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In Short

Bordeaux’s Green city council welcomes rat infestation

BordeauxThe Green Party in the French city believes that rodents contribute to the "proper functioning" of the city's sewers and are therefore "necessary".

France: Sexual violence ‘outside the family’ soared in 2021

ParisOn Wednesday 30 November, the figures for complaints of sexual violence were made public by feminist associations. According to them, these complaints increased by 24 percent in 2021.

Dresden: Mission-Lifeline is a ‘smuggler organization’

DresdenThe Dresden Regional Court has dismissed a lawsuit brought by the alleged sea rescuers from Mission Lifeline based in Dresden, Germany. In the election campaign for the office of Dresden mayor, the AfD-Dresden had criticized the “funding of smuggling organizations with tax money” in a leaflet, among other things.

Dutch government to close down 3000 farms

The HagueThe Dutch government is planning to buy up and close down up to 3000 farms near so-called environmentally sensitive areas to comply with EU orders. 

Poland pays US influencers to further war support

WarsawPoland has hired two US PR companies for a pro-Ukraine campaign in the West. According to the official statement, Poland’s state bank has hired MikeWorldWide and AMW PR for “a global campaign to inform the general public about the impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine”.

Hungary’s foreign minister rejects US interference

BudapestHungarian Foreign Minister Szijjártó has emphatically forbidden lectures by the new US ambassador in Budapest, David Pressman, on Hungarian foreign and energy policy.

Italy’s black pro-migrant MP suspended on suspicion of mistreating migrants

RomeItalian pro-migrant lawmaker Aboubakar Soumahoro has decided to withdraw from his parliamentary group, the Alliance of the Greens and the Left (Alleanza Verdi Sinistra), due to ongoing investigations against his wife and mother-in-law for tax fraud and mistreatment of migrants.

‘The house of cards is collapsing, they have failed!’

BrusselsRecently, MEP Virginie Joron invited renowned French tropical doctor and vaccine expert Professor Christian Perronne to the European Parliament for a conference. MEP Christine Anderson delivered the opening speech.

Kobe beef for Klaus Schwab, cockroaches for the masses

DenpasarRecently the globalist "elite" gathered once again for a G20 summit, this time on the Indonesian island of Bali. Outrageously expensive, exquisite Wagyu steaks from Kobe beef were on the menu. This Japanese delicacy costs 400 to 600 euros per kilogram (and significantly more for some varieties). Meanwhile, the rest of us are promised insect food.

Another busload of migrants heading to American VP’s home

WashingtonTexas has sent a busload of migrants to US Vice President Kamala Harris' house again. More migrants arrived last week on her doorstep at the United States Naval Observatory.