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Articles by fwmstaff

‘Medical emergency’ or victim of police violence?

WandlitzA 53-year-old anti-vaccine demonstrator died after a police intervention. The tragic incident happened at protests near Berlin. A demonstrator allegedly tried to break through a police cordon. The police then took down his personal details. Shortly afterwards the man collapsed. He was taken to hospital and died there.

Scientific miracle: German MPs stay immune against Covid longer than ordinary citizens

BerlinThe Coronavirus seems to be the world's first political virus with a fine sense of privilege. This is evident, for instance, in the fact that German ministers like Karl Lauterbach appear to be less contagious than his subordinates.

‘The vaccinated end up more infected than the unvaccinated’

MarseilleMaligned French epidemiologist Didier Raoult expressed grave doubts about the current vaccination campaign.

Klaus Schwab welcomes European chip law to advance ‘physical brain for digitization’

BrusselsThe EU will unveil proposals early next month for new laws to boost its home-grown chip production, EU chief Ursula von der Leyen announced in an online speech to the virtual edition of the World Economic Forum. The law is actually a cover for a clique of corrupt globalists to take over total control.

Nothing left to lose: March against Corona dictatorship in Brussels

BrusselsViolent scenes in the heart of the European Union with hundreds of angry protesters storming the offices of the EU Parliament and attacking law enforcement: Brussels has declared a state of emergency. Police were already entrenched in EU buildings, expecting civil unrest.

Doctor who discovered Omicron: ‘I was ordered to label this variant serious’

PretoriaAngelique Coetzee, general practitioner and president of the South African Medical Association, reacted in an interview with the Austrian ServusTV to the fear, panic and totalitarian rules imposed because of the Omicron variant, which she said was very mild.

Perpetrators of Covid-19 scam face ICC charges

The HagueThe jig is up: Excluding people from public life who insist on their right to bodily autonomy in rejecting an experimental injection (previously a much-touted right) is medical coercion and blackmail – a complete violation of the most basic human rights. Seven plaintiffs have now filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the perpetrators. The charges against them are very serious.

Israel: From global jab champion to global new infection champion

Tel AvivThe vaccination campaign in Israel continues at full speed. More than half a million Israelis have already had their second booster shot. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Health reported 68 513 new Corona infections within a single day on Thursday.

Above the law: Austrian politicians not subject their own Corona dictates

ViennaIt has become quite grotesque to see how little their dictatorial measures apply to them: The Austrian ruling class do not have to suffer the consequences of their Corona policies. This was the case when the President of the National Council, Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP), flew to a funeral in Italy without a PCR test. In fact, the parliamentary administration had asked the police at Linz Airport not to carry out any Corona checks on Sobotka.

Pressure mounts on Germany’s leaders as ‘walks’ explode

BerlinWith almost 2 000 protests all over Germany, the resistance against senseless Corona measures and the planned forced jab is literally exploding. Some 1899 walks took place across Germany on Monday, January 17 – 331 more than the week before. According to estimates, around 350 000 people were on Germany's streets to protest loudly against the Corona regime. The hotspot was clearly Baden-Württemberg, where 459 walks took place.