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Articles by fwmstaff

US grant to promote ‘positive narratives’ about EU immigration flood

BrusselsThe US embassy in Belgium has granted a group $200,000 to promote "positive narratives" about migrants flooding into Europe.

Damascus clears historical Homs

HomsDamascus has consolidated its position on Sunday with the complete withdrawal of militants from the western Syrian city of Homs. The move marked a major shift in the balance of forces.

Ebola is back, but will witchcraft prevent vaccine?

KinshasaA new Ebola outbreak has been declared in the Democratic Republic of Congo after the deaths of three people have been linked to the virus. At least one of the deceased has tested positive for the virus, according to the DRC's health ministry. But will a vaccine trump witchcraft?

Anti-Russian fever in US becomes retarded

WashingtonThe United States is in great danger of being overtaken by the Russian Orthodox Church, according to Time magazine.

Boris Johnson warns voters about ‘Russian meddling’

LondonBritish Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is telling voters that Russia will likely interfere in the forthcoming British general election.

Transgenders don’t pay: College declares ‘financial emergency’

OaklandThe first "all-female" American college to admit male undergraduate students who identify themselves as "female" has officially declared a “financial emergency”.

Alabama moves to protect Confederate monuments

Montgomery, AlabamaOfficials in New Orleans, Louisiana, have been removing several Confederate monuments citing reasons such as "white racism" and "slavery" in Southern cities and rejecting historical American emblems on public property. But Alabama won't be following their example.

More dangerous terrorists are finding their way to Europe

The head of the UN Security Council’s counterterrorism agency has warned that foreign ISIS fighters finding their way into Europe, could be “more dangerous” than previous waves of returnees.

Theresa May proposes new Internet regulations

LondonBritish Prime Minister Theresa May wants to set up a new, government-controlled Internet, but will tech companies comply with her power grab?

Russians furious after US attack on Syrian forces

TanfRussia has reacted with fury over an illegal US coalition airstrike in Syria. An air force group of the US-led counter-terrorist squad on May 18 attacked pro-government forces operating within the established de-escalation zone northwest of Tanf.