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'Recognise the genocide,' read one of the placards in Perth, Australia. Photo: Twitter.

Massive turn-out for anti-genocide protest in Perth, Australia

Native Australians and immigrant South Africans joined hands in protesting the killing of farmers and white genocide in South Africa on Sunday 8 April. A special report of the day was compiled by Free West Media.

Published: April 8, 2018, 3:16 pm

    More than 3000 Australians and ex-South Africans attended a protest in Perth against farm murders and white genocide in South Africa. The Australian vlogger Avi Yemini, who was one of the speakers at the protest, received loud applause when he said: “Stop acting like a pack of racists and stand and protect your white South Africans!'”

    Yemini has collected 50 000 signatures for a petition in which the Australian government is requested to allow more South African refugees in Australia.

    The crowd of protestors were not particularly raucous, given the bloodshedding they were protestings against, but many carried placards and crosses. One big placard said: “Recognise the genocide.”

    During the march by protestors, some Afrikaans folk songs such as “Sarie Marais” were sung.

    At least three Australian politicians also participated as speakers at the protest, Messrs. Andrew Hastie (Liberal Party), Aaron Stonehouse (Liberal-Democratic Party) and Charles Smith (One Nation).

    During the introduction, one of the organisers, an Afrikaner and ex-South African, said: “South African farmers are being brutally targeted. Husbands are forced to watch while their wives are being raped. Children are forced to watch while their parents are being killed.”

    He also told the crowd how the two-year old Willemien Potgieter, the martyred little girl was executed with a pistol together with her mother after both of them had to watch how her father was hacked to death with a machete.

    The three Australian politicians expressed their solidarity with the suffering South Africans.

    Mr. Charles Smith, a member of the provincial council in West Australia, said: “We are standing here to express our heartfelt solidarity with South African farmers who we call brothers, who we call sisters and uncles.”

    “We stand here to protest what we perceive to be wrong: The expropriation of land without compensation, the assaults, the killing, the genocide. I believe this protest has right on its side,” Charles Smith of One Nation continued.

    ‘Reverse apartheid’

    According to Charles Smith, there exists reverse apartheid in South Africa. Therefore he asked other countries to also express themselves against it. “Today I call upon all nations around the world to say no to this reverse apartheid which is taking shape in South Africa.”

    The member of parliament for the Liberal-Democratic Party, Mr. Aaron Stonehouse, said that he was not influenced by race or ethnicity. “We are classical liberals. We don’t like to look at the world through the lens of race. I’d rather judge people as individuals, by their values and by their actions… White farmers are being attacked in South Africa and their government is throwing fuel on the fire.”

    Mr. Stonehouse was of the opinion that white South Africans made a big contribution to Australia, particularly because they were part of the Western family, also being pioneers, just like Australians. “The South African people and the Australian people do share the same values. We derive from the same European experience of crossing out into the great unknown with nothing but our swags on our backs and crosses on our hearts,” Stonehouse declared. “I’m also a member of this broad family of nations that you might call the West… People who live in the West have a lot in common. Someone born in South Africa, or the UK or America might find success in a place like Australia.”

    At the same time, Stonehouse denounced the expropriation of land without compensation, as voted by the South African parliament and supported by the ANC and EFF. “The ANC is attacking the very idea of private property rights,” he said.

    A female South African immigrant, who was apparently also an Afrikaner, expressed herself strongly against the abuse of women and children. “Also concerning is the abuse of all women and children in South Africa which has reached alarming levels,” she said.

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    • Tab Numlock

      The negro gov’t of S Africa will hold the whites hostage. We’ll have to pay to get the survivors out.

      • I fear the feral beasts will rape and slaughter Whites so as to increases the amount of wealth the savages will demand of Westerners to save the diminishing number of Whites left in that feral bestial part of the world.

    • The people of the West must stand united to assist our spit-upon kinfolk facing barbarian hordes.

    • kouldb

      It’s a disgrace that this is being censored by mainstream media, whilst they never stop bleating about every non-white who’s even perceived to be economically disadvantaged, let alone persecuted.

    • Noel Ignatiev

      What happens to the boer is planned for all white gentiles in the West. If we don’t stand up now for white South Africans, who will stand up for us later?

    • JP Grundlingh

      Thank you Ozzies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hannes En Brianda Barnard

      I went to the march to draw attention to the pathetic South African government that is looking at everything through race tinted glasses. They have been getting away with murder just because the victims are white and the world cannot think that blacks can oppress whites. They keep careful race statistics from race of players in sport teams to what race is owning what piece of land. However when it comes to crime the do not record the race of victims nor the race of the attackers. This is the government whose leaders continue to romanticize the killing of farmers, that removed the effective rural policing system made up of farmers, their workers, police and defense force that reduced farm attacks by 70% between 2001-2007, that already forced 30,000 of the about 60,000 farmers of their land in the past two decades, that aims to expropriate land without compensation just because the farmer’s skin is white and that continue with “land redistribution” despite the fact that 10% of redistributed land was sold back immediately and the other 90% went bankrupt within 3 years. You need skills, knowledge and experience to be a successful farmers – which sane farmer will teach someone else how to farm if the government just took his farm and gave it to one of their family members.

    • Emily

      I need to point out that this needs to stop being called a protest because it wasn’t. It was a march for mercy, to raise awareness about the truth. The truth is that genocide and crimes against humanity are being committed against the white minority in South Africa.

      Rather than pandering to a political-correctness- gone-mad world, the aim was to speak the truth even if it makes the rest of the world uncomfortable to hear it.

      Afrikaners are not a nation of protesters we are people with integrity. We do not Toi-Toi. We raise our voices with respect and only speak the truth. We make no demands. We request.

      There was no looting, no incidents of violence, no police-arrests and a grand-total of 0!! YES, 0!! Burning trashcans thrown through shopfront windows.

      This is the Afrikaner way.

    • Reckonings

      Please visit: to learn more about the trouble South Africa is facing.

    • gininitaly

      Excuse me, but wasn’t it the Boers and British whites who invaded, confiscated and pillaged the wealth of the black South Africans’ lands? Cecil Rhodes twisted bigotry and warped sense of superiority is still wreaking havoc upon this planet to this very day. Perhaps it’s time to reap what you’ve sown since you arrived to colonize without permission. You won’t be the first to be expelled from a country by it’s rightful owners…. that’s the risk your forefathers took which resulted in the genocide of millions of the local natives….. and that you may have to pay for by expulsion. Reality bites.

      • Otto

        I strongly suggest you do some research before posting unverified opinion and racial bias here.
        The Boers have more than ample documented proof of treaties, land transactions and agreements for the land they occupied. Then there is the fact that large tracts of land were uninhabited, as a result of the genocides committed by Shaka, called the mfecane.
        And of course we have that niggling historical reality called conquest, which is how the modern political map of the world came about.

        • gininitaly

          Yep that last sentence about sized it up… and payback appears to be near.

          • Otto

            Typical uniformed, opinionated poster. Ignores 80% of the reply, and grasps at one sentence, to “prove” their point.
            Too much effort to research the facts I suppose?
            Is payback how the world works, according to you?


    • Meanwhile the culture and class wars continue and the common folks continue to be spit upon by tyrannical elites and their lackeys who use a divide-and-conquer approach against We, the People. The elite-owned media and entertainment industries are major weapons allowing the few to lord over the many.

      The people of all Western countries MUST unite to defy the tyrants in our midst and the barbarians invading our home lands. Failure to do so will result in a new Dark Age of barbarism for future generations living in servitude to the invading barbarians and the tyrannical elite masters.

    • kartashok

      Boors/Boers are getting what they deserve.


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