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Sweden: Immigrant child rapist commits 600 crimes – avoids deportation

In May, the immigrant Bekim Dzelili was initially sentenced by the district court to 13 years in prison and deportation for life. He was found guilty of repeated aggravated child rape, the aggravated sexual abuse of a child, assault and unlawful threats. But the Swedish Court of Appeal has since reduced his prison sentence by one year and has canceled the deportation - the perpetrator may remain in Sweden because he has a "weak connection to his home country".

Published: August 2, 2020, 8:16 am

    The victim was his partner’s daughter and the sadistic pedophile started raping the girl when she was ten years old. He then raped the girl several times a week for three years – up to 600 times.

    It was in 2014 that the now 46-year-old immigrant Bekim Dzelili moved in with a Swedish partner in Vetlanda who had two children, after losing custody of her own children two years earlier. Within a couple of months, he started abusing his new partner. For the ten-year-old daughter of Bekim’s new girlfriend, the relationship would be the start of an ongoing nightmare. After Bekim got together with her mother, he began to systematically rape her.

    The first rape took place shortly after she turned 10 years old. She described the incident to the police: “He said she was nice and that he would teach her how to have sex.”

    Before she was eleven years old, he started forcing her to perform oral sex on him on the grounds that “she has to learn” and also forcing her to have vaginal intercourse, which according to the girl always hurt. According to police interrogations, the rapes took place several times a week in several places in the home and outside it.

    He hit her when she did not want to or tried to resist. He also threatened her with violence or that he would harm or kill her family so that she would remain silent. The girl herself estimates that he raped her around 500 – 600 times.

    On a recording that the girl made secretly with the help of her mobile phone shortly after she turned thirteen, Bekim wants them to undress and he says that “this is the last time”. The evidence would prove invaluable and helped to get Bekim convicted in the district court. However, he denied the majority of the crimes but admitted that he had sexually assaulted the girl on three occasions and that he had a “sexual interest in children”.

    Bekim was convicted in Eksjö District Court for aggravated rape of a child, aggravated sexual abuse of a child, assault of the girl’s mother and unlawful threats. The maximum penalty for aggravated rape of a child is 10 years imprisonment, but in the case of “multiple crimes” the penalty can be increased to 14 years and Eksjö District Court ruled in the first sentence that the aggravated crimes justified the highest possible penalty. But since they also chose to sentence Bekim to life imprisonment, case law states that he then qualifies for a reduction in punishment. The district court thus chose to reduce the sentence from 14 years to 13 years in prison to prevent an early release.

    When the Göta Court of Appeal took up the case after the verdict was appealed, the sadistic pedophile had his sentence reduced by one year to twelve years in prison.

    But more remarkable is that they also chose to cancel the deportation of Bekim – despite the fact that he is not a citizen of Sweden. Bekim Dzelili is a Muslim Albanian from Kosovo with Serbian citizenship, although some documents state that he is a citizen of a “terminated country”. During his 22 years in Sweden, he learned “relatively good Swedish” but did not apply for Swedish citizenship. He has a long criminal record for crimes from theft to aggravated assault.

    The district court’s ruling justified the deportation on the grounds that there was a risk that he would relapse into crime and that, despite his long time in Sweden, he had no strong connection to the country.

    According to the district court evidence, his own children who have endured Bekim’s terror, would like him deported. The youngest biological child has said “that she would be happy if her father was expelled” and that only if he died then “perhaps she would consider talking to her mother”.

    There is therefore no obstacle to stop the deportation of the child rapist and recognized pedophile from Sweden. In addition, it was pointed out that according to his own information he has relatives in his home country and travels there often to visit. However, the Court of Appeal ignored these facts.

    “There are some signs of shortcomings in his social adjustment, e.g. with regard to earlier crime. However, the investigation does not provide any support that he would have an antisocial lifestyle or criminal values due to recurring crime. He also does not seem to have a particularly strong connection to his former homeland. Against this overall background, his connection to Sweden appears to be strong,” the Appeal judges said.

    Furthermore, the Court of Appeal conceded that the repeated and systematic child rapes that included violence and death threats “have a very high penalty value”. But they did not think that this fact contributed to any “special reasons” for deportation.

    “There is therefore no particular reason to expel him and the district court’s decision in this regard must be revoked,” the Appeal judges maintained.

