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Articles by fwmstaff

World Economic Forum plans to freeze bank accounts of ‘polluters’

Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum is pushing a credit card that will track your carbon usage and cut you off when you've "used up all your carbon credits".

No more room for farmers with ‘WEF Food Hubs’

The HagueFood Innovation Hubs (FUBs) are being set up all over the world for the "transformation of food systems". In November 2020, the World Economic Forum announced that the European Food Innovation Hub will be located in Wageningen, in the Netherlands.

A political shift in Austria

ViennaA political earthquake is threatening Austria. The ÖVP continues to drop in the polls and is now in third place. The FPÖ can establish itself in second place under its pro-Russian chairman Herbert Kickl. Another disastrous result for the Chancellor's Party, after the governing coalition of the ÖVP and the Greens lost the majority in the polls months ago.

Orban announces new border police force

Hungary, currently facing renewed massive migration pressure at its southern border, is reorganising its border protection. The military and the police are to be relieved and a new authority is to be created.

Swedish criminologist: Each foreign criminal costs an average of 2,35 million euros

StockholmSweden has been struggling for years to find a new, tougher course on migration policy. The Scandinavian country has long been plagued by outright excesses and civil war-like conditions – a consequence of immigration policies that have long been too liberal.

Germany ‘to meet its Waterloo in next elections’ with trans bill

BerlinGermany is fast becoming a dystopia – a society in cataclysmic decline: Minister of Justice Buschmann (FDP) and Minister for Family Affairs Paus (Greens) have now presented a draft law according to which every person in Germany can determine their own gender and first name themselves and change it in a simple procedure at the registry office.

Matteo Salvini. Photo:

Calls for Italy’s conservatives to unite

RomeLooking ahead to the 2023 Italian general elections, the leader of the right-wing "Fratelli d'Italia" (FI), Giorgia Meloni, has called on the Italian right to unite. In the recent mayoral elections last Sunday, the right-wing and conservative parties had consistently delivered sobering results and had been overtaken by the centre-left coalition.

Drug lab unearthed at NATO nuclear base

BurkelA clandestine drug laboratory has been discovered on a military base in Belgium where NATO nuclear weapons are stored. The synthetic drug Ecstasy was being mass produced on a large scale at the site.

Doctor who sounded the alarm on jabs in ICU after plane crash

Warm SpringsAmerican doctor and vaccine critic Carrie Madej was seriously injured in a plane crash on Sunday. She is in hospital with several broken bones. Her boyfriend was also involved in the crash and has a broken back and skull. On her website there is a call to prayer.

Globally the G7 are a minority

ElmauIt is repeatedly claimed that the G7 are the “most important industrialized countries” and thus generally the most important countries in the world. However, on closer inspection this contention is wrong.