German interests in Europe? The self-proclaimed political elite has turned their backs on the nation state, with Merkel’s mantra of multilateralism going well beyond open European internal borders or international diplomacy.

    They are turning their backs on their own citizens, the demos, i.e. the people of the state in a democracy. And it is also and above all a hard and ruthless rejection of the right to claim a national identity which has been has been nurtured and forged over centuries.

    This has drawn a sharp dividing line, namely between the citizens of the European nation-states on the one hand – and the ruling, pseudo-noble elite from the politico-economic cartel on the other.

    Is there freedom and democracy in the new “One World Phantasm”?

    When Merkel often and happily alludes to “our way of life”, then here, too, she does not mean the traditional habits of the average German. Rather, it is this pseudo-elite and their organized accomplices, who live on state money, who intend to educate us on what it actually means. And their fervor is increasingly unrestrained and uncompromising. In the “dystopia” of this new ruling class intended for us, however, freedom and democracy will also only exist within the narrow limits we have been granted. This means that the citizen – who has been the sovereign until now – will then no longer have any influence on the definition of these limits.

    Democracy gradually degenerates into a pure facade, behind which the grimace of the demon of an authoritarian state of mind is hiding. In the end of its metamorphosis, the future will be totalitarian.

    The signals can be seen everywhere. In this context, too, the conjured up corona pandemic is ultimately only an instrumentalized catalyst to educate citizens to unconditional obedience, to get them used to the ultimate “rules”.

    The increasing restrictions on freedom and fundamental rights by the government in the course of fighting the corona pandemic show one thing very clearly: More and more citizens in Germany are only now waking up politically and facing these crucial questions.

    After the first reading of the “Draft of a Third Law to Protect the Population in the Event of an Epidemic of National Concerns” on Friday, November 6 of this year, my colleagues and I received around 1 500 emails – and the number is increasing every day.

    All of these messages are fearful, desperate, angry and indignant about the destruction of our freedom and fundamental rights.

    The drivers heading for the abyss must be stopped

    As bitter as the occasion is, it shows that these people are (only) now beginning to think politically, an urgently needed step in becoming a sovereign citizen, an empowered citizen. Someone who owns and perceives political sovereignty, instead of a mere consumer of daily political events.

    It must be in the interests of all of us to shut down Europe’s greatest ideological engine. To let it run out of fuel. Merkel as the driver of this ghost ride must be “disempowered”, of course in a democratic way. And with it the majority of the current block-system parties in Germany.

    After Merkel’s announced “great transformation”, our way of life will no longer exist. This delusional project is as fatal as it is ridiculous, as if one wanted to overtake a wrong-way driver on the left.

    As long as the infertile Merkel and her admiring pupil von der Leyen, determine the political course at the wheel, the institution and organization known as the the “EU” poses the greatest danger to our freedom, our democracy and to our countries.

    If you want to get the “EU” (not the institution, but the nations in Europe) back on track, there is no way around wrestling the steering wheel from this ideological political clique around Merkel.

    Otherwise they will turn the “EU” train with all the wagons attached to it, our European friends and fatherlands, into a ghost train. And finally crash it into a wall. We should not let it go that far.

    Martin Renner is a member of the Bundestag for the AfD. He was one of the 16 founders of the party in Oberursel at the beginning of 2013. His column on PI-NEWS appears every two weeks. It was translated and republished here with kind permission of the author.

    Martin Renner

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    • Stev60

      There is something very strange and suspicious about Merkel and her political career, her rise from minor DDR agitprop-commissar to the apparently unmoveable Chancellor of Germany and EU ‘Queen’ for some 15 years now, likely to outlast Trump despite his taking power a decade after her. For a start, one after another, benefactors and competitors were conveniently removed from her path, usually in circumstances of scandal, and with a final ‘push’ from her. Schnur, de Maiziere, Krause, Kohl, Schroeder, along with others, almost as though certain behind-the-scenes forces were helping clear the path for their ‘Manchurian Candidate’, who then at the opportune moment totally reverses her previous supposed ‘conservative’ policies, invites and incentivizes millions of Africans and (other) Muslims to storm into Europe, giving a massive boost to Islam in Europe at the most critical time, in virtual exact accordance with the urgings and fundings of George Soros, engaging in multiple repeat violations of the German constitution (Basic Law) in the process with impunity: Arts 6, 16a, 20, 56/64, and 116. Along with unilaterally dismantling Germany’s nuclear capacity, sneaking through ‘Gay Marriage’ with barely a discussion, and now increasingly committing Germany to (again Soros-approved) debt mutualization and other violations of traditional German fiscal rectitude and independence, all whilst suppressing dissent and encouraging the expansion of Islam in Germany, and even appointing an Istanbul-born ethnic/dual citizen Turk to be the no.2 in the BfD after having engineered the removal of the less Merkel-compliant predecessor-head, and remaining silent while her Danegeld-payee Sultan Erdogan rampages across his region and beyond in pursuit of his Islamist and neo-Ottoman/pan-Turkic program. Plus consistently opposing all attempts to oppose or undo the damage thereby created. It’s very clear that whatever this childless, career and power-obsessed woman stands and works for, it is most definitely NOT Germany, European Europe, and the West. Let alone Christianity and Christendom. She has been immensely damaging to all, as will become increasingly clear over time, especially once her baleful hold on power has finally ended. She is very obviously a ‘plant’, someone selected, groomed, and steeered to the top, by ‘Globalist’ interests with an agenda to destroy German and European nationalism, identity, independence, security, and stability, and to profit from it, as part of their misguided and misimplemented program of ‘Global Governance’, their ‘New World Order’ and ‘One World Government’ agenda which is just wrecking the West whilst empowering its competitors and historic foes. Even were one to prudently and rationally go about such a thing for imagined ‘benevolent’ motives one would hardly do so in the unsound, insane, and ruinous way they have, but the evidence is that there is little genuinely benevolent about it, rather all too much tyrannical, totalitarian, Satanic, and reptilian.

      The string-pullers are demonic scum on all preponderance of the evidence, and Merkel has been their ‘Chosen’ operative, at least in Europe, though others abound, ‘Cursula Fond o’ Lyin’ chief amongst them.


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