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The author, Dan Roodt, (middle) together with Belgian Senator Anke Van dermeersch and MP Filip Dewinter.

The rise of ‘new realism’ in the Low Countries

The Netherlands together with the Flemish speaking part of Belgium are a good case study in many of the problems of modern European nations – the struggle to protect one's own identity and way of life in the face of the EU super state's ambitions and mass immigration. There are however considerable differences between the two regions too. Free West Media visited both countries.

Published: December 8, 2017, 12:27 pm

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    Both the Netherlands and Flanders have seen big political changes over the last decade or so. The theme of immigration has come to define the dividing line of politics in the Low Countries, with most establishment parties defending a laissez-faire policy towards immigration while the newer parties are implacably opposed to it.

    Geert Wilders’ support grows

    Geert Wilders of the Dutch Freedom Party (Partij Voor de Vrijheid) has become world-famous as a staunch opponent of Islamic migration to the West. The Dutch are a frank people who speak their minds, and therefore Wilders has never made any bones about his opposition to Islam. In February this year, he told the newspaper USA Today:

    – Dutch values are based on Christianity, on Judaism, on humanism. Islam and freedom are not compatible. You see it in almost every country where it dominates. There is a total lack of freedom, civil society, rule of law, middle class; journalists, gays, apostates — they are all in trouble in those places. And we import it.

    Geert Wilders. Photo: Wiki

    Due to his outspoken criticism of Islam, Wilders has received literally thousands of death threats. He is constantly protected by six plainclothes policemen and lives in a bullet-proof house provided by the state, which includes a panic room. He is driven from his home to the Dutch parliament, or Tweede Kamer, in an armoured police vehicle and has to wear a bullet-proof vest at all times while in public.

    Terror brought to your home

    There have been two high-profile assassinations of public figures in the Netherlands, which until that time was seen as a tolerant, safe, easy-going society. In the early nineties, government ministers could still be seen commuting in The Hague by bicycle. However, the assassinations changed all of that and made the authorities take death threats seriously. The first was that of Pim Fortuyn on 4 May 2002. The flamboyant Fortuyn was the father of the “new righ” movement in the Netherlands, an ex-Marxist sociologist, homosexual and prolific author of some nine books. The second high-profile case was that of film maker Theo van Gogh, on 2 November 2004.

    Geert Wilders’s right-hand man and sometime speech writer, Martin Bosma, told me recently that especially Van Gogh’s murder had a profound effect on him.

    – I grew up in a left-wing, Labour Party-supporting home. Until that moment, I was inclined not to question things too much. But he was killed by a Muslim on the sidewalk in the Linnaeusstraat, not even a hundred metres from where I live. It brought the reality home to me.

    Over the past few years, Bosma has written at least two books, one on Dutch politics and one on South Africa. He is also working on a Ph.D. thesis describing the Dutch role in fostering a “people’s war” in South Africa that killed 20 000 people. The “people’s war” was a North-Vietnamese strategy adopted by the ANC (African National Congress) and SACP (South African Communist Party) whereby a movement may extend its own support through intimidation and violence against its own potential supporters.

    The Freedom Party is now the second biggest party in the Dutch parliament Tweede Kamer, the equivalent of the British House of Commons under the monarchy. The party has twenty seats out of a total of 150. The largest party is the centre-right VVD (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy), with 33 seats. The VVD was barely able to form a new coalition government after 225 days of protracted negotations — the longest in Dutch history. The so-called Third Mark Rutte Cabinet came finally into being on 26 October. In order to exclude the Freedom Party from government, Rutte had to form a coalition with the left-wing D66 party, as well as two small Christian parties.

    The traditional Labour Party or Partij van de Arbeid is following the general downward trend of most European socialist parties. During the elections in March 2017, it crashed to only nine seats in the Second Chamber, its poorest score in recent memory.

    The Dutch Freedom Party defines its ideology as “new realism”, which it described during its first election campaign as “a new and stronger liberalism, with more attention to culture, tradition and morality”.

    Thierry Baudet attracts the youth

    One of the rising stars in Dutch politics is the youthful Thierry Baudet, 34. With his good looks and French-Huguenot name, he took the plunge, formed his own party, the Forum for Democracy, and got two MPs elected in March. However, a recent Ipsos poll showed his party rising in popularity to the equivalent of twelve seats in parliament.

