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Memorial to Paty at demonstration outside the Hôtel de ville of Belfort, 21 October 2020. Wikipedia

‘My father will behead you’

A French teacher says he was threatened with a beheading by a student and then suspended by the headmaster for defending beheaded teacher Samuel Paty. Paty was beheaded because a 13-year-old girl had lied about his course on free speech to her Muslim father.

Published: March 17, 2021, 9:52 am

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    Le Parisien reported that the Muslim teenager had lied because she did not want her father to find out that she had been suspended for skipping classes. She claimed instead that her history and geography teacher Samuel Paty, had suspended her from classes after she had a disagreement with him over caricatures of the prophet.

    Another French teacher was threatened with a beheading and then suspended by his superiors after twenty-nine years of service, for having defended Samuel Paty.

    On Saturday October 17, 2020, the day after Samuel Paty’s assassination, the teacher noticed the students’ indifference to what had happened the day before. For most, the assassination of this teacher based on the lies of a teenager, was just an “event” and they treated it like a banal news item.

    “Until then, I had not been fully aware of the new reality, namely the tolerance of the new generations to barbarism,” the teacher admitted.

    “However, in homage to Samuel Paty, and for educational purposes, I then planned a selection, my choice, among the less raw caricatures of Muhammad. To my knowledge, there were no Muslims in my class. A student asked me if I was not afraid. And when I told him no, he said: ‘My father is going to behead you!'”.

    For this student from an immigrant background, the assassination of Paty was understandable and excusable.

    On Monday, November 2, 2020, upon returning from the All Saints holidays, the teacher was summoned to the principal’s office before the start of classes. He awaited the teacher there with an inspector and a report from the pupil in his charge who had threatened him with a beheading.

    According to the indictment, the teacher had advocated “the closure of Islamic mosques”, also a lie. But the principal clearly chose to believe the student. “I was then asked to apologize to the class the next day, Tuesday November 3. The following Friday, I had to report this meeting to the principal. An incident on that day would give him the pretext he needed to get rid of me.” It was a fight between students in class which broke out in the morning because of Covid.

    “I had to leave the establishment within a quarter of an hour. Forced out! As one colleague remarked, I must go and have my head beheaded elsewhere.”

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    • LuciusAnnaeusSeneca

      The school is not named, as are some other details of the case. This suggests that there may be ongoing legal and/or administrative action is occurring. Hopefully, the teacher will win his case. The school authorities are at fault, and the student behavior was nothing short of criminal.

      Sadly, similar situations are likely happening in France and elsewhere. In this particular case, the school authorities behaved reprehensibly, and their willful neglect needs explanation at the least. They seem to care little that their country’s educational system is on the brink because of behavior they seem to deny is a problem.

      • Rentia Diedericks

        I believe the headmaster has a migrant background.

        • LuciusAnnaeusSeneca

          Interesting. Then the self-censorship seen in reporting this issue may not be due to the fact of any legal action, but because all the facts might not fit a certain narrative.

        • theo retep

          More likely he is a liberal swine…

    • Denis Curtin

      The capitulation of civilized
      that is to say infidel
      to these ingrate jihadi beggar scum is disgusting.
      A disgrace. The crime of the millennium.
      Europe has already fully submitted to the tyranny of the weak.

      • BuckFiden

        The USA is close behind.
        Only the Far East doesn’t have to put up with new foreign citizens of another race.

        • Wotan420

          China has the right idea here for once.

          • Miss miller

            Plenty of correct ideas. Watch mill maher’s comments on China from his last episode.

        • wishbone24

          That won’t happen here in the USA… until the democrats take our guns away!

          • Denis Curtin

            What are you talking about ? It’s been happening for over half a century. We have tens of millions of illegal aliens, and tens of millions of former illegal aliens to whom we’ve caved in to and granted residency and citizenship. Even legal immigration…we purposely import beggars from sh8thole countries.
            If your guns can correct this…what are you waiting for ? Commence fire.

    • BuckFiden

      France needs more Mooselums. French history also is famous for beheadings. Vive la France!

      • Phillip M Box

        Every teacher in France should be issued a Glock. At least they might have a fighting chance in a knife fight . But who knows has a Frenchman ever defended his person and his family?

    • 0_0

      Ain’t DiVeRsItY grand?

      • rob

        I use ‘DIEversity’ sometimes.

        • I Am Royal

          Just think how many will be here in 4 yrs, the religion of pieces will be piecing us into much smaller pieces thanks to our great friends, the dems.

          • Deguello

            Take your pick into purgatory — forced into Muzziedom or assimilated by Leftism.

      • Miss miller

        Very little diversity anywhere in the world. Only multiculturalism forced on North America and Europe. Multiculturalism is not diversity and it never works. i.e. Yugoslavia, now France, and parts of the USA.

    • JabberWalky

      the tail is wagging the dog in France. It will be the same in many European nations very soon. the nations were too weak to defend their own culture. this is progressivism ? this is suicide.

    • joeknecht

      Radical Islam is embedded in France. The radical Muslims revel in their ability to instill fear in the populace. The government and the people at large will either make an example out of every person who engages in or supports such barbarism or it will get much worse before the end of the year. Iran is emboldened by the new regime in the USA.

    • Guy Gadbouis

      Coming soon to the US……

      • Miss miller

        Here, dear.

