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Ideologically driven whites steer the BLM protests. Photo supplied

Pew Research: Majority BLM protesters are white Democrats

Large-scale race protests and rallies have captured public attention around the world and amplified calls for police reforms. They are driven by young white Americans with college degrees.

Published: June 27, 2020, 10:32 am

    Black Americans account for only 17 percent of those who say they attended a protest focused on race or racial equality in the last month, while 46 percent of those who said they attended a BLM protest are white.

    Eighty-eight percent of white Democrats said that police treated black Americans less fairly than white Americans, according to a Pew Research Center poll conducted last year. That is similar to the number of black Americans (84 percent) and black Democrats (86 percent) who expressed this view.

    Almost 80 percent of those who say they participated in a BLM protest recently identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party, while just 17 percent said they were Republican.

    Similarly, 86 percent of white Democrats said they thought the overall criminal justice system is unfair to black people, similar to the share of black Americans (87 percent) and black Democrats (90 percent) who believe this.

    Of the 6 percent of American adults who said they attended a protest or rally in the last month according to the recent Pew Research Center survey, most of the actual marchers were likely to be white, live in an urban area and vote for, or support the Democratic Party, particularly focused on issues related to race or “racial equality”.

    Recent Hispanic American BLM marchers accounted for 22 percent, slightly more than their ethnic representation, similar to black attendees.

    Eighty-four percent of white Democrats and 78 percent of black Americans said they thought the killings of black Americans by police officers was part of a broader problem and not just a series of isolated incidents, according to a 2019 YouGov survey.

    According to a Gallup poll, the number of white Democrats who support reparations for black Americans has increased from 11 percent in 2002 to 33 percent in 2019.

    White Americans increasingly agree with the notions that “black people have gotten less than they deserve” and “slavery and discrimination still hold black people back today,” according research by Sean McElwee of the leftist pollster Data for Progress. White Democrats said they saw as much evidence of racism as black Americans in every sphere of life, according to the 2019 Pew survey.

    Research from Data for Progress suggests that white millennials are much more likely than older white people to agree that black people in America face “structural racial discrimination”.

    Whites with a bachelor’s degree and under the age of 50 are increasingly aligned with Democrats.  White flight from the Democratic Party occurred almost entirely among white people without a college degree with college-educated whites shifting toward the Democrats in what has been called the “diploma divide”.

    As the Associated Press reported, for the generation of Americans under 16, the demographic non-white future is already here, according to figures released by the US Census Bureau on Thursday.

    “We are browning from bottom up in our age structure,” William Frey, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution noted. “This is going to be a diversified century for the United States, and it’s beginning with this youngest generation.” Frey cited low white fertility rates for the decline.

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    • ablg234

      Blacks are fucking useless

      • That is as racist as saying “Whites are Racist”.

        • Lisette Muntslag

          I would not call it racist, but a very ignorant statement since the useless free-loading White people need Black people to incite hatred against White people. The word racist/racism was invented by Bolshevik communist Leon Trotsky and became an effective psychological torture weapon to slience those oppose the Marxist Bolshevik communist agenda of death and destruction..

          • Rockee Berlin

            You mention Trotsky!! Holy Shit. Have you read Soltzenysn. OMG. The Commies are Here.
            It unfolded..little by little. Because if the remaining Americans only knew what big plan was . You want lberation sweetie? Oh its coming. Change Gonna Come. And. Read the Gulag Archipelago. I dont think you are capable but. Try. See what he has to say. You start by tearing down statues and monuments to cleanse the land. Promise equality. Because its not Capitolism. Its totalitarianism. This was the Country everyone wanted to come to. Everyone besides the slaves.
            Obama as president. Wasnt good ENOUGH. 350,000 Union soldiers DIED in VAIN. Lincoln Died in Vain.
            This land was conquered and settled long ago like any other country. If there wasnt the American Dream why all the Sports. Stars. Movie stars. Musicians. Seneators supreme Court Justice . mayors governors lawyer of color. I am so enraged. Take your white guilt. Shove it .because my ancestors came over and landes on Ellis Island. They were fleeing a bad way of life for The American Dream.
            I do hate commies. And last I heard I can say it. Your Free Speech tantrum has cost billions. Good job! Comerade.

