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Articles by fwmstaff

French presidential hopeful says chartered flight is non-polluting

ParisThe politician was singled out for her repeated absence from Arctic Council meetings, and now the Pole ambassador is having a hard time justifying her Icelandic round trip by private plane.

Prosecutors launch new legal assault on Salvini

RomeAfter the Diciotti case, another legal assault is being launched against Matteo Salvini. Salvini faced between three and five years in prison for having stopped illegal migrants from the vessel landing in Italy.

Libyan smugglers advertise their services on Facebook

Are human traffickers coordinating with NGO migrant ferries when they transport Africans to a rendezvous just off the coast of Libya?

Germany: Tens of thousands take part in climate strike

BerlinSeveral tens of thousands of people took part in the "climate strike" in various German cities. In the federal capital, according to the organisers of "Fridays for the Future" some 270 000 demonstrators came to the rally in front of the Brandenburg Gate. The police spoke of "well over 10 000".

Thousands march against African migrant centre in Irish town

Oughterard Thousands gathered in a silent march on Saturday to highlight their objection to a migrant centre housing Africans in Oughterard, in Galway county, Ireland.

Russia bolsters Arctic missile defenses after US threats

MoscowRussia has placed missile defense systems at the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in an effort to bolster its military presence in the Arctic, AFP reported. And in France, the issue also received attention.

French writer faces two years behind bars for Yellow Vest rap song

ParisThe French essayist Alain Soral was sentenced on September 19 to 18 months imprisonment for having broadcast an antisemitic rap song in which portraits of personalities were burned online.

Daily terror at German ‘peace’ school

GubinGerman parents in Guben have reported the aggressive behavior of two sixth-grade migrant students and have asked authorities for urgent support because the situation is so bad.

Slovenians form citizen’s army to stop illegals migrants

A citizen's patrol has been set up to curb irregular migration on the Slovenian border with Croatia.

European Commission: French speakers denounce domination of English

BrusselsIn an open letter to their future president, Ursula von der Leyen, EU officials said that they regretted the omnipresence of English within the institution.