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French lawyer Carlo Alberto Brusa. Facebook

Life insurer refuses to cover vaccine death

An explosive case is currently being hotly debated on social media: In France, a rich, older entrepreneur from Paris is said to have died as a result of a Corona injection. Previously, he had taken out multi-million dollar life insurance policies for the benefit of his children and grandchildren, according to a media report.

Published: January 14, 2022, 12:30 pm

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    Although vaccination is recognized as the cause of death by doctors and the insurance company, it has refused to pay out. The reason is because the side effects of the Corona jabs are known and published. They argue that the deceased took part in an experiment at his own risk. Covid-19 in itself is not classed as a “critical illness”.

    According to the company, an experimental vaccination resulting in death is like suicide

    The insurance company justified the refusal of payment to the family by stating that the use of experimental medication or treatments, including Corona injections, is expressly excluded from the insurance contract. The family’s subsequent lawsuit against the insurance company has been unsuccessful.

    The court allegedly justified its ruling as follows: “The side effects of the experimental vaccine are published and the deceased could not claim to have known nothing about it when he voluntarily took the vaccine. There is no law or mandate in France that compelled him to be vaccinated. Hence his death is essentially suicide.” Since suicide is not covered by the policy from the outset, the insurance refuses to budge.

    Scandalous verdict: taking a fatal risk is legally suicide

    “The court recognizes the classification of the insurer who, in view of the announced side effects, including death, legally regards participation in the phase three experiment, whose proven harmlessness is not given, as voluntarily taking a fatal risk that is not covered by the contract and legally recognized as suicide. The family has appealed. However, the insurer’s defense is recognized as well-founded and contractually justified, as this publicly known fatal risk is legally considered suicide, since the customer has been notified and has agreed to voluntarily take the risk of death without being obliged or compelled to do so.”

    No surprise: Mainstream media is silent

    This case has not yet been reported in France ‘s mainstream media. The case was published by the family’s lawyer, Carlo Alberto Brusa, on social media. Unfortunately, no sources or court records are given, which is why the authenticity of the report cannot currently be verified although there have been other warnings regarding the risk associated with the jabs recognized by insurers. In the US, the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) has denied reports of non-payment.


    In recent months, many French anti-vaccine groups of the social network Facebook have been victims of sudden, unjustified closures, especially support groups for Brusa and Professor Didier Raoult. The latter has often been criticized for his positions on vaccines, hydroxychloroquine and his criticism of the mismanagement of the epidemic by the Macron government.

    At the end of last year, the main support group for Didier Raoult was deactivated before it was reactivated, thanks to a mobilization on social networks and a massive relay on alternative media. On November 27, a teacher support group for Brusa was suspended. With no less than 310 000 members to its credit, the group created in March 2020 was closed for having shared the complaint by Brusa concerning the wearing of masks for children. The Parisian lawyer and his association Réaction-19 was accused of spreading a “conspiracy”.

    Global difficulties for insurers due to vaccines

    Actuaries have been warning that rising claims will be eroding the capital which insurers set aside to avoid insolvency. Notably, older people do not take out life insurance, which means that the claims have been from younger clients. Insurers say that they expect a rise in excess deaths.

    According to Alex Berenson, the risk of injury or death from the jab is exceptionally high judging from Canadian data.

    The refusal to pay for a vaccine-related death may not be surprising since globally the life insurance industry has been hit with reported claims of $5,5 billion in the first nine months of 2021 versus $3,5 billion for the whole of 2020, according to insurance broker Howden.

    Dutch insurer Aegon, with two-thirds of its business in the US, said its American claims in the third quarter were $111 million, up from $31 million a year earlier.

    Vaccine deaths may force insurers to raise premiums and some have indicated that they intend to punish the unvaccinated for their financial woes.

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    • Taddie Sy

      anyone surprised???? of course they will not pay out – which is why the Big Pharma companies are not operating in countries with the policy that individuals can sue those companies for harm – THEY KNOW their poison is killing people – this is the plan it is a worldwide test going on til approx 2025 – a certain % are benign of these shots – some are super deadly ( will kill virtually immediately) and some still toxic but will still allow the person to live with disability and ill health for awhile longer – thereby giving the pharma company customers for all their other drugs… insurance companies are all scams too – I am sure people did not realize just how evil our world is GOD’s plan to reveal all – satan has control here

    • Heydrich

      Mass vaccination causes financial hardship for insurance companies. Therefore insurance companies want to punish the unvaxxed. Just another example of today’s insanity.