            • Lisette Muntslag

              Another incoherent rant to divert attention and blame Black people for the mess that white Marxist communist created…..America waged war against Germany on behalf of the Bolshevik communist WWI, subjugated Europe and coerced them to adopt the Marxist socialist ideology as their state religion WWII, America embraced the Bolshevik communist death and destruction ideology under liberalism and put in the place the dictatorial racist minority groups rights that Communist in America use to force their dictatorial will down people’s throat. You want to blame black people for the communist claptrap in America while white people lead the charge Jew and Gentile…..history doesn’t LIE.

            • Lisette Muntslag

              Case in point…..”Texas State Bar President Called Black Lives Matter A ‘Terrorist Group’ On Social Media” cowards call for his resignation and he turns around to apologize and play the morally corrupt game that gives power to the Marxist Bolshevik communist to continue wreaking havoc and export their garbage to people around the world. By the way the Texas State Bar President is a white male. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist Marxist group but he apologizes and turns them into victims of racism…..we’ve seen this before….this cowardice led to the slaughter of over 100 million people in Europe…..and it looks like American communist will get their wish to get rid of the useless part of the population…

            • Lisette Muntslag

              Wow, you lost your tongue….this article perfectly makes the case, ideologically driven whites steer the Black Lives Matter protest. You mentioned all the success stories of COLOR, but nothing about the sprawling Marxist communist socialist ghetto’s that enables the racist Black Lives Matter Marxist terrorist to incite hatred against white people around the world. White American’s support the global hate white people agenda and you don’t have a clue. I bet you I know more about American history than you ever will because I lived and learned.

      • Lisette Muntslag

        Whites are just as useless, inciting hatred against white people ….

    • Free West Media should list the author’s name. It adds credibility and is standard journalism practice.

      • bobby morris

        Robert, If it’s not a sin it’s a scruple.
        True or false?

    • Listing sources is a good idea too. Where did your research come from? Great article though.

      • Eric Arthur

        PEW research center. The link is in the first sentence.

    • Lisette Muntslag

      I sincerely want to thank you for this update. I am in Europe and very concerned about the impact that Black Lives Matter has on people over her. U.S social media platforms enable people to organize these hate white people rallies but because I challenge the hate they accuse me of Hate Speech and censor my opinion, which in all honesty is not looking good for America.By the way I quoted this article in a piece about the BLM hate on my own website….

      • Arline Mathews

        Dear Lisette,
        Defending the equal rights of all people regardless of race, color, or creed does not diminish our love for all, including fellow white people.
        Lets all stand together rooting for and helping whenever we can the elevating of all humans and to help each other achieve our highest goals.

        May God bless ALL AMERICANS regardless of where their ancestors originated.

        • Dear Arlene,

          If you are implying that Black Lives Matter is about defending equal rights for all people I beg to differ. In the 1960’s Black people didn’t want to be judged by the color of their skin but today they identify as a race and skin color. The minute people start demanding special treatment and government privileges based on race, color or creed, the premise of equal rights goes out of the window because what the government gives to one group comes at the expense of somebody else. “Black Lives Matter” also reinforces the notion that Black people are inferior IQ creatures whose skin color is a handicap. More over the exploitation of race to incite hatred in order to further a particular political agenda is abhorrent. If the supposed racism of White people is wrong, the obvious racism of Black people and their radical White allies is too.

          • fass52

            It is you who think you are supposed to receive special treatment and are now mad that those days of you getting special treatment are over. You have to make it on your own merit! You don’t get extra points because you’re white!

            • Hahahaha, you think I am getting special treatment because I am White? Only Black racist who think that they deserve special treatment based on their skin-color and cry Black Lives Matter because they are afraid of losing their race-based Marxist communist socialist government created privileges would assume such a thing. Thank you for the confirmation.

            • fass52

              You don’t get to use words in the way you want to suit yourself! Being racist has requirements that qualify only white people who think they’re superior to everyone else for the sole reason that you’re white! Using skin color as a measure of intelligence is just as crazy as your last comment. Rich banks and corps are the only socialists in this country. They practice socialism among themselves, exclude you and me, but make us pay for it. You’re too busy being racist to see and understand that, and it will be one of the components in the downfall of your bogus society in your stolen land that you call your country. You confirm your own delusions and fantasies. That craziness has nothing to do with me or #BLM. You’re a real nutjob!

