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The field of white crosses for murdered white farmers; Peet van Es
The Hague

Questions in Dutch parliament after citizen is killed in farm attack

During yet another gruesome farm attack in South Africa, a Dutch national was killed on Moseley Farm on the R40 road to the small town of Barberton in the north eastern part of the country. The news has caused a stir in the Netherlands.

Published: April 11, 2017, 11:53 am

    The murder on Friday took the life of the 55-year-old victim, Peet van Es. His Dutch companion survived the attack. Van Es died after suffering immense pain during hours of torture.

    Five masked black assailants attacked the farm. When they entered the homestead, three armed attackers came in first, followed by the remaining two. They tied down his female partner Arine Prins and a friend identified only as Michael, assaulting them to attain access to the safe.

    The armed suspects wearing balaclavas entered the house after 20:00. “My husband was upstairs and we were downstairs when they arrived,” Prins said.

    “The suspects tied our hands and legs using speaker wire they found in our house. They assaulted me, demanding to know where we keep the safe in the house,” she told the Barberton Times. The assailants then made their way to the second story of the house where they tortured Van Es.

    “During this torment, some went upstairs and eventually stabbed my husband to death.” They had tortured Van Es for five hours before they killed him. Prins had heard his agonizing screams.

    “They took the jewellery I was wearing before leaving our property. After they left, I screamed for help,” she said.

    When the reporters from the local paper visited her the next morning, she had severe facial bruises from the attack.

    The widow told the Barberton Times that the criminals had fled the scene in the victim’s stolen car.

    “There is even a name for it: plaasmoorde, as in the Afrikaans word for farm murders,” says Dutch correspondent Bram Vermeulen. “In 2016 there were over 300 of these types of attacks, where 64 farmers or their family members were killed. It often happens in horrific ways, farmers are not only robbed, but also tortured.”

    On the frontpage of AD

    Organisations defending the white community in South Africa found that the government, led by the ANC, were doing too little to solve the problem.

    This year has seen 25 similar killings already. In this case too, the attack had been planned with military precision.

    In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders’s party, the PVV, addressed the issue during a session in the Lower House of parliament. The party is concerned about the lack of protection offered to white farmers in South Africa by law enforcement.

    Questions by members Raymond De Roon and Martin Bosma (both PVV) to the Minister of Foreign Affairs on the issue of a farm murder on a Dutch citizen in South Africa, included whether the government could explain the fact that the number of farm murders had recently risen sharply.

    The members wanted to know in what percentage of cases where charges were brought against the alleged killers, those charges actually led to convictions.

    Both members expressed concern that the murder docket would, during a police investigation, end in the customary African way of disappearing “under a thick layer of dust”.

    They called on Dutch authorities to pressure the South African government to protect the Dutch farming community in South Africa against more bloodshed and suggested that the economic mismanagement by the ANC’s cadres contributed to the problem.

    “The question is whether farmers are specifically targeted or whether South Africa just has a problem with criminality in which farmers also happen to suffer,” Vermeulen told Dutch public broadcaster NOS. “In farmers’ organisations as well as in so-called ‘far-right circles’ it is said that politics cause farm murders: If they kill enough, then the white farmers would disappear from the country.”

    Investigations led by the ANC, however, always come to the same conclusion: it is ordinary crime, and farmers like other residents of the country are often victims, but there is no political agenda behind it.

    The question remains however: If it is only “ordinary crime”, why are the victims tortured to death?

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    • Natasha

      No this is not ordinary crimes this is white genocide !!! Please Netherland look in to this !!

    • Natasha

      This is what`s happening in South Africa after the president Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema instigates their followers with racism and hate speeches against the white people in South Africa .Singing songs like kill the boer kill the farmer and shoot the boer . And bring me my machine gun we will shoot them !!! This is a slow genocide

      • mtmla

        In a way it sounds like Obama and Michelle in the US. I like that I don’t have to see their disgusting faces all the time in the news any more. Obama instigated the racial wars in this country, and instigated hatred against the police, and as consequence several police officers were murdered and were hesitant about reacting to crimes because of getting in trouble. But no comment on crimes in Chicago, murders of blacks on blacks, the mayor being Obama’s buddy, Eric Holder.

    • Natasha
    • Natasha
    • Arnau
      • Natasha

        You are talking bulldust Arnau white people are targeted in South Africa !!!

    • Thembi

      De corrupte ANC chants bij elke vergadering “Kill the Boer, kill the lafaard farmer”, zelfs al is het tegen de wet. Zelfs twee weken geleden verstoren ze de oppositie DA – Johannesburg bijeenkomst met dit soort liederen. Het is erg om hier te wonen en de marteling van mensen op boerderijen is verschrikkelijk. Het is chaos en anarchie. Corruptie en moord vier hoogtij

    • Rebecca Haynes

      This is definitely white genocide and by the looks of things, it is not going to get better but only worse. Terribly, terribly sad …

      • mtmla

        It will be like Rhodesia, when the whites left, the blacks destroyed the farms, the equipments, and then the country stagnated and people were starving, because they don’t know what to do, just violence. Then the government was calling the whites to come back. Too bad now that Europe is as bad and dangerous as the hell holes the invaders left behind. Europeans are moving from their towns/cities due to the violence of the rapefugees. Where will the white farmers move to?

    • Natasha
    • Natasha
    • Pat Thomas

      ordinary crime se moer!!!! get real you idiots, you know farmers are targeted!!!! The PRESIDENT sings songs of KILL THE BOER and so does Julius Malema, they instigate the murders by talk of landgrabs etc

    • nignogger

      Some farmers and the surrounding communities in SA have armed guards with night vision devices that shoot and kill these maurading apes. Most attacks happen at night because they blend in, the thermal vision equipment identifies them and they are gunned down. the bodies are left to rot or dragged to the river as croc food.

      • mtmla

        Great! I’ve been reading that this has been a problem in SA since the blacks took over. They’ll go back to the stone age if they have their way.: live in huts, crap in holes and attack each other tribes to steal the females, cows or make them slaves and sell them to the Arab slave traders.

    • Marty

      Rationale and logic are not foremost in the mind of the typical anc supporter – loot, steal and plunder and ‘free stuff’ is the order of the day and murder to gain this is commonplace.


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