      Regarding the case noted above, with the insurance company that refuses to pay, we need to follow up on this to verify that it is true. If the family’s lawyer, Carlo Alberto Brusa, reveled this on social media, then why were no sources or court records given? Strange.

      • sgtdoom

        Interesting question and I am completely ignorant of French law so am completely unqualified to comment, but recall when I was researching and investigating an assertion in the JFK assassination*** it was necessary to make several trips to France and dig up court case records and it was considerably more difficult than most other OECD countries —- they are not open to people, whether citizens or foreigners, pouring through the courts’ files!?

        ***Claims as to the identity of a Mertz character who was alleged to have impersonated Jean Rene Souetre in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963 surfaced after Souetre’s name and deportation became public. Total disinformation which originated from Guggenheim–owned News Daily of New York — Mertz character fictitious.

        FYI: Eighteen hours after the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas, an INS agent, Virgil Bailey, picked up Jean Rene Souetre from a Dallas jail, where he was being temporarily held for deportation. The INS agent was acting upon an expulsion order generated by the CIA (#632-796, “accidentally” released in 1977 with another FOIA’d document, dated 4/01/64.(Souetre was a French assassin-for-hire, escaped federal prisoner and French Army (officer) deserter, also wanted for questioning in an assassination attempt on Charles DeGaulle.)

    • Brenda

      Ꭰо уοս ԝаոt tо рⅼау а ցаⅿе fοr аⅾսⅼtѕ ԝіth ⅿе? Τhіѕ іѕ а рорսⅼаr ѕех ցаⅿе ԝhісh іѕ сοոѕіⅾеrеⅾ tо bе аⅿοոց thе bеѕt іո thе οոⅼіոе ѕех ցаⅿеѕ ցеոrе. Ꮐеt а frее bоոսѕ аոⅾ рⅼау ոоԝ:

    • John Marlow

      I first came across this report on a site that had this in the title.
      « en-france-deces-apres-la-vaccination-dun-grand-pere-tres-fortune-ancien-chef-dentreprise-parisien-de-versailles-avec-ASSURANCE-VIE-de-plusieurs-millions-deuro-pour-le-benefice-de-ses-enfants »

      I tried to find out more details, but it went into a circles with “Anne” always at the centre.

      I think that some of the comments on ns217 site are where
      people are confused between Assurance Santé (a health assurance) and Assurance
      Vie (an unfortunately named savings account). This report concerns the latter.

      With Assurance Vie, (the savings account) as I understand it, when one has reached 70 years there are special rules when one can, on death, leave some of the savings to grandchildren. I presume the exact situation for this Grandfather were specified when he took out the savings account (i.e. Assurance Vie); different Banks have different rules. Since it is a Savings Account, I cannot see how the grandfather was stopped from giving his own money (subject to the French State rules on inheritance) to his grandchildren.

      If it was an ordinary Life Insurance, then things are different

      I hope that this helps to clarify things

      • Peter

        no, it does not help to clarify things… in europe (unlike the us), life insurance is a de-facto savings account which you can cash out at any point.

        • Funemone Schaller

          Many who own Whole Life Policies will cash out if they are concerned about the insurance companies’ financial viability

        • Markey Farrell

          depends on the type of insurance… MANY LI products allow payout. And they can be structured in dozens of ways, and a tax-free if you have half a clue.

          btw- Using LI ” as a de-facto savings account” is rather stupid financial strategy.

          gawd you people yap away as if you know what you’re talking about.
          Sell LI for 20 years and get back to me.

    • Stacey Johnson

      They know Billions are going to Die from the jab, they nee to weasel out now!

    • Stacey Johnson

      Ivermectin saves lives
      clots shots kill
      Which does your government want you to have, which is banned? Tells you everything you need to know!

    • FED-UP with it all

      Once one claim is LEGALLY denied due to the ‘experimental’ nature of the vax, ALL the others can deny the claims based on the fact that the policy holder took the vax.


      If the policy holder takes the vax, then dies, the company will automatically DENY payout of the policy.

      Then, the beneficiaries will have to go to court to PROVE the VAX DID NOT CAUSE THE DEATH in order to have the policy honored.