            • You don’t have a clue BLM is run by the same White people that exploit race, and define Black people are inferior creatures who cannot think for themselves. If you go do some reading you will find out that African’s put the selling of African’s to Europeans as cattle in motion. If you want to blame somebody you better start with the African’s who made sure that there are African-American’s in America living in the sprawling death and destruction ghetto’s maintained by Black race-hustler’s who are paid by the rich bankers and White people, to keep Black people on the plantation. The Black fools who scream Black Lives Matter are being pimped by privileged White people and Blacks face who making a living pimping Black people to keep their seat at the table next to those White people you call racist. The nutjob is looking at you in the mirror…..

            • fass52

              Lol! Foreigner spewing the dumbest lies on the thread! Your impotent insults speak more about you than anything else! Phony! I just realized that I pulled rank with myself by even giving you a conversation! Go get help!

            • Well, if you can’t stand the heat you need to stay out of the kitchen, you thought you were going to ridicule some White guy into silence with your racism and White privilege claim. I am foreigner who lived in Communist bastion New York and know very well how the morally corrupt radical Marxist communist government protected minorities play the victim game and engage in violence and oppression of anyone who refuses to beat their depraved hate White people drum. You’re the one who need help, get rid of your hatred for White people. The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

            • fass52

              What heat? Lies don’t have no fire behind it! Only truth does! The truth is that you are the one hating and we don’t care! You only kill those Blacks who allow you to kill them. Truth is you’re a weakling and don’t even belong on this planet! I will never hate you, but I will get to your ass if you try to do anything to me! Only thing you know is hate and violence that has gotten you in a situation that you can’t recover from! Your words don’t and can’t move me! Go home! ET!

            • The truth is that Black people are Marxist, racist supremacist who cry victim of White people and demand free-stuff based on their skin-color. That’s what Black Lives Matter is all about…..getting special treatment based on Race.

            • fass52

              I’ve met many foreigner, but none as dumb as you. Notice how no one else is having a conversation with you? It’s because you’re embarrassingly stupid and need not ever come over here!

            • I will not hate you either but Black people who exploit Black people need to be exposed for the morally corrupt hypocrites that they are…..barbarians.

            • fass52

              You’re already hating, but you don’t understand that I don’t give 2 hoots about you hating me. You can’t do anything to hurt me! What, you’re on the outside looking in and just like my blood can shed so will yours! You are exposed!

            • I don’t see my other comment but you proof me right, only a Black racist demanding free-stuff based on skin-color would come up with such an argument. Thank anyway….

    • Sabrina Levy

      So according to this I should be voting for democrats.

      • betterthanu

        You are a scumbag so maybe you should

    • Usunder

      I didn’t need research to know that all I had to do is open my eyes. The only thing is the headlines should put Racist in front. Majority BLM protesters are Racist white Democrats. They are paid Antifa employees, just out to destroy America to make it a communist socialist nation. If all Americans don’t pull together and fight off this evil at the polls in November we will lose the free nation that we have now.

      • Kelli Schultz

        Antics means antifascist and Trump is a fascist. It’s close!y related to communism. Why do you think Trump is so friendly with Putin.

        • Michael

          You couldn’t even define fascism, you look like the typical overfed libtard whiner. Two kids, two different colors, and not a father anywhere in sight. These kids are destined for failure thanks to you.

          • Kelli Schultz

            Actually spell check made the mistake but Im not answering your problem anyway since Im the downfall of mankind why should bother. Oh and I have 4 kids and they’re al doing great. And me? Im a parole counselor so make sure you dont become a prisoner in CT.

            • Hoosier Daddy

              Hope Michael sends your veiled threat to your boss.

            • Michael

              You are a parasite with 4 potential prison inmates, at least they are getting to see what their future holds in the CT prison system. Unlike your ilk, I don’t commit crimes, so you won’t be seeing me, but more likely a couple of your fatherless children. But I guess they are the lucky ones, since your party cherishes slaughtering them in abortion mills.

            • Kelli Schultz

              I work in the prison system smart ass. I dont live in it. My kids are very successful. Why don’t you go to hell with your stereotypes.

            • Justin Truedope
            • fass52
            • charles


              Funny . . . this picture depicting Trump fans as “Knucklehead Smith” dummies. Leaving political statements or implications aside for the moment, I thought for a while, that Biden closely resembled the dummies in the photo fass52 posted.

