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Renaud Camus Renaud Camus. Flickr/Own work

The Great Replacement and the tragedy of Sweden

Published: October 23, 2016, 11:22 am

  • Français

I love Sweden passionately. I once dedicated a thick volume of my travel collection “Demeures de l’esprit” [Dwellings of the mind] to its homes of painters, writers, composers, poets, film makers. I think that life has rarely been as happy as in Pajala, at Læstadius’s place in Lapland by the shores of the raging Torne river, or on the road leading to the cottage of Dan Andersson, Loussastugan in Dalarna. This is why the fate of Sweden makes me suffer as much as that of France, or Great Britain or Belgium. But the case of Sweden is even more tragic, more extreme, more insane. Nowhere else do a people and a nation show a stronger will to suicide.

I am talking about replacement, as a common reference, of high culture by mass culture.

Why? Why? In ”La Deuxième Carrière d’Adolph Hitler” (The second career of Adolf Hitler) I argued that Europe never recovered from the Hitler trauma, that it was like a patient afflicted with a form of cancer, Nazism, and that overly zealous surgeons continued operating endlessly until, at the slightest indication of the disease, all vital organs were removed: no more heart, brain, lungs, nerves, virility, limbs. Hitler comes up in all our sentences, as an inverted reference, as the absolute figure of the negative; and his career as a ghost, his second career, reversed, though less criminal than the first one, has had even more severe consequences, since it means the death of Europe. That which racism had failed to accomplish in 1945 – the destruction of European civilization – antiracism is today a step away from achieving.

This antiracism draws its indisputable legitimacy from the death camps, and the ever so understandable ”never again”, but in the society that it builds it is no longer possible to teach the Holocaust, since the protégés of this antiracism won’t tolerate it, and Jews flee our continent every year by the thousands.

Is Sweden trying, more or less consciously, to atone for having been less firmly hostile to the Third Reich than perhaps it should have been? I don’t know. One may think that in its puritanical zeal to do the right thing it always goes too far in one direction or the other. Maybe this masochistic lunacy should be seen as Sweden displaying a new fit of the pious frenzy which wreaked so much havoc in Scandinavia during the second half of the 19th century, to which Ibsen, Dreyer, Munch or the very same Laestadius, have all borne witness, each in his own way. The neurotic dimension of the current situation appears unquestionable to me. Do we have to remind ourselves that hospitality obviously never consisted of letting oneself be invaded by uncountable guests, not particularly friendly, surrendering one’s home or homeland to them, and finally having to beg them to leave you a little spot somewhere and some rights, in what used to be your own country? Not only has no moral principle ever demanded that, but all morals have condemned it severely as a terrible complacency in the face of death, a renunciation of our ancestors and an unjust sacrifice of the generations to come.

The case of Sweden, though horrible in my eyes, is also totally fascinating. I am actually convinced that the phenomenon that I call The Great Replacement – the changing of people and population, the demographic submersion, the ethnic replacement – to which all of Europe is subjected, but especially Western Europe, is in fact, despite its enormity, only part of a larger movement, replacism, the ideology of general interchangeability, humans by humans, peoples by peoples, men by women, human beings by machines, the living by inanimate objects, animals by things, as in those horrible meat factories where poor animals who will never see neither grass nor sky are literally being produced, like inanimate objects and, even worse, will often meet the halal death. Replacism is a whole. Those who do not understand that replacism is a whole, cannot understand anything about The Great Replacement. And Sweden, if we are to believe the horrified echoes that reach our disbelieving ears, is the most advanced laboratory for this global replacism, the production industry of the undifferentiated human matter.

Is it true that little Swedish boys have been forbidden to pee standing up? Is it true that Arabic has overtaken Finnish as the second language in the country? Is it true that a little government film calls for Swedes of Swedish descent to merge into a new nation, in which they would only be one component among others, on equal standing with the others, probably waiting for the Islamic triumph to put them in an inferior position as a conquered and subjugated people, as dhimmis? It is not only the Nobel Prize in Literature being bestowed on Bob Dylan that evinces this global replacism, in this case The Small Replacement, which is a prerequisite for the Great one, since people who know their classics will not let themselves be thrown on the ash heap of history without rebelling. I am talking about replacement, as a common reference, of high culture by mass culture.