    Thierry Baudet. Photo: Wiki

    He specifically targets the youth, writing books and holding rallies or debates on campuses. During an interview in Amsterdam in the end of November, he claimed that his party had 20 000 paid-up members:

    – The other parties do not have members and no income from their supporters. They depend on government hand-outs for money. We took a different route and recruited members who pay a subscription. We publish books and, where necessary, we even give books away to young people to set them thinking.

    According to his recent book, Breek het partijkartel (“Break the party cartel”) the mainstream parties form “cartels” so as to exclude competition. He supports the idea of referenda to “re-establish political balance”. In his book he writes: “We must broaden the possibilities for direct popular influence in the Netherlands.”

    In the Netherlands, it is still possible to speak your mind

    As in France, the rise of right-wing parties in the Netherlands is sustained by an extra-parliamentary, intellectual movement. An article in the magazine Vrij Nederland named five blogger intellectuals as the “chasers of the new right”: Sietske Bergsma, Wierd Duk, Timon Dias, Geerten Waling and Machteld Zee. All of them have a strong online presence, and write books on topics such as Islam, immigration and Dutch identity.

    Another prominent literary and political figure is Joost Niemöller, 60, a seasoned journalist and author of at least twelve books. Although a mainstream journalist during most of his career, he has in recent years gone over to the alternative movement and is supportive of Geert Wilders’s positions. On Twitter, he has also expressed his admiration for Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán.

    What distinguishes the Netherlands from many other countries in Europe, is that figures on the right have not been ostracised or banished from the mainstream media. Martin Bosma of the Dutch Freedom Party regularly appears on television, for example, or writes opinion pieces in daily newspapers. He has also been appointed by the Second Chamber as chairman of the interparliamentary commission of the Taalunie, an umbrella organisation that manages Dutch language interests in both the Netherlands and Flanders.

    Amsterdam City Center. Photo: FWM


    Unlike for the Vlaams Belang in Belgium, there has been no cordon sanitaire around the Freedom Party or the Forum for Democracy, although the party “cartel” excludes the newcomers from any influence. The Netherlands has a long tradition of tolerance and free speech which has helped the “new realism” of the Freedom Party to establish itself.

    Vlaams Belang did the hard work – now run over

    In Flanders, historically known as the “Southern Netherlands”, things have not been so easy. Belgian socialists watched the formation of the original Vlaams Blok (Flemish Block) in 1978 under its founding leader Karel Dillen with alarm and sought ways to curtail its participation in Belgian politics. The Vlaams Blok campaigned on two major issues: Flemish nationalism, which would lead to Flemish autonomy within a confederal Belgium, as well as anti-immigration. The Vlaams Blok made a breakthrough dubbed by its opponents as “Black Sunday” in the 1991 general election. In that election, the Vlaams Blok went from two to twelve seats in the Chamber, and from one to five seats in the Senate, prompting the Belgian political establishment to seek reasons to ban it. A so-called cordon sanitaire agreement had already been signed by the major parties in 1989 agreeing never to enter into a coalition with the Vlaams Blok and also “never making immigration a political issue”.

    During the 2004 parliamentary elections, the Vlaams Blok became the most popular party in Flanders, with one in four members of the electorate supporting it. However, shortly afterwards a Belgian court ruled that some of the NGOs associated with the Vlaams Blok had violated Belgian anti-racism laws in the 1990s because they had suggested in their publications that immigrants should be sent to separate schools and that employers preferring to use non-European workers should pay a special tax. As the party was at risk of losing its state funding and rights to be heard on public radio and television during elections, it chose to disband on 14 November 2004. The current Vlaams Belang was formed five days later under essentially the same leadership, with Filip Dewinter as its chief ideologist and Frank Vanhecke as chairman.

