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In Short

World-renowned scientist stripped of titles after linking race and IQ

The famous American molecular biologist James Watson has lost his academic honorary titles after statements on the difference in intelligence between blacks and whites.

Mother of girl murdered by migrant blames Merkel

The mother of a girl murdered by an Iraqi asylum seeker, Diana Feldmann, has defended her harsh criticism of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

American Psychological Association: Masculinity is an ‘ideology’

Columnist Barbara Kay has expressed concern over the American Psychological Association's' first ever guidelines to "help psychologists work with men and boys". Within the guidelines is the declaration that masculinity is an "ideology."

Trump voters support withdrawal from Middle East

WashingtonThe United States will not disengage from the Middle East as its military has some 53 000 soldiers stationed in at last 27 bases in 12 Middle Eastern countries - not counting those in Syria. But the notion of withdrawing is popular with Trump voters.

Most terror attacks in France committed by known offenders

Almost all terror attacks in France have been carried out by radicals already known to law enforcement.

US Ambassadors threaten Nord Stream 2 companies

BerlinUS Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell has sent warning letters to several German companies involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia.

French Green leader calls for the suicide of France

ParisAccording to the co-founder of the French Green Party, white European families should no longer receive state benefits to encourage them to have less or no children. Muslim migrants should receive child support instead, he argued.

Austria follows France in GAFA tax on tech giants

ViennaAustria is following in the footsteps of at least one other European nation in taxing American tech giants. The country is looking to impose a specialized tech tax on mega companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.

Germans have lost confidence in social institutions

Germans are wondering whether a civil servant is still a friend and a helper. In fact, the majority of Germans are doubting the value of many other social institutions too.

Salvini announces ‘European Spring’ on Poland visit

WarsawItaly's Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said he wanted Italy and Poland to unite to create a "European spring" that could end many years of French and German domination on the continent.