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Former Belgian Senator Frank Creyelman. FWM

‘The days of political correctness are numbered!’

The Belgian politician and former Senator Frank Creyelman offers his views on the perspectives and chances of so-called "populist" movements and parties in the upcoming European elections

Published: April 30, 2019, 7:42 am

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    Mr. Creyelman, the elections for the European parliament will be held soon. A lot of things have changed since 2014: The UK is going to move forward on Brexit, European Euroskeptic forces are gaining more and more support from the European electorate, and in Austrian and Italy they are part of the national government. Is it a good sign for Europe?

    Creyelman: On a contradictory note, one could say that everything that weakens this EU is good for Europe in the long run. This EU is weakening our old continent by mass migration from non-European societies and cultures. As such, the EU is de facto killing Europe and the European peoples by replacing its culture and its peoples by a multicultural nightmare one can witness mainly in Western Europe.

    Eurosceptic parties need to thank Angela Merkel and the EU gang for their “resolve” to “resolve nothing” by opening the borders of the EU to millions of “refugees” – while everybody knows and can see that they are not [refugees]. The warning of what was to come is now becoming reality and the public sees that the patriotic parties were right all along.

    My own party Vlaams Belang has been expelled from power in Belgium for more than 30 years. So after such a long time, voters turned to an establishment copy of our party because “we would never come into office”. Now that Salvini and Strache are in power and doing the right thing they are changing their opinion.

    If we keep on the right track without political newspeech and keep to what the electorate really thinks, we will change the European Union on May 26. After all, “Brussels” is within our borders so we should set the example. Good signs of that are everywhere. The victory of both Baudet and Wilders in Holland is just one of them.

    Especially the left and liberal opponents of the Euroskeptic forces accuse your party, the Vlaams Belang, and the other parties of today’s ENF group that you are “anti-European”. Are you?

    Creyelman: On the contrary. The ENF group and certainly Vlaams Belang is pro-Europe, but that is just why we cannot be pro European Union as the Union as it exists is just killing of the continent as we know it. The European Union should remain a European project. That’s why for instance our type of political groups are opposed strongly to bringing Turkey into the EU. That was the beginning of euro-skepticism.

    If one sees what Erdogan is doing now, we were proven right. Non-European and Islamic countries cannot be part of our EU. So we don’t want to destroy Europe – why should we destroy ourselves? Instead we want to change the European Union and give back more power to the nation states. The EU as it exists will have to change. From a Soviet system to a real democracy. As you see, the EU took no stand at all during the Catalonian crisis, so one at least needs to think about the democratic commitment of Juncker and his gang.

    A democratically organised referendum was put aside and the ones that organised it – the legal government – was put in jail. Demonstrators were beaten up by policemen who forgot that [general] Franco died in the seventies. Of course the EU did the same by not recognizing referenda in Crimea and Donbass. For the EU democracy only seems to be interested when the people vote as they want them to vote.

    Even among the Euroskeptic groups and parties there are many different ideas circulating about the future Europe. Some simply want a return to national states, others want a type of alternative Union or alliance of Europe. Why is there no common idea or unity?

    Creyelman: We Europeans are very good in disagreeing and in fractioning our beliefs into 100 000 different political groups. It is our nature. We are not like the Muslims who believe that the Koran is written by Allah and there can be only one way of reading it. Europe has a way of reflecting on everything it does and of internal discussion. It is a strength and a weakness.

    Concerning the evolution of the EU, we have to face another problem. Some of the bigger nation states of the EU still think they are in the pre WWII world. Certainly Britain still thinks it “rules the waves”. Brexit is part of that thinking. But also other countries have a nostalgia towards that period.

    This nostalgia is more present in Eurosceptic groups than in the traditional left or the so-called “internationalists”. My own party believes in a sort of alliance of the regions of Europe which would make the old nation states disappear into a cultural blanket of regions. Europe of the peoples instead of the Europe of the nations. As such, the “big countries” would disappear. The power would go to the regions of Europe and beyond that, some general ideas should unite all these regions into a common EU.

    Trying to convince the big countries in Europe of that is very difficult. The way the ENF reacted to the Catalonian crisis says enough already.

    The core of modern Europe is France and Germany. The reconciliation between Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer is seen as an ideal in European thinking. Today’s Brussels elites often cite De Gaulle and Adenauer. What do you think – is the EU really the “Europe of De Gaulle and Adenauer”?

    Creyelman: It no longer is. The EU of De Gaulle and Adenauer was built on general ideas without mingling in the internal kitchen of the nation states. There was a large consensus in what the EU should look like built upon respect for its internal affairs.

    We cannot forget postwar-Europe in which De Gaulle and Adenauer lived and their own personalities. De Gaulle was a rather stubborn Frenchmen for whom the interests of France always came first. He had great respect for authoritarian regimes, spoke German and his favourite authors were Nietszche and Schopenhauer.

    In fact he was as controversial as Donald Trump is in our days. Adenauer wanted to mold West Germany into a real democracy but remembered the collapse of the Weimar republic and also knew that Germany, if not embedded in a supranational idea, would easily fall back onto “experiments”.

