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Articles by fwmstaff

Austria’s interior minister refuses migrant redistribution

ZagrebAustrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) has confirmed Austria's refusal to redistribute migrants to the EU member states. Looking at the situation on the Greek islands, Nehammer spoke out against it at a meeting of EU interior ministers in Zagreb.

Orban: Austria a ‘natural partner’ of Visegrad 4 on immigration

PragueAustria is a “natural partner” of Hungary and the Visegrad Group, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at a news conference in Prague after a summit of the leaders of the V4 countries and Austria on Thursday.

Mass protest against US presence rocks Baghdad

BaghdadThe Iraqi capital city of Baghdad was rocked by mass protests on Friday, as hundreds of thousands of demonstrators marched against the presence of American troops in the country.

Radicalization: 16 members of French intelligence excluded since 2014

In question, according to Matignon, is the possible radicalization of the 16 people concerned, or that of those around them.

After court decision: No place for AfD party conference

BerlinAfter massive threats from Antifa, the Berlin AfD party conference planned for the coming weekend cannot take place. On Thursday, the Berlin district court announced its decision that the landlord of the Pankow ball room could not be forced to house the AfD despite a valid lease.

German mainstream party kicks out anti-Islam member

The regional arbitration court of the Berlin SPD has excluded the author and former finance senator Thilo Sarrazin from the party.

UN Human Rights Committee rules against deportation of ‘climate refugees’

GenevaThe United Nations Human Rights Committee has ruled that global warming can serve as a reason for asylum seekers to stay. Governments should not deport people who are exposed to "life-threatening risks" due to climate change in their home countries, the committee said.

French police body cams an expensive fiasco

ParisA year after French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner announced a more frequent use of this type of device, a French newspaper exposed the fact that the body cams have not been used.

Protests erupt in Greece over migrant saturation

AthensMass protests against the admission of asylum seekers began on the Greek islands on Wednesday. The motto: "We want our islands back, we want our lives back."

German feminist renouncing children for climate protection

The feminist and author Verena Brunschweiger once again called for no children for climate protection reasons. “It's nothing less than saving the world, to which everyone should contribute.