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Ideologically driven whites steer the BLM protests. Photo supplied

Pew Research: Majority BLM protesters are white Democrats

Large-scale race protests and rallies have captured public attention around the world and amplified calls for police reforms. They are driven by young white Americans with college degrees.

Published: June 27, 2020, 10:32 am

    Black Americans account for only 17 percent of those who say they attended a protest focused on race or racial equality in the last month, while 46 percent of those who said they attended a BLM protest are white.

    Eighty-eight percent of white Democrats said that police treated black Americans less fairly than white Americans, according to a Pew Research Center poll conducted last year. That is similar to the number of black Americans (84 percent) and black Democrats (86 percent) who expressed this view.

    Almost 80 percent of those who say they participated in a BLM protest recently identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party, while just 17 percent said they were Republican.

    Similarly, 86 percent of white Democrats said they thought the overall criminal justice system is unfair to black people, similar to the share of black Americans (87 percent) and black Democrats (90 percent) who believe this.

    Of the 6 percent of American adults who said they attended a protest or rally in the last month according to the recent Pew Research Center survey, most of the actual marchers were likely to be white, live in an urban area and vote for, or support the Democratic Party, particularly focused on issues related to race or “racial equality”.

    Recent Hispanic American BLM marchers accounted for 22 percent, slightly more than their ethnic representation, similar to black attendees.

    Eighty-four percent of white Democrats and 78 percent of black Americans said they thought the killings of black Americans by police officers was part of a broader problem and not just a series of isolated incidents, according to a 2019 YouGov survey.

    According to a Gallup poll, the number of white Democrats who support reparations for black Americans has increased from 11 percent in 2002 to 33 percent in 2019.

    White Americans increasingly agree with the notions that “black people have gotten less than they deserve” and “slavery and discrimination still hold black people back today,” according research by Sean McElwee of the leftist pollster Data for Progress. White Democrats said they saw as much evidence of racism as black Americans in every sphere of life, according to the 2019 Pew survey.

    Research from Data for Progress suggests that white millennials are much more likely than older white people to agree that black people in America face “structural racial discrimination”.

    Whites with a bachelor’s degree and under the age of 50 are increasingly aligned with Democrats.  White flight from the Democratic Party occurred almost entirely among white people without a college degree with college-educated whites shifting toward the Democrats in what has been called the “diploma divide”.

    As the Associated Press reported, for the generation of Americans under 16, the demographic non-white future is already here, according to figures released by the US Census Bureau on Thursday.

    “We are browning from bottom up in our age structure,” William Frey, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution noted. “This is going to be a diversified century for the United States, and it’s beginning with this youngest generation.” Frey cited low white fertility rates for the decline.

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    • ablg234

      Blacks are fucking useless

      • That is as racist as saying “Whites are Racist”.

        • Lisette Muntslag

          I would not call it racist, but a very ignorant statement since the useless free-loading White people need Black people to incite hatred against White people. The word racist/racism was invented by Bolshevik communist Leon Trotsky and became an effective psychological torture weapon to slience those oppose the Marxist Bolshevik communist agenda of death and destruction..

          • Rockee Berlin

            You mention Trotsky!! Holy Shit. Have you read Soltzenysn. OMG. The Commies are Here.
            It unfolded..little by little. Because if the remaining Americans only knew what big plan was . You want lberation sweetie? Oh its coming. Change Gonna Come. And. Read the Gulag Archipelago. I dont think you are capable but. Try. See what he has to say. You start by tearing down statues and monuments to cleanse the land. Promise equality. Because its not Capitolism. Its totalitarianism. This was the Country everyone wanted to come to. Everyone besides the slaves.
            Obama as president. Wasnt good ENOUGH. 350,000 Union soldiers DIED in VAIN. Lincoln Died in Vain.
            This land was conquered and settled long ago like any other country. If there wasnt the American Dream why all the Sports. Stars. Movie stars. Musicians. Seneators supreme Court Justice . mayors governors lawyer of color. I am so enraged. Take your white guilt. Shove it .because my ancestors came over and landes on Ellis Island. They were fleeing a bad way of life for The American Dream.
            I do hate commies. And last I heard I can say it. Your Free Speech tantrum has cost billions. Good job! Comerade.

            • Lisette Muntslag

              Another incoherent rant to divert attention and blame Black people for the mess that white Marxist communist created…..America waged war against Germany on behalf of the Bolshevik communist WWI, subjugated Europe and coerced them to adopt the Marxist socialist ideology as their state religion WWII, America embraced the Bolshevik communist death and destruction ideology under liberalism and put in the place the dictatorial racist minority groups rights that Communist in America use to force their dictatorial will down people’s throat. You want to blame black people for the communist claptrap in America while white people lead the charge Jew and Gentile…..history doesn’t LIE.

            • Lisette Muntslag

              Case in point…..”Texas State Bar President Called Black Lives Matter A ‘Terrorist Group’ On Social Media” cowards call for his resignation and he turns around to apologize and play the morally corrupt game that gives power to the Marxist Bolshevik communist to continue wreaking havoc and export their garbage to people around the world. By the way the Texas State Bar President is a white male. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist Marxist group but he apologizes and turns them into victims of racism…..we’ve seen this before….this cowardice led to the slaughter of over 100 million people in Europe…..and it looks like American communist will get their wish to get rid of the useless part of the population…

      • Lisette Muntslag

        Whites are just as useless, inciting hatred against white people ….

    • Free West Media should list the author’s name. It adds credibility and is standard journalism practice.

    • Listing sources is a good idea too. Where did your research come from? Great article though.


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