            • Eilar

              Not surprised to learn you would use your position against someone you disagree with politically. Typicalbliberal brat

            • Louis Babycos

              So let me get this straight you work as a parole counselor in Connecticut and you openly state that you will treat potential parolees differently because of who they vote for ? Am I getting this correctly ?

            • Kelli Schultz

              I don’t know where you got that idea. I never mentioned prisoners voting. Somebody adding their own BS more than likely.

            • fass52

              So now, you’re using your authority as a parole officer to threaten people about their political beliefs? It doesn’t surprise me! Your whole system of justice is corrupt and will be one of the apparatuses in the downfall of your whole society.

          • Kelli Schultz

            I don’t think I answered this but my black son was conceived through rape and my other 3 kids father is deceased. Have anymore rude and stereotypical questions.

            • Michael

              Thank you for the virtue signaling, Nobody cares.

          • fass52
            • Michael

              Stand in front of the gun libtard, and see how we see you.

          • fass52

            Filthiest comment on this thread! Barrack Obama is mixed race and has accomplished things that you can’t even dream of! You’re trash!

            • Michael

              I own you Soros’s troll. obama is a shuck and jive street stooge. If not for that fake “blackmans” gross incompetence, Trump would have never been elected president, so thanks chocolate messiah.

        • betterthanu

          LMAO. Your are a total idiot. ANTIFA are Nazi BROWNSHIRTS and as as fascist as they come. Calling a lepard a kitten doesn’t change it’s spots

          • Hoosier Daddy

            But calling it a kitten makes her feelings better

          • Arena_Rock_Man

            I would say they’re more like red shirts considering that their start is steeped in communism. either way, you’re finding out how the socialists function inside a free Nation.

        • Spoofy McSpoof

          Yeah Trump is really friendly with Putin–he delivered missiles to Ukraine where Barry gave them happy meals. Obama, Clinton, Biden were all in bed with the Russians (see Uranium One). You are either engaging in disinformation or horrifically mal-informed, probably through watching CNN.

        • Justin Truedope

          Nice try, but Putin wants Hidin’ Biden to win, as does Xi Jinping.. you brain-dead moron! LOL

        • fass52

          Fascism has nothing to do with communism and more to do with police hiding evidence when they murder unarmed innocent people in the streets. Your schooling failed you!

      • Alun Palmer

        They are not racist and neither are they paid. And what on earth is a communist socialist?

        • betterthanu

          They are definitely racist

          • fass52

            You don’t get to use words in the way that you want to suit yourself! Being racist has requirements that only some (not all) white people qualify for! White people are the only people on this whole planet who think and/ or believe that they are superior to everyone else because of their race. No other people corealate skin color with level of intelligence or superiority. How you put intelligence and skin color together to measure intelligence is crazy! You need to come into the 21st century with the rest of us and evolve beyond your barbaric, neanderthal roots, and gain some understanding of what it is to be human!

        • Twenty_Squared

          Really” So please tell me how hundreds or thousands of these “peaceful protesters” manage to gather in some cities for days (and in some areas, months). Where do these people get food and beverages to sustain themselves. Do they go into the local 7-11 or are the provided “free” food? If it is free, who is donating the food? Where do they find the money for their ebony-colored uniforms? (Please note: I did not use the term black as that would make me racist.) Where do they find the money to buy themselves gas masks? How about all the lumber and other materials being used as “shields?” How do they support themselves for these extended periods of time? Oh, I forgot… they can’t go to work because we are in a state of pandemic. But they can gather in large, tumultuous crowds. Or are only rich, white, progressives taking part in their “demonstrations?” They don’t have to worry about money? Whether they are getting paid directly or not, tell me where the dollars are coming from to allow them to establish themselves in area without a care of how they feed themselves or take care of other necessities. The money has to be pouring in from somewhere or are you inferring these free-thinking “peaceful protesters” need not worry about things such as that?

          • Spoofy McSpoof

            ‘Dad, a need some more protest money so I can look all tough and woke to the protester girls and maybe get laid’.


            • fass52

              Girl! You had the nerve to put that silliness in all caps! Something is wrong with you!

          • fass52

            Most protesters are white anyway! Even they are tired of your bullshit! That’s really what you’re mad about!

