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BLM protest. Photo supplied

University agrees that black students should be graded differently

Students at the University of Washington are demanding that black students should not face difficult exams and time constraints because they are too “busy fighting for [their] rights to sit down and study”.

Published: June 5, 2020, 9:41 am


    And the university thinks it is a good idea: It is currently advising professors to pass black students on the basis of race after an online petition gathered more than 26 000 signatures.

    “You need to encourage and demand professors to accommodate their black students during this time. If UW truly understands our pain, UW will be a part of alleviating it,” the petition states.

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    Nicole McNichols, UW Psychology Professor told Campus Reform that she supported the move. “Obviously, I support the petition and absolutely believe the accommodations it requests should be honored by all faculty. Students need all of the support and compassion we can afford to give them right now.”

    The email sent by McNichols to her students reads: “First, the remaining homework chapters are being put into review mode. Everyone will receive full points. Second, I have decided to drop everyone’s lowest exam score. This means that you may opt-out of taking Exam 3 if you just don’t feel up to it, (or if you [are] happy with your scores from exam 1 and 2).”

    UW Senior Director of Media Relations Victor Balta said that all staff were asked “to consider that while we are together as a community, some are being affected more than others”.

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    • Johan Lewis Last

      What a stupid idea. Students study, protestors protest. Students do not protest. You can do either one but you can not do both. No work no pay. No study no points.

      • Lydia A Hubbell

        You can do both, but if your protesting interferes with your studying, you have to make a choice as to what is more important…your grades or your protesting. This is one of the most asinine concessions made since the riots began. I would expect somebody would get sued for discrimiation based on race over this.

        • Johan Lewis Last

          Hence my comment of saying you can not be a student and protest. When you are a driver, you are in the car but when you are not in the car, you are not a driver. Simple, logical. Same with students, you are either a student studying for something or you are not a student studying for something. There are consequences for the choices you make and the consequences for students not studying but doing something like protesting should NOT be to grade them differently. They did not do the work, so they should not get the benefit of being graded positively for it. If they bring this entitled attitude into the real world, there would be chaos.

        • Bennie Nance

          Only white people can be racist, where have you been?

        • Sonya Mawhorter

          yea but the looting & burning still angers me because they honestly thought they deserved that free stuff as hey all kept saying it was insured! yea they need schooling and obviously better schooling since they have zero clue how economics work! freaking idiots

      • Sonya Mawhorter

        agree then they need to drop out until school becomes their priority! imagine working through cancer taking car of everything because you have no help from family & friends? well that was me and is me so give me a freaking break and realize there are many who have it worse than deciding which thing to protest. ugg this pisses me off on a level i never knew i had

        • Johan Lewis Last

          In my country we call these folks entitled socialist unavailing snowflakes. They think everyone must love them, must listen to them, must accept them, must feed them, must feel sorry for them, must support them, do not have to be a contributing to society or the economy. They are a bane on humanity and we must do everything in our power to get rid of this “mentality”.

        • Reba


      • jacco jansen

        Close… In South Africa it goes:
        “No work, no pay, unless your company is black owned”

        • Johan Lewis Last

          More like state owned

      • Claire CJS

        students don’t protest? someone didn’t read the history of supreme court precedents related to vietnam, eh?

        Erasing history

    • Bob

      Beyond stupid. I’d rather hire a student who could pass their exams and have a higher priority to their studies than protesting.

    • pcl

      So the standards for one race are being dumbed-down further than they already were. I’ll bet it has occurred to some black students that their degrees will be seen as less credible, but it’s probably hard to turn down something that it being presented as a “favor”. Every now and then , students have sued their schools, claiming that they graduated without learning much. I hope that occurs to a few of these graduates.

    • Nexusfast123

      Why not just give them a degree….why go through the process of learning.

      • Dave Hamilton

        That’ll be BLM’s next demand.

        • Arizona Skky

          ABSOLUTELY NOT! And You need not try to push this off as if this is something we all agree with. Thanks in advance.

          • Reba

            I agree 100%with you!!

      • Ricky Cherry

        That has been happening for 50 years.

    • tbrec63387

      For 15 years I worked in a residential treatment center for adolescents, most of which were minorities. All of them had criminal records and were put into our 6 to 12 months of treatment because a judge saw hope that they could turn their lives around. I’m white and was commonly known as a hard ass, which in many respects I was. When I’d meet a new client I would explain that I set the bar very high and expected no less from them then what I expected of my own kids. I reiterated that I was not their dad but that I would be short changing them if I set the bar any lower then my own kids. If I set the bar lower, it would be saying that they weren’t the effort and most of all it would be saying that they weren’t capable of achieving. In those months of treatment, most of the kids did reach that bar, it wasn’t easy but THEY did it. I should note that this wasn’t a “tough love” environment but that which was encouraging and when they fell short, were able to accept the consequences and make the changes they were given. I remember one client saying to another staff that I made him so angry at times but he loved me for being who I am. The bar I set for them eventually became their bar to maintain. The actions by this college is no less then systemic racist at its best and most of all demeaning. If I were a parent of any of these students, I would pull them out of their so fast it would make their head spin. And if people, black or white don’t see this …

      • jamesgordonpatterson

        Few have two parent families. Generations of welfare has made them dependent on that government check. Fathers need not stick around and support their families. We don’t have to look at communist countries to see how it all works out. Go to any indian reservation… or black ghettos in America. And now the hands are out for more.

