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One of the 'anti-racist' protestors wearing a 'Kill all white people' T-shirt

Blacks threaten white genocide on Cape Town’s Clifton Beach

The clash of civilisations and deteriorating race relations in South Africa have sunk even lower with the latest furore over the ritual killing of a sheep on a public beach by black 'anti-racist' protestors.

Published: January 1, 2019, 8:47 pm

    Clifton Beach in Cape Town, where even smaller properties fetch millions of euros or dollars, has become a racial battlefield where whites oppose animal cruelty and blacks wear T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “Kill all whites”. In a week which saw the official narrative of the “rainbow nation” finally self-destructing into shreds, a probably stolen sheep was symbolically slaughtered on the beach in a show of power by radical black groups such as the EFF and BFL who are threatening to eliminate whites from South Africa.

    The white woman who bore the brunt of black rage on Clifton Beach. Photo: Screenshot of Twitter video.

    A lone, middle-aged white lady and resident of Clifton, confronted these groups in a video-recorded scene that afterwards went viral on social media and polarised most of the country. After the confrontation, she said: “…It’s shocking. And then they grabbed me and hit me and punched me… and now my phone’s gone.”

    Asked about the police presence on the beach, consisting mostly of black and coloured officers, she replied: “Nothing. The police did nothing. They watched. And as I walked up, they walked away. And then the other one said, ‘that’s the boss’ [of the police], I went to the boss and what did he do? He walked away.” She remained silent for a second and concluded: “They don’t care.”

    After the gruesome killing of a Dohne Merino ewe on the beach, with its blood spurting into the pristine white sand of the country’s most exclusive beach, the South African SCPA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) announced its intention to lay a charge of animal cruelty against the perpetrators.

    In a statement released after the incident, the SPCA, too, complained of a lack of law enforcement. It accused the SAPS (South African Police Service) of preventing it from carrying out its mandate to stop animal cruelty.

    “The SPCA was prevented from carrying out our mandate in respect of the prevention of cruelty to animals in this instance,” the organisation said. “We will therefore be laying charges in terms of contraventions of the Animals Protection Act 71/1962 against all individuals who commissioned this act and those who omitted to enforce the provisions of the various legislations that pertained to this situation… We are extremely disheartened not only by the lack of support from our law enforcers but also by their lack of compassion.”

    South African law strictly forbids the torturing or mistreatment of animals, which carries criminal penalties in the form of a fine and/or imprisonment.

    Prior to the incident, representatives of the SPCA were given assurances that no public slaughtering would be allowed to take place. Even the ritual slaughter of animals for religious or other reasons is regulated and may not take place in a public area such as a beach.

    According to the SPCA, “(we are) a non-political, non-discriminatory movement and we have the greatest respect for everyone’s cultural and religious beliefs but we will not stand idly by when these beliefs cause unnecessary suffering to an animal. Our mandate is first and foremost the prevention of cruelty to animals and this mandate is carried out within the ambit of the Animals Protection Act No.71 of 1962. We acted as soon as we became aware of the intended slaughter of a sheep at Clifton’s 4th beach and we had the assurance of The City that the public slaughtering would not be allowed as no permit had been issued in terms of The City By-laws. We attended a meeting during which we were told by SAPS not to go to beach but rather to wait for them to take possession of the sheep which would then be handed over to the SPCA. We respect the law and operate within the parameters of the law at all times. Sadly neither Law Enforcement, Metro Police or SAPS whose mandate it is to enforce the laws regarding public slaughter extended the same courtesy to us leaving the SPCA unable to prevent this act of cruelty.”

    Initially the representatives of the SPCA who were present on the scene were led to believe that the sheep was already dead. When they became aware that the killing was to take place right there and then on the beach, they tried to intervene but were again prevented from doing so by a senior police officer. According to the police officer, the so-called “protestors” were “acting in terms of their constitutional right to slaughter the animal for religious reasons”. The City of Cape Town now wants to lay a charge against the officer for not preventing the animal cruelty.

    The sheep with the ‘Run racist run’ next to it. Photo supplied.

    The sheep slaughter on Friday became a theatre for whipping up anti-white hysteria in Cape Town. Before killing the sheep, a placard was placed next to it with the words: Run Racist Run. The slogan is also the title of a book by anti-white radio broadcaster Eusebius McKaiser.