            • Twenty_Squared

              Again, it is not what these folks are “protesting” but where is the money coming from to support their activities?

            • fass52

              How much money does it take to walk down the street with a sign painted on paste board? You should be asking how are these white supremacist hate groups disguised as militia people getting all those expensive guns they wave at unarmed peaceful protesters!

            • Twenty_Squared

              Seriously? How long have the “protests” in Portland and Seattle, just to mention two locations, have been going on? We are not talking about one or two, or even a few, protesters. It is more like hundreds or more. Where do the “protesters” eat? Who pays for the meals? Are they just given to them? Where does the money these “charitable contributions come from? Where do the protesters sleep? Are they all sleeping on the street, even in bad weather? If these “protesters” who are not working finding funds for shelter? Where is the money coming from for their helmets, shields and the other accouterments they are using against police? Or are new “demonstrators” arriving every day to “relieve” those who protested the night before? C’mon! How many people have been killed since the “demonstrations” started? How much property has been damaged or destroyed? Oh yes, I forgot, these are gentle people who are walking “down the street with a sign painted on paste board. You forgot to remind me how they are sitting in large circles, holding hands and singing kumbaya!

            • Twenty_Squared

              Yes most antifa “demonstrators” are white. Of course, those ladies and gentleman are not responsible for the chaos and destruction that accompany their “peaceful protests.”

        • Spoofy McSpoof

          Methinks thou dost protest too much, which suggests you are a communist socialist.

          • Jay Thomas

            How can you be both a communist and a socialist? The term for this kind of thinking is also called an oxymoron.

            • fass52

              They don’t do any thinking! They just parrot the nonsense propaganda they see and hear on FOX then come and drop it on us like they are spitting revelation.

          • fass52

            You also think your skin color or lack of the same makes you superior to everyone else! How you’re using skin color to measure intelligence is crazy!

        • Desil

          Definately racist, Marxist and potentially violent.

        • peJama

          How do you know this? Are you one of them?

        • Louis Babycos

          Alun Palmer these rioters are burning down cities ,destroying bussiness,looting stores ,assaulting diners at restaurants and intimidating average everyday Americans who don’t care if your white ,black ,gay ,straight ,Christian or not . Alun your side aren’t the heroes ,not even close .

        • Jessie Smith

          Need to open your eyes and ears and get out on the street to one of these ‘protests’. Yes I have. A communist-socialist is a socialist that has gone all the way.

          • Jay Thomas

            You can’t live in two worlds. How can you be both a communist and a socialist?
            “A communist-socialist is a socialist that has gone all the way.” this statement sounds more like prom night.
            Let me help.
            Under communism, there is no such thing as private property. All property is communally owned, and each person receives a portion based on what they need. A strong central government—the state—controls all aspects of economic production, and provides citizens with their basic necessities, including food, housing, medical care and education.

            By contrast, under socialism, individuals can still own property. But industrial production, or the chief means of generating wealth, is communally owned and managed by a democratically elected government.
            The US has already adopted some parts of socialism starting with FDR. Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Medicare. So friend, what you see in the streets is not protesting, per the constitution. The narrative is not a cause for justius or reform.

            What you are seeing is total Anarchy. Here, just for your understanding.
            Anarchy is the state of a society being freely constituted without authorities or a governing body. It may also refer to a society or group of people that entirely rejects a set hierarchy.”

            • fass52

              The rich don’t have a problem with socialism, because they practice it greatly among themselves while they exclude you, but you pay for it! You’re the world’s biggest trick!

      • What started in the 1930’s consolidated power in the 1960’s America became a communist country and it happened without a bang….the Republic magically turned into a Democracy. Karl Marx said Democracy is the road to socialism….the soft variant of communism. America has been fighting communist in faraway land while communist walked the echelons of power at home….The Iron Curtain of America is a fact. Just pay attention to the Federal bureaucracy and the sprawling death and destruction ghetto’s across America.

      • boldtruth11
        listen to this on the relationship between Marxism and satanism. Pretty horrid and well documented by Professor Kengor. Antifa and BLM “burn it down” statements are centuries old and satanic in origin.


        • fass52

          Lol! Stop hanging out with those Nazis and coming here to regurgitate the things they say! They’re making you look like a clown, lady!

      • Shofar Call

        Yes. U r right on.