        • Hans Olo

          The whole welfare system is set up as to practically ensure fatherless homes – they can’t get welfare if the father is living with the mother – so Black women, in fact all women, had a choice – have intact families with a breadwinner, or fatherless families and a welfare check. They knew which way they’d choose.

          • Sonya Mawhorter

            i can’t believe i have reached the point of saying this but i have…stop having kids and i mean it! i was married we had 1 kid because thats all we could afford. i never thought humm well i can just get on welfare but the majority of black friends i have know how to use the system to get more than i could ever imagine and im self employed i need to be on disability but can’t get approved, im so broke and haven’t seen the first stimulus check. my black friend don’t work have full freezers go on trips,get their hair/nails done go out partying don’t have a care in the world so what am i doing wrong???

        • Michael Fry

          Women need to close their legs and married ones need to stop acting as if they are the gold standard because they simply have a pussy, women also need to open their eyes that arsehole they are dating will not change because he has a band on his finger he will remain the arsehole, men that selfish entitled bitch you are dating will not change she will become more so, there are men not worthy of having a partner as there equally as many women not worthy of being a partner see them for what they are and leave them in the dust.

      • RA Dagnesses, Broker

        Perfectly stated!

      • Sonya Mawhorter

        this is wrong on every single level. i for one have had enough of it.

        • Claire CJS

          you’re the real victim here lol

      • GB

        It seems the group du jour are demanding special treatment in education, hiring and promotion, enforcement and sentencing of criminal actions, and other areas of life in general, and use the same old dried up excuses to do so.

        So, do their own leaders feel that the group is more incapable of higher learning than their Caucasian counterparts? What about other ethnicities? Maybe they should be given their own special dispensations?

        It seems they are admitting that their minority status makes them less capable than everyone else?

        I’m sorry, but I know for a fact that this is untrue based on personal interactions with friends and colleagues.

        If this nonsense is true, I would be ashamed to be associated with any of the groups that support it and ashamed to say I had a degree from that college!

        Not only would I remove my child from this school if I were black and could do so, but as a Caucasian parent, I would urge all of the to remove thrir students as well as in protest not only to the RACIAL BIAS but to support the fact that the school is short changing the black community with it’s RACIST attitude that the black community is somehow “less capable.”

        • Ricky Cherry

          Our country has been this way for 50 years thanks to the Civil Rights Act, and they are still not satisfied.

        • vladdy1

          A huge problem was the culture of the schools, when the administration and social workers there began making excuses for students and not allowing our program to work. At another school, I had a student tell me he was allowed to go to the office and play video games when he was upset (that became very common in the early 2000s and now is everywhere)– and of course, he became that way as soon as work was assigned.

          I assured him he would be fine, and he was. But the next day, he was gone. He had been transferred to another class by administrators who then wanted me to sign a form agreeing to teach to certain conditions they came up with that I knew would result in failure. I never did get the backing I needed and had my first and only classroom fight in that room because I was not allowed to set expectations and structure. That was my last teaching job.

          If you do not expect much, you do not get much. It is bad for the students and ends up even worse for society when they act out in rage when THEIR expectations, having always been met, are not catered to. This is what we have created and what we are now seeing in our streets.

      • ragnar ladbrok

        There are factors that determine success in such an environment, i.e. classroom size, age, support from mother or whomever controls the kid. peer pressure, etc. It is a shame that people are paid to have special small classes for those that don’t normally fit into society. Check in three years after they finish their schooling and see how many are in prison. You’ll be shocked at the high number. Now, more than ever, black kids are taught the the white teacher is the racist, bad guy. things are going down hill thanks to BLM, white anarchists’, and just stupid snowflakes.

      • RazzBarry1

        The more special treatment black Americans receive, the worse they do. Black Africans come here to attend university, and do much better than black Americans who had access to much better education. It’s shameful, how the tax dollars of Americans Citizens are wasted on people who have no desire to learn.

        • Claire CJS

          Because they don’t live in a country with systemic racism, dumb fuck.

          • Michael Montgomery

            Please don’t ever have children or work with them. You are in need of serious mental intervention.

      • WhiteHouse Clown

        Daniel Patrick Moynihan nailed it in his 1965 report.
        The report concluded that the structure of family life in the black community constituted a ‘tangle of pathology… capable of perpetuating itself without assistance from the white world,’ and that ‘at the heart of the deterioration of the fabric of Negro society is the deterioration of the Negro family. It is the fundamental source of the weakness of the Negro community at the present time.’ Also, the report argued that the matriarchal structure of black culture weakened the ability of black men to function as authority figures. That particular notion of black familial life has become a widespread, if not dominant, paradigm for comprehending the social and economic disintegration of late 20th-century black urban life.

