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Articles by fwmstaff

Girls too afraid to use single-sex toilets campaigners find

A growing number of British schools have decided to end single-sex toilets a consultation by feminist campaigners Women's Voices Wales found.

A weekend of knife crimes in Germany

Last weekend, there were several knife attacks in Germany. In cases where the ethnicity of the perpetrators were noted, the suspects were all foreigners.

UK faces policing crisis as cops quit in huge numbers

Law enforcement chiefs in Britain are struggling to find enough specialist detectives with three-quarters of stations admitting that they cannot fill vacancies because of the rate at which experienced officers are quitting the force.

French official criticises British resolve to stop illegals

In the fight against networks of human traffickers in the English Channel, the president of the Regional Council of Hauts-de-France has pleaded for stronger cooperation between France and Britain to end illegal immigration.

Trump urges Europeans to repatriate more than 800 jihadists from Syria

The issue of jihadists coming from Europe remains a thorny one. After deciding the withdrawal of the United States from Syria, Donald Trump now urges Europeans to take back their jihadist citizens.

Extreme weather may be due to gravity waves not climate change

FrankfurtExtreme weather events have been blamed on "climate change" but a new study out of Germany challenges this much-touted assumption, revealing evidence to suggest that so-called “gravity waves” may be a far more probable explanation for certain weather phenomena.

Hungary summons Swedish ambassador after spat over pro-family law

BudapestHungarian Secretary of State for Family and Youth Affairs, has addressed a letter to Swedish Minister for Social Affairs after the left-wing politician compared Hungary’s pro-family action plan to Nazi Germany.

Students have to fend off hackers because of cyber-skills shortage

Students with little or no cybersecurity knowledge are being used to fight off hackers because there are not enough cybersecurity employees and matters are getting worse.

French police brutality against Yellow Vests denounced by EU and UN

Yellow Vest protesters marched again on Saturday across France in Act XIV of the movement. Three months into the ongoing protests, international outrage over police brutality is growing.

Some 95 percent of thieves on Brussels’ public transport are foreign

BrusselsSome 95 percent of pickpockets that roam the isles and platforms of public transportation in Brussels are foreigners, according to figures from the Belgian Ministry of Internal Affairs.