    Belgian politician Filip Dewinter. He is one of the leading members of Vlaams Belang. Photo: FWM


    From 2010 onwards, the Vlaams Belang became a victim of its own success. Having largely changed public opinion among the Flemish in favour of more autonomy and less immigration, it was outflanked on the right by the newly formed Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie (New Flemish Alliance). The latter party adopted the main elements of the Vlaams Belang ideology and program, but couched it in slightly softer tones, so as to appeal to the mainstream media and electorate. The result has been that the New Flemish Alliance has now grown to be the biggest party in Flanders under the leadership of Bart de Wever, the current mayor of Antwerp. It also participates as a coalition partner in the current Michel government in Belgium, with three ministers in the federal cabinet.

    The main difference between the Vlaams Belang and the New Flemish Alliance is that the former is a Euroskeptic party opposed to the current EU system, whereas the latter is pro-Union, preferring to see Flanders’s future as a gradually more autonomous region within a federal Europe that will weaken the central Belgian state.

    One Flemish Nation

    The Dutch language has 22 million speakers in Europe, with 16 million in the Netherlands and 6 million in Flanders. As an economic unit, the area is already strongly integrated with interministerial cooperation between the Netherlands and the Flemish Area of Belgium. The Language Union is but one example. There is also a “General Delegate of the Flemish Government in the Netherlands”, a diplomatic post currently occupied by Axel Buyse. During the World Wars, there was a strong movement for a “Greater Netherlands” which would unite the two territories under one state and which might even include portions of Northern France or French Flanders that used to be Dutch-speaking as well and where the architecture of some towns still betray a common history. Many people at the time hoped that Germany would support the idea but the Nazis opted for a “Germanization of the Netherlands and Belgium” which would have included adopting High German as language.

    Thierry Baudet has already come out in support of an independent Flemish state that would be free to choose its destiny, including greater integration within the Netherlands.

    Another common theme that has arisen over the past year or more among members of the New Right or New Realist movements in the Low Countries, is concern over the situation of South Africa’s Afrikaner minority who speak Afrikaans, a language derived from seventeenth-century Dutch. Both Martin Bosma of the Freedom Party and Thierry Baudet of the Forum for Democracy have recently made statements on Twitter suggesting that their human rights should be respected, amid reports of farm murders and other atrocities in South Africa. The Vlaams Belang in Belgium has always maintained strong relations with Afrikaners, with Filip Dewinter often receiving Afrikaner delegations in Brussels.

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    • Geert Wilders says Western values are Christianity and Judaism, that Islam is not compatible.

      But Jews are more closely aligned with Muslims than Christians. They’re both monotheists, whereas Christians have a Trinity. They share religious practices, similarities at birth and death, marriage and divorce, halal and kosher dietary laws. The similarities are striking.

      The Judeo-Christian narrative is misleading, at best, it implies a ‘closeness’, a ‘spirituality’ between Jew and Christian that just isn’t there.

      Judeo-Islamic is the logical association, and we’d do better to recognize it, for it points to Muslims as a tool, useful, in destroying the West.

      • “They’re both monotheists, whereas Christians have a Trinity.”

        That is interesting to read. Christians are monotheists. They don’t worship more than one deity. In the Christian way of thinking, the trinity are not separate deities at all. The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost are facets of the same thing, but not multiple gods. I am surprised to hear you write this because I thought you were an avowed Christian.

        The Muslims don’t deny that Jesus was a prophet, just that he was the greatest or last prophet. To Muslims, Mohammed is the ultimate prophet and Jesus of Nazareth a lesser prophet, but still a prophet. This is in contrast to Judaism, which has described Jesus as boiling in excrement and sexual fluids in hell.

        So a reasonable case could be made that Christo-Islamic would not be an entirely inappropriate comparison. All three religions worship the same Jewish god though, and that’s the important part. They all kneel toward Jerusalem and in centuries past that statement would have been quite literal.

        Also Geert Wilders is probably a cryptoJew for what it’s worth. A sayanim if not.

