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In Short

US immigrants send home massive amounts of money

WashingtonForeign nationals from three Central American countries that send some of the highest numbers of illegal immigrants to the US are sending back a record amount of money to their home countries.

Internet banking nails Utrecht tram shooter

UtrechtA fine piece of financial investigation has proven fatal for Utrecht tram shooter Gökmen Tanis. The attacker of Turkish origin made a money transfer via telebanking using a phone he borrowed from a friend shortly after he killed three people.

Poll shows Macron no longer a magnet for voters

ParisFrench voters have rejected their president even though they still support his party.

Google search results unfairly steer voters to the left

Google has been instrumental in pushing masses of American voters to the left, says psychologist Robert Epstein.

Round-up of Act XIX by Yellow Vests

ParisAccording to the French Ministry of the Interior, the Yellow Vest mobilization was up this Saturday, March 23.

Relations between France and Israel tense after cancellation of culture event

JerusalemIsraeli security forces canceled a cultural event at the French Institute in Jerusalem, in which Palestinian women were to take part. The Quai d'Orsay denounced their involvement as a "serious and inadmissible" act.

Every second immigrant fails the German test

BerlinAlmost every second immigrant fails the integration course's German test. Of the approximately 202 000 participants, some 93 500 could not finish the course successfully.

German police thwart Islamist terror plot

In an anti-terrorist raid in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate, German security authorities arrested eleven suspects linked to a terror plot.

Migrants: bone tests validated by French Constitutional Council

ParisBone tests will soon make it possible to determine the age of young migrants arriving in France.

Hungary’s Fidesz suspends its participation in EPP

BrusselsPrime Minister Viktor Orban announced at an international press conference in Brussels on Wednesday that his ruling Fidesz party has “unilaterally suspended exercising its rights as a member of the European People’s Party”.