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Ulrich Kutschera. Photo: Kassel University

German biologist faces court after linking gays to pedophilia

The evolutionary biologist Ulrich Kutschera is facing German justice because of remarks he made scientifically linking homosexuality to pedophilia.

Published: June 7, 2019, 1:11 pm

    On Wednesday Kutschera appeared in the Kassel district court because of his comments on homosexuals. The prosecution accused the university professor, among other things, of insult and slander.

    The background to the court procedure is an interview by Kutschera with the news portal from 2017. In the interview, the scientist noted that homosexuals had a propensity toward pedophilia.

    Asked about the adoption rights of same-sex couples after the introduction of so-called marriage for all, he said: “Should the adoption law for male-male or female-female erotic associations come, I see state-sponsored pedophilia and severe child abuse coming our way.”

    Kutschera interpreted any “unnatural early sexualization” in the interview as “mental rape”. He also described children of lesbian couples conceived by artificial insemination as “insignificant fertilization products”.

    Kutscherea justified his statements to the portal with scientific findings in evolutionary biology. “Over the course of mammoth evolution, over 150 million years, the mother-child bond has emerged as the strongest link ever.”

    Children need their biological parents, according to Kutschera. He added: “If a child is deprived of a mother, that is a violation of the most elemental human right that ever existed.” Homo-couples are “sterile, a-sexual erotic duos without reproductive potential,” the biology professor said.

    On the first day of the trial on Wednesday, Kutschera renounced making a personal statement and instead he read a number of bioscientific definitions, reported the news agency dpa.

    Several homosexuals and student representatives of the University of Kassel had filed a complaint against the scientist. In addition, his lawyer requested that Kutschera’s book “The Gender Paradox” be admitted as evidence in the trial.

    “Only after the book’s introduction will it become apparent that the statements are based on biological expertise,” his lawyer explained.

    Also, the defense filed 13 additional requests for evidence. On the basis of doctors and researchers, his legal team wants to prove that the statements made by Kutschera were based on scientific findings and do not represent insults against homosexuals.

    Another trial date for the 64-year-old is still pending.

    Kutschera describes himself as an atheistic evolutionary researcher whose statements were based on bioscientific facts. “This naturalistic anti-gender agenda has nothing to do with politics or religion.”

    His basic message is that children need their biological parents in order to develop optimally. For him, the welfare of offspring should come first. The “egotism of parents”, says the biology professor “may not dominate”. He says by this he means the adoption of children by same-sex couples or the artificial insemination of women in lesbian relationships with donor sperm cells.

    According to Kutschera, there is only one notion of biologically-genetically predisposed sex, but no mutable “psychosocial gender”, as propagated in the “gender ideology”.

    According to him, homosexuals – even with a “reversed polarity” – can not be transformed into heteronormal citizens. He explained that in male-only couples with a missing genetic link, there is lack of instinctive “inbreeding disgust” between the adopted child and the male couple.

    He emphasized why the protection of traditional marriage was important from the point of view of biology: “The religiously-culturally relatively homogeneous German population living on German territory is an association of people who leave descendants. The most important task of leaders is to maintain the population entrusted to them. Therefore, the marriage between a man (sperm producer) and a woman (egg cell provider with childbearing ability) is under special protection by the Basic Law.”

    If the state extends privileges to sterile homosexual couples, the pension of these people must be paid by the children from fruitful husband-wife marriages, and for Kutschera this is “an injustice of the first order”. He concluded that Germans today lacked the moral courage to speak out against this.

    Last month, the AFD parliamentary group in the Schleswig-Holstein State Parliament invited the scientst to speak at the Kieler Landeshaus. The event is titled “Man = Woman? How far does the gender delusion go?”.

    On social networks, the AfD announced the event by stating that: “Did you know that on average 95 percent of all people are heterosexual?” But, the party complained that the UN and the EU were pushing ahead with the “destructive ideology” of “gender mainstreaming”.

    LGBTI activists expressed sharp criticism against his appearance: “Schleswig-Holstein stands together against cheap attacks on minorities.”

    Kutschera has also been repeatedly criticized by politicians from his home state in Hesse, especially from the CDU, because of his “discriminatory” statements.

    He sits on the Board of Trustees of the AfD-related Desiderius Erasmus Foundation.

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    • kjf

      Most actual gays are gay because of childhood trauma. It is a cycle. If you grow up in an abusive family you are at a higher risk of being in the same relation as you get older and doing the same thing. But do not talk about gays or pedos, they are a protected group. And have a superiority complex. But deep down they know the filth they produce.

      • Jack

        Nope. Most actual gays are NOT gay because of childhood trauma. Even where there WAS trauma, other children have the same experience but exhibit a heterosexual orientation. So the trauma is not the cause.

        • kjf

          They have a choice, the trauma influences that choice. Some actually don’t that is correct, but those that are “gay” have a sexual trauma.

          • Jack

            There is no choice. And trauma prevents meaningful choice. Not all gays have had a sexual trauma.

            • kjf

              All but you?

    • thenobullman

      The war on ‘common sense’ continues. In the UK the ‘Equality and Human Rights Commission’ has David Isaac QC as second in command, he has been the lawyer behind Peter Tatchell’s campaign to normalise homosexuality.

    • Alan Ned Sabrosky

      So German law now subordinates science to ideology. Well, the Inquisition did that with early scientists who had the gall to state (gasp!) that the sun & planets did not rotate around the earth….Somehow, I thought we had gotten past that point.

      Oddly enough, though, the experience of the Catholic church validates Kutschera’s findings. Many, many priests have been accused of molesting children. Virtually all of the children are/were male, and the priests who molested them homosexual. Ought to suggest something, no?


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