      The CDC would have a vested interest in these cases. They would need to HELP PROVE the vax DID NOT CAUSE the death – OTHERWISE – the vax is UNSAFE besides being ineffective.

      Oh what a tangled web we weave . . .

      • Obamanation

        I don’t disagree with anything you have stated, yet shouldn’t the burden of proof be on the insurance companies proving suicide, and doesn’t the deceased need to have, “knowingly” ended their own life in order to be considered suicide. Ignorance of danger does not constitute suicide. Would the insurance company have to pay out if the deceased died of head injury while riding a bicycle without a helmet? This court case could also be the coup De grace for the CDC.

        • disqus_RUOK

          All good points no doubt.
          Government(s) on the other hand operate out of complete different angle.

          Tangled web they weave is insane with double talk, here-say and wishful thinking.
          Take the vax along with all boosters current and future, wear a mask at all times and don’t worry about the outcome.

          Politicians go out of their way to push this, yet hold no accountability for its fall out.
          Not just the insurance companies, I WANT ALL THE POLITICIANS HELD TO THEIR WORDS.
          Every single one deserves life in prison at the least, they are killing people.

          Voted into office in most cases and takes the helm as dictators, ENOUGH!

        • Prester Kahn

          You also have to take into account if the shot was “mandated”. Apparently in this case there was no mandate – just a lot of societal pressure.

          Kinda reminds me of the “dadism” – If all of your friends are jumping off a cliff, are you going to jump, too?

          • Markey Farrell

            exactly and concisely stated.

        • davidgmillsatty

          Ignorance of a danger does not constitute suicide. Precisely right. The suicide defense should not be successful. In fact, it is probably frivolous and sanction-able in the US.

          • Markey Farrell

            That is absurd. The danger WAS made clear. He just ignored it.
            Ignoring danger is different than ignorance of it.

            • davidgmillsatty

              Utter nonsense. The odds of dying from Covid if you get it are about 1% and possibly higher than that by a couple points if you are old, obese, male and with several comorbidities and living in a retirement community. Your odds of surviving Covid, if you catch it are way better than Russian routlette. Even if you are playing Russian routlette and end up killing yourself, there would still be a question about whether you wanted to commit suicide or not. Reckless behavior does not equate to a suicide.

              I practiced law for 35 years. I was an insurance defense counsel for 4 years and sued insurance companies for 31 years. I also had a life insurance license for a year or two.

              I don’t think this suicide defense will fly. It would set a horrible precedent. What is obviously going on is that insurance companies are facing huge amounts of liability they never expected. And so they are scared shitle$$. They may require a bailout from the government and I expected that to be a necessity very early on. They may face way more health insurance and worker’s compensation liability than they do death benefits.

              So you are just another want-a-be lawyer on the internet. Next time you think you can play lawyer on the internet, ask yourself whether you could pilot a 747.

            • Segue

              It’s closer to 0.3% according to CDC data, at least during 2020. Haven’t looked lately to see if that’s changed. One thing I know is that the U.S. stopped recording vax status many moons ago so we won’t know with new Covid deaths the vaxxed vs unvaxxed numbers.

            • 50gary

              No less than President Joseph Bid=n has said directly to the world, “if you get the vaccine you won’t go in the hospital, you won’t die”. That’s a pretty strong statement(s)

        • Markey Farrell

          The insurance company would pay the bicyclist. The HELMET did not cause the death. The INJECTION DID. Cause and effect.
          The helmet could have, maybe prevented the death.. but that is not true of the experimental vaccine. IT CAUSED the death.

          If you shoot yourself in the face you might or jump off a cliff you may live.. you cannot KNOW it would “knowingly” end your life.
          The KNOWING part was published and available to the risk taker. It was UP TO HIM to know the side-effect, not the insurance company to cover his NOT KNOWING.

        • garlicnosedho

          Due diligence is every fully functioning adult’s responsibility, not the company’s.

        • FED-UP with it all

          Not necessarily. The injections are KNOWN to be experimental. Even though the MSM and government use double-speak and illusion to make it seem like it’s all “above board and approved” – it isn’t. Being tricked into believing something isn’t an excuse to not read the paperwork before being jabbed. And we’re all guilty of this when we’re in the doctor’s office. Heck. Most of the time, we’re handed a signature pad and we electronically sign in the box without even seeing where our signature is going or what it is being placed on within the computer! We expect our doctor to “tell us” the important part of the document. I’ve even quoted back to my doc “yeah, yeah, up to and including death” as I’m signing the form. What are you going to do? If you don’t sign, you don’t get the procedure you need. If you do sign, there is a chance things will go wrong. BUT, those situations are NOT experimental. They are NOT “in trial”. They are NOT studies.