    A black man wearing a “Boycott Apartheid Israel” T-shirt told one of the whites objecting to the animal cruelty on the beach: “White people, all of you are racist, and you must leave this country. You are settlers. You came by the boat, and you are going to leave by the boat. And we are going to make sure of that… Your existence as a white man is racist.”

    The media officer of the radical anti-white Economic Freedom Fighters, Kim Heller (but who is herself white), tweeted regarding the incident:

    To some of those participating in the killing of the sheep, the animal symbolised all whites in South Africa. One of the participants, who was interviewed for public television by the SABC, wore a T-shirt with the slogan, “Kill all white people”. The killing of the sheep was organised by anti-white activist Chumani Maxwele who had paintings, books and other objects burnt at the University of Cape Town because they portrayed people of European descent or because they were created by such people.

    The racial polarisation and clashes at Clifton were sparked by allegations that a private security company, Professional Protection Alternatives (PPA), had told people on the beach to leave at eight o’clock at night because they were disturbing the peace. According to residents at Clifton, they had contracted PPA because the police were not doing anything about crime in the area and beachgoers were being ambushed by criminals on the steep series of steps leading to the beach, especially after dark.

    Residents told the Sunday Times newspaper that PPA had done a good job to “clean up” the area and make them feel safer after a number of residents were “attacked in their homes by armed men”.

    The CEO of the private security company, Alwyn Landman, told the Sunday Times: “It was basically lawlessness … clients explained to me that they would call the police and they would eventually get there after 40 minutes, sometimes not.”

    However, the modicum of control exercised by PPA in requiring visitors to leave the beach after dark was denounced as “racism” and “a return to apartheid”. A Muslim politician, Faiez Jacobs, who also happens to be the Secretary General of the ANC in the Western Cape, was apparently among those who were asked to leave the beach shortly before 20h00 on Sunday night 23 December 2018.

    A few days later, on 26 December, Jacobs issued a media statement in which he claimed to have been the victim of “racism”. “Being told to leave 4th Beach,” he said, “is unacceptable in our democracy. We warn those who want to reintroduce apartheid, including the DA with its devious policies to entrench white privilege, that we will not allow it.”

    Jacobs is active in pro-Palistinian protests in South Africa and was initially suspended from the Lenasia South Muslim Association in Johannesburg in 2016 for his involvement in an assault case, but his suspension was then lifted because he “had regretted his actions”. He wants the DA-run municipality of Cape Town to apologise for being asked to leave the beach. He said: “They must apologise and say their policies will not allow that private security can rule public spaces. We want them to admit they did wrong.”

    On the Saturday after the sheep slaughtering ceremony, he and his party organised a “protest picnic” on the beach.

    The polarising nature of the incident, pitting whites who desire order and security, against blacks who deem whites “racists” and “settlers who must go back to Europe”, quickly spread to social media where confrontations took place in cyberspace.

    An Indian academic and principal of the University of the Witwatersrand, Adam Habib, accused whites opposed to animal cruelty (which is prohibited by law even under the black revolutionary regime of the ANC) of “imposing their values” on others:

    FWM spoke to a farmer about the sheep that seemed in a good condition. Mr. Matthys Swart, a sheep farmer from the Overberg region told us: “You can clearly see that the sheep had been sheared by a machine. It was a stud ewe and not a cross-race animal. That sheep must have come from a farm and looks like a wool sheep, possibly a Dohne Merino. Her condition looks good. Possibly she was bought but she could also have come via trade in stolen sheep from the Overberg. We have tremendous problems with stock theft in our region.”

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    • Bryan O’Driscoll

      You’d hardly expect these people to care about the slaughter of a sheep when they exult in the slaughter of white people all the time. After they have driven the whites out or murdered them all, the people who have created the civilisation that they enjoy and are looting, then they will begin to starve and demand that white countries send aid. Just as the savages in Zimbabwe did and everywhere else that they infest.

    • bobfairlane

      The security guards should have been REALLY racist and removed the “visitors” from the beach by lethal force.

    • uyfsdyhtfsdytfsdytfsdytfsd

      but the body changes due to climate

      if you put an African in North Pole, he will become white in 5 years due to Cold and
      if you put an Eskimo in Africa, he will become black in 5 years due to Heat
      what does not change easily is the behavior

      but i confirm too, i have faced racism from blacks or arabs in Europe many times,
      and i am brown due to hot weather….

      i think younger refugees are easier to communicate, old ones are very difficult…


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