    Both men wanted to put the three wars between France and Germany behind them but would not go as far as the French businessmen Jean Monet wanted to go. Eventually the EU went all the way in the direction of Jean Monnet. The EU is more of an EU in a Belgian style. To many laws on every aspect of life, too much lobbying in favour of multinational companies, compromise after compromise, no lasting solutions and conflict after conflict.

    Adenauer and certainly De Gaulle would hate this EU. After all, the bunch of idiots that are now “leaders” of the EU cannot be compared with the two strongmen that discarded their common violent history and tried to build a house that would overcome that violent past.

    What are the major political topics for the EU elections in your opinion?

    Creyelman: The topic of the European elections will be mass migration and Islamisation. The left and pro-EU parties are very well aware of that. It is the Marrakech treaty in which millions of Africans are going to be brought into Europe, that proved this. And recently, it was proven that this treaty was indeed a binding text and not one which we legally can escape from just like that.

    So the left and the elites lied to the people. They will pay the price for that. That is why they are desperately trying to change the topic to a non-issue like climate change. Greens, communists and socialists all over Europe are seeking out young naive voters to stop the demise of their electorate.

    A few decades ago they did the same by importing cheap labour from Islamic countries in order to create a new proletariat. Social welfare for the European citizen was at its limits as everything had been gained already. So they brought in a new group of people who needed them to obtain access to the social welfare system.

    It was exactly this that opened the possibility to rightwing groups to gain more and more power.
    The EU itself is far more than just an economic alliance of European states. It has become more and more a type of “super state”. How do you see that development?

    Creyelman: It’s absolutely true that the EU acts like a superstate Soviet Union style and wants to control all of its citizens from the cradle to the grave. What the EU is internally, is not on the international level where it still is a barking chihuahua lead by its masters in Washington. So the EU can bark on international level, but it cannot bite.

    The best example of this is the sanctions against Russia, officially because of the “annexation” of Crimea and the war in Donbass. Of course everybody knows it has everything to do with oil and gas. In Washington it has always been this way. These sanctions are bad for Russia – at least in the short run – but very bad for our European economy.

    In the long run the sanctions will deprive us of a major part of the Russian market, maybe forever. Russia is gaining more and more terrain for instance in the agricultural sector. And if they no longer need our agricultural products, we will have to find another market. Because the EU is directed from Washington in a sort of Cold War scenario, we are forcing ourselves out of the market.

    The EU also increasingly tries to regulate the lives of every single EU citizen. LGBT-laws, anti-discrimination and minority quotas are implemented via the Brussels leadership into the national laws. Do you think such processes are reversable?

    Creyelman: Every law is reversible. The problem is that in the minds of the Europeans, things have become so normal that it will be very hard to actually reverse some things. Decades of brainwashing will have left some spores in the minds of our new generation.

    Political correctness brought by the main stream media, are difficult to throw away. It even affects some of the right-wing politician who feel obligated to join in with some of the retoric of political correctness. Luckily the sun rises in the east. Middle and Eastern European countries are not affected by political correctness at all.

    They have enough common sense to revive the old values of Europe as they did not disappear there. That, s well as a big swing towards patriotic parties in next elections will have an influence on the minds of all Europeans. The days of political correctness are numbered.

    Today’s German Chancellor Angela Merkel is called the “world chancellor” by the liberal media. How do you see her role for Europe?

    Creyelman: Angela Merkel certainly is the chancellor of the “entire world must be in Europe” but a world chancellor she is certainly not. Merkel is the symbol of blind political correctness and the “away with us” mentality that has its roots in international left wing movements.

    She sees herself as a “world citizen” and is an enemy not only to her own people but to Europe. In fact, right-wing parties should be very grateful to Angela Merkel, as she did everything to prove the points that the patriots wanted to make.

    The mass migration of “rapefugees” into the EU, exactly proved what the right-wing had been saying for decades. The import of the followers of a retarded desert religion cannot be integrated into European civilization. Our ancestors were at war with Islam for 1400 years. Where they all fools?

    Angela Merkel and our EU elite seem to think so. But by opening the borders of Europe to millions of Africans and Muslims, she just created the circumstances in which there will be a gain for all real European patriots. Or is she an agent of the “Russians” doing exactly what she wanted to do: destroying the EU? Time will tell[sic].

    The idea of the “EU” has powerful supporters such as George Soros and his financially buoyant foundations. What can patriotic Europeans do to counter such initiatives and to create a “Europe without EU”?

    Creyelman: Soros and his foundations are financially supporting not only the way mass media report on EU issues, but he also has a lot of “friends” on his paylist who support him inside the EU parliament as well as in national parliaments.

    Going against that amount of money is very difficult to achieve some degree of success. We can only try to counter Soros’ initiatives by exposing them. Social media is an important weapon in this struggle.

    What worries me the most about Soros’ initiatives, is that they have been reviving anti-semitic tendances in Europe. We all know that nowadays in fact most anti-semitism comes from Muslims. But the way Soros acts, revives the pre-World War II conspiracy theory of “das internationale Kapitaljudentum” that wants to rule the world. Soros is acting exactly like that and before you know it, the old ghost will become alive again. We – and he – should be aware of that.

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