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Janice Atkinson; Farm attack victim

European MP demands that SA farm murders be put at top of agenda

Janice Atkinson, an independent Member of the European Parliament for the South East England region, formerly representing the UK Independence Party (UKIP), demanded a parliamentary vote condemning farm murders in South Africa.

Published: November 14, 2017, 4:51 pm

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    Her motion against farm murders was rejected by a majority. She said in South Africa the “situation remains extremely serious”. She described how she had joined the protest against farm murders on #BlackMonday.

    “Being a farmer in South Africa is one of the most dangerous professions in the world,” Atkinson pointed out. She added that there were “huge concerns about the functioning of the police” which “strangely enough does not seem to be an issue for the international community”.

    She proposed a debate on the matter and demanded a statement from the EU Commission as well as the European Council. Atkinson proposed to have farm murders as the first item on the agenda.

    The former Conservative party member, who was expelled from UKIP,  joined the newly formed group in the European Parliament, Europe of Nations and Freedom in 2015. She put forward the motion at the sitting on Monday this week.

    Europe of Nations and Freedom, is a political group in the European Parliament with 37 members, the smallest in the European Parliament. The largest party of the group by number of MEPs is the National Front representing almost half of ENL’s MEPs with 17 MEPs out of 40.

    The ENF is the parliamentary group of the Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom although the Dutch PVV’s MEPs are members of the European Alliance for Freedom and other MEPs are without any European affiliations.

    Marine Le Pen announced that a new group in the European Parliament would be launched with representation from seven different member states.

    During the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party convention on 30 April 2016, it was announced that Marcus Pretzell, an MEP would join the ENL group.

    Atkinson, who is also an associate of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), chided parliamentarians for not taking a stand against the gross human rights abuses currently taking place in South Africa.

    Meanwhile South African Police Minister Fikile Mbalula said he was unaware of any demands for farm murder statistics to be made available, despite several requests being made.

    “We must never give an impression that there are certain things we are running away from,” Mbalula said disingenuously. “If something has been agreed to, we must honour it.”

    But briefing the media afterwards, Mbalula said such crime figures and debates about farm murders would amount to defending “useless things”.

    “I don’t want to engage in useless fights,” he said, after the Freedom Front Plus Party castigated the police for failing to provide specific numbers of farm killings and attacks, as they had promised to do.

    The Transvaal Agricultural Union SA (TAU SA) said the crime statistics compared badly with the situation over the same period last year.

    Henry Geldenhuys, TAU SA deputy president, warned that the situation was spiralling out of control. “The situation on South African farms and small holdings is critical and it is clear that the SAPS’ rural safety strategy is not producing favourable results,” Geldenhuys said.

    The TAU says that white farmers are disproportionately targeted in such attacks. The violence meted out is also often disproportionately brutal, with the victims sadistically tortured.



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    • Butch

      european parliament are a lot of confused creatures together themselves not know what they doing there

    • Willie Liebenberg

      Wow they learned from the Anglo Boer War. Cripple the farmers with murder. The English murdered our woman and children in concentration camps and burn the farm houses downs.

      • Tom Tom

        so its ok for them to kill Boers, too?

        • Fish Deep

          No, but it shows how much they have always cared.

    • Keelvol


      • blagostwin

        Europe has lost it’s minds. They are like the lemmings running full speed over the cliff into the ocean.

    • Melanie van Minnen

      The ONLY DECENT EUROPEAN MP. To hell with Europe the next time the Germans rear their racist heads. Don’t expect help from us.

    • Heidi

      Our South-African farmers are not merely ‘just murdered’ on a DAILY basis – they are literally SLAUGHTERED!! Women’s belly’s are cut open, they are raped and hung upside down to ‘dry out’…the boer men’s eyes are cut out. They are burnt with hot irons, boiling hot oil / petrol or water are forced down their throats. Most of the times after hours of torturing the Boer families (not just the men), their hands and feet will be chopped off and they are then killed with panga’s (traditional African weapon) or knives…..everytime a farmer is killed, the whole country suffers even more, because NO FARMER = NO FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Since 1994 thousands of South African farmers have been KILLED and yet, the world chooses to turn a blind eye to our desperate plea for HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The white South Africans are hated for their white skin and innocent people are dying as a result of all that hatred!!!!!! we are sick and tired of all the propaganda that are fed to the world and of all the violent crimes that are ignored all for the sake of ‘political correctness….it is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!

