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German industry faces economic ruin with ‘highly dangerous’ gas ban

Published: May 10, 2022, 11:51 am

BerlinA study by the German Hans Böckler Foundation has now calculated that the gross domestic product (GDP) could collapse by up to twelve percent within the first year if Russian gas supplies were to end immediately. It is the latest doomsday prediction for Germany's industry.

Hungary announces veto on oil embargo

Published: May 10, 2022, 11:06 am

BudapestHungary has announced that it will veto the EU's planned embargo on Russian oil imports. The country will not vote for the sanctions package as it will destroy Hungary's secure and stable energy supply and make it impossible to source the oil needed for the economy, according to Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó.

Cologne’s ‘green’ bicycle fleet destroyed in TikTok challenge

Published: May 9, 2022, 12:40 pm

CologneThe German climate youth in Cologne have apparently become bored with skipping school. In a fit of blind destructiveness, thousands of "green" KVB rental bikes were destroyed after a Tiktok-Challenge.

Big Tech, the top lobbyists in the EU

Published: May 9, 2022, 11:47 am

BrusselsWith 97 million euros per year, Big Tech is the largest lobbying sector in the EU. With the sector's increasing financial power, its political influence has increased.

Pentagon accused of spending $224 million on bioweapon programs in Ukraine

Published: May 8, 2022, 9:33 am

New YorkThe head of Russia’s Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, has told reporters that Ukraine has been mired in a multi-million dollar Pentagon-funded bioweapons program. The UN High Representative for Disarmament has called for a consultative meeting on the issue.

Canadian sniper: ‘The war is a terrible disappointment’

Published: May 8, 2022, 8:10 am

MontrealThe Canadian newspaper La Presse published an interview with Wali, a sniper who had returned from Ukraine. In short, "one of the best snipers in the world" fired only two shots in two months.

Church warns of drastic increase in poverty in Germany

Published: May 7, 2022, 2:00 pm

BerlinInflation and rising energy prices could mean a slide into poverty for many people in Germany. The welfare organization of the Protestant Church therefore suggested the creation of an emergency regulation.

Soros, Gates, Democrats linked to letter attacking Musk’s Twitter acquisition

Published: May 7, 2022, 12:54 pm

Los AngelesEver since Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion, a power struggle has been raging over the future endangered narratives of the "elites". The EU and other globalist organizations have threatened Musk with sanctions if he made the platform too open.

Documentary on the rigging of 2020 US election

Published: May 6, 2022, 2:29 pm

WashingtonAmerican political commentator Dinesh D’Souza has produced a documentary about how the 2020 US presidential election was rigged in favor of Joe Biden. Since 2 May 2022, his film has been screened in 250 theaters.

From ‘insulted liver sausage’ to meddling in energy deliveries

Published: May 6, 2022, 12:48 pm

RostockThe brazen Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Andrij Melnyk, who only recently publicly called Chancellor Scholz an "insulted liver sausage", now bluntly called on workers in the port of Rostock not to unload a tanker anchored there with oil products from Russia.