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The ideological purge in the US has begun

Donald Trump, whose peculiar style is conducive to demonization by his opponents, has been held solely responsible for the invasion of Capitol Hill by an excited crowd. So-called progressives calling for more social justice, jumped on this call by Trump − to demonstrate before but not to invade the seat of American democracy − to advance their project with the aid of the mass media.

Video: Sweden has knife violence, name changes, culture wars and a housing shortage

Sweden used to be a 'model society'. But no more.

Publishers, TV stations, artists, politicians and corporates bow to BLM movement

Left-wing ideologists usually label alleged racial discrimination as "structural" if they cannot prove it in concrete terms.

Race-baiting: French minister boasts with mixed-race doll for Christmas

A former RN executive had posted a photo on Twitter where he denounced the omnipresence of “mixed-race babies”. The Secretary of State then asked him for the address of the supermarket to give such a doll to her niece.

Video: Sweden’s multicultural nightmare

Dan Roodt from South Africa interviews Vávra Suk, editor of Nya Tyder newspaper, on the failure of multiculturalism in Sweden, as well as the rise of populism in his country and in Europe generally.

Singer Steve Hofmeyr to be charged with ‘hate speech’ after tweet to Zindzi Mandela

JohannesburgWhen the daughter of Nelson Mandela and South Africa's ambassador to Denmark had tweeted that she hoped that white farmers in South Africa were "shivering" as their land would soon be confiscated by her party, popular singer Steve Hofmeyr responded to Zindzi Mandela that she worked for taxpayers like him.

South Africa’s FF Plus party ‘could have done even better’

During South Africa's recent parliamentary elections, the Freedom Front Plus almost trebled its number of votes to 414 844 and the number of its MPs in the national parliament increased from 4 to 10. Dan Roodt spoke to a long-standing and prominent party member, Werner Weber.

Guillaume Faye: the Sartre of the Right

One of the leading intellectuals of the French 'New Right' who later developed his own ideas around the fate of the West has just died. Dan Roodt looks at the man and his ideas, comparing him to Jean-Paul Sartre on the Left.

South Africa’s corruption crisis and the European Left

With South Africa shell-shocked by the scale of government corruption being revealed in the media, Western embassies in Pretoria have been grovelling before their protégé, the ANC. The European Left will not criticise the country's slide into failed-state status.

Islam and the Left: an unholy alliance

Leftists are no longer proponents of atheism or secularism, as long as the religion concerned is Islam. From 'postcolonial feminists' to French municipalities, the Muslim faith has found favour in left-wing circles.