        • I didn’t explain that well, didn’t mean trinity as “separate deities”, just the concept of three (as opposed to Islam and Judaism) But yes, all one God.
          No, not Christian. Raised Christian. Baptized and confirmed, but not a worshipper, not even a church attendee. I think of Christians as active believers in Christ, whereas my upbringing was passive. If that makes sense.
          I do believe in God though, a Creator of all that we know, and what we don’t. The wonder of the universe, existence, that we are here at all, leads me there.
          Whether I am “saved” or not, and if that concept even exists, is an entirely different matter. Can’t fully escape upbringing though, so I’ve considered the possibility of deathbed confession, professing “acceptance” of Christ. But know I can’t fool God. So IF it’s real, I’m probably a lost soul. I try not to think about it.
          We agree, as to prophets, and the rest, your second paragraph.
          I hesitate at a Christo-Islamic link, for it lessens our justification to resist invasion. As does universal Christianity, weaken Whites. Therefore, I’d rather a Judeo/Islamic link, as stated earlier, linking the tool (Islam) to the wielder (Judaism)
          But I think it self-defeating to oppose Christianity actively, at this time, for true believers (in Heaven and Hell) will never be separated from their faith.
          Identity trumps Ideology, so White Identity should be our focus, above any religion (ideology) which can come later, after we cast out our enemies.

          • ” I hesitate at a Christo-Islamic link, for it lessens our justification to resist invasion.”

            To this I would respectully rebut that it increases our resistance to invasion. My point is that both Islam and Christianity are of Jewish origins, and both worship the Jewish god, whether they place Jesus between you and him as a necessary conduit or not. Recognition that Christianity weakens us to invasion should actually strengthen our resistance not weaken it. None of us is cheering for Islam but my goal on this point, religion, is to get others to see that Christianity is bad for Whites for a variety of reasons, not least of all their universal support for bleeding heart liberal stances on brown “refugees”. How many times have we been told, “The Baby Jesus was a refugee, you know…’ or similiar? too many. It’s like brown baby beach boy.

            • I understand where you’re coming from. I just don’t think you can separate the true believer from their religion. The concept of Heaven and Hell is too great.

              If somebody like me can consider a deathbed confession, how much greater is the “identity” of the true believer. To the true believer, what happens in this life, is a passing thing. They’re looking at Life, Everlasting.

              Back to the wall, the true believer will choose Christ over White. It’s that strong.

              So we either accept imperfect allies (who don’t share our ideology) or we have less of them.

              I liken it to discussions of Nazies and White Sharia, ideologies that some oppose, but I can tolerate (entertain) because we’re a long ways from winning, yet.

              White Identity first. Everything else (all ideologies) is secondary.

            • Putting Whites first necessarily means abandoning a multiracial religion that preaches to southeast Asians and Africans though, doesn’t it? I agree that a challenge we have is getting Whites to just think racially. Too many Whites draw their varying identities from the groups or associations they belong to, political or religious. Islam is multiracial too though. Only Judaism is essentially Jews-only, distinguishing it markedly from Christianity and Islam. In this way Judaism is good for the Jews in a way that neither Islam nor Christianity is good for its practitioners.

            • Agree, your last sentence. Disagree, strenuously, with your first. Because it’s impractical. And because values, beliefs, principles, can be shared across cultures, without adoption of that culture. Abortion, for one. Patriarchy is another. Any number of others.

              Bottom line, you can’t force belief, or disbelief, on people. Unless you take their agency. Even then, they’ll pay lip service only, and adhere, in their hearts, to what seems “right” to them.

            • Augur Mayson

              Did I ever tell you about the time that I accidentally stapled my testicles to the floor?

            • Lawrence_Bond

              Even attempting to again”Wipe the Jew off the earth’s face” as you say your “life’s mission” is, would probably one way or another lead to the catastrophic and final collapse of the Western Civilization you claim to want to protect. N@zism is not the solution to anything.

            • You’re scum, Bond, you and your cohort of alts:

            • Lawrence_Bond

              Could we have your explanation of why you said:

              “My life’s mission is to wipe the Jew from the earth’s face”

            • To highlight that your Shoah™ is fake, never happened, the gas chambers were fake, the electrified floors with dancing Juden on them never happened, that Dr Mengele’s greatest sin was probably trying to cure your people of typhus which they carried in their flea-ridden and louse-infested bodies, that the chimney that you Jews point to was built after the war by the Commies, that Zylon-B is a pesticide that was specifically employed to kill insect parasites, but not Jews, that the blood gutters were not blood gutters, that the piles of corpses do not exist, that there weren’t enough trees in the forests to supply the ovens to destroy all the evidence, that there’s no staining in the walls consistent with them being used for mass gassings, that you Jews crushed the testicles of men to force them to give you the testimony you want at Nuremberg and that the tribunal there was run by an en banc panel of three all Jew Judges, and that the U.S. Supreme Court Justice at the time called Harlan Stone once referred to the Nuremberg Trials as a high-level lynching party.

