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The most downvoted song; Bill Nye, the globalists' guy

The most downvoted song about deviant sex nominated for an Emmy Award

Despite being one of the most heavily downvoted songs of all time on YouTube, a song about "fluid sexuality" was nominated for a prestigious US television award.

Published: July 17, 2017, 8:39 am

    Bill Nye’s “My Sex Junk” song had disgusted most viewers, but despite it being so universally disliked, an Emmy Award nomination for Nye’s Netflix “Sexual Spectrum” episode was announced on Thursday.

    The Television Academy Awards nominated writers of the Nye episode for a musical number suggesting that sexuality is no longer either male or female. The episode was met with disbelief from conservatives and YouTube viewers alike, many of whom mocked the show for presenting sexual deviancy as physical science.

    Nye is known as “the science guy” in the United States, but recently The New American described Nye as “an aging social justice warrior (SJW) and wannabe hipster with a messianic complex who is peddling an authoritarian ideology/religion under a camouflage of pseudoscience”.

    The nominated episode features the music video, “My Sex Junk,” which was published on YouTube and aired in April on Netflix, with actress Rachel Bloom singing a song about transgenders, gay sex and how sexuality is a “fluid concept”.

    In episode nine an initial trio sings an ode to anal sex and transgenderism, with lyrics such as “Versatile love may have some butt stuff / It’s evolution, ain’t nothing new / There’s nothing taboo about a sex stew”. Scientifically however such notions are shaky at best: Good luck explaining homosexuality in Darwinian terms.

    Bloom laments the fact that humans are living as either male or females. “Sexuality’s a spectrum, everyone is on it. Even you might like it if you sit up on it,” Bloom sings on stage as Nye can be seen off-stage dancing and cheering. “Drag king, drag queen just do what feels right.”

    The Netflix show’s most recent episodes promoted transgenderism and other devious social engineering concepts. It is unclear if Bill Nye believes that chromosomes have a genetic effect on one’s desire to be a freak. Nye has an engineering degree but is not a scientist.

    When Bloom finished her vulgar performance, Nye strode to the middle of the stage and proclaimed: “That’s exactly the right message, Rachel. Nice Job.”

    In another episode, Nye can be seen asking an academic during a panel discussion if it would be a good idea to have the government to clamp down on “extra kids”.

    “Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?” Nye asked Travis Rieder, an academic for Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University.

    “I do think we should at least consider it,” said Rieder, who believes that limiting the size of families would limit global warming. “Well, ‘at least consider it’ is like, ‘do it,’” Nye replied.

    Even though in Niger the average African woman has seven children, Rieder said, “our two [white] kids are way more problematic!” Niger has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world and because its health system is so basic, disease is widespread. The country only banned the centuries-old practice of slavery in 2003. Anti-slavery organisations say thousands of people still live in subjugation despite the ban.

    In the same segment a correspondent who had traveled all the way to Bangalore, India, celebrated India’s maternity-leave policy.

    As the New American noted: “Nye the pseudoscience guy, has been anointed by the establishment media as the celebrity performance artist to lead the charge for ‘science’ in the service of Big Government, social transformation, and global regimentation.”

    The Federalist reported, that the Science Guy episode of 1996, correctly noted that “inside each of our cells are these things called chromosomes, and they control whether we become a boy or a girl”. That 1996 episode then goes on to explain the straightforward biology of XX and XY chromosomes in sex typing.

    Clearly, because this conflicts with the current dogma of the transgender PC police, Netflix deleted this section from the older episode.

    Nye has also suggested that “climate deniers” be imprisoned for their views. But quite a few real scientists have trashed his views on climate change.

    In a recent one-on-one appearance with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, the spokesman for “science” could not answer a simple question posed by Carlson, who asked: “To what degree is climate changed caused by human activity? Is it a hundred percent caused by human activity, is it 74.3%? It’s ‘settled science,’ please tell us to what degree human activity is responsible.” Nye’s inability to answer the question caused Carlson to repose the question several more times. “To what extent is human activity responsible” for the rate of increase of CO2 in the atmosphere, Carlson asked again.

    Sadly Nye could give no scientific answer, only an emotional rant. “A hundred percent!” Nye screamed. “If that’s the number you want. Humans are causing it to happen catastrophically fast.”

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