      • vladdy1

        Hmmm…my husband and I used to teach together….at one school, we had two special ed classes in one room, taught as one group, and we did the same. Like you, we were considered “hard ass” by a lot of students and teachers, but like you, we saw great progress when they knew that there were consequences if they were not working according to expectations, with more freedom and privileges give to those who exceeded them.

        It was extremely successful and disapointing when, as time went on, we ended up in separate rooms at other schools and were not able to do it as successfully without working together (accommodating each other’s strengths and weaknesses, plus you’d be amazed at all you miss when you are teaching rather than just observing the classroom). Although I taught another ten years and he is still teaching — always in populations like you described — we never had the satisfaction of those five years when one of our students (they were a mix of abilities and behavior issues, BTW) bragged to friends about being in “the gifted class.” The students knew more was expected of them and lived up to it.

        Could not agree with you more that this is the bigotry of low expectations, unfair to all students involved. It also creates a sense of entitlement leading to exactly what we are seeing on our streets today. When one is given special reward for doing the minimum, they get extremely angry when in an environment where that reward is not offered.

      • Michael Fry

        The word you continually search for is THAN not thEn

    • jas5555

      Hey I got an idea! Let’s create a 2 class caste system.

      • Michael Menzies

        Lol jeepers that’s basically what these hypocrite leftists want while masquerading as virtuous

      • Sonya Mawhorter

        i think they are but since they aren’t in school they wouldn’t understand the impact this is doing to them.

      • vladdy1

        Perhaps we can cal the system the New Jim Crow….or dhimmitude.

    • Marizanne van der Berg

      The most ridiculous statement ever!
      In future no jobs for them, then they will protest against the system, and the country will be rich in idiots.

      • jas5555

        It’s to late, it’s already happening.

    • James Arvidson

      So, since now any degree from the University of Washington from 2020 or later is now worth zero. Does that mean they will now refund everyones tuition? Anyone who continues to attend this University is burning money. Their degrees will be worthless.

      • cooganalaska

        Actually, the only degrees being degraded are those awarded to colored students.

        • SeanetteB

          Prospective employers looking at resumes will not see the applicant’s skin color, just the school and possibly the year. Older degrees from this university just lost worth too for older applicants who prefer not to give away age to avoid being passed over.

        • Arizona Skky


      • Arizona Skky


      • Sonya Mawhorter

        too bad they can’t see that

    • Bullshit, they should know what are the consequences!!!

    • Dave Mason

      PROOF POSITIVE OF WHITE SUPREMACY! These poor little black people are inferior and need special treatment – like retards! (no, this is not my opinion – it is what they are saying by their racist insanity)

      • MisterBusy

        Does the number 85 ring a bell?

        • cooganalaska

          Careful MisterBusy…. no one wants to go there. Nothing provokes like the truth.

          • MisterBusy

            It really explains everything, doesn’t it?. Charles Murray dared to touch the third rail.

        • phyllis

          on the Bell curve, it does to me.

      • Arizona Skky

        This is exactly what they’re saying.

        • vladdy1

          And when you are told you are a victim all your life….and then let into a university with lower scores and special privileges…you begin to feel special merely because you are there and are being treated as special. After all, as a victim facing oppression, you MUST be special to have made it to university! (people forget that they have been given special privileges).

          In this era when certain people are automatically “oppressed,” perhaps we should let them know that we, too, bear an “emotional burden” and are faced with “daily microagression” and suspicion. After all, having society call you vile names and claim you are just too entitled to realize your own privilege, it makes it difficult just “existing in a non-POC body.”

    • Mike Anderson, REALTOR

      This! This is…I can’t even find the words.

      • Dave Hamilton

        I hear you. What more proof do we need to see that the left wants to keep blacks and other minorities as uneducated as they can. I know a lot of colored people that went through University and they worked their asses off in order to attain their goal, for a university to go this route is literally telling all those before them that they wasted their time and money and should have just played the race card.

    • Betty Shoults

      This is the craziest thing I have ever heard of. They should have the same tests as white students.That is another thing they want free. There is some good blacks and they don’t want everything given to them. They Want to work for what they get.

      • Chris Banday

        This has been going on in some police departments for some time. They can’t pass the test so they give the blacks a different one. So unfair to all. I think that is discriminating against other races like this is. And all this is over police killing black people? Black on black homicides is 97% compared to police shooting blacks at 2%. Compare that with police shooting whites at 3%. So I would think blacks should direct their anger toward stopping the murder of each other. The MSM and liberal left are really stoking this intentionally!

    • jumper297

      While this sort of soft bigotry is stupid and offensive beyond all measure for blacks who were smart enough, and worked hard enough, to get there in the first place, it’s pretty much the norm on college campuses these days. Progressive “white knights” are too busy being impressed with themselves to see just how genuinely racist they are and how little they help. One bright side is that each one of these asinine decisions speeds up the deathclock on the American university system. The sooner it dies, the better we’ll be.

    • jamesgordonpatterson

      Absolute bravo sierra. Where do I go to get justice? i’m very very upset by the looting, burning, violence of the marxist BLM and their antifa buddies. No sane person would agree to their goofy schemes.