              Or maybe self defense, justified equal pushback in the face of Jewish-engineered White genocide.

              You decide what you want to believe.

              The jig is up, Jew.

              Be sure to tell us about the shrunken heads too. And about the mattresses stuffed with Jew hair. And about the different coloured wisps of smoke rising up out of the ground, based on the alleged dead Jew’s country of national origin. And about the brain-bashing machine. Don’t forget to tell us about the forged Ann Frank Diary, penned by her uncle. Don’t forget to tell us about Herman And Rosa Rosenblatt (‘it was real in my mind’), and about all the other Jew fake hoax stories that never ever happened in reality. Don’t forget the stories of at least three Jews in recent years, one just last month, each about a Jew who claimed to have “survived” no less than nine different death camps. So much for German efficiency, seems.

              You cannot stop this. You cannot defeat us. You and your warmongering, White-hating kind can only hope to get as far away from any White territory as possible. Truth will always prevail over lies, given time.

            • Lawrence_Bond

              For absolute clarity:

              Are you justifying advocating “wiping the Jew from the earth’s face”?

              Are you talking about killing the Jews or some sort of mass sterilization?

            • FreeWest Mods. Please IP ban this anti-White stalker troll. He’s White Guilted over WWII, and continually harries pro-Whites, at multiple sites (with his stalker troll army) As is plain to see, his ONLY interest is Jews, Nazies, Hitler.

              He totally ignores third-world invasions of today, in every White country, worldwide. Doesn’t know who Dan Roodt is, or care about FreeWestMedia. He’s an anti-White stalker troll, and his ONLY mission is to shut down pro-Whites everywhere.

              He’d White Guilt us all, if we allow it, calling us Nazies and “fanatical antisemites”, until we’re unable to oppose the invasions of our countries, and the inevitable White Genocide.

            • Lawrence_Bond

              Dear, mod. I am white and intensely proud of our civilization and genuinely interested in discussing issues related to its future. Unfortunately I was connected by some who believe the world’s Jews must be exiled or killed if our society is to survive. I resist them.

            • It’s pathetic really. He’s thread rolling a 6 day old article, and thinks he’s making the world safe for jews. Abuse him, laugh at him, but don’t bother taking him seriously. He’s a bad joke and deserves to be treated as one.

            • Begone, Jew. I won’t tell you again. I simply won’t respond to you again.

              I will note here for the reader that these Jews are slimy slippery little devils. As you can see here, Bond, who has been masquerading as a truth-seeking moderate White man for a few years on Disqus, cranking up his own Disqus hangout about a year ago to act as a magnet for White Nationalists, is still trying to get me banned platform-wide and/or arrested. He is attempting to get me to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on what he thinks is an actionable charge, a comment I made that no doubt some Jew purposely angered me into making. As long as there is a harmless interpretation though, one not invoking immediate threat, cops would laugh at his Jew *ss. Since the moron’s been at this for something like 6 or 8 months, you’d think he’d have realized there is/was no immediacy to my statement at all, which funny because Jews are supposed to be such smart lawyers.

              One time I was online and a bunch of Jews were arguing with me when I told them I’d just realized Jews ruled the West, not Muslims as the site (not this site) and the trolls down below were saying. I thought it was shocking that I was being asked to believe that Muslims were in a position to pull off 911, that Muslims were buying up our media, that Muslims exerted undue influence on our President (Obama at that time). All this stuff was lies crammed down my head by a Jewish owned media, Jewish-run alternative media, and Jewish hasbara in the comments section. They controlled it all. When the three hasbara I was jousting with realized one of the goyim could see, they didn’t even try to dissuade me of my conclusion; they simply wanted to make sure I wasn’t planning to do anything about it.