The worst aspect is that the horror now taking place could still be avoided. It would be enough for the European peoples to wake up, to get out of the vegetative state in which the education of oblivion and the industry of stupor have put hem. I do not believe in the possibility, to paraphrase Stalin, of antireplacism in a single country. It is our entire continent that is being threatened as to its civilization and its independence. The whole of it has to rebel, and first of all against the traitors that deliver it to the invasion. If some talk of civil war, they are nevertheless mistaken. The fight we must lead resembles much more a classic war of independence, an anticolonial rebellion. The means and the ends are one and the same: remigration – the return of the conquering peoples to their own lands.

Renaud Camus

Renaud Camus (b. 1946) is one of the better-known writers and thinkers in France. He has published numerous novels, poems, travelogues and diaries, and is also known for having created the expression ”Le grand remplacement”, The Great Replacement. In 1977 he was awarded the Fénéon prize for his “Échange” (Exchange), in 2003 the “30 millions d’amis” (30 million friends) for the “Vie du chien Horla” (The life of Horla the dog) and in 2015 the Jean Ferré prize for his complete works and their defence of the French language.

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  • Websurfer Cat

    Good luck with that.

  • anibanib

    What a load of lies and crap about Sweden

  • Is Sweden trying, more or less consciously, to atone for having been less firmly hostile to the Third Reich than perhaps it should have been? I don’t know. One may think that in its puritanical zeal to do the right thing it always goes too far in one direction or the other. Maybe this masochistic lunacy should be seen as Sweden displaying a new fit of the pious frenzy which wreaked so much havoc in Scandinavia during the second half of the 19th century, to which Ibsen, Dreyer, Munch or the very same Laestadius, have all borne witness, each in his own way.

    It was in fact Jewish moralistic terrorism that murdered the Swedish nation. It might be fair to say that a very common self-image as a “humanitarian nation” among the Swedes was a necessary precondition. And it might also be true that the totalitarian aspect of Swedish (and Norwegian, though to a somewhat lesser extent) would not have come about without that prehistory of Lutheran pietism. But the terroristic exploitation of that mindset and self-image by a certain Jewish clicque in Stockholm was the major active ingredient in this genocidal witches’ brew. The newspaper mentioned in the long quote below was, and still is, owned by the Jewish Bonnier family. In that sense they were the main instigators, by way of moralistic terrorism and extortion, of the murderous “multicult” in Sweden. And that same newspaper, still owned by that same family, has also been the most aggressive promoter of mass immigration during the last couple of decades.

    Lars-Erik Hansen’s dissertation Equality and freedom to choose. A study in the emergence of Swedish Immigration Policy (Stockholm University, Department of History, 2001) lists the actors who were a driving force in the debate to introduce the new multicultural policy. Regarding the actors, the study confirms previous academic research on how multiculturalism arose, such as Henry Román’s study En invandrarpolitisk oppositionell : debattören David Schwarz syn på svensk invandrarpolitik åren 1964-1993 [An immigration policy opponent: commentator David Schwarz’s view of Swedish immigration policy 1964-1993] who attributes Schwarz “a crucial role” in the game behind the introduction of the new policy. Thus, the ideological change started in 1964 when David Schwarz, a Polish born Jew and “Holocaust” survivor who immigrated to Sweden in the early 1950s, wrote the article “The Immigration problem in Sweden” in Sweden’s largest and most important morning newspaper – the Jewish-owned Dagens Nyheter (“Daily News”). It started a rancorous debate that mostly took place in Dagens Nyheter, but which subsequently continued even in other newspapers, on editorial pages and in books. Hansen (2001) writes in his thesis (p. 115):

    The leading debaters who were the first to claim minority rights and conditions were especially David Schwarz, Inga Gottfarb, Amadeo Cottio, Voldemer Kiviaed, Géza Thinsz and Lukasz Winiarki – all of which had an immigrant background.

    Besides Schwarz, Gottfarb had Jewish descent. Kiviaed was Estonian, Géza Thinsz immigrated from Hungary in 1956 (the same year as the massive persecution of Jews started which would have the effect that within a few decades half of Hungary’s Jews had fled the country) and Lukasz Winiarki immigrated from Poland. Schwarz was by far the most active opinion-former and accounted for 37 of a total of 118 contributions to the debate on the immigration issue in the years 1964-1968. Schwarz and his co-thinkers were so dominant and aggressive that debaters with an alternative view were driven on the defensive and felt their views suppressed. For example, Schwarz played the anti-Semitism card efficiently in order to discredit his opponents. Hansen writes (pp. 114, 126-128, 217):

