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In Short

Steve Bannon plans move against George Soros in EU

Steve Bannon is planning to move against George Soros in Europe. Trump’s former White House chief advisor is setting up a foundation in Europe called The Movement which he hopes will lead to a conservative uprising across the continent starting with the European Parliament elections next spring.

Pan-African flag waved while US flag burns at rally for Maxine Waters

Los AngelesSupporters of US Democratic representative Maxine Waters set fire to the American flag outside Waters' Los Angeles office on Thursday, protesting against "white supremacists".

Hamburg sees rise of left-extremism and Islamists after G20

HamburgThe number of left-wing extremists and Salafists in Hamburg, Germany rose last year. FWM reported on how the rise of extremism in the city after the G20 invited in scores of leftist surrogates.

German police deny that Luebeck mass stabbing was terror

LuebeckIn a knife attack by a suspected jihadist on a bus in Luebeck, Germany, several people were injured on Friday. The bus was heading to a coastal resort.

Independence for Donbass?

MoscowRussian media reported after the Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki, that one of President Putin’s proposals was to organise a new, internationally-monitored independence referendum in Donbass.

Russia to welcome persecuted white farmers from South Africa

A delegation of white farmers from South Africa recently travelled to the world’s largest country to escape farm murders and Marxist land expropriation.

Hungary will withdraw from UN global compact on migration

BudapestHungary will withdraw from a UN global agreement on migration, because the agreement is not only “in conflict with common sense” but also with national security. And Brussels is retaliating.

Judgement delayed at Tommy Robinson’s hearing

LondonTommy Robinson’s defense team presented their arguments against his continued detention on Wednesday. The three-judge panel was unable to reach a decision, and postponed the proceedings for further deliberation.

Congressman calls for military coup against Trump

WashingtonDemocratic Congressman Steve Cohen from Tennessee on Monday called for the military to remove President Donald Trump after Trump’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

Heritage Foundation: Open borders invited terrorists into EU

According to a new report by the American Heritage Foundation, open borders have invited terrorism into the EU.