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In Short

Slovakia rejects idea of repatriating gold for now

A top Slovak political party official believes his country should repatriate its gold reserves because not even its allies can be trusted to keep it safe.

Germany: Seventh suspect arrested in connection with firefighter’s killing

AugsburgA seventh suspect was arrested over the death of a firefighter during an altercation in Augsburg according to police in the southern German city this week.

Greens demands German citizenship for ‘climate refugees’

BerlinBundestag Vice-President Claudia Roth (Greens) has spoken out in favor of welcoming migrants who have to leave their homelands because of climate change and has called for granting them German citizenship rights.

CasaPound wins its case forcing Facebook to reactivate page

RomeCasaPound defeated Facebook. As reported by the Adnkronos agency, the Civil Court of Rome accepted the appeal presented by the movement after the tech giant had decided suddenly to deactivate the official page on 9 September.

New salvo against Salvini: state flights

RomeThe Court of Auditors in Italy had already filed the case without recognizing any damage to the state's revenue. Despite that the public prosecutors in Rome have launched a fresh attack on the League leader.

How the French vote according to which car they buy

ParisA car can be a voting indicator: Renault, Audi, Toyota... the French vote according to the car they purchase.

In response to Berlin, Moscow to expel two German diplomats

MoscowRussian diplomacy announced that Moscow would expel two diplomats from the German embassy in the city. It is a symmetrical response after Berlin expelled two Russian diplomats as part of the investigation into the murder of a Georgian in the capital.

Germany has more asylum seekers than Munich has residents

More than 130 000 people have applied for asylum in Germany so far this year. This roughly corresponds to the population of Würzburg.

A 6-year-old girl arrested while buying drugs for her mother

MulhouseA team of the French anti-crime brigade (BAC) could not believe their eyes on Monday, in Mulhouse, when a young child tried - quite confidently - to buy drugs.

Almost half of all rapes in Italy committed by foreigners

RomeThe Interior Ministry released data showing that 42 out of 100 rapes in Italy are committed by migrants and in addition, the numbers continue to rise.