          What is going on RIGHT NOW are trials. These are experiments. Everyone who has gotten the jab is now part of the experiment. Everyone who has NOT gotten the jab is part of the control group. I’m not sure if you heard, but Pfizer ‘blew’ it’s control group and gave them ALL the jab. There was some double speak as to why; but suffice it to say that ALL the data collected was blown to smithereens. Now they need to do the same for the general public. Why? Take a look around us. The jabbed are getting sick. Not just with covid. The jabbed are dying at a higher rate. World-wide. The higher the jab rate – the higher the illness/death rate. I’m sure we’ll also see the higher the infertility rate as well in the near future.

          I have Pfizer docs from Dec 10, 2020 that specifically states they did not test their jab on pregnant women. Yet, in Feb Fauci & friends were telling pregnant women it was safe to get the jab. (And, yes, folks, it’s pregnant WOMEN – men who have had their penises cut off DO NOT GET a uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries transplanted during that surgery and therefore are NOT CAPABLE of carrying children – ONLY BIOLOGICAL WOMEN can be PREGNANT – IT’S SCIENCE!)

          We don’t know that insurance companies haven’t turned down policies where the deceased wasn’t wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle when it was required. I do know this . . . companies do EVERYTHING WITHIN THEIR POWER TO MAKE SURE THEY PAY THE LEAST AMOUNT POSSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING – this would include life insurance, medical insurance, and other insurance policies. This is why they pre-negotiate rates, why there are deductibles, where there are actuary tables, etc.

          Back a few months ago, there were discussions about how, in the future, because these were EXPERIMENTAL jabs, insurance policy holders (like life & medical) would take a stand against paying out for all the damages these jabs were going to cause. We are starting to see – very quickly – how much damage these shots are causing. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We are just entering the 2nd year of jabs and I fully expect things to get worse from here.

    • Obamanation

      But the insurance companies are still, happily, taking monthly payments from the vaccinated.

      • Greatrightnorth

        They could die from other causes that would still be covered. Sadly for them stupidity is not one of those causes.

      • Markey Farrell

        If you bought the insurance 3 years ago, the insurance company does not know if you are vaccinated. why would they not take the premiums for their product that you willingly purchased? I still have not seen a policy application that asks specifically if you have had any covid injection.

        You are just as bad at fake news as the clot-shot-pushers and needle-nazi junkies.

        You people have no clue how insurance works – but you are quick to attack them. BY FAR, A HUGE BY FAR most policies pay out as expected and promised.

    • Trumpeter

      Ok, if taking the shot is suicide because the side effects are published, where were they published.

      And now that the shot = death…everyone who helped hide that information committed murder, in this specific case, and Genocide against humanity.

      If you work at Twitter there is no difference between loading Jews into railcars and silencing banned tweets.

      Hang them all, hang them high.

      • Leave out the hollow hoax.. this is different.

      • Bob

        It depends on where you look and how much you learn. Yes, there is a difference. The jews declared war on Germany.

        But the holocaust is a fairy tale.

        • BubbaOrwell

          And General George Patton would have exposed it if the heebs hadn’t killed him

          • garlicnosedho

            You give good bubbas a bad name.

        • PattonWasRight

          I’d say at least 500,000 died due to typhus, starvation, and other diseases. Obviously Jews and other ethnicities suffered in the camps.

          Claiming every single camp was a genocide camp really backfired when it turned out the only camps where this narrative was maintained happened to ALL be under Russian control.

          This is just history repeating itself. The winners always write history.

      • Markey Farrell

        It is published on that 492 page mini-encyclopedia in tiny print in impossible legalize medical terminology that they tuck inside every vial or prescription bottle of every medicine given everywhere. Just nobody reads it. And that is the idea.

        • River

          Please, have you seen one for the current China flu shots? Plenty of Blank Pages folded up into that “book”. Videos online!

