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In Short

Macron walks blindly into trap set for Russian leader at press conference

BrégançonThe meeting between the head of state and Vladimir Putin, this Monday at Fort de Brégançon (Var), was presented as that of a defender of democracy against a populist autocrat: the camp of the Good facing the camp of Evil.

Open Arms may finally face sanction from Madrid

MadridHaving been immobilized for twenty days off the coast of Italy, the Spanish rescue ship has finally been able to land the hundred migrants present on board, on the island of Lampedusa. But it may have been a costly exercise.

Attacks on French emergency workers reach record levels

French emergency workers have been facing a rising number of attacks while on duty. 

Mike Pompeo takes up Greenland issue with Danish counterpart

WashingtonThe Greenland issue between the US and Denmark is still simmering. In a statement, a US State Department spokesperson said that the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his Danish counterpart discussed the possibility of boosting cooperation in the Arctic, "including Greenland".

‘Conspiracy theory’ on fluoride proven right

After openly lying to the public and hounding anti-fluoride activists as "conspiracists", the well-documented dangers of fluoride lowering children's IQs has been admitted.

Italian justice rebelling against Salvini

LampedusaAs several migrants tried to swim to the Italian coast, a transalpine prosecutor ordered their landing.

Berlin threatens Syrian ‘refugees’ who holiday… in Syria

BerlinA Syrian migrant who regularly spends his holidays in Syria can not seriously claim to be persecuted, said the German Interior Minister. Refugee status for such people could soon be revoked.

Climate hypermoralism grips Germany

BerlinYoung Germans are deeply concerned about changes in the weather, which is part of the new hypermoralism gripping the country.

No dogs in Innsbruck taxis: ‘It has nothing to do with faith’

InnsbruckThe fact that many taxis in the Austrian city do not transport dogs is not about religion, but for "legal and security reasons", says an Innsbruck taxi driver.

Number of asylum applications in EU on the rise once again

The EU’s asylum agency, the European Asylum Support Office (EASO), revealed that from January 1 to the end of June, some 305 000 migrants applied for asylum in the EU, a ten percent increase from the same period in 2018.