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In Short

Britain’s most expensive aircraft carrier has sprung a leak

PortsmouthBritain's multi-billion aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is leaking badly. The brand new vessel was forced to cut short its sea trials this week, reported CNN.

Hungarian FM interviewed by German media on relationship with Brussels

MunichHungary is not being treated fairly by Brussels, said Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. He also commented on Hunagry's future in the European People’s Party.

Syrian ‘refugee’ guilty of murder and rape in Landes

Mont-de-MarsanThe body of a 24-year-old woman, raped and killed, was found Sunday, July in a department in southwestern France.

Immigrant youth breaks teacher’s jaw because she asked ‘wrong’ question

Möriken-WildeggA 14-year-old Syrian immigrant seriously assaulted his Swiss female teacher because she asked him the "wrong" questions.

‘Where is Steve Caniço?’

NantesThe father of Steve Caniço, who had disappeared the night of June 22 in Nantes, after a muscular intervention bty French police to stop festivities, says he is angry with the police. He has lodged a complaint.

A thousand Africans arrive in small German town

AshausenAshausen is a district with 3 800 inhabitants in the unitary municipality in the district of Harburg, Lower Saxony. The place is connected by a train station to the train route Hannover-Hamburg. A YouTube video that went viral shows a stream of about 1000 black Africans pouring from a train into the station.

African beheads Dutch woman in broad daylight

KerkradeIn Kerkrade, the police cordoned off the area where a local woman was brutally killed on Wednesday afternoon. Kerkrade is a town and a municipality in the southeast of Limburg, the southernmost province of the Netherlands.

Second foreign school controversy shakes Dutch education

The HagueDutch Education Minister Arie Slob has threatened to withdraw funding from a primary school for foreign children in The Hague that has been at the centre of accusations of financial mismanagement. It is the second foreign school controversy in the Netherlands this month.

Europe’s 2018 population growth due to mass migration

Europe has been experiencing population growth in 2018 largely driven by continued mass migration. This is despite there being more deaths than births across the continent.

British medical doctor fired because he believes gender is fixed at birth

A British medical doctor was fired from his job at a government office because he believes gender is determined at birth.