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Top feminist group in Canada elects transgender as chief

The largest feminist group in the French-speaking province of Quebec in Canada elected a transgender man to lead its organisation in an effort to “deconstruct and eliminate patriarchy”.

Published: December 11, 2017, 8:03 am

    According to LifeSiteNews, the top feminist group elected Gabrielle Bouchard, a transgender man as their new president.

    The 49-year-old Bouchard hails from Concordia University’s Center for Gender Advocacy and his Twitter handle is “Gabbi_unicorn.”

    Bouchard has been “a longtime militant feminist,” according to a statement released by the group after his election.

    The Federation des Femmes du Quebec now has a unicorn enthusiast to lead over 700 female members. It also oversees 300 other feminist groups.

    The group seeks to eliminate “systems of oppression or domination with which it is intertwined, such as capitalism, racism, imperialism, heterosexism, colonialism, capacityism and ageism that work together to marginalize and exploit women,” according to its French website.

    His appointment has not been smooth. In Quebec media his appointment as a man leading a feminist group, was criticised because it only serves to reinforce the patriarchy. Bouchard rejected such claims.

    “They are saying we’ll tolerate trans women as long as they are not in a position of power,” Bouchard told Canadian Press. “We’ll tolerate lesbians in the movement as long as they stand 10 feet away.”

    He has dismissed criticism that “presumes all women live the same experience — which is not true,” the Canadian Press reported. “All the barriers I face are actually based in sexism. They also happen to be based in transphobia. I am living at the intersection of trans identity and being a woman, and it creates a marginalization that some women don’t face.”

    Bouchard’s election comes in the wake of two transgenders Lily Madigan and Danica Roem, in the UK and US respectively gaining positions of power. Madigan is the British Labour party’s first transgender women’s officer while Roem, a biological male, beat conservative delegate Robert Marshall, to become the first openly transgender state representative in the US for the Democrats.

    Columnist Denise Bombardier, wrote no less than two indignant articles in Journal du Montreal highly critical of Bouchard’s election. “Who is this man who became a woman as an adult?” she questioned. “How can she speak on behalf of all women, as someone who was raised in a masculine culture, ignoring the experiences that women have lived through since they were born?”

    Trans men are currently stripping women of awards and sports championships, as well as leading feminist organisations in North America as well as the UK.

    “How much more do we need to prove that Western civilization has gone insane?” Quebec’s Campaign Life president, Georges Buscemi, told LifeSiteNews. “There’s a man at the head of the women’s association.”

    The Federation des Femmes du Quebec is the Canadian version of NOW in the US.

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    • Heh. Any man who’d transgender into female was never a “man” to begin with. At best, he was a soy boy. Thus, had no “patriarchy” to “deconstruct and eliminate”. In fact, such creatures are so repugnant, the rest of us look to real, masculine, men to combat them.

      Long live the Patriarchy!

      • Andy C

        Patriarchy Party; first item on the manifesto “oppress women, get all men to politely say ‘good day’, ‘good afternoon’ and ‘good evening’ to them”
        *dusts hands off* there, making an excellent start on this oppression business.

      • Lawrence_Bond

        You refuse to even question a poster you associate with whose “life’s mission is to wipe the Jew from the earth’s face” — so would you like to mass murder these “repugnant creatures” or sterilize them like you N@zis did in the early days of your regime?

        • Stalker troll Bond leads with more “targeted harassment” ad homs. Don’t care about your insults, I won’t feed into your Jews, Nazies, Hitler, 24/7/365 hysteria.

          • Lawrence_Bond

            To anyone reading this, I have screenshots to prove everything I say. These posters openly advocate the permanent exile of the entire Jewish population of the world. Some want them all killed.


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