      • fass52

        You don’t even know what freedom is. You’re afraid of real freedom! You need supervisors and overseers!

    • Maynard

      Thank god for the education system over the last 40-50 years! Look how things have turned out.

    • Mike McGettigan

      A few notes: given that U.S. city police forces are known to treat Black Americans more violently, and that courts are more likely to give them harsher punishments, is it any surprise that the protests are predominantly white? The real story is that enough white Americans are becoming disgusted at the Jim Crow politics in the U.S. Bit of an odd phrase in the photo caption: “Ideologically-driven whites…” Um, “politically-aware, morally-engaged, activist” are all more appropriate, don’t you think? ALSO: comment moderators: please consider blocking commenters who post absurd notes about “paid protesters” and “I hate Commies…” and so on. We have talk radio for that level of discourse.

      • bobby morris

        You’re a Democrat! Democrats root for the doctor to kill the baby. Mostly POC. You don’t, lol, listen to talk radio.

        You have to know yourself to think for yourself. You don’t. Pray for self- knowledge without despair. It’s the least you can do!

        • betterthanu

          The only thing they are pro choice about

    • CaptinKirk

      So the demographics of the protest match the demographics of the local area and the state. Why is this news?

    • bobby morris

      Most are rooting for the doctor to kill the baby and not aware that abortion is suicide by proxy. Not aware that Planned Racist Parenthood is anti-black and that Margaret Sanger hated blacks referring to our brethren as “weeds” to be eliminated.

    • gypsy12

      Vote democrat…get MORE of this

      • Justin Truedope
      • All the young who have been taught this in college and K-12.. IN small little events and deliberate situations..They don’t know 1st hand as you heard in the post ..all negative poor black people in jail ..Hey,jail is for law breakers. Do wrong pay the price.. Dems now. Socialist under Biden …Youngsters go to a
        Public library and look up Result of Socialism. Never taught in school..

        • fass52

          Jail is for poor people! If life were as simple as you it would be boring and not worth living, simpleton!

      • carolina
    • duffdad

      White punks on dope! WHITE PUNKS ON DOPE!!!

      • Average_Joe56

        White dopes being punks… There, I fixed it 🙂

        • betterthanu

          White pussies in masks

      • stephen

        You’re showing your age. Great song!

    • draidt

      It’s a no brainier, research not needed

    • betterthanu

      Think maybe it is the fact the 13% commit over 50% of the crime?

    • Max42

      There is one, simple, but very alarming reason for the political data reported here – we no longer have a “free press” in this nation. The former mainstream media is now a well organized propaganda machine for the Democratic Party, which in turn, has been taken over by the global socialists who are determined to destroy our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a totalitarian socialist state. Racial strife is the primary political weapon being used to perpetrate this coup, as evidenced by the data reported here.

      • Arline Mathews

        Unfortunately the media is al owned and controlled by three huge right wing companies including Sinclair. I wish that we had diversity. No more!

        • Max42

          The old “left wing”, “right wing” terms no longer have any meaning. The civil war, of which we are in the midst, is being fought between those who want to preserve our Constitutional Republic with free enterprise, and those want to replace it with totalitarian socialist state with essentially a fascist economy.

    • james pence
    • Packard

      Let me sum up.

      These Antifa/BLM led “peaceful protesters” represent a growing number of under employed, yet over educated and alienated young Americans. Millennials between the ages of 24-39 in this mob are just now beginning to realize that the American dream of a happy marriage, house in the suburbs, a mortgage, 2.3 kids, and a family dog is just not going to happen for them. For others yes, but not for them.

      Instead, many of them will be consigned to lifetimes of smoking dope, playing video games, procreating dysfunctional kids they cannot possibly care for, and/or watching porn down in their parent’s basement or in shared low rent apartments. It will not be pretty for either them or anyone associated with them.

      Their anger, their tendencies toward violence, and their collective psychological depressions are becoming a national problem for us all.

      • Hoosier Daddy

        The moron arrested in Seattle works for Google and pulls down 6 figures. And hates capitalism. There’s no one size fits all.

        • Packard

          I don’t disagree, but dig a bit deeper into the life the Google Dude and I suspect you are going to find a very angry and alienated individual.

          Being the smartest kid in your class, but having few friends and never scoring any dates in HS & College is always a bummer if you are an ordinary hetero male.