    • beark owlbama

      The reason pedocrats team up with muzlems is because pedocrats only understand brute force, similar to muzlems. That’s why I support a final solution for pedocrats and muzlems.

    • Dan Strauser

      Those inbreds are so tolerant.

    • Insidious

      Should be tit for tat, for every one head a muzzy cuts there should be 2 muzzy heads rolling down the street.

      • H. Mueller

        Insidious, I’m thinking that 1000 would be a better number. After all there are something like 2.5 billion of the things populating the Earth.

    • BuckarooBanzai

      multiculturalism doesn’t work when culture or customs directly conflict with each other.
      Democrats love multiculturalism. not because of the different cultures but because it requires force and power to make sure we all get along. And then they can be the arbiters or the ultimate authority. they welcome the chaos.

    • Bronx_Native

      President Macron and other French “intellectuals” need to be more concerned with their own nation’s eagerness to follow ideologies that will result in the collapse of French society before they focus on America’s embrace of critical race theory.

      Both nation’s have serious issues, but France should focus on its own problems, which are many.

    • Snugglesgodofdeath

      The “elite” intend to use Islamists to exterminate Christianity. Although these Globalist modern aristocrats have already succeeded in watering down Christianity through infiltration, they have failed to completely collapse our religion.

      Therefore, they seek to destroy our faith, which stands against their intent of having the masses worship them through the state, by using another religion.

      They encouraged and supported the worst elements of Islam to grow and spread.

      Now, the import the soldiers they need, all whole maintaining plausible deniability.

      Heck, they have millions of people aiding in their own destruction, convinced by false prophets that they are serving the will of God.

      The “elite” laugh at us.

    • FVS

      They treated it as banal because they regard non muslims as sub human. The same way the Nazi regarded jews and slavs. Just another step on the road to justifying genocide.

      • David Turco

        The students aren’t muslims, that’s the point. They’ve been conditoned by the islamofascits on the left to be emotionless brain dead drones.

    • The retards ARE gonna try this in the US, but it WON’T work in the south. But, it WILL be fun to watch the mozzies try.

    • Now Occupy

      It’s not going to be fixed until we all fix it. Clearly, whining about it isn’t doing much to help.

    • Wethepeople

      Keep importing these barbarians. Sweden is the rape capital of the world because of the mass importation of these mongrels. It’s only going to get worse for the French people if they don’t stop this madness.

    • fly over country

      He should have asked the headmaster how long he thought it would be before the students got around to lying about him.

    • Golden Rule

      Some people are honorable and some are not.

      • Sir Richard Peter Johnson

        Muslims are not honorable. Their religion is a political ideology. An extremist muslim is one who cuts off your head. A moderate muslim is one who watches.

    • KP1708


    • Neuplace

      coming to your city shortly! Only difference is first they need to get rid of police, guns, knifes, bats, hammers, …..

    • I Am Royal

      He needs to go into hiding or leave. I know, go to Belgium, it’s safe there. 😉

    • Wizbang

      When did white men become so weak and pathetic?

      • Sir Richard Peter Johnson

        Starting after WWII in most of the West and in the USA beginning in the 1960’s.

    • Firebrand

      Islam is a prime example of tribal behavior that does not assimilate with western culture.. they come to western culture for the advantages and amenities, but retain their ignorant tribal taboos. They are violently disposed and deceitful, malevolent, and they have an agenda that is political … they think it is honorable to murder people they don’t agree with. Welcome them at your peril… as France is finding out.

    • Donkeycrat

      Send them back! That is all you can do. Some ideology s cannot be civilized.

    • Deguello

      An axiom:

      In every country where Muslims are in the minority, they are obsessed with minority rights.

      In every country with a Muslim majority, there are no minority rights.

    • 10man

      Europe is D-O-N-E …soon it will be a blood spattered middle eastern style islamo-satanist schiffhole.

    • Tupatshakur

      I cringe at the future of western civilization, there will be rivers of blood again flowing in the streets of Europe and likely the US.

      • Miss miller

        Not bloody likely. No taste for fighting. “Land of the free, home of the brave”???
        Who ever thought the national anthem would become comedy?

    • greggreen29

      “I must go and have my head beheaded elsewhere.” The sad state of the ‘woke’ west. Sleepwalking to the cliff.

    • jefff1979

      The social welfare state in France has been its downfall.

      Invite foreigners in, who don’t want to assimilate, pay them to stay home and have kids. Foreigners don’t have to assimilate in France the government makes sure of that.

      It’s a numbers game and France has lost.

      • JerO

        What the current Marxist regime in the US is doing now.
        The current Marxist regime has only been in office 28 days, and already has 13,500 kids in cages.

    • JerO

      The current Marxist Regime in the US is doing it’s best to make the US a schiffhole !

    • TRUMPEDUP2020

      Islam=Satans soldiers…
      Quaran=satans handbook. ..

    • GPL

      Islam is satanic.

    • Sir Richard Peter Johnson

      Muslims are a plague. The profit is a Barbarian, their god a Neanderthal and their faith a political weapon. They should not be allowed into the civilized world.

    • David Turco

      France is dead. Sad but they deserve it just as the rest of the west does. Then the world will be one big hell hole.

    • PaoloRM

      The entire muzzy family should lose their heads, eye for eye is appropriate.


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