    An increasing number of commentators and publishers made similar criticisms against what they saw as the majority’s lack of understanding of minorities’ conditions, particularly in the non-clearly stated, yet what many saw as a real policy of assimilation, which they feared would lead to an erasure of the different minority cultures and life patterns to amount to the rectifying or conformist national majority’s established pattern. Strongest in this criticism was David Schwarz and Voldemar Kiviaed – they claimed that the assimilation zealots appeared in the spirit of the Russians in the Baltic states and that their approach could also be compared with Eichmann’s ‘final solution’, although in more humane shape. Increased government action was required to avoid assimilation, partly by direct financial support to minorities, partly by an official policy for a pluralistic society. […]

    The policy toward Jewish immigration to Sweden, especially during World War II, was put forward as a blot in the Swedish political history. Bruno Kaplan, head of the teaching of the Jewish community in Stockholm and represented in the World Jewish Congress, lined up a number of examples of this regulatory policy (exclusion model), partly student protest against importation of some Jewish doctors in 1938, partly a number of leading newspapers which warned of this immigration. Leif Zern [who, like Kaplan, is Jewish, blogger’s note] emphasized Kaplan’s view that it was clear from the then existing policy that there was anti-Semitism, and stressed: “Of course there are no statistics on how many Jews the feature (the regulation of Jewish immigration) led to the gas chambers.” […]

    Bruno Kaplan was convinced that the survival of a small Jewish minority depended on how the state and municipalities acted – a policy that advocated tolerance and respect for minority distinctiveness was necessary. In this spirit should the Jewish minority, in their efforts to preserve their identity, get the full support from Swedish society. […]

    David Schwarz was the most active debater in the immigrant issue, his views and values had a major impact. David Schwarz became the first and foremost spokesman of the pluralistic state intervention model […]

    In the official immigrant debate, some players played a big role in the policy process, especially adherents of multiculturalism. […] They encouraged the political parties to address the issue of ethnic equality on the agenda. Then, a veritable race began to see who was the biggest and best in the immigrant issue.

    The debate gave rise to government investigations such as Invandrarutredningen (The Immigrant Investigation) 1968 which formed the basis for the government’s bill (1975:26) on guidelines for immigrant and minority policy which was adopted by a totally unanimous Swedish Parliament in 1975. David Schwarz got what he wanted, which was to be a fateful decision whose consequences we see the results of today. Red Ice, 13 July2015. How and why Sweden became multicultural

    • Quantum Satis

      Until about an hour ago, I was firmly convinced to keep my arguments clean from pointing out the “usual suspects” even if I’m aware. Then by chance I came across something I at first thought was a “fake-fake-news” attempt – which it is CLEARLY not – called: JewTube | Curated Jewish Videos . Revealing as such, but what really pissed me off was their link and comment for this “jewish moralistic terrorism” video:

      “Google it if you want more details. Another explanation behind the lack of barely any mention of her strong Israeli background in her PR materials might be a reflection of the current international mood that is as reflexively critical of anything Israel-related as it has ever been.”

      • Lillemor

        Jeg har skrevet skjevt om (((feiil folk))) og får ikke lenger uttale meg eller stemme på doc. Men jeg liker historikken din 🙂

    • Lawrence

      My God! Never forget, never forgive…

  • Carol Stinkie

    The situation in Sweden today has nothing to do with the thinking of Ibsen or others in the 19th century or the Swedish relationship to the Third Reich 75 years ago. It has everything to with the fact that Sweden has had non-stop social engineering applied to it for since at least the 1950’s or earlier. Powerful tools like television and ultra-rich internationalist families like the Bonniers who control key positions in the media, with input from American internationalists like Barbera Lerner-Specter have transformed a once proud and noble people into a weak, effete, self-hating nation of weak fools. Sweden has been used as a test bed to learn about the weaknesses of the white man and all that has been learned in the past three quarters of a century in Sweden have been use with great effect on the white South Africans 30 years ago and now the rest of us now. The number one thing we need to teach ourselves is to get rid of feelings that it’s too late to do anything now. The dust has settled and we have to accept our lot and our destiny. It’s never too late, as long as there are any whites left. People need to turn off the televisions permanently, put the newspapers under the kitty litter where they belong and only use the computer for constructive purposes that further the interests of our race. If you are young or old, get strong, work out. Constantly teach yourself new skills that will be useful in the future struggle. If you can, get trained in the use of firearms and if you live in a country that still allows you to own one, buy one and become skilled in the use of it.


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