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In Short

Bulgaria latest country to reject UN Global Compact on Migration

SofiaBulgaria has become the latest EU member state to signal withdrawal from the UN Migration Compact, following a growing exodus from the duplicitous open-border project.

Hundreds of thousands march for Polish Independence celebration

WarsawMore than 200 000 patriots took to the streets of Warsaw on Sunday to celebrate Poland's independence, despite attempts by the city's mayor to ban the "aggressive nationalism" of the event earlier this month.

Ten European states sign up for military intervention force

ParisTen European states have signed up for a new defense initiative. Launched on June 25 this year, the coalition held its first historic meeting on November 7 in Paris.

Putin says France’s plan for EU Army is ‘natural’

MoscowRussian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday said that it was natural for the European Union to desire its own army after the French President suggested that the EU should build up its own military.

Democrats to set up ‘diversity office’ to replace white employees

WashingtonUS Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi wants to set up a "diversity office" to replace white employees with non-white employees at Capitol Hill.

Hungary increases its gold reserves tenfold

Hungary’s central bank has increased its gold reserves tenfold, joining other Eastern European states with high gold ownership in Europe.

Austria investigating colonel for ‘Russian spying’

ViennaAustrian authorities are investigating a retired army colonel who has allegedly transferred information on immigration to Russia’s military intelligence.

How the demographic shift changed US voting patterns

Mass immigration has turned California from a "solidly Republican" state into a Democratic stronghold and illegal immigration is also transforming Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, many other states in the US.

The strange coincidences in the Thousand Oaks shooting

Thousand OaksIn March 2018, Business Insider called Thousand Oaks the third-safest city to live in in the US. But on Wednesday a gunman killed 13 people in a bar frequented by white college students in Thousand Oaks, just west of Los Angeles.

Cost of US midterm election surpasses staggering $5 billion

WashingtonThis year’s midterm election cycle is slated to become the most expensive campaign ever in the history of the US.