      • garlicnosedho

        VAERS website (part of site), where vaccine adverse events are reported. Most medical staff are told they’ll be fired if they report an incident, so only a small percentage of adverse reactions/deaths are reported, and believe me, that is shocking enough. Also, AND life insurance actuaries are reporting an extreme spike upward in deaths since the shoulder stabs and boosters appeared on the scene. Anecdotal evidence on free-speech media is another place to get info: families are being allowed on air to tell their stories of horrifying occurrences and deaths. Athletes worldwide dropping like flies, especially soccer players and American football players, as in those two sports the heart pumps hard. Also, is a site that tells you how pernicious your shot was according to its batch number. Thank God for the health care and Big Pharma whistleblowers giving us this info. Find out if your medical professionals are taking Big Pharma money (thank God for the Sunshine Act in the US): (PS: It’s the Nuremberg protocols, in case anyone wants to search online. They might not get the right info with the wrong spelling. God help us defeat the evil prevalent in the Western World today.)

      • Segue

        Also for WHO Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ injury data. so yeah, it’s public record. The fact that people don’t want to educate themselves is personal choice.

    • Jiver Rabbit

      “The court allegedly justified its ruling as follows”

      Where is the source for this?

      I want to make of copy of that, before Google et al deletes it from digital existence, and forever bans anyone from finding it anywhere, so help them Satan.

      • Loosethedogs

        If you have a L.I. policy, check out the fine print for a disclaimer regarding involvement in “medical experiments” or similar wording.

    • Patrick Müller

      This is an earthquake. What will follow, is a tsunami of trials. Who will pay the damage? Who is responable? Only the old man? Vaccination is suicide??? I can’t belief…

      • BobValdez

        If you WILLINGLY allow yourself to be injected with an un-tried, un-tested, experimental, un-approved ‘gene therapy treatment’ that is NOT a ‘vaccine’, you ARE commiting suicide.

    • alan serjeant

      “Vaccine deaths may force insurers to raise premiums and some have indicated that they intend to punish the unvaccinated for their financial woes”.

      Can anyone else see the perverse logic in that statement ? ………… The vaccine is killing people so we will punish the people who didn’t take it and are not dying !!!!! Really ???

      • 2ndAmend

        We’ll be the only ones alive to pay.

        • Scott Vines

          Put why pay for insurance if they’ll simply change the goalposts to suit their agenda and bottom line? That sort of “insurance” has no value.

          • Markey Farrell

            They did not “simply change the goalposts”… the contract is said to have the very clear and simple clause (very many of them do – I sold several types of Life Insurance for 20 years) that uses language like ‘experimental’, illegal (lack of law or mandate) drugs or remedies, and suicide clauses. THE insured tried to change the goalposts – NOT the insurance company. HE signed the contract voluntarily. HE took an experimental, non-approved medicine for treatment without even having the (COVID) sickness. It is Very standard language.

            • Douglas Self

              Did the deceased do as his doctor recommended and/or the French government was twisting his arm to do? If so, then the insurance company’s invocation of the “suicide” or “experimental” clause that’d get them off the hook to pay up is wrong, and they’re liable. If they’re right, then the French government is abetting its medical community in one huge act of medical malpractice and NEGLIGENCE.

            • garlicnosedho

              Sorry. I did not mean to sort of repeat what you said. I should’ve read all the comments first.

          • garlicnosedho

            Before buying ANY kind of insurance, people would do well to read the fine print, especially the exclusion sections. For example, floods not covered on regular homeowner’s policies. It’s why those in flood zones have to get FEMA flood insurance. Insurance is based on risk. It’s just a reality, otherwise, they’d go bankrupt asap. Considering that the shoulder stabs are emergency-approved injections and not legit vaccines, it is a RISK that insurers will not take.

          • Harry Warren

            Over 90% of all life Insurance never pays a claim. It’s always been that way. They expect that a policy will lapse. They call it the lapse ratio. What could go wrong? In 2008-2010 a whole lot went wrong.

        • BobValdez

          You can pay, I won’t be.

      • h5mind

        If it sounds insane, you understand it perfectly.

      • Markey Farrell

        DO NOT RELY ON THE NYTIMES. ffs catch up.. they are just paper version of cnn.
        Besides, there are thousands of life insurance companies…. they WILL go on profit. Just shop around you will get a decent premium for your relative risk of death.