    • Seamus Cameron

      Gee, when I was a University student I was busy as hell working two jobs to support my family as well as attending class and doing homework. I never thought to ask anyone to cut me a break because I was working so hard. Must be all the white privilege I was tirelessly slinging around.

      • cooganalaska

        Is that William Tecumseh Sherman?

    • GB

      Degrees have been made meaningless over the years. Now employers look for certifications…this is not going to end well.

      • Claire CJS

        What influences employer call back more than anything is if your name sounds white, not your certifications.

        Don’t believe me? Send 4 resumes to the same company. White name, white name + certifications, black name, black name + certifications. Repeat this with a few different openings until the data presents a clear pattern that one can interpret.

        this has been done already

        • GB

          OK Claire except that for 40 years I was a hiring manager. My experience is that degree means little, certs mean alot…ethnicity means little if you aren’t wearing it like a badge.

    • Billie

      Gee, Would I rather go to a physician, lawyer or dentist that attended classes and took exams and passed or one that just attended class, let me think about that, I say no. If searching for a new professional, if it says University of Washington, I don’t think I’d chose them, especially if after 2020.

    • melnepa

      Why grade them at all? When the school accepts their application and payment just send them the appropriate degree by return mail. No reason to make them even show up on campus. God forbid they should actually have to do any work or put forth any effort. That might upset them and they’ll burn something down.

    • Paul Nicholes

      The corruption of academia is paralleled by the compromising of the mainstream media. In each case they have simply accepted the BLM narrative–which is basically a mashup of Mao and Nat Turner–as gospel.

      • Nominalism

        Said the racist trash…

        • Paul Nicholes

          And who and what are you? You don’t even have a name, let alone a coherent statement.

    • Bwanar

      Wait…that’s Racist! Or can Blacks not be racist, they get a pass on this too??? Their self respect must be at an all time low. Blows my mind they would even stoop to this.

    • Donna A

      If I were hiring I would never hire a Black graduate of the University of Washington. You have told the world that they have not necessarily earned their grades and may not be capable of passing without consideration of their race.
      Exactly what message does this send to the poor person who is working 40 hours a week, raising a family and struggling to find time to study?
      If they want equality why are they so busy demanding special accommodations?

      • Sonya Mawhorter

        at least the 26,000 that signed the petition

    • Kenisaw Landis

      Note to self: Don’t bother looking at resumes of people that have degrees from UW….

    • Hans Olo

      So, they get preferential treatment based on their skin colour, because we need to be compassionate to those who are out rioting, looting and undermining the integrity of their nation instead of doing their exams…..
      Got it

    • Ric Smith

      At this point in time, why bother? Just issue their diploma along with their birth certificate, each with the same date.
      Those crap sheets notwithstanding, any young person, no matter what color, who is willing to put in the time and effort to actually EARN their diploma should be rewarded for their accomplishment. A REAL diploma, vellum, calligraphy, ribbon and wax seal that is a recognizable award for their scholastic achievement as well as a tip to job interviewers on who did the work.

    • John Marion King

      To hell with this “Anti White Narrative” where we are always depicted as villains. It’s time to take a wire brush to your ears and scrub this crap out of your brain. Get a copy of GO FREE, 2nd Ed by Jason Kohne. Join our rapidly growing “white positive community” at Subscribe to YT Channel “NO WHITE GUILT” now! Awesome clips of Jason speaking at YT Channel “BUDAPEST BABE”. We are a love group. We love our people and our children. We have fans and supporters who are of all races and backgrounds. If you support WHITE WELLBEING you are welcome…

    • Laura Mullen

      Every non-black student should sue the school for discrimination, Every alum, for their lowering the value of the diploma that they had to actually earn.

    • Richard Renodin

      No, get your ass to school and protest on your free time. You want to be treated equally? You want the same grades as everyone else? Get your ass in there and earn your grades, just like everyone else.

    • Missy51

      The very definition of racism.

    • It Doesn’t Matter

      So basically they think black students are incapable of fighting for “equal” rights and educating themselves? Why is it that liberals think they are the black man’s savior? How about treating the equally since blacks are just as capable as whites? It really is such an easy and simple concept. Go ahead and keep giving away degrees so when they actually look for a job they won’t even be qualified to do it🙄

    • Whoare”they”?✓Deplorable

      So, university claims Blacks aren’t as smart as white folk? My experience tells me that is a load of crap!

    • Christopher Harrison

      Because of this stuff I could never hire one of them, its not about racism its about the fact I can never know if they truly earned their degree’s. This also shows the racism of the left because they think they can’t pass…its not about fighting for anything, that is nonsense.

    • Jack Vanders

      Great Idea – Think about you will now get Pilots, Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons, that were passed because they were a minority. Thats what I want a cardiologist that finished 30th in his class good luck with that

    • Ameriborn News

      The other students need to file a federal lawsuit for violating the 14th amendment.

    • tonym

      And when they achieve professional status with no knowledge in their field how will they qualify for licensing. Sure wouldn’t want to go to a physician or CPA that qualified under these standards.

    • annie

      that is insane. They are just going to college not to learn anything so they will be able to succeed in society, but just to be on the streets trying to ruin the country! What kind of an education is that?! College is supposed to be hard, they won’t be suitable to hold any job!