              I ask the reader: in the face of White genocide, a flood of non-Whites by the millions into Europe and America and all other White countries, arrogant social tinkerers like Barbara Lerner Spectre, the Jewish control of where we wage war of what is free speech, what is hate speech, and even their ability to lie and distort our understanding of history, do Whites have a right – a duty – to defend ourselves or not, and if so what form must that defense ultimately take?

              Be seeing you.

            • Lawrence_Bond

              Whether you reply or not we will continue to resist the literally N@zi policies you advance. Impressionable young people can access these sites and they must know the danger you and your group pose.

            • You were right about him, Augur. I was wrong. Sorry I doubted you on that.

            • Tell us about the lampshades and soap, Bond. Tell us about the non airtight gas chambers and about the ovens. It was real in your mind.

            • Lawrence_Bond

              Certainly. Untrue stories among literally thousands of reliable eyewitness testimonies. Glad they’ve been revealed and put aside.

              We could talk chambers and ovens all year — best to take a different approach.

              Treblinka, the Bug River camps, Augur — do you agree with virtually all historians including revisions that hundreds of thousands of Jews were transported to them?

            • Lawrence_Bond

              N@zism = all about race;

              The Church = salvation is open to all regardless of race

              I agree your beliefs are incompatible with Christianity.

            • Augur Mayson

              That little freak is going around impersonating me again. Can you believe that guy? It reminds me of how this one time, in high school, the entire football team took turns beating me on a trampoline. I have never felt more loved.

            • Augur Mayson

              I couldn’t agree more. Did I ever tell you about the time that I caught a falling cat and my thumb slid right into his butthole? I’ve never been more traumatized.

            • So you’re true to Tribal form and trying to shut me down across multiple sites by impersonating my account with mirror image name and avatar, and then spam-trolling degenerate filth up and down any comments section I post in.

              That was not a question, just an explanation of what you’re doing for the mods.

              How many more false flag attacks must Whites endure at your people’s hands?

            • Augur Mayson
          • Augur Mayson

            Vould you like to see mein unterwear?

          • Even though hundreds of death threats called into Jewish centers last year were shown to be carried out by an Israeli-American teenager living in Israel, the House just voted 402-2 in favor of the “Combating Anti-Semitism Act of 2017” to expand hate crime laws and penalties against “religiously affiliated institutions.” The only two congressmen to vote against the act were libertarian republicans Justin Amash and Thomas Massie who have actual principles and care about the Constitution. The Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council on Monday praised the passage of the bill.


            • Amash is the best we have by far.

          • Joseph Martin

            Very eloquent post, Rose. I have a similar outlook. Christianity has played an important role in the West and in my life and that of my ancestors. I like a lot of what Christianity has contributed.

            But in the final analysis I find it intellectually unconvincing despite its emotional appeal and it just seems alien. It feels like a square peg that’s been jammed into a round hole.

            But I’m not anti-Christian and I’d never try to persuade anyone to abandon their faith.

            Thanks and keep up the good work. 😊

        • Augur Mayson

          What do you think about Trump moving the US embassy to Jerusalem? Pretty cool, huh?

      • Daisy

        One of the things that gets me most is hearing how our values are “Judeo-Christian”… The West was not built upon Judaism and those that claim it was are simply puppets of Jewry in my view. In fact Judaism is a retrograde force based on Old Testament savagery.

        • Careful you don’t make yourself a target. Augur Mayson’s “impersonator” troll is here (3x, so far) Despite any past differences, that Jew troll should be flagged and reported for “impersonation”. White Identity first, above all ideolological differences.

          • It’s not *my* impersonator account. Fake-Augur-Mayson’s account was begun in August only of this year. Fake-Augur-Mayson has same name and avatar I do, same motto even in profile. Fake-Augur-Mayson is Bible Yoda. I think Disqus must be a bunch of Juden. I heard they were Asian. Perhaps they’re all Kaifeng. Why else would an *admitted* impersonator, a hostile daily troll who harasses with that Follow button as well as posts, be allowed to continue? Except that we all know he’s Jewish, that’s the only reason I can think of:
            Jewish privilege.

            • Yes, sorry, phrased wrong. Agree, “impersonator” is Yoda troll, one-and-the-same. She already knew, “impersonator” impersonated you on Mickey’s awhile back, I alerted them, so all mods know there.

