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In Short

First Italian investigated for enlisting in Ukraine

RomeThe first Italian has been placed under investigation for enlisting to fight alongside Ukrainian combatants in the war in Ukraine.

Mega blackout imminent? France shuts down half its nuclear reactors

ParisFrance is an important factor in Europe's energy supply. But the country is planning on shutting down more than half of its nuclear reactors. The reason given is that they supposedly need maintenance.

German health minister ‘confused’ and ‘mentally ill’

BerlinGerman Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) was called "confused" by a tabloid while former domestic spy chief, Hans-Georg Maassen said he may be suffering from a "mental illness".

France faces milk shortage

ParisFrench National Federation of Agricultural Trade Unions (FNSEA) announced the expectations of a shortage of milk in the country in the coming autumn and winter.

China’s military exercises amount to blockade of Taiwan

BeijingChinese State TV reported that the People's Liberation Army (PLA) will conduct regular exercises east of the median line in the Taiwan Strait. Also, Chinese officialdom noted that the so-called "Taiwan territorial waters" do not exist, since Taiwan has been recognized internationally by the UN as part of China.

Dutch police chief lambasted for ‘pride’ comments

AmsterdamAmsterdam was the scene of the Canal Parade on Saturday afternoon, a procession of about 80 boats. The boat parade traditionally attracts many visitors. The theme this year was "My Gender, My Pride". The police, central government and the municipality of Amsterdam also had their own boat.

Italy: ‘Men’s Day’ at the heart of a sexist controversy

Monteprato di NimisThe images are enough to make people react. Every year, the small village of Monteprato di Nimis, in northeastern Italy, organizes a "men's party". As its name suggests, this festivity turned out to be particularly male-orientated.

Orban at CPAC: ‘Less drag queens, more Chuck Norris’

Dallas, TexasHungarian President Viktor Orban received standing applause for his guest speech at the annual congress of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas. His address highlighting freedom, family and homeland, was well received.

Fatal ECJ ruling: Italy can no longer control migrant ships

Luxembourg/RomeA judgment with a devastating message: Italian authorities will no longer be allowed to check rescue ships of various "refugee" aid organizations, which usually enter the ports with migrants. Only in case of danger will this be allowed. This emerges from a decision of the European Court of Justice.

Former German chancellor says Russia wants a ‘negotiatated solution’

BerlinFormer German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has expressed confidence that Russia would seek a negotiated solution to the Ukraine war. During his recent trip to Moscow, he also met with the Russian President. According to him, the Kremlin would like to negotiate.