    • light862

      ok so we are saying they really must not be intelligent enough to do the needed work and that not racist ?? i would not want a doctor to take care of me that just got a pass on grades and did not really learn what was essential,or a lawyer that did not really study the law to represent me,the list goes on

    • Linda Meadows

      I was in the 70’s and the same test was administered but different grading sheets. Then it was no longer necessary. I would think this is an insult to black peoples.

    • Linda

      This should be an insult to the black people especially the ones that are earning their degrees by studying and passing. They should feel cheated. Same for any student of other races.

    • iRAN

      This kind of white liberalism is designed to keep blacks down. It is meant to keep people wondering whether blacks have the same mental capacity as others. It’s meant to keep people looking at blacks differently.

    • Mr. Jay

      So the university is basically admitting that they should just pass those who are unable or unwilling to pass the curriculum because they’re black and need a break. So they’re acknowledging that blacks are mentally inferior, without saying it in those words. Am I right? OK, I’m going to identify as black now, and enroll with the university, and I expect my doctorate to be mailed to me post haste.

      If you aren’t seeing this problem, you’re part of the problem.

    • alenworn

      time for a reverse discrimination lawsuit

    • alenworn

      all part of the plan to keep black people down, tell them they don’t have the aptitude, don’t have to do the work, and continue to give them handouts, so the elites (black and white) can retain power and profit off the system; black people should not stand for this

    • Mark

      How frigging stupid is this. This will get these kids nothing in the future.
      Being lazy and being stupid because you dont get an education just puts more unemployed, uneducated people out there to be lazy ass criminals

    • Corine Sutherland

      Why not just take a lighter load of classes that one can justify the grade with actually having learned the material? Say they get an A instead of a C, and the students move on to higher classes. They will be handicapped by this false grade that represents false learning. If they really want to improve themselves and their condition, I would think they would want a real grade for real knowledge, not just being “passed on” through the system, once again, no matter the reason. There is nothing worse than being a teacher and seeing someone who can barely read or write though the person is in college. Getting passed on is no answer. It is a sin in teaching. And, unfortunately, there are a number of teachers who don’t mind committing this sin. I refuse to.

    • us4freedom


    • marihia

      That’s a dumb thing to say, that makes is worse


    • Dave Baney

      What, separate rules for black students? This is about as racist as it gets. Equality is for everyone!

    • tbrec63387

      My wife is the daughter of a legal immigrant from Mexico that came here in the early 60’s. Other then her slightly older brother, there was no man in the house. We lived on the west side of Chicago. My wife didn’t learn English until she started grade school. But back then, her mom was insistent that they assimilate. My wife Ann was double promoted TWICE as was her brother. And back then, it wasn’t easy. Ann mastered the English language and is proficient, written and verbal, in both languages which made her highly desirable in the business world. She’s disgusted that so many have an opportunity but are too freaking lazy and that includes the parent(s) who don’t push them to their potential.

    • SeanetteB

      Congratulations, University of Washington. You’ve just drastically devalued degrees from your school by grading on who has the loudest tantrum, not who actually has the knowledge or skills.

    • ahm_good

      Great. So no degree actually earned by a black student will be worth a damn. All degrees of black students will be thought of as being just “passed” to them & basically worthless. I believe it’s horribly racist to assume that black students aren’t smart enough to pass their classes & therefore should receive a degree based on the color of their skin. Grrrrrr!

    • Hawkeye

      I thought as long as they knew right from left they automatically passed…..guess I was wrong!!!!!!

    • Jim Rumans

      The college is not going anywhere. You can resume your studies at a later date. Can’t do the work, don’t expect a good grade.

    • OleSchool

      What you see is the product of over half a century of left wing intervention into US colleges and public school systems. The Democrats dream of a fully government dependent welfare state is almost here. As long as they can convince minorities and illiterate white liberals that they are victims because of their income ,sexual preference, gender and color of their skin, they will be guaranteed an endless supply of drone voters to occupy their taxpayer funded Marxist Plantations.

    • Bennie Nance

      If universities so this with doctorate degrees I won’t be seeing any black doctors because they wont know anything.

    • ledifnia

      All those demanding special treatment and lower standards for blacks must know that this means admitting that blacks are not capable in the environment based on merit. Stubbornly pretending that it isn’t so benefits Democrats, the left in general. Admitting it would rid them of their raison d’etre. But are blacks even incapable of understanding how demeaning it is for them?

    • Brian Hillebrand

      So they are admitting that black students are inferior and need hand outs…or just lazy and don’t want to study..

    • Lisa Thompson

      Fk mlb! All they always want is free shit! Damn they’ve got everything free now! Now u want to give them a degree! Hell No! Thats racist! Let they’re dumb ass fail! An put the protesters in a damn cage an fly they’re ass to a deserted island! Then they would appreciate shit when they have nothing! I’m sick of this shit too!

    • cindy mentele

      Well, what do expect this is Washington State where covert racism runs deep and is everywhere. The “woke” are totally unaware of how racist they are.