              Bond is behind it all. He’s stalking KEK now too. Bond posted a Cantwell OP KEK posted yesterday, then did his own OP on BRI about it, and sent me an invite.

              They’re crazed. Bond, Yoda, “impersonator”. Bloodhounds, on the scent.

            • Augur Mayson

              Ja, und he muusst be stopped at wans! Heil heil!!!

            • Lawrence_Bond


              I can’t promise anything as he is an independent poster but I will ask him to stop impersonating other accounts, if it’s actually him doing it. If you look down my comments later, Rose, you’ll see I’m true to my word.

              PS: Mr Cantwell featured my comment.

            • Your word is worthless, Bond. You’re the WORST of the anti-Whites. You run an anti-White channel, and you run the anti-White troll army.

              You stalk and “target harassment” at Augur Mayson at multiple sites for weeks now. So does your Yoda troll, and Yoda’s “impersonator” troll, ALL at your behest. You spam-follow Augur Mayson (as do Yoda troll and his “impersonator” troll) Augur Mayson removed ALL of you anti-White trolls from his followers list DOZENS of times, and you’re always back again, stalking.

              Now you’re stalking and “targeting harassment” at KEK, and Copyright.

              Your Engelman mod (from your channel) stalked and “targeted harassment” at me, over and over, and I flagged and reported him for it. Now I ignore his attention wh0ring.

              You’re an attention wh0re yourself, and viciously, maliciously, anti-White. You GLOAT about “targeting harassment” at pro-Whites on your anti-White channel, GLOAT about pro-Whites and pro-White sites being shut down. Now you’re even here, with your troll army, “targeting” FreeWestMedia.

              I’ve been quite clear, I don’t want to have anything to do with you. I’ve flagged and reported you for “targeted harassment”. Never stalk me again.

              You’re obsessed with us, Bond. But here’s the thing. Were it not for you and your anti-White troll army, pro-Whites wouldn’t think about you at all.

            • Lawrence_Bond

              No one’s being “stalked”. People around you are advocating the mass deportation and murder of the entire Jewish population — and we are speaking out about that evil. As long as you don’t, you’re agreeing to that evil.

            • Yes, you’re stalking, Bond. Anti-Whites advocate the mass importation of third-worlders into every White nation in the world. The eventual result will be White Genocide. Pro-Whites speak out about that evil. As long as you don’t, you’re agreeing to that evil.

              See how easy it is to play your game?

              You and your troll army stalk pro-Whites who speak out against invasion with “targeted harassment” and “impersonations”. You spam-follow us, more “targeted harassment”.

              You’re anti-White, run an anti-White channel, propagate White Guilt about WWII, and expect us to be White Guilted too. Well guess what, we’re not. We care about Whites being “targeted” today, every White nation. You don’t, it’s all WWII White Guilt for you.

              So go chase your dead Nazies, Bond, and leave the invasions to pro-Whites.

            • Lawrence_Bond

              Everything your group touchs with its calls for mass deportation and murder of the Jews will be discredited. You are actually doing great harm to the cause you profess to promote.

            • More anti-White (((projection))) coupled with concern trolling. Yawning at the anti-White Stalker Bond.

            • Lawrence_Bond

              I will now comment on the article this is the comments section to.

              I’m sure the aims and policies advocated are laudable and have much popular support among the Dutch speakers of Europe.

              However, unfortunately, some here believe the Jews an evil race and call for the entire Jewish population of the world to be exiled — and even exterminated. As I’m sure the authors and almost everyone in Holland and Flanders agree, these people have no place in any decent movement.

            • One author. Dan Roodt. You probably don’t even know he’s a pro-White South African activist. Not that you’d care. You’ve never commented on the farm murders, or the calls for White Genocide down there. Not your concern…

              But good you finally read the article, even if you do (((project))) what “almost everyone in Holland and France agree” on.

            • Lawrence_Bond

              If any group gets associated with the mass deportation and genocide calls yours make it’s finished. You are the enemy of the people genuinely addressing the things you point to.

            • Yawn at your concern trolling, Stalker Bond.

