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In Short

German priest wears Islamic headgear to protest AfD

A German priest has protested against the AfD by wearing an Islamic headscarf during a Christian sermon. His Islamic headgear was met with applause from his audience.

AfD files complaint with Constitutional Court against Merkel’s open borders

BerlinThe German anti-immigration party, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) has filed a complaint to the Constitutional Court over Chancellor Angela Merkel's immigration policy.

Marseille shooting: Men open fire with Kalashnikovs

MarseilleGunmen opened fire with automatic rifles in Marseille, in the south France – with one person reportedly injured.

Italy’s coalition partners present their choice of premier

RomeMatteo Salvini, League leader, and Luigi Di Maio, Five Star leader, have presented their choice of premier to Sergio Mattarella, Italy’s president.

Diversity is harming sciences, says best-selling author

Universities and institutions of higher learning and research in the US are watering down requirements in order to try and attract women and minorities. One author believes it is a colossal waste of money that America can ill afford.

Conflict in Donbass heats up as NATO troops allegedly killed

On 17 May, a group of NATO troops from the US and Canada suffered casualties and injuries in a landmine explosion near Avdeyevka, according to DPR reports.

Immigration to Europe via Turkey triples

BrusselsThe number of migrants arriving in Europe via Turkey has increased since March 2018 to three times the previous year's period. According to a report by the European Commission about 15 000 newcomers have arrived over land and sea.

Italy: Enemies fail to derail Salvini-Di Maio coalition agreement

RomeAfter several efforts by their political enemies to derail coalition talks, Italy's League and Five Star Movement (M5S) have finally agreed on a policy programme, ending a political stalemate.

Chechen says he murdered girl because he was in a ‘bad mood’

ViennaA Chechen Muslim has been arrested for the murder of a 7-year-old girl in Vienna, Austria. He confessed to police, saying he murdered the girl because he had been in a "bad mood". His lawyer however, called him a "model student".

Terror-loving US journo gets pranked by Russian duo

On May 18, American journalist Tom Rogan tweeted that he "had a great conversation" with Ukraine’s foreign minister, after his calls for Ukraine to blow up the Crimean bridge. Such an attack would guarantee a Russian response, Rogan argued.