      • PattonWasRight

        This is actually how insurance works. If you could purchase insurance based on some reliable metric that indicates reliably how healthy you are, then healthy people could actually get insurance much cheaper.

        As it is, insurance companies essentially make you subsidize people who don’t give a damn about their health. The exceptions being things like smoker/non-smoker status.

        The Spartan take on health insurance in America would sort this crap out real quick and reverse a trend supporting a gene pool of sick people. Of course everyone would complain about the ethics.

    • John Tokalenko

      No insurance company is going to deny a payout based on the “vaccine” killing the insured. Such a move would be a nuclear bomb for “confidence” in the injections among the “important people.”

    • Quite so.. should have refused.. in any case, times are a-changing. ”Videos. Experimental Injections. ”Biggest Crimes Against Humanity Ever Committed.” Anna de Buisseret Explains Who Will Be Held Liable. Under
      The Law. By Anna Buissseret. January 08. 2022”. and.. ”GlobalReserch Jan10..22. Video: Reiner Füellmich and 50 Lawyers: “Different Batches” and “Lethal Doses”, ”The Vaccines Are Designed to Kill”

    • Michael Biggins

      Well worth reading seeing who has published it ? Well qualified to tell it like it really is!!!

    • Michael Biggins

      SHARE this as if your life depends on it ( it probably does! )

    • PureBlood11

      Globalists are trying to inoculate as many people as possible so that their great reset aka depopulation 2030 plan work. Hospitals in USA are refusing life-saving Ivermectin. Get Ivermectin therapeutic ivmcures/com (Looks like I can’t post links, replace / with .)

    • Loosethedogs

      Who didn’t see this coming a mile away? I don’t understand the LI company’s logic though: punish the jab victims by denying their claims, then punish the non-jabbed, (who are a lesser liability) by raising their premiums. Why don’t they go to the gov like other monopolies do and demand a bailout in return for their silence and then resume payouts to the “suicide” victims”?

      • Markey Farrell

        It is doubtful the insurance companies will “punish the non-jabbed”. Their actuaries will show the cost of the vaccine related deaths versus the vax-free death rates.
        Insurance companies are HIGHLY competitive. They WILL go the the numbers to determine premiums… and the consumer has a TON of options to chose from and competitors to seek policies.
        IHMO that is a ruse created by the NYTIMES (the cnn of newspapers) to scare the vax-free.

    • thomas lash

      This will deplete the life insurance risk pool. At that point new Vax deaths will be declined if oblivious.
      Most over all deaths will come in slow motion and increase the cost by 4 fold. Worse than HIV AIDS

    • yogi3702nd

      When I first saw this first thing in the morning, I as no doubt most of us have become so accustomed to being shafted that I read that as being unvaxxed…

      This could finally be the impetus to get the sheep and the indoctrinated to WTFU, research and have that lightbulb moment..Then as the comments here are stating, we go for ALL of them that have caused the adverse reactions to murder of thousands to millions…Could it finally be OUR time…

      They SHOULD be up on Nuremburg Code tribunal at the very least and Fauci in particular is imprisoned at the very least along with Gates, Soros, Kissinger, all members of G7, the corrupted media, Demonrats, RINOs(most of Congress for that matter-6th of Jan), hell thousands are involved and thousands SHOULD be punished severely…

      • disqus_RUOK

        I believe we are fast approaching the panic that liberals, politicians, CDC and the media are fearing.

        House of lies will eventually crumble down and it is starting to.
        This so called vaccine is anything but and they knew it from the start.
        This is perpetuated mass kill off organized by individual governments around the world.
        Austria, Canada, Australia, New Zealand are all pushing for 100% by law on all citizens.
        Crime of the millennia is underway, hold on.

        Not going to end well.

    • yogi3702nd

      I would hope this could go to the Supremes though personally don’t trust them as proven they are a Democrat/RINO machine on most subjects of importance, and should think ALL of us could sue the insurance companies as a last resort for ALL investments which would completely make them crash (no doubting they have re-invested and made considerably more on our dime-or so I think assumingly)

      This would possibly coincide with the recently reported illegals being allowed in even while refusing to be vaxxed…Obvious to myself that the rumor of wiping out the white race in America could actually become a reality…Bizarre in that those at the top pulling most of the strings are white themselves…totally messed up world!!

    • D. Infante

      Fed up of Barbie Mengeles
      Take them to JAIL.

