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Articles by fwmstaff

Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine becomes useless after 11 months

According to science reporter Alex Berenson, that may not be exactly how the company phrased the failure of their product in a press release, but everyone has drawn that conclusion.

Germans increasingly distrust official Corona figures, fear a health dictatorship

BerlinDoubts about official SARS-CoV-2 figures from the German government have increased: Almost half of the country fear an eternal Corona dictatorship.

Six in ten French voters believe in the Great Replacement

ParisA recent survey revealed that "more than six French out of 10 believe that the phenomenon of the Great Replacement will happen".

The human brain is new NATO battlefield

BrusselsWith the help of Big Data and new technologies, NATO intends to change not what people think, but how they think. And thus "to make everyone a weapon".

German migrant reception centres overflowing

BerlinNot only in Brandenburg and Saxony, but also in Baden-Württemberg, German migrant reception facilities are fully occupied. Those who offer the best social benefits also get the most applicants. This asylum package tourism is likely to intensify with the newly elected red-green government and its yellow appendage.

Protesters heckle Bill Gates before dinner with Boris Johnson

LondonBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson invited around 20 business people to dinner in London on Monday, including Bill Gates and Jamie Dimon, the boss of JPMorgan Chase. Together with these individuals, Johnson wants to build a “Global Britain”.

Sweden Democrat stirs debate over vaccine ‘poison shot’ and climate

StockholmIn the Sweden Democrats, a heated discussion has flared up after a Member of Parliament Roger Richthoff, who is also a regular member of the Defense Committee, attracted attention in the media for critical comments about Covid-19 vaccination.

Colin Powell dies of Covid despite being fully vaccinated

WashingtonThe former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, died on Monday morning from Covid despite being fully vaccinated, according to his family.

Trieste port: Evacuation by force of anti-Covid-pass protesters

TriesteBlocked for several days by anti-Covid-pass protesters, Italian police used water cannons and tear gas while charging dockers to break through the blockade of the port of Trieste.

Hungarian opposition backs conservative Catholic figure to dethrone Orban

BudapestIn the spring of 2022, the Hungarian opposition believe they will have the opportunity to defeat Viktor Orban, who has been in power since 2010.