    • Total BS. Grading differently on the basis of race is the definition of racism. Too busy protesting to sit down and study? Somebody needs their priorities adjusted…

    • GB


    • Allan Franklin Brewster

      Anyone that is arrested for looting or rioting should be banded from University.

    • pastoredsmith

      By preferring any one student over another for reasons other than academia achievement would degrade the education system and make degrees useless. While I am in full agreement that we should help those who struggle in education to pass and succeed, to label a person as “incapable” by doctoring their grades to make them look like they are the smarter than they actually are is a disgrace. If I was black and my teacher told me I made an A on a test that I was certain I flunked, I would be offended when I discovered he / she did that because of my skin color. That is as backwards as it comes. Teach! Educate! Help the slower students! But, do it without regard to skin color that has zero to do with intelligence or ability to perform. And, if a performance issue arises, deal with it. Help that person to have a way to get those grades if they have the smarts to pass!!

    • Nancy McKee MacKell

      This is racism at it’s finest. First, they must think that blacks aren’t smart enough to achieve as much, or as fast as the white students, secondly, when they graduate who is going to want to hire someone who only did half the work? No one that’s who. Lastly, how will they achieve in the real world when they think they only have to do half the work to have the same end result as the person putting in a 100%? This is tat amount to ensuring failure or, at the very most, mediocrity. Then they will blame it on the whites. Just do your best, that’s all anybody can do!

    • Jwub

      As far as I can find this title is fake.
      The petition being referenced states corona virus and virtual learning, then later came the mention of protests. It never said black students.

      Look it up…
      Prove me wrong please.

    • This is NOT equality. This is the most blatant form of racism there is. Everyone should be working toward equality, not separatism.

      A black friend of mine that I worked with told me once that he actually felt good about his ideas being scrutinized and criticized by me and the other non-blacks in our work group. He said he meant he was on equal footing with us. And he did criticize our ideas when he believed they were equally stupid or would not work.

      To be equal IS to be accepted. You don’t have to go out and beg for acceptance or burn down buildings to get it (because you never will if you do). It starts with mutual respect and it can either grow from there or you can walk away if you can see the person is not worthy of your time. THAT IS NOT RACISM. There are plenty of white folk whom I’ve just walked away and don’t associate with because of the stupid things they say or do, or because of the stupid choices in life they have and are making.

      So let’s not lower the academic bar, let’s demand MORE from the students so that they can actually have the tools to govern themselves and their behavior and perhaps someday govern this great nation.

    • Dave Scott

      This black privilege needs to stop! If they dont attend, they dont pass.
      Stop the racial divide!

    • ragnar ladbrok

      There has always been a difference in expectations and a double standard. This double standard with grades will solidify the theory that blacks are intellectually inferior and put a feather in the cap of white supremacy. It is fine. It gives blacks more flexibility in attendance, performance, participation in projects, and graduation requirements. However, they will still probably knock whites from more demanding settings out of jobs for the sake of quotas. Why don’t we treat everyone equally? Oh well, I guess we aren’t all equal?

    • LinnaeaandMark Court

      This is what is called reverse racism. I am white. I am not ashamed to be white and I will not apologize for being white. If you really want equality than WHY are we lowering the standards for black Americans? You are doing society an injustice.

    • Dave

      I have a GREAT IDEA!

      Let’s just print up millions of PhD diplomas and mail them to every black.

      That would fix EVERYTHING.


    • Deon Van Zyl

      This us utterly racist crap! It is a racist insult to all White students at UW! Discrimination of the highest order!

    • Karon Leggio

      This kids need to learn there are no free rides. Stop kissing there asses.

    • virginia g

      Many blacks have reached for the top and have achieved their goals, Even if I name a few it will be too small of a list. There are hundreds thousands who have excelled. Now we come to the educational system that most blighted neighborhoods are in. DEMOCRATS, tell their constituents they will help, things will be different, JUST VOTE FOR ME…… and nothing happens NOTHING. So they get passed on from grade to grade just to keep the guardian happy, (mother or father or grandparents) The child finally reaches graduation. CAN NOT READ, CAN NOT DO MATH, BUT the government says they can go to college. So what is the college supposed to do.? Lower their grades so they will pass and get out into society where someone will tell them that SLAVERY is the problem. Go tear down statues, rob and loot, steal, you won’t go to jail. You are a college graduate. Democrats are out to keep the minorities down….. so far down, but they just can’t see it.

    • If this becomes widespread you are watching the death knell of the black community in America. Pay will drop through the cellar. And politicians will raise the minimum wage to astronomical levels to fight this, and then what will they do for jobs because no one will hire them.

    • Larry Brown

      Ass Holes ! Y Don’t they just Sell them a diploma for $10. bucks.

    • Kelly Moore

      Cant keep up with the whites?

    • Malhavok

      Because WHY??

      they’re inferior?? They’re too busy “ fighting injustices”??
      They can’t comprehend the subject material ?

      Bc the left doesn’t see them as “equal “ capable of learning and absorbing the same material ??

      This is rediculous .. this is what is called “the bigotry of low expectations “ which in itself is demeaning and racist ..

      Wake up America ..

