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Taking the French for fools: PM Jean Castex doubles down on vaccine sales. Facebook

France shuns evidence of massive vaccine failure

France's vaccine passport will come into force on Monday, announced Prime Minister Jean Castex. The unvaccinated will be banned from most public venues. The French government is doubling down on a crumbling global narrative of "safe and effective" vaccines.

Published: January 21, 2022, 10:23 am

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    Those who choose to remain unjabbed will be banned from domestic flights, restaurants, sports events and other venues. The vaccine passport is key to stopping the Omicron variant from spreading, Castex claimed, seemingly totally immune to reason.

    According to French Patriots Party leader Florian Philippot, the only purpose of a “health pass” is to sell more doses of the faulty pharmaceutical product. “Who gets how much? What collusion? What conflicts of interest? Systemic corruption?” Philippot demanded. These are the questions which are not being answered by the interested parties, he said. “These are the real questions of a commission of enquiry that would like to get to the bottom of the vaccine pass.”

    Philippot added: “The level of wonderment of most of the media this morning at the Castex press conference confirms how far we have fallen into banana tyranny! It’s almost funny all this dripping propaganda! Even Kim Jong-un couldn’t dream of it.”

    The Patriots leader highlighted the numbingly stupid decrees of the Macron administration: “They say ‘it is forbidden to eat standing up’. Then they say ‘it will be allowed to eat standing up in a month’. And they sell it as ‘easing restrictions’ by voting for a mandatory health pass anyway. To break this infernal cycle, you just need to turn your neurons back on.”

    Exporting stupid ideas from France

    Emmanuel Macron has been hiding behind Castex who pushes vaccine sales. On Wednesday however, he expressed “some important considerations” at the beginning of the six-month French EU Council Presidency in Strasbourg – airing some stale convictions “that make up our common agenda”, as he said at the beginning of his speech designed to impress French voters.

    Instead of ditching the vaccine passport like British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the French president called for a “right to abortion” to be enshrined in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights – apparently not just a dig at the new President of Parliament Roberta Metsola, who is known as an abortion critic, but also at conservative-governed countries like Poland.

    Macron framed his demand in the usual way: First, it was necessary to “consolidate” the “European values”. Without irony, he then pointed out that the death penalty was forbidden in the Charter of Fundamental Rights. The right to kill unborn life is therefore on a par with the right not to be killed. And not a word about vaccine-induced deaths. His silence was indeed deafening.

    The French leader further underscored his mediocrity by droning on about the “protection of the environment”. Protection of the environment but not protection of life? By now any sane individual would have laughed out loud at the contradictions. And finally he summed up “our political project”.

    In his speech, Macron also spoke of “respect” for the “uniqueness and identity of everyone”, of the “sovereignty of peoples”. He evidently thought this mind-searing contradiction jibed with his regulatory fantasies and upped his chances of being viewed by voters as a serious candidate for re-election.

    In addition, Macron’s statements once again pointed to the dangerous development that the European Union has been taking away from subsidiarity towards more and more centralized regulations. Because the French president also called for a European minimum wage, new employee rights and more women on supervisory boards.

    EU Commission President wants mandatory shots too

    The demand for an EU-wide quota for women was raised just a week ago by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

    In December, she had already drawn attention to herself with another statement: Getting carried away by the hysterical debate in Germany, she suggested an EU-wide general vaccination requirement. Austria’s National Council passed a mandatory vaccination law on Friday, cementing their Corona dictatorship.

    The EU that rules from Brussels to make health decisions for more than 400 million people, to set wages uniformly and to execute the supposedly necessary socio-political liberalization in all member countries? That would be a nightmare for its inhabitants.

    Adults are no longer in charge in France

    Ironically Luxembourg, not France, invited one of the world’s most renowned specialists of infectious diseases, public health and vaccines: Christian Perronne, a French doctor and university professor. He specializes in tropical diseases and emerging infectious diseases. He was Chair of the Technical Committee on Communicable Diseases of the High Council of Public Health in France, long-time Chair of the Technical Committees on Vaccination and Vice-Chair of the WHO Vaccine Expert Group for the WHO Euro-Zone (including Asia and Russia).

    He was a guest of the Luxembourg Parliament on Thursday 13 January 2022. He began his hearing with a brief account of his outstanding professional career in the field of health, epidemics and vaccines and reminded his audience that despite his knowledge of the field, he is now being derided as a “conspiracist” in France.

    In just eight minutes, Professor Perronne, blew up the narrative of Macron and his gang of jab junkies. According to the esteemed professor, the French government has paid more than $3 billion to the media over the last 2 years, invested absolutely nothing in hospitals and ignored science.

    “These are not vaccinations, they do not work. They neither prevent infections nor severe illness. In the countries that have vaccinated the most, over 90 percent of people in intensive care units are double or triple vaccinated.

    “According to official databases, 36 000 people have died as a result of vaccinations in Europe and 25 000 in the USA, not forgetting athletes.” Peronne noted that many more children have died because of the shots than of Covid itself.

    “Oncologists in the US have also noted an increase in deaths among cancer patients following vaccination. And it is clear that the numbers of Covid deaths have been inflated,” he added.

    Professor Perronne has published two books on the subject: Décidement ils n’ont toujours pas compris [You really still don’t understand] and Y a-t-il une erreur qu’ils n’ont pas commise? [Is there a mistake you haven’t made yet?].

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