        • BrownSugarC

          As were the men and women who sat the fires.

    • Ministry_of_Truth_Crusher

      What percentage of them are a) unemployed, b) have student loan debt, and/or c) work in the public sector? That will tell you the whole story.

      • MrWorldCitizen1

        And d) have degrees in an absolutely worthless field, i.e. gender studies, african studies, any other “studies,” etc.

    • phil

      BS on the 17% republican. There were no republicans, just liars.

    • JTravianDTerius

      The democrat party attracts the irresponsible, lazy and non productive.
      Weak white women and feminized, beta liberal men.
      They both vote themselves safety and security at our country’s expense.

    • Twenty_Squared

      This comes as a surprise to whom?

    • MrWorldCitizen1

      There is so much wrong with the mindset of these BLM and democrat people in general. It just boggles the mind of normal rational human beings.

      • Arline Mathews

        Truly rational and normal human beings would want equality for all regardless of race, color or national origin. Surely both parties in the USA want to love and protect our fellow human beings. God bless you and yours.
        Love, Arline

    • Patricia

      Brain washed libtards

    • BrownSugarC

      Understanding that as white people have all the power and are the ones who enslaved the Africans in America. The Anti slave movement was carried by whites as well. Many of them were threaten with their life and livelihood. I attended a Friends college and was impressed with the concern and kindness of the Quaker students and faculty members. Our country cannot rise its full potential until the scourge of slavery is addressed. Just look at some of the comments on this page. I still don’t understand why so many white Americans hate Black Americans, the First People, Jews and other ethnic groups. I come from a military family and many in my family have college degrees and have done well in working in companies and dedicated employees and citizens in our communities.

      • Arline Mathews

        Dear BrownSugarC,

        “From your mouth to God’s ear.”

    • Jmutch

      It’s annoying how white and brown Americans are so willing to make themselves SLAVES to the #BLACKLIVESMATTER terrorist masters

    • BobInBpt

      As has been the history of the Democratic Party, once more, Democrats are merely USING Black people as pawns, to advance their OWN agenda, which is to destroy President Trump !

      • Arline Mathews

        The Democratic party has long stood for and supported the working class in America insisting on living wages for all, the right to unionize and collective bargaining.

        In the North the party stood for civil rights for all but sadly that has not been true of the South of the Mason Dixon line,in our country. Both parties still have along way to go in protecting all of our citizens, especially those of color and those who struggle to pay the bills because of insufficient wages.

      • fass52

        Lol! That’s just the most stupid idea on this thread! You all are mad that you couldn’t destroy Obama! The republicans are using you as pawns to fight their wars and bail out their big banks and corps while they exclude you from that process and you even pay for it! You trick!

    • John Johnson
    • Nevada Smith

      “Black Americans account for only 17 percent…..”

      Makes sense. Black make up 13 percent of the population.

    • bambi hussein

      Liberal arts degrees shouldn’t count. Any moron can get one of those.

    • Tim Francis

      Sounds like a great pick-up place. I know in the 1970’s, protests were the perfect place to pick up on chicks. EASY SCORE

    • boldtruth11

      And co-dependent young people who have no idea what cause they are REALLY supporting. Paul Kengor listen to this is it shocking. The “burn it down” statements are centuries old and satanic in origin. What these BLM supporters are really doing is facilitating the work of Satan, with the riots, looting, and harming people and their property.

    • Brian Barna

      Would love to see the references for The polls and surveys. The pew studies and such.

    • triangle whip

      And the Jews finance it..

    • Hal8888

      But I still believe that all black lives matters only

      are all illegal daca groups and they are all provided

      with george soros funding and all equipment to

      murder and they do just that

      and get away with all destructions & murder

      because george soros provides them with all

      his findings to quickly be released to start their/his

      destructions & murdering all innocent human life


      and my very strong suspicions haven’t been proven wrong yet

      ❤💥👍CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US Elected/Reelected Landslides
      Amen & Amen👍💥❤

    • Bill Dolloff

      In 13 minutes learn why this is happening…

    • CC

      Virtue signaling at its finest : )

    • Fellow Jewish Male

      A majority of virtue-signaling white liberals brainwashed at jewish schools are indeed pale in skin.
      A majority of the nogers nogging, looting, and vandalizing cities are of the darker variety.


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