    • Frank Stoner

      BLM is a terrorist group. Fuck these demands

    • Brian Reynolds

      So we are talking more of superiority over equality then?

    • Garys_opinion

      Really? Or do they think that blacks are to stupid to pass.

    • Sheera

      This is ridiculous not to mention how horribly unfair (and Racist too btw) it all is.

    • The Unknown Comic

      Blacks are like retardedd kids that get the football and run the length of the field while white liberals feign efforts to try to tackle them. Sad…

    • jacco jansen

      In South Africa blacks demand free access to University. If they don’t get it they burn down the university.
      I don’t know about you but that sounds logical to me. Nothing wrong with that.
      Like the world has been saying , only “black lives matter”

    • jacco jansen

      Face it, blacks haven’t been oppressed for decades but they will demand that the world owes them everything for as long as they can play the race card.

      Don’t tell me Americans don’t treat Mexicans like lesser human beings…. Don’t tell me nobody discriminates against the Chinese… Yet where are the “Chink lives matter” protests or the “Spicks lives matter” protests? White ppl in South Africa are being flat out exterminated and yet the president is allowed to SING “One white person, white bullet” but do you see any “Boer lives matter” protests? No, cause that would be racist. Only black lives matter. Everyone else in the world deserves to be killed by blacks because that is only fair. Only the black lives matter.

      How can the blacks declare that they will go into random white homes and kill entire white families until the government admits that “black lives matter” and that is considered a fair point? How can white / yellow/ brown people actually support this BLM nonsense?

      Hell, Patreon is saying: “These brave people, fighting for their rights. Here’s $50,000″… even though they are prepared to kill anyone else with any skin color simply because only black lives matter…. but here’s money.

      BLM is the Black Isis. Say anything negative against BLM and you are a racist and in some cases you get arrested for speaking up against BLM… but let’s all send money to BLM because that is how you end “inequality”.

      Why is it that only the blacks feel the need for free education? Only blacks are ever wronged by anyone. Nobody else in the world is ever wronged by anyone. The entire world has formed a conspiracy against the blacks only. That is why the corona virus was developed by the white man solely to commit black genocide. The flooding we had in our country was caused by the white man who shot their guns into the clouds 3 decades ago and now the clouds are trying so much that the ocean is spilling into the city…. Floods in 2019 are caused by white people shooting their guns into the clouds in 1980…. Riiiiiiigh!!! Even acts of God are the work of the white man trying to oppress the blacks.

      Killing anyone who is not black is okay because only black lives matter. Why is it racist to speak out against blacks but it is not racist to speak out against any other color? Oh yea, because the blacks are the only people being discriminated against. Only black lives matter.

      Why are companies fined for having less than 50% black employees, saying they are racist… but it is okay for entire TV channels to show 100% black content? Why is it illegal to not have at least 50% black employees but it is a badge of honor to be 100% black run? How can the government say that everyone must stay home during lockdown but don’t worry, ppl will still get a salary as long as their company is owned by at least 51% black people and ppl think that is fair?

      How can the Robinsons be lost in space for decades then suddenly they get a black daughter in the new series…? How can the Human Torch be white my entire life and then after 3 movies suddenly become black…? How come every single TV series that is made nowadays HAS to have interracial sex or at least interracial spit swapping even in kids shows and STILL the blacks can complain that Hollywood is oppressing them by not supporting “the black man” ? Be white for 3 decades then become black and still it is called discrimination//oppression/whitewashing. Oh the poor black man, woe is us, feel sorry for only us, only we matter because only we, the ones who get away with everything, are oppressed/ discriminated against/ killed / unemployed / don’t have money for school / don’t have time to attend school but must still pass…

      Face it, blacks love playing the race card to get everything they want. They feel the world owes them everything and as long as they can they will continue to play the race card to get everything they want.

    • Disgusted

      Note to self: Hire nobody from the University of Washington

    • jguy1957

      If Colleges do this then every other person that is not black should sue every individual member of the education system involved in this and then the government. Make them pay as the US Constitution says we are all equal and must be treated the same.

    • WhiteHouse Clown

      What do you call a graduate of Washington University? Unemployed.

    • Verna Williams

      This is THE most RACIST, DEMEANING, CONDESCENDING, BACKWARD, BULLSHIT, I have EVER read! These students don’t NEED, nor, WANT YOUR kind of HELP!! This kind of assistance is NOT something that could or should be considered for ANYBODY!! How dare you even suggest, let alone PETITION, to shortchange these students of an EDUCATION!! Haven’t they been undermined enough? They are paying the SAME money for a QUALITY EDUCATION! These students are NOT STUPID, and, as for what they are GOING THROUGH!! Generation after generation have been going through these troubled times since long before this country was a nation! The closed-minded, so-called, well-intention-ed, BIGOTS and RACISTS really need to pull their heads out and take a breathe of fresh air!! Just because your skin is white and you STEAL, KIDNAP AND MURDER, does not mean you are better than anyone or entitled to anything. On top of everything else you are under the DELUSION that ALL BLACKS grew up on WELFARE?? WHERE ARE YOU GETTING YOUR INFORMATION?? ALL BLACK FAMILIES ARE WITHOUT FATHERS?? WRONG!! Yes, the system of SLAVERY was one way to try to totally destabilize the Family structure, but, it was not completely successful. Black families have struggled to keep their families together. And I suppose you are going to completely discount ALL OF THE WHITE MOTHERS WHO LIVE ON WELFARE, HAVE TOO MANY KIDS, AND, LIVE IN TRAILER PARKS WITHOUT DEADBEAT DADS?? YOU ARE HYPOCRITES !!! AND YOU ARE AN ENDANGERED SPECIES!

