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Articles by fwmstaff

The League questions minister on relocations

RomeMigrant relocations are increasingly at the center of the immigration debate: the League says it is ready to present a question to Ministers Lamorgese, with League members Molteni and Candiani expressing their doubts about the data provided to date by the Interior Ministry.

French pensions paid to the dead in the Maghreb

ParisWhen retirees or couples of retirees return to North Africa, the poor record of civil status allows widows not to declare the death of their husband and to continue to receive his French retirement pension.

US: Second Amendment Sanctuaries are exploding

In the rural areas of Virginia, in the United States, citizens are clinging to guns and religion: They have voted overwhelmingly to declare their localities Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

Brexit vote stuns globalist media in Europe

LondonOn Thursday 12 December, the British people again gave their massive support to Brexit. The mainstream media in the EU is stunned...

Slovakia rejects idea of repatriating gold for now

A top Slovak political party official believes his country should repatriate its gold reserves because not even its allies can be trusted to keep it safe.

Germany: Seventh suspect arrested in connection with firefighter’s killing

AugsburgA seventh suspect was arrested over the death of a firefighter during an altercation in Augsburg according to police in the southern German city this week.

Greens VP demands German citizenship for ‘climate refugees’

BerlinBundestag Vice-President Claudia Roth (Greens) has spoken out in favor of welcoming migrants who have to leave their homelands because of climate change and has called for granting them German citizenship rights.

CasaPound wins its case forcing Facebook to reactivate page

RomeCasaPound defeated Facebook. As reported by the Adnkronos agency, the Civil Court of Rome accepted the appeal presented by the movement after the tech giant had decided suddenly to deactivate the official page on 9 September.

The origins of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally

Without this organisation, the Rassemblement National or National Rally, would not exist today.

Italian navy spotted off the coast of Cyprus as tensions rise

The Italian Navy has been sailing in the waters of Cyprus. After a stop in Larnaca, the missile frigate Federico Martinengo will carry out a Passex-type exercise in the waters of the eastern Mediterranean to cement relations with the fleets of France and Cyprus.