      • Myriad

        So true Heidi.
        But tragically, the inmates are in charge of the asylum.
        Something must be done to bring down these unelected globalist fanatics, the ballot box doesn’t work on bureaucrats.

        • Tom Tom

          SOMETHING will not be done, therefore you must leave South Africa before its too late.

      • Tom Tom

        Why do you cry for help when you know NO help is coming? Sell your property and move to Zimbabwe NOW.

    • Jaene Steffens

      We need help and fast

      • blagostwin

        I feel for you brother. Contact the President, I can’t see him standing idly by and allowing this to continue. The only short term solution is the implements for defense, weapons?

        • Tom Tom

          contact the President? LOL.

          • blagostwin

            You got a better idea?

        • Magrieta Rita Stoop Putsch

          What!!!!????? You don’t mean Zuma, do you?

          • blagostwin

            Of course not I meant the person I posted under, the Africanor farmers. How did you get that impression? Because I used the word brother?

      • Tom Tom

        The only help you need is the common sense to sell your property and move to Zimbabwe now.

    • Theuns Victor

      The fact that the motion was rejected by the European Parliament goes to show that they don’t care a damn. They helped orchestrate this comedy show with it’s horror scenes and they will not lift a finger to help stop it. So dear European Friends wait till your wives and daughters get raped and murdered by the people you are so reluctant to judge and then come talk to us again. History has taught you nothing, maybe it’s time for another Adolf Hitler to rise in Europe again!

    • blagostwin

      Where is the UN Now? Conspicuously absent. Americans can take a hard lesson from this. This is what comes after being disarmed.

    • Tom Tom

      Now that Zimbabwe has taken a turn for the hopefully better, if you are a white farmer, or white anything, GET OUT of South Africa N-O-W. Sell your farm and buy land in Zimbabwe. Go now!

      • blagostwin

        If they can still sell.

    • thomas jefferson

      ALL THE FARMERS IN AFRICA,should go back to europe,and let the blacks feed themselves,I’am sure the EU GOVERNMENT would glady but their plane ticket home like the done all the immigants who are now tring to kill everyone in europe,THE GOVERNMENT IN EUROPE IS ROTTEN ,just like it is in america…….

    • libsarescum

      Well, very soon we won’t have to worry about Europe anymore since it will become a third world cesspool of Africans and muslims

    • Jay

      The Mandelas necklaced their way to power with gasoline, diesel and tires made to fit around the waists of their political enemies, which was everyone that wasn’t a communist. And the Clintons and the Carters helped them do it through an organization called TransAfrica.

    • Zero Nada

      Nuckin Figgerz are so Stupid & Sub-Human that they will Kill the very Humans that Feed them. Wake Up White People & Prepare to Kill all Whitey Haters before they Kill You!

    • chrism12743

      Let’s face it folks, the world hates white people, and until white people start dealing with this seriously, it is just going to continue. One good thing about UN troops, their blue helmets make target acquisition much easier.

    • first they sid mk and apla were killing and mandela was very touched by this because if there was an order for mk to rob and kill whites he shout have known so he commissioned his intelligence to investigate and it stated that farmers were killing each other.the rightwingers were accusing the liberals of being traitors by working with black government and liberals accused rightwingers of going to make it difficult for them to interact and transact with their international counterparts because they will all be labelled rightists and be isolated!This was confirmed by a once rightwing farmer eddie von,they are killing each other for the illuminati.they kill those who don`t want o disassociate themselves from blacks like employing blacks since they are instructed to hire coloureds and foreigners. they would then grab blacks and go torture them to confess to such murders.farms are heavily guarded by the commandos there`s no way that intruders can access them.its insiders that are involved to score cheap political points against blacks.mbeki offered them military protection but they removed the soldiers because they were not gonna be able to commit these murders because its the commandos that are committing these crimes. we need martial law in south africa to get to the bottom of this and bring an end to it .they don`t represent afrikaners as the lack of support by afrikaners to their marches show they are a secret cell.


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