    • 00gabooga

      They’re not doing these kids any favors. While it’s illegal to discriminate based on race, gender, religion, etc…, you certainly may discriminate against a specific school. In my experience, certain new hires from certain schools (who shall remain nameless) were simply unprepared for the workforce, so the word got out that we were no longer considering candidates from those schools. That’s what is going to happen here.

    • Dawn Lairsey Taylor

      That is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! I don’t care what color skin my doctor or my son’s teacher has! I only care that they received a good education! Plus, I am more likely, if given a choice, to choose the person who had the drive, determination, and work ethic to get through any adversity thrown at them rather than someone who was given a degree because someone felt sorry for them!

    • Gary

      The White Liberal SJW. The most racist entity in the country. They think so little of our black brothers and sisters, and believe that blacks cannot make it in life without their assistance. The White Liberal SJW thinks blacks are so weak that any hardship faced in life will be insurmountable so it is imperative for the White Liberal SJW to step in and make sure the black man doesn’t fail.

    • J.P. Travis

      How can black lives matter but not their brains? This is an insult to every black student who has worked at his education.

    • Holly V Sumerel-Brown

      Are they stuck on stupied? Come on no special privileges no matter the skin color, damn this is getting out of hand

    • This is a really horrible idea, and is basically implying that black americans are unable to meet the same standards as other races.. that is incredibly insulting and a terrible idea. Instead, the focus should be on empowering black americans, not “lowering their bar” to give them a false sense of accomplishment. Black scholars who worked hard and succeeded find this kind of idea completely wrong

    • rodney007

      When you are incapable of competing on an equal academic basis, then dumb down the requirements so that you can stay in school. It is the discrimination of low expectations and one of the reasons that affirmative action is a total fraud and a failure. Diversity doesn’t have to mean unable to make the grade on merit. Compete on the sports field but also in the classroom. Apparently that is the not the requirement and results in diminished value of a university degree and why blacks aren’t expected to be competitive in the classroom. Demeaning, deprecating, fraudulent, and unequal treatment under the law. Why high such “underlings” when and if they do “graduate”?

    • rodney007

      When you are unable to compete academically with other students despite the fact that in your admission you are given benefits unavailable to students of other races, then you find a pathetic excuse to get removed from tests, exams, and other objective indicators of your capability. Shakespeare said it best, “The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings.” Perhaps blacks wish to compete in sports but not in academics as they come ill prepared, undisciplined, unable to point to academic achievement or success. It is the politics of low expectations and does no one any favors. Diversity isn’t competition but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the same merit requirements as everyone else. That is “institutional racism” as it is built into the liberal/progressive university system. Don’t compete fairly on equal academic standards for admission, shun objective tests and comparisons during school. and then get a degree which indicates nothing and diminishes the value of the diploma for all. Why would any employer hire such people with the background knowledge that they didn’t really “get a degree” but excused their way through the program. Shakespeare said it best, “The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings.” Look in the mirror to see where personal responsibility stops.

    • tomdfw1

      I would be EMBARRASSED if someone lowered the bar for me, my race or my religion, etc.

    • Nancy Ricciardelli Corbin

      So they are telling the black students that they are not capable of working at the same level as the white students….and we Conservatives do not believe that so we are the racists… Racism by low expectations

    • Jr H.

      Well , Sure it seems like a pacifist thing to do… let them have their graduation slips; But they must say “A Gifted Degree in”__compassion for the BLM.___
      That way Employers can know that it is only gifted, and that they might not really know/understand whatever profession they are trying to work in. Dont want them getting hurt, or others.. doing something they were Not qualified to perform.

    • Col. Nathan Jessup

      One more university (up to 43) whose graduates, applying for a career with our company, will get the “thanks for applying…we wish you well in your future endeavors.”

    • Harold Paratestes

      It is for reasons like this that I avoid black professionals. You can’t tell if his/her degree was earned, or awarded because of their race

    • Freedom Guy

      And this is how the Marxists keep blacks on the plantation.

    • Jardani Jovanovich

      I am a university professor at a large R1 public university. If I were a professor at the University of Washington, I would make no accommodations whatsoever for students missing classes because of participation in discretionary activities. Miss an assignment? 0. Miss an exam because of participation in a protest? 0. Miss class to participate in a protest? 0 for class participation. To do otherwise is to treat students differently based on race or political viewpoint.

      Of course, I can’t help it if students appeal and the university changes their grades. At least I would not have participated in discriminating against some students and favoring other students. If my students disadvantaged by the University of Washington deciding to change grades brought legal action, I would certainly be willing to testify on their behalf.


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