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The George Floyd protests

As my readers know, I am a critic of police brutality and regard George Floyd’s murder as being as unacceptable as every other outrage committed by police.

Coronavirus: scientists promoting chloroquine and Remdesivir are acting like sports rivals

In the struggle to find a cure for coronavirus, scientists are denigrating each other like sportsmen or boxers before a match. Which cure will win: Hydroxychloroquine or Remdesivir?

US, not China, opened its borders and got the virus

Hate the Chinese government if you wish, but hold your own government responsible for hollowing America out like a husk, says Ilana Mercer.

Researchers: 47 drugs that might treat the coronavirus

'In the last four weeks, we have tested 47 of these drugs and compounds in the lab against live coronavirus. I’m happy to report we’ve identified some strong treatment leads and identified two separate mechanisms for how these drugs affect SARS-CoV-2 infection. Our findings were published on April 30 in the journal Nature.' - Nevan Krogan

Coming out of lockdown unprepared

Many uninformed people are agitating for reopening the economy. That, of course, needs to be done, but not in the unprepared way that it is being done.

Coronavirus and conspiracy: Don’t be a ‘covidiot’

Ilana Mercer says Government isn't competent enough to concoct and execute deleterious plots

Closedown versus no closedown

Every country with the exception of Sweden found it necessary to close down at least part of the economy in order to prevent the highly infectious virus from overwhelming their medical care systems.

A New World is being born

We are hearing from many that the world after Covid-19 will be different. The question is: Different in what way? Will it be better or worse?

Pandemic, Plague, and Protests: Will Chile Join the Sh–hole Country Club?

Lower-case, doctrinaire democrats in America doggedly conflate the “will of the people” across the world with liberty. This Disneyfied view of democracy ignores that, in a democracy, the right to vote gives one man control over another’s life and livelihood.

Scientists are still searching for the source of COVID-19: Why it matters

The current COVID-19 outbreak is driven by a novel coronavirus (SARS CoV-2) that is spreading between people.