    The child rapist and the self-proclaimed pedophile is thus allowed to stay in Sweden despite his extensive crime record and his disinterest in claiming Swedish citizenship.

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    • de Hauteville

      The white race is in the throes of self suicide and extermination. What is the source of this insanity?

      • pb2

        We’re outnumbered by the insane.

      • WhereAreTheVikings

        Prosperity obliterates survival instincts.

      • realistic speakers

        I don’t know but it’s exasperating all over the world. Except Japan. and maybe the Philippines.

        • dan

          don’t forget china…………they at least have it correct on the muslims……………ammo up

      • Phil A. Buster

        The lies of multiculturalism, diversity, and white guilt. At least 40% of the white people believe in this crap, which is enough to make inroads in to more liberal & socialist white communities. The public school in the USA have been indoctrinating children for years with it and now this children are adults. These adults can now be seen throwing Molotov cocktails, rocks, and other projectiles at Police Officers while yelling Defund the Police.

    • Foxman

      This POS should be immediately removed from the gene pool.

      • Tross

        After parts are cut off!

        • Jonney Quest

          Why waste your time, just get rid of him. There are 1000’s more just waiting in line that need the same fate.

          • Tross

            It would be my pleasure

    • Rudolph

      The justice officials certainly deserve the the rape and molestation that this caveman committed on babies, but chances are those particular Leftists won’t have to suffer the consequences of their own actions. Just children.
      He won’t be deported because he has a “weak connection to his home country” As if he has a strong tie to his new victim country. Sweden sucks and everything the Left touches it ruins.

    • Johndoe

      Maximum of 10 years for child rape in Sweden? In the U.S. it can be life without parole. Heck, a man got sentenced to 10,000 years in prison for distributing child porn. We used to execute child rapist until SCOTUS stopped it.

    • Jay Beerster

      The powers that be should make this animal do his entire remaining sentence among the families of Swedish Court of Appeals see how they like it.

    • The Skolian

      The court is as evil as the satanic pedophile.

      • BlueGreen

        Satanic pedo judges appointed by the same, who lie to get into office. Should being back tarring and feathering.

        • Charlie

          Yes, it appears that the judges are pedophiles as well.

          • 4True

            And many state officials who made these laws. They should all be treated as such

    • Name

      The expression “ Dumb Swedes” is obviously true. Yet the Swedish Government is first off the mark to level criticism and condemnation towards a Israel for defending itself. Idjits.

    • Victor Danemore

      Sweden deserves it if they do nothing. Hope he gets some rich and powerful liberal peoples kids.

    • Ron Noyfb

      IT should be shot and the mother put in jail for life.

    • dan

      a cowboy , an indian and a muslim were sitting in a bar. the indian bows his head in sadness and says,”we were once many, but now we are few”. the muslim says joyfully , we were once few but now we are many!” the cowboy takes a sip of his beer and says , “that’s because we haven’t played cowboys and muslims yet”…….stay informed bare naked islam and the jihad watch……………..ammo up

    • 2-corrupt-parties

      Jail the members of the appeals court. And let the man wonder free among the liberal nation’s people.

    • Wofat

      In a country where 14 migrants can rape a 17 year old, fill her vagina with lighter fluid and set her alight to destroy the evidence and the media and politicians gleefully cover it up maybe this case is progress?

    • AuldGuy

      These people used to be Vikings. What the hell happened?

    • AuldGuy

      The entire country is like the mayors of Portland or Seattle. Pathetic.

    • dondoc

      Many judges worldwide side with the guilty perpertrators more than the harmed and abused victims.
      Justice on the planet is missing for many.

    • Faiillia .

      Turn this scum into a ground up, Swedish meatball.

    • Ed Naile

      It is nice to see the leftists come out of the dark and become so understanding of rape of a child.
      The forward lurch towards Marxism has a price progressives seem more that willing to pay.
      When all the kids in these countries without borders or law have been abused Utopia can proceed.
      What a belief system.

    • Frothy Malt

      Obviously in Sweden Children’s lives don’t matter. He should have received the death sentence to be carried out in a public square.

    • Reddog

      Why do Sweden’s cops take people like this alive? He should have been dead when arested.

    • Andrew Thompson

      This modern Sweden is what remains of a proud Viking Race. If they would have seen this back in the day, they would have all killed themselves. I am of Viking and Cossack blood, this is an embarrassment for me.


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