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Articles by fwmstaff

Survey: German girls and women feel insecure in big cities

BerlinGerman girls and women do not feel safe in major German cities and are often victims of sexual assault. This was the result of a survey with almost 1 000 participants.

A US re-education camp to convince white men of their racism

WashingtonA re-education camp for white men funded by the US taxpayer for a nuclear research laboratory in the United States, was aimed at deconstructing "white male culture".

US Department of Justice: Yale engaged in illegal, racist discrimination

New Haven, ConnecticutThe US Department of Justice announced on Thursday that Yale University illegally discriminated against hundreds of white and Asian individuals who had applied to attend the institution.

‘Zwarte Piet’ banned after Facebook tightens rules for ‘blackfacing’

Menlo ParkThe US technology group Facebook has announced that it will take stronger action against racist and anti-Semitic stereotypes.

Seven shootings in ‘French Chicago’ Grenoble recorded since end of June

GrenobleTerritorial struggles between rival crime networks have raged in the capital of the French Alps. Clashes with assault rifles sometimes take place in broad daylight.

Dutch summer: Shootings, violence, chaos

Scheveningen The Dutch town of Scheveningen has become something of the epicenter of the chaos and violence in the Netherlands. Enforcement personnel have been beaten with batons, and on the pier, people are shot and stabbed. There have already been several deaths.

European Court of Justice sets new obstacles for deportation

The latest judgment by the European Court of Justice (file number C-517/17 ), which was published on July 16, received little media attention. This decision calls into question the European asylum system.

Chicago raises bridges to stem flood of BLM looters

ChicagoHundreds of black residents rioted in downtown Chicago from Sunday to Monday, smashing windows, looting stores and at one point exchanging gunfire with officers, authorities said. The Chicago BLM chapter justified the riot by issuing a false statement.

Driver in Chemnitz stops rape

ChemnitzA driver in the German city of Chemnitz, may have prevented a rape on Sunday evening. After hearing a scream, he approached the two suspicious dark-skinned men in a bush, who then fled, the police said.

Hypocricy of overweight Green politician who preaches salad exposed

BerlinThe Greens in Germany have been calling for a ban on advertising for unhealthy diets like fast food because more and more people are overweight. But apparently the party doesn't think much of leadership by example: the Deputy Federal Chairman of Alliance 90 / The Green Party was caught with a huge bag of fast food on a train.