            • Lawrence_Bond

              You need your beliefs too much and are too emotionally attached to them to ever change. We speak to, we plead with anyone who might read this. The new N@zi regime this person and her associates work for would destroy everything.

            • More (((projection))) from the anti-White Bond. Removing you from my followers list, Stalker troll. Flagged and reported again.

            • Lawrence_Bond

              Great — report away. More publicity this gets the better. Shall we go through this in the nation papers… how about a podcast?

            • Lawrence_Bond

              I have screenshot proof of everything I say people in your group have said.

            • I expect a stalker troll like you has screen shots of every pro-White on the internet.

            • Lawrence_Bond

              Fanatical antisemites who want the Jews literally destroyed. You’re a neo-N@zi, not “pro-White”. All we’re doing is warning others and speaking out. A new H!tler is no solution.

            • Oh boo hoo. Now Stalker Bond calls me a “fanatical antisemite”and “neo-N@zi”. (((Projects))) I “want the Jews literally destroyed.” Because “H!tler”.

              Like I never saw that coming. Still not White-Guilted over WWII, Bond.

              Chase dead Nazies all you like.

              Pro-Whites concern ourselves with the invasions of today. There’s nothing you can do about that, short of killing us. We’re not White Guilted over WWII, and don’t care about your name-calling when faced with White Genocide.

            • Lawrence_Bond

              Do you support calls by those around you for the Jews to be exiled?

            • It’s not exile when Jews go to Israel. It’s Aliyah. And yes, I fully support it.

              Just as I support ALL third-worlders returning to their lands of origin.

              But you already know that, Bond, because you’re a stalker troll.

            • Lawrence_Bond

              But I was referring to the calls made by posters around you for all the Jews to be deported to some place of permanent exile such as Siberia. Are you for that, Rose?

            • I already said. I support Aliyah. Asked and answered, stalker troll.

            • Lawrence_Bond

              But you never even question when those around you call for mass exile and extermination. Silence is consent.

            • But you never even question the mass importation of third-worlders into every White nation in the world, resulting in the inevitable White Genocide. Silence is consent.

              It’s all Jews, Nazies, Hitler, for you. Works for anti-Whites, I guess.

              But I’m not buying the White Guilt you’re selling, stalker troll Bond.

            • Lawrence_Bond

              We’re talking about you and your beliefs.

              Do you support the mass exile of all the Jews called for by those around you?

            • I support ALIYAH. Asked and answered 3x now. You’ve taken enough of my time, stalker troll. It’s not all about you, and your Jews, and I’ve got other things to do.

            • Lawrence_Bond

              Distance yourself from those who calling for the extermination of the Jews or support it openly.

          • Augur Mayson

            Ja, listen to zee gut German frau!!!

        • Augur Mayson

          Ach, I could just SMOOCH you, mein racist frau!!!

    • Augur Mayson

      I would like to bring to everyone’s attention that a Jew has been going around, following me and impersonating me. It definitely isn’t me, because in real life I am a transvestite black woman who is a communist and an atheist.

      • Mods, please IP ban this anti-White “impersonator” troll. He hates pro-Whites, “impersonates” and follows them onto pro-White sites, generally makes a pest of himself, hoping mods will ban both “impersonator” troll AND his pro-White target.

        “Impersonator” troll has done this to other pro-Whites, other sites. His target here, the real Augur Mayson, is fiercely pro-White. Thus he attracts “targeted harassment” trolling, and “impersonations”.

        How to tell the difference between the real Augur Mayson, and “impersonator” troll?

        The real Augur Mayson has 11025 comments, 72442 hard-earned upvotes (as of now)
        “Impersonator” troll has 426 comments, 162 upvotes (as of now)

        Sorry your site is targeted. But ALL pro-Whites are targets these days, and all pro-White sites. Anybody who speaks against, or calls attention to, the invasions of our countries, is a target. Anti-Whites will not stop until our countries are completely overrun, and we are White Genocided.

        Thanks for all FreeWestMedia does, aiding the cause of pro-Whites everywhere.

        • Augur Mayson

          Ja, listen to ze white lady!!!

    • Islam is absolute garbage and its followers are inbred savages.


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