    • Bob

      Insurance companies are owned by the same kosher banksters that run the scamdemic. The kill shot is a weapon against We The People.

    • Dave R

      I agree with the insurance company on this one.

    • Macho Mann

      Who DIDN’T see this coming.?? Damned IF you do and damned IF you don’t… 🙄

      BUCK Foe Jiden 🖕

    • Strefanasha

      Well, it figures that an insurance company, in order to justify a refusal to pay out, would actually stoop to telling the truth.

      And it is the truth that covid 19 was not dangerous and that the vaxx was an experiment.

      It seems to me the only way around this verdict, which seems to be correct according to the letter of the law is how could it be expected that the populace would know of th side affecs of the vaxx when gocts are suppressing everything they can to push thevaxx.

      I am not denying the verdict is monstrous, but it appears to be the letter of the law correct.

      and there is the brutal irony: an insurance company telling the truth for once to justify refusing apayout

      • Markey Farrell

        you a just ranting on insurance companies.
        tell that to the young widow with 5 kids who just got their payout.

        • Strefanasha

          here in christchurch New Zealand Insurance companies did their level best to refuse payment to those whose properties were danaged by the 2011 quakes. that in some cases they met their obligation neiher excuses them when they d id not meet their obligation or disprove that they might seek to avoid said obligation. so your talk here establishes nothing. Besides, all you do is offer an ppeal to emotion, in this instance the feeling of a young widow. this is an appeal to emotion, and a fallacy

    • Strefanasha

      If insurance companies are so greedy as to punish those who refused to “commit suicide” then perhaps we should punish the insurance companies by ending our policies with them.

      without income they would go under, all we need to do is have the courage of our ancestors before insurance was invented and take the real risks that life is full of

    • Funemone Schaller

      Most US life insurance policies contain an “incontestability clause” – usually two years – after which the insurance company is obligated to pay even if the death was ruled a suicide.

    • jgilman1

      If he refused the vax, they would have said he refused life saving treatment.
      I’ve been waiting for this very debate.

    • SMSgt MTC

      After I retired from the Air Force, I decided to go back to school and picked an interesting profession. I am a registered vascular ultrasound technologist. In the past year, a conservative estimate would be that our exams for lower extremity venous dopplers have at least doubled. These are scans for blood clots which most often originate in the legs. Any idea what’s changed in the past year?

    • Scott Vines

      Had he not received the vaccine, they would have used that reason to not pay out.

    • MariaGei

      As there are no names of the insurer and insurance , and after intensive research online, it’s a HOAX. Article

    • Justin Joe

      This case has not yet been reported in France ‘s mainstream media. The case was published by the family’s lawyer, Carlo Alberto Brusa, on social media. Unfortunately, no sources or court records are given

      So you’re saying this is completely unproven with zero evidence that it’s true? Just a random post on Facebook claiming something.

    • hfryljglsiufahgjfi

      “Vaccine deaths may force insurers to raise premiums and some have indicated that they intend to punish the unvaccinated for their financial woes.” <=== hahaha, what a joke. Always blame others for their troubles just like in 2016, "blame the Russians".

      How about some personal responsibility.

    • Noble C McCulley

      Whereas Euthanasian/Suicide practices are illegal. Does not then the government becomes guilty in coercion for the incentivization or the reduction of rights on the basis of vaccination status?

    • doganus

      who is this man who died, who is the laywer, what case is this, where can i see the case is real
      where are all the sources, where can i see the archives of these sources
      i want to believe this article, but at least provide me with something to refer to

    • catwings

      This is interesting ‘the side effects are published’ when we saw blank inserts where the information usually would be. Since we live in the time of info wars, I would like to know what source they claim is legit and that someone should know to read that source. I know all the sources I read are attacked as ‘misinformation’. So weird and tactical: to take the shot is suicide, but let’s blame the people who won’t take it. Disobey.

    • pizzaroll_bunny

      You need to link a source, even if it’s in French.


    Outrage after Henry Kissinger suggests peace settlement with Russia

    DavosUkraine has reacted with outrage to comments by longtime US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on urgent peace talks between Ukraine and Russia.

    WHO links monkeypox outbreak to gay events in Belgium and Spain

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    Global demand for vaccines drops sharply

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    Finland will apply for NATO membership – Sweden will follow on Monday

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