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Articles by fwmstaff

Violent crime: Ambushed French firemen face mortars

According to the prefecture of Val-de-Marne, "fifteen young people" ambushed firefighters in Champigny-sur-Marne, this week. The police officers called in reinforcements but they "came under mortar fire".

South Africa: ANC continues to ignore farm murders

PretoriaIt is a staggering statistic but the South African government insists that it is not happening: During September 2019, there were forty-six farm attacks and seven farm murders, whilst one farm attack was averted.

German farmers protest against agricultural package

Farmers from all over Germany have announced protests against the Federal government's agricultural package for Tuesday.

EU policies dealing with African migrants based on falsehoods

European policies to deal with irregular migration are not accurate, says a report from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Official files a complaint against anti-Macron comments on Facebook

The prefect of the Drôme, a department in southeast France wants to file a complaint against a Facebook user, who had denounced an "apartheid" speech by Emmanuel Macron on Facebook. Macron had spoken of his desire for a "society of vigilance".

National Council election in Switzerland sees rise of Greens

BernDespite losses, the SVP nevertheless emerged as the strongest party from the election of the National Council in Switzerland.

Influential economist predicts the end of fossil energy by 2028

Jeremy Rifkin believes the fossil fuel civilization will collapse by 2028, and he has proposed a bold economic plan to counter that.

German intel boss: Climate scene infiltrated by extreme leftists

HamburgIt comes as no surprise: Hamburg's domestic intel chief Torsten Voss has warned the establishment against an infiltration by left-wing extremists.

French anti-terrorist judge calls for swift repatriation of jihadists

ParisJudge David De Pas, head of the anti-terrorist unit of the Paris court, warned of "a risk to public safety" if France refuses to take judicial responsibility for its jihadists.

A wave of car arson hits Aarhus and Copenhagen

In the first nine months of 2019, according to the National Police, there were 648 cars torched in Denmark. This is the highest